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Robin Hood series 3 is coming, but roll on series 4…

Jonas Armstrong as Robin Hood

TV Today’s comments about Robin Hood have, in the past, got us into trouble. Mainly with Jonas Armstrong fans, it has to be said, who brook no suggestion that his portrayal of the noble outlaw is far from the best we’ve ever seen.

The last two series both suffered from shaky starts, building up to satisfying climaxes. And it’s been a while since Robin and his merry pretty grumpy men (and woman) decamped to the Holy Land and things went all shades of wrong with Guy of Gisborne putting a sword through his (and Robin’s) beloved Marian.

With Merlin having occupied the autumn Saturday family drama slot, we’ve had a longer than usual wait to find out what happens next. And while the BBC has given some news about a major casting change at the very end of series 3, I’m excited about the whole series to come.

But that’s nothing compared to today’s news about Series 4, which Matt exclusively reveals in our News section.

Beware: after the jump, there may be spoilers for Series 3 and/or 4 of Robin Hood

The BBC has already announced that Jonas Armstrong is to leave the show at the end of Series 3. Earlier to that, though, it seems that Harry Lloyd and Anjali Jay (Will and Djaq) will not be returning.

What we will see are some new characters, including Guy’s sister Isabella (played by Lara Pulver) and, most notably, the long-awaited introduction of Friar Tuck. In a break with tradition (and one that’s bound to generate a fair few column inches when the series returns), Tuck will not be portrayed as a portly, gluttonous white man, but by David Harewood.

So already there’s plenty to look forward to in Series 3, and with the kickstart it’s been given by the death of Marian there’s every chance it’ll find its feet far more quickly than the previous two series did.

But I’m looking beyond that, to a fourth series. Although one hasn’t been officially commissioned yet, TV writer Sally Wainwright (whose brilliant Unforgiven starts on ITV1 next week) has confirmed to The Stage that she has been asked to take on the mantle of ‘showrunner’ for a fourth series and beyond.

The BBC has asked me to take over Robin Hood in a way Russell [T. Davies] does on Doctor Who. They have a third series going out in the spring which I have had nothing to do with, but they have asked me to reinvent it and they want it to be very different, which is why they have come to me. It’s going to be a completely different show.

I want to model Robin Hood more on Doctor Who, in terms of quality of script and quality of direction.

Wainwright clearly has a direction for the show in mind, and with the loss of the original Robin at the end of Series 3 she’ll have the perfect opportunity to remould what it means to be given the mantle of Robin Hood.

What she may also have to contend with, though, is the possible departure of more actors. Richard Armitage, who plays Guy, is now also a series regular on Spooks, which has been recomissioned — so his time in Sherwood Forest may be drawing to a close, as it’ll be hard to imagine him working on two such demanding series at once. If Armitage and any other regular cast members leave at the same time as Armstrong, it could pose some potentially serious creative problems for Wainwright to deal with. With the original Robin already confirmed to be leaving, how many other departures could the series bear and still be Robin Hood?

It’s not going to be the first time we’ve had a change of Robin on screen, of course: Michael Praed passed on the mantle to Jason Connery in ITV’s Robin of Sherwood. That time, though, the rest of the cast remained, so it was still recognisably the same show.

What Wainwright will have to do, if a fourth series is commissioned, is handle a potentially bigger cast upheaval as well as transforming the creative nature of the show, whilst keeping enough of the programme’s “heart” to keep its existing audience along for the ride. That’s not too dissimilar a task to Steven Moffat, who this year takes over from Russell T. Davies as showrunner on Doctor Who.

Moffat, though, is presiding over a show where change is built into the fabric of the programme (and a change of lead actor is not only a given, but a ratings grabber in its own right). Wainwright doesn’t have the luxury of a TARDIS to hop from planet to planet — her stories will surely have to be centred around Sherwood Forest and Nottingham. But given the level of passion with which she’s talked about her plans, and the quality of her other projects, I for one can’t wait.


I just remember an ep of Robin Hood in which too of the merry men said "it's good bye from me, and it's goodbye from him", taking off the two ronnies line. I was appalled, because it wasn't funny and totally ill fitting.

Robin Hood never did it for me, because Doctor Who is so much better in terms of quality and scope. I also didn't like the political messages filtering very clearly and explicitly down from the writers. All this cultural acceptance of the east stuff they had going on, it was so laughable because it was so obvious.

I hope wainright can bring subtlety, wit and intelligence to this show, in keeping with its setting.

