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The Summer of ‘08

I remember back in 2008, on my summer break in-between my second and third year at LIPA, I was performing in Midsummer Nights Dream while a lot of my friends were tap dancing their way through this tasty bit of musical theatre at the Liverpool Playhouse.

It is therefore with excitement that I read of Mark Shenton’s approval of Mokita Grit’s London production of ‘Once Upon a Time At the Adelphi’.

We workshopped part of the Musical at LIPA before it moved to the Playhouse and I loved the music. I have a certain fascination with stories set in that era, and especially one that involve a lot of music. I remember from those early sessions that the show had legs, that it had a definite appeal and I really hope that it succeeds down south.

Above and beyond anything else, Sell a Door’s casting director, Emily Barlow, is one of the actors and Michael Bradley, composer of our Fringe Hit ‘Six Ways’ is the MD.

I love hearing about friends’ success stories. When you’re at Drama school you do one of two things; you either fill yourself full of overconfidence that you will be successful in the industry or you take the polar opposite and mentally condemn yourself to a life of nothing but relentless auditions.

Since graduation from LIPA, my class mates have recorded scenes in feature films and a pilot television episode starring Sir Ian McKellen, become series regulars on Casualty, headed straight for the West End, performed Shakespeare in Stratford, Greenwich and the Globe, got jobs touring abroad, done the odd Panto and, my personal favourite, got a major eBay advert by walking into the audition room and doing “the worm”.

In a, seemingly, ever-shrinking industry it always great to hear such brilliant success stories so soon from stepping out into the big bad world.

To anyone currently at Drama School who pays any notice to this blog - fear not, its not as bleak as you may think!

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