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Spitting Image return scuppered by Ant’n’Dec

ITV's Spitting Image versions of Ant and Dec

Ant and Dec may be the mainstays of ITV’s light entertainment roster, but it seems that the broadcaster’s reliance on the cheeky Geordies has led it into an incredible ‘aim-at-foot-then-shoot’ fiasco. It seems that plans for a return of latex satire show Spitting Image will have to be shelved because of the celebrity duo’s inclusion in last June’s Best Ever Sptting Image.

According to Broadcast, the rights to the Spitting Image brand have been retained by Roger Law, who with Peter Fluck created the show’s unique look. Unfortunately, while he agreed to June’s retrospective, he did not agree to the creation of the new Ant and Dec puppets who presented it.

Former Spitting Image producer John Lloyd told Broadcast:

When [ITV entertainment chief] Paul Jackson came into the role I said to him we might persuade Roger into the fold if the money was right.

It may well have happened if ITV Productions hadn’t gone ahead with the new puppets, directly against Roger’s wishes. As a result, it has blown away the possibility of a new series. Whoever made that decision should be fired.

A case of “I Made A Celebrity… Now I’m Out Of Here”?

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