I also hope, altho unlikely more than ever because of the 'credit crunch', that they decamp from where they film now to the actual Nottingham Forest, or the UK, somewhere, at the very least. Bring the work home. Goodness knows, people need it.

There's an American phrase called Jump the Shark. Look it up, and you'll find the Robin Hood show logo there.

Just kill the show. You know, the way you killed off Marian. Let it die a dignified death. Don't Who-ify it, don't try and reimagine it. Let. It. Go.

I hope Richard Armitage doesn't leave the show. If he leaves, I won't watch anymore. He MAKES the show. This "Doctor Who" way of writing where things constantly change is NOT gonna work with "Robin Hood". We need character development, storyline, progress. "Doctor Who" is missing these things to me.
If it aint broke DON'T BREAK IT!!

The show needs a kick up the arse, so I hope it will improve. The better episodes so far have used Doctor Who writer and director alumni, so I don't see that as a problem.

As for 'cultural acceptance', there's this strange idea that before the Windrush docked, there wasn't a brown or black face to be found in the UK. IMO that view is a greater distortion (or ignorance) of history than the few non-white characters that occur in Robin Hood or Merlin.

At least with that earlier version of 'Robin Hood' with Praed and Connery, they established that they were two different men - along the lines that one was Robin of Sherwood and the other Robin Locksley, something like that.

And like you said, they had the benefit of keeping everybody else from the cast.

With such an overhaul of the actors about to happen with this version, I think they should find a voice-over artist who sounds like the guy who used to do 'Batman' back in the 1960s. And they should kick off Season 4 with one last look at the original cast and then the announcer says, "Meanwhile... in another dimension....."

The only good thing about the show is Gisborne. With any luck he will be the only one returning after he has massacred them all.

Is there actually going to anything left to build on for seris 4 ? They'd be better starting afresh with soemthing new. There was one in the late 70's/early 80's about a Welsh outlaw who was very similar to RH.

Nothing can beat "Robin of Sherwood" though.

Not gonna lie. If Allan remains, I'd still watch.

What is so terribly "demanding" about an actor doing both RH and Spooks? RH is 13 episodes; Spooks is 8, or at the most, 10. Any lead actor in a US series does approximately that many episodes in a working year. UK series take longer to film, but that either means the working days or shorter or that it takes longer to film each scene, either of which makes it less likely an actor would be needed every day. (Especially in a supporting role such as GoG.)

Further, as both are on the same channel, you'd think the BBC could work out logistics, if Armitage wanted to do both.

The stupid writers killed the very heart and soul of Robin Hood when they killed off Robin's love and main raison d'etre, Marian, at the end of Series 2. I'm dreading watching Series 3 with a heartbroken Robin (don't give a crap about Guy). And let's face it: Jonas Armstrong IS Robin Hood; without him, I'm gone.

How ironic. Foz Allen killed this show when he decided that the title Robin Hood was only a suggestion and turned Series 2 into the Guy of Gisborne show. Now he wants to plug in someone else as Robin because he's not a man, he's only an abstact concept. I'm content to leave any Series 4 a total mystery since I plan to never watch it.

if robin hood is just an abstract concept, just a job title, then a hero's actions don't actually belong to that hero. it suggests anyone will be a hero, and the plain ugly truth is, not everyone will. when confronted with injustice, most people turn away and just learn to live with the guilt. the beauty of robin hood -- or any individual hero -- is that he, personally, does not turn away. to repudiate that, to reduce that personal heroism to slot any schmuck can get plugged into, is shallow and cynical, and it's that idea that has trashed this show. last time i checked, you needed robin hood for a story to be about robin hood. take robin hood out the equation, and you've got something else -- and everyone involved needs to admit that. it doesn't matter how much "who" related production you throw at it. it's not robin hood without robin hood.

Killing off Marian was an odd thing to do, but we'll all have to see if it works. As for "whoing" the show, that's absurd. Dr. Who is great but it is a completely differently themed show. Change is essential to its very nature. Robin Hood can't survive that kind of upheaval. BBC needs to let it die after season 3. This coming season is going to happen, no one can stop that, but they should at least have the courtesy to let it die a graceful death instead of forcing it to limp on with only 4 original cast members (Keith Allen, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton, Joe Armstrong).

