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Mayo out of a Molehill?

Apologies for the lack of a review for Turn Left, last weekend’s stunning Doctor Who outing that should silence the Catherine Tate naysayers (ah, who am I kidding?). This oversight will be rectified tomorrow when I have reconciled just how an unconvincing giant beetle, blue-tacked to the flame-haired goddess’s back, could be so effective. And yes, I did just call Catherine Tate a flame-haired goddess, so there!

And of course, like most of our readers I imagine, I can only roll my eyes and sigh at the absurdity of Heinz pulling the ad for its Deli Mayo range over concerns about depicting a same sex couple. Sometimes all you can do is despair at the world.

Speaking of despair, and I know I’m behind the news a little, but I see that TV Today favourite Nigel Harman is to take over from Max Beesley on Hotel Babylon, one of my favourite guilty pleasures on the box. Long time readers of TV Today will know of the disdain I have for the unique talents of Mr Harman (yes, lobster is still off!), but sometimes, in those dark moments, I sometimes wish The Outsiders had been commissioned for a full series.

You know what though? I reckon Harman will fit right in at Hotel Babylon!


If Heinz is so keen to listen to consumers, maybe they should listen to me (us), because I don't have any intention to buy Heinz products any more.
Who will be the first to organise a boycott?
Maybe it's time they see that open-minded people are as determined and ready to take action as bigots.

There are far more reasons to be offended about the advert than the two blokes kissing. The bad Italian references for one.

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