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News just in: we are halfway through rehearsals and two weeks away from first preview (great big thankyou to Mr Christopher Warren alias The Miller for pointing that one out!) Tales are taking shape, harmonies being bashed out. Still, I suspect opening night will sneak up on us like a competitive pilgrim playing grandmothers footsteps, so first concern is getting those lines learnt.

Juggling the day job, rehearsals and actually finding some time to sit down and look at what’s going on underneath all that pink highlighter is a crash course in time management and I thank heavens for rhyming couplets. ‘A! false churl, for Gods sweet bones! / This hast thou done for spite, now make ….’ Hmmm, groans? Loans? Ah yes… ‘atones!’ The show is really physical so the sooner the script is cast aside the easier it will be to jump on a knight’s back without the danger of inflicting paper cuts.

Yesterday’s rehearsal saw some intensive cast bonding as The Wife of Bath’s tale got up on it’s feet and I got on top of a beleaguered knight as a decrepit old hag who demonstrates affection with a good face licking! Luckily my fellow pilgrim Mr Ralph Bogard is a man who knows the ins and outs of personal hygiene and as the licker I got off much lighter than the poor lickee. All in the name of high art and comedy, of course. There’s four more tales to get cracking on and am both excited and intrigued by what Director Daplyn has in store; at an educated guess- lots of ye olde debauchery!

Last Tuesday’s evening for the British Music Hall Society at the CAA was a great event and am really chuffed that I was able to take part; it appears (she says with everything crossed) the voice is just about on the mend, so managed to belt my way through ‘Waiting at the Church’. Turns out I needn’t have worried, as even if it had all gone to pot, the audience had been nicely warmed up by organiser and compere Adam Borzone (with the assistance of the cheapest bar I’ve come across since the Student Union) and were merrily singing along with us! The ‘all together now’ spirit of the Music Hall is infectious and I, for one, will try and get back there as soon as possible. But in the mean time, there’s those lines to get on with. To Canterbury!

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