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Turn off the TV: Heroes - The Official Radio Show

Heroes. Photo: NBC Universal, Inc / BBC

Well, the BBC is going all out with its support for Heroes, isn’t it? In addition to Heroes Unmasked ( the behind-the-scenes programme which debuted after episodes 1 and 2 of the main series on Wednesday, and continues on BBC3 in future weeks) we now have Heroes: The Official Radio Show.

Airing on digital station BBC7 today, Saturday, at 6.30pm (repeated at half past midnight), the 15-minute weekly programme promises to “pick apart the latest episode of Heroes and look at the latest happenings [and] listen to your theories”. Which could be fun, even though the internet is bursting with spoilerific information about the whole of Series 1, which has been and gone both in the US and, thanks to the Sci-Fi Channel, portions of the UK too.

Still, anything which helps people get involved with their drama is a good thing. If you miss the show on BBC7, it will be available as an MP3 download via the BBC2 website — and I’ll guess that it’ll be scheduled as a podcast as well.

UPDATE: I was right about the podcast — links to subscribe can be found at

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