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Torchwood (Friday 9pm, BBC2)

The season finale of Torchwood, and it’s a belter, but is sadly let down by some atrocious casting of a key guest role. And no, I’m not talking about James Marsters, who is rather better second time round as Captain John Hart. I won’t go into too much detail, just see for yourself. And then weep. But as with much of this series of Torchwood, it’s zippy, action-packed and somewhat epic, with plenty of shocks along the way. Who would have thought - Torchwood is all grown up now. Bring on season three!

Dirty Sexy Money (Friday 9pm, C4)

I’m afraid Dirty Sexy Money has become all fur coat and no knickers within the space of three episodes, and that’s a great shame. It seems little thought has been put into what the series wants to be, and as such, it’s a confused beast. Even Donald Sutherland and Peter Krause can’t save this from mis-firing on most counts, and saints be praised, Brothers and Sisters is back on Sunday, so it’s all going to be okay.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (Friday 10.35pm, BBC1)

Some fella called David Tennant pops in to have a chat about this little show he’s been doing, along with Catherine Tate. John Hurt is also on hand - wonder if Tennant and Tate can persuade him to do a Doctor Who guest spot?

Doctor Who (Saturday 6.20pm, BBC1)

Oh God, is this silly load of old toot back on TV? I think I’m over it all to be honest - come on folks, it’s just TV programme and it’s high time the BBC stopped making it and give all the money to Ben Elton so he can write another sit-com. Okay, so Doctor Who might be critically acclaimed, have stacks of awards on the mantelpiece, pull in consistently high ratings, have a charming and engaging lead actor and look fantastic, but come on now. Enough is en… Who am I kidding? I’m still as much of a daftie for this crazy, wonderful show as I’ve always been. Catherine Tate returns as Donna Noble off of The Runaway Bride to take up full-time companion duties, while Sarah Lancashire is on sultry form as Miss Foster in this season opener. Doctor Who Confidential can be found on BBC3 at 7.10pm, and as always, TV Today will bring you our thoughts on each episode. I can’t wait!

I’d Do Anything (Saturday 7.10pm, BBC1)

Where else are you going to be straight after Doctor Who?

Verity Lambert: Drama Queen (Saturday 9.50pm, BBC4)

How fitting that on the night Doctor Who starts a new series, BBC4 pays tribute to the late Verity Lambert, one of the key architects of the original series. As the first producer of the show in 1963, she helped to shape many of the elements that are still iconic today - including fighting to have the Daleks in there, despite Sydney Newman’s desire for no “bug-eyed monsters”. But Who aside, Lambert’s legacy spans Adam Adamant Lives!, The Naked Civil Servant, Minder, Widows, Budgie, Jonathan Creek and Love Soup. This film celebrates her career, punctuating showings of her work, including those historic episodes of Doctor Who that introduced us to the Daleks.

Casualty 1907 (Sunday 9pm, BBC1)

Its ratings were strong last week, so it will be interesting to see how Casualty 1907 fares second week out. It’s certainly a well-made piece of drama, but it feels a little worthy and po-faced for its own good. Tonight sees the capital in the grip of a heat wave, and the doctors and nurses must endure a torturous night shift on the wards. Good period detail and a great cast all help to make Casualty 1907 a rounded, pleasing piece of work.

He Kills Coppers (Sunday 9pm, ITV1)

He Kills Coppers is easily my top TV drama of 2008 to date, and it breaks my heart to see the ratings it’s been pulling. This third episode keeps the quality up as time jumps forward to 1985. It’s been 20 years since the fateful shooting, but Billy Porter is still out there, his name having become something of an urban legend. With his marriage to Jeannie on the rocks, will Frank ever catch up with the man who murdered his partner? A practically faultless piece of drama and one that deserves every award in the industry.

Gavin and Stacey (Sunday 9pm, BBC3)

There isn’t much we can say here apart from: watch it, it’s lush!

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