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… but it seems that every day brings another opportunity to mention Doctor Who (we’re really, really, really sorry,okay?), and in light of the upcoming Torchwood, it seems that Russell T Davies just can’t help himself with doing more spin-offs..

This week’s edition of Ariel, the Beeb’s in-house magazine, printed this intriguing little snippet:

CBBC is developing a spin-off series from Doctor Who based on the adventures of investigative journalist Sarah Jane, played by Elizabeth Sladen, and to be written by Russell T Davies. Sladen, who originally played the Doctor’s assistant in 1973, returned for the last series where she was seen vying with young Rose Tyler for the Doctor’s affections.

After TV Today’s finger wagging over the state of Childrens’ TV, this is welcome news. Apparently kiddies love Sarah Jane Smith (my five-year-old nephew does, at any rate), and the dafties will be tuning in too, so expect big audiences (in CBBC terms.)

Considering that she stopped playing Sarah in 1977, I wonder how Elizabeth Sladen is feeling about all this?


i really want docter who to come into the next series of sarah janes adventures it would be so cool... if only she knew!!!!!!!!!!

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