well i think that the new bbc robin hood is very good and you cant say its not what realy happened there playing the parts all wrong coz u dont no what they was realy like was you alive hundreds of years ago no so dont go complaining an saying they have ruined it by killing marian thats not what happened and have a hissy fit over it coz she wanted to leave they didnt so what was they suposed to do write it in that she packed her bags and went to live somewere else coz that would have been stupid so if you dont mind you should stop complaining and wait and see whats going to happen before you start saying they shouldnt do another series because it can work and i think it will

they couldnt film in sherwood forest it isnt big enough and its full of pine trees not oaks and old trees so it would be stupid i live near it and it would be pathetic and stupid to film there sherwood forest isnt what it used to be

they couldnt film in sherwood forest it isnt big enough and its full of pine trees not oaks and old trees so it would be stupid i live near it and it would be pathetic and stupid to film there sherwood forest isnt what it used to be

if i see one more message sayin they should film robin hood in sherwood forest im going to scream because
1-its not big enough
2-its full of pine trees not oak
3-theres its a public place with buildings and wire fences in

so please no more it should be filmed in the real sherwood forest coz that would just ruin in trust me i live right near it in nottinghamshire and also if you havnt got anything nice to say about robin hood dont say anything at all i mean grow up a bit please its rather childish

I agree with Joy about this show jumping the shark, but then it did that from the gitgo. Nevertheless, it needs to die soon. Maybe, maybe one more season so that the loose ends can be wrapped up. After that it needs to die.

About the only way it could continue is if the writers are the most brilliant, and the likelihood of that is small.

Totally agree with Karl above, and am cheering for Lynn's comment. I only watched this show because of Richard/Gisborne (OK, Keith Allen is campy fun but Guy is the star). If he goes, I forget about the show; he stays, I keep watching no matter what they do with the plot because RA's acting makes his baddie the only 3D, non-cartoonish, and let's face it, charismatic character in it.

I can't imagine the show without Jonas as Robin. I hope they don't try to base any part of it on Dr Who - that show is absolutely terrible. Roll on Series 3!

I love robin hood i can't wait till to friar tuck is in robin's gang

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i will be absolutely glued to the news series of robin hood as the wonderful toby stephens joins the cast as prince john.
richard armitage & toby stephens in the same show,
its going to be telly heaven : )

Hang on guys are we not forgetting one thing?.. we don't know who is taking over after Jonas so it maybe one of the merry men or it could be a new actor who gives the show a huge lift and takes it to another level..i guess I'm going to see how it all folds out and give series 4 a never know we might be pleasantly surprised...Sally is a great writer!

Hang on guys are we not forgetting one thing?.. we don't know who is taking over after Jonas so it maybe one of the merry men or it could be a new actor who gives the show a huge lift and takes it to another level..i guess I'm going to see how it all folds out and give series 4 a never know we might be pleasantly surprised...Sally is a great writer!

I am reminded of a comment made by one of the show creators in the behind the scenes info on the DVD...when talking of Gisborne's character, he said that while he was clearly on the evil side of the fight between good and evil, that he could be Robin Hood. He has everything inside him to be Robin Hood and he looked at Marian as his salvation, desperate for her to bring him back from the path that he had chosen. With all of that in mind, I think that maybe one real way to save the show would be to have Gisborne become Robin Hood after Robin dies at the end of the third series. It would be his character's great redemption and his way of making it up to Marian. He would abandon his name and his power and become "Robin Hood" much in the way that the name of the "Dread Pirate Roberts" was passed on in the tale of the Princess Bride.

Anyway. Just an idea. I think that Richard Armitage could be the saving grace of the show, and maybe if he were offered an intense plot shift like that, he might actually stay. I think that much of the show died when they killed Marian off and it will take a lot to win audiences back, especially after Jonas Armstrong leaves.

JONAS ARMSTRONG CAN NOT LEAVE!! it will be rubbish without him. and i don't think series 4 will work without the main charcter... so it jonas and the rest of the gang aren't in series 4, i'm gone!

if jonas and his crew are in the forth series i will happily watch it... and i think you'll find lots of other people will too coz i spoke to all my friends who watch it and they too think it would be rubbish without jonas as robin hood and the rest of the gang too!

Ridhard Arimtage can not leave. He has kept many views watching and recently in series 3 we have seen a new side to him. One that relies on the sherrif but wants to break away from him at the same time....if they do get rid of jonas the show will be ruind. The show needs growth and develpoment not changing cast ever five minuites, People are used to the characeters now and i want to know what happens to gisborne now hes been captured...

Guy is the star - RA plays him to perfection - particularly now he's a tortured soul. I've just watched some early episodes and only his character has developed. Without him the show is nothing.

Totally agree with what Lisa, Kelly and Georgie have said about Guy of Gisbourne, Richard plays him perfectly and would make a great Robin Hood after all he has been through it depends on Spooks and if Richard can do both shows, we will have to wait and see, you never know. Take care.


Gotta agree with the last couple of comments. Watching RA and KA effortlessly act the other characters off the screen, l think they would make a perfect foil for each other, if RA 'became' Robin Hood. Although there is a strong and established set of stories for the Robin Hood legend, in reality, or as far as it's known, there were a number of men who used the 'Robin Hood' name, so it wouldn't be too inconsistent.
I've only started watching this series. In some ways it feels like watching your favourite football team, who never win, but you keep supporting them, because deep down you know they're great. I really want Robin Hood to be a great show because l love the Robin Hood mythology, which is why l keep watching it, even though, let's face it, it's got the emotional and dramatic depth of a cartoon. So far, each episode, except for the first, has been the same. One or more of the outlaws is captured, they're rescued by Robin Hood in the nick of time because luckily they're not going to be killed straightaway, but tied up and left until Robin Hood can rescue them.
Watching Dr Who and Robin Hood back to back on Monday evenings makes the difference in quality glaring, so if they're drafting in people from Dr Who, obviously that's been recognised by the makers of the show too.

Doesn't anyone agree that Keith Allen is the real star of Robin Hood.

No one will be happy no matter what!!!! I don't want Jonas to leave but life happens. Marian happens. watch and see how it turns out. if you don't like it...turn the station and find something else:) least you all know what channel and when the show will be on...I am in a America trying to find season 3??? yah...I'm a lost cause!

There never has been any proof that Robin Hood actually existed. There is very probably a legend that has sprung up around stories of a number of "outlaws" that has been moulded into one.

Therefore there is a vast scope for Series 4, changing not only Robin but maybe others.

Keith Allen has played the panto Sheriff to death, the script has been lackluste and Jonas Armstrong has played the part as if he wanted to be somewhere else. Only the character of Guy has developed and that is down to the excellent portrayal by Richard Armitage. Why not move him into the position of Sherrif of Nottingham where his tormented soul could play a real evil individual with expecting "he's behind you" to come from the audience any moment!

Also develop the superstitions and religion of the era and its influence on the society. make it harsh, diseased and cruel but still maintain the good over evil theme. Robin of Sherwood, especially under Michael Praed, did show the influence of the Green Man and the Abbeys furthering a better feel for the society. Its too pristine in Series 3.

There is scope for greater development and for new actors to appear on the scene, but loss of Jonas and KA would not be missed.

Don't kill the legend but beef up the script and better the actors.


Listen guys! series 3 should b CANCLED juz coz LUCYS not in it! dont u get it ppl? lucy MADE the show, nd i no jonas does 2 but its juz not the SME without lucy...K? God, guy shld hav died not marian! nd wat reali ruins series 3 is kate who by the way shld hav died on saturday cos she cant fight nd is WELL annoyin nd isabella who juz doesnt suit robin ATALL! now if they both die or somfin then series 3 will b all right, barely, but if they dont then the series shld b CANCELD!...............................................................oh nd by the way Jonas ROCKS! Guy is UGLY!!! Kate shld DIE! nd isabella shld juz back off! if any1 agrees wiv me den plzzzzz say!!! thnx x

I think they should bring Maid Marian back to life. Offer to give her a payrise or something. And offer Jonas a payrise too so that he stays. I think all the characters fit well together. If they want to kill people off it should be the minions and peasants. LOL. Maybe Merlin the magician could bring her back to life.

There's not a lot of point in using the lure of a traditional legend like Robin Hood and then writing something totally different. By all means write your own parallel story about a new character, maybe Ted Hood, Colin Cowl or even Andy Capp, with a Maid Muriel and a sheriff of Gillingham in the Weald of Kent and a female Gaye of Gateshead. Or you could do "I've an hoe", the adventures of an evil middle-ages Newark gardener". If you're going to do Robin Hood, do Robin Hood!

Can't they come up with a medieval sorcerer to bring Marian back to life or perhaps Djaq could brew some Fatimite life-revival elixir for her.

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Admittedly, the viewers of the BBC “Robin Hood” are legion – attesting to the public’s hunger for heroes. The Robin Hood legend is a favorite of mine, however this version never captured me. The show is fundamentally unbalanced. Please don’t draw your bows -- but, Jonas Armstrong is just not believable as Robin Hood. I don’t see any band of men (merry or otherwise) following his character into outlawry and danger. Further, his performance is overshadowed by some really good, bad guys.

The writers keep piling new costumes, plot twists, and fight sequences (now verging on corny) onto an ever tottering plot. If the production were strong, the Merry Men and the Malefactors could be dressed in burlap and fight with wooden swords – and still be riveting.

Frankly, I’m looking forward to Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood,” with Russell Crowe as the lead. Now, he’s got some edge to his sword! As a director, Mister Scott puts the same level of intelligence and guts into his films, as Richard Armitage puts into his roles.

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Jonas Armstrong was Robin Hood. He made the character in his own style. Keeping the same show, and getting rid of him would completely confuse the plot. Having a show called Robin Hood means that there must be a Robin. When Jonas leaves they will have to bring in a new Robin, who despite desperate trys will not be able to be the same character portrayed by Jonas. If they must they could have another version of Robin Hood, but at a later date.

Series 3 has been successful because there are no major character changes, other than Lucy's. However Series 4 will loose RA and Jonas, which is frankly not going to work.

I also believe that having Archer in Series 3 is a complete shame.

As a big fan of Robin Hood I say that after Jonas leaves it will be dead. If Jonas does not stay, drop the show. Drop it and let it stay dropped. It cannot be reborn without the MAIN CHARACTER that it is actually named after.

We will miss you Jonas :(


Doctor Who is nowadays very badly written.

The SFX are good but the plots are diabolical.

Robin Hood is THE best Saturday night drama.

Bring back the Sherriff

Series Three is coming to an end right now.

Series One was politically acceptable with a cracking series finale, Series Two was the same but had major problems (eg: a projector made from stones, some random wild goose chase for the king's mum, and the f*cking death of MAID MARIAN!!! I thought that was totally stupid and lost the whole "Robin Hood feeling" of the programme.

Series Three has been entertaining but with the same kind of major problems, for example; - whether it has happened for real or not - killing off Sheriff Vasey (as bad as killing off Maid Marian, two of the most important characters of the enitre story), turning the Sheriff against Gisbourne who - in every other adaptation of the legend - were partners, removing the Sheriff "from office" and replacing him with Gisbourne's sister (never even heard of her before), making Friar Tuck black (no offence to black people but in those times he would not have been black, especially being a man of the cloth), and now Robin and Gisbourne share a brother? It's gone to pots. It would be a brilliant show if it wasn't about something that has a familiar story to it. The only problem the BBC needs to realise is that this show lacks realism. Changing it may help and I'm willing to give it the chance, but the things I've mentioned are deep scars to heal in well-known folklore. I think the best bet is to restart the show with a more realistic twist to it and speech that belong to that era, and if an actor quits then replace them, don't kill them off especially when they are a crucial character; or axe the show, or do the very best to pick it up and give it a serious dust-off. The only reason I still watch it is because they are good story lines for someone who is not Robin Hood, so I don't see him as Robin Hood, just as a do-gooder in an rotten time in England. And fiction.


hah, The introduction of Gisborn and Robin's brother Archer has totaly messed things up for you all hasn't it? Looks like there will be a Series 4 with Archer taking the place of Robin. And i can tell you all now, Hes good =]

I think they shouldn\t have killed off Allan just it was a terrible mistake now many of the original caste has gone, like many other have said if Jonas Armstrong does definately not be in Series 4 then i am definately not watching it. I don't see why he's been axed if he has or left the show. Secondly if Guy of Gisbon also leaves the show i am indefinately not watching it. As the series have gone on the characters that have been killed off definately should not have been. Imean i've watched the Robin Hood films and no Actor for me has been as good as Jonas Armstrong. If in the next Series Gisbon is there and Jonas Armsstrong i will watch it even though many of Robin's men have been killed off, but if they keep killing off characters there's going to be no one left to kill and it won't be worth watching. I think a change of director is also a mistake as, as a sixteen year old boy i love the Drama and suspense that is inn it now, i think everything should stay as it was if not bring the other characters back! Bringing the sherif back was predictable but it was a good twist.

People will always have something to gripe about. Robin hood is myth so the writers have creative freedom to come up with something different to what we are used to. I grew up watching robin of sherwood reruns and to me Robin was Michael Praed. It took a while to get used to this series as I'd always compare it to the old series but I gradually warmed to it. This season started of so so but it has picked up.Although there are a few discrepancies but that's another story. I see probably Archer taking up the mantle as The new robin and I think he'd do a great job.He's as skillful with the bow as robin and as more tricks up his sleeve.Guy would probably be his deputy trying to seek redemption and win the trust of the rest of the gang and also seeking revenge on the old sheriff who is back. I for one would look forward to a season 4 as it would be more gritty and edgy

I agree totally with Tