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A Friar’s Tale

So this week’s news is: Got me a job! As of the 23rd March I shall be Canterbury Taling it up with Tacit Theatre! Huzzah!

All seven cast members are now in place and we have a full compliment of pilgrims. We got our final casting yesterday and I shall be playing the friar, an old man, a randy student and an old hag. So, clearly they’ve cast against type (spare me the obvious jibes!).

We’re all playing a number of characters so it’s a great opportunity to have fun playing with some big physical choices and extreme characterisation… As well as a chance to see if you can still do all those accents that lurk at the bottom of your CV. Ahhh, Generic West Country - a use for you at last!

Musical rehearsals are well underway and thus far we have been getting to grips with harmonies on ye olde folk songs and ‘jamming’. I am new to jamming, but my colleagues are adept with mandolins, ukeleles, and er… shakey eggs, so I shall follow their lead. Not sure the kazoo solo will make it into the show, but you never know…

Having been thrown straight into rehearsals, haven’t really had a chance to recuperate and the old tonsillitis has taken a back seat to a delightful chest infection (surely the penicillin for the tonsillitis would have staved off other pesky maladies?!?!) Therefore I am slightly concerned over performing tomorrow night for the British Music Hall Society. There’s no rehearsal with the accompanist and I fear the frog that has set up residence in my throat may be planning on overstaying his welcome. Though obviously, the notes are important (!), I am convinced that a good bit of characterisation and an effort to really ‘tell the story’ will go along way with Music Hall. Still, a pack of Vocalzone and a good steam can’t hurt, eh?

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