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World gone mad…

A couple of random thoughts for this afternoon (is this otherwise known as a slow news day?)…

Many regular readers will aware TV Today’s affection for Doctor Who, old and new. Scott and myself have been keeping the faith for more years than we care to remember. We were there when the first episode of Sylvester McCoy’s final series crashed and burned to the nether regions of the top 100 with 3.1 million viewers, to much gnashing of teeth and tears from the hardcore fan base…

So it’s with something bordering on disbelief that I sometimes greet the audience response to the series in its modern form, not least of all the news that the much-talked about final episode of the latest series pulled in a final rating of 10.57 million according to BARB (as reported by the Doctor Who website Outpost Gallifrey).

This is remarkable in so many ways - not least of all because this figure is around two million more than the highest rating episode of a soap that week. But more than that, it makes this fanboy’s heart swell that for the first time in its 45-year history, Doctor Who sits proudly at number one in the ratings. It’s a testament to the enduring popularity of the show in a difficult broadcasting environment, and a fine way for Russell T Davies to finish his last full season on the show.

Elsewhere, I notice that Bonekickers drooped by some 1.6 million viewers to a still respectable 5.2 Million. Could the lure of more over-egged dialogue, one-note acting and weary bon mots from Hugh Bonneville not tempt any more of the audience to stick around. And was anybody else thinking that Gillian should probably pay a bit more attention to what her rest-home bound mother is scribbling on that pad? I think I’ll take a punt on those constellation diagrams being fairly important by the end of the series. Still, 5.2 million is not bad, so Bonekickers must be doing something right. Can somebody please tell me what it is, apart from being a great ambassador for the woolly hat industry?

And finally, I was amused by independent producer Ash Atalla’s description of forthcoming ITV2 drama Trinity, being made by his company Roughcut TV:

“It’s full of casual sex, casual drugs and casual murder. What more could you ask for?”

A good script with a decent plot and excellent performances would be a start - I live in hope.


While I think ratings are a very dodgy way of evaluating programmes since they are based on such a small sample; it's great news that Doctor Who has done so well - long may it continue to run. (Oh I have such withdrawal symptoms this week !)

I did think Bonekickers was a bit improved this week, though I still think it has a very strange view on how historical artifacts/news would affect the modern world.
I'm guessing with the emphasis on swords that Excalibur will be the final episode (o please don't make it be the Holy Grail). I agree with you, that the Mother's doodles are importanat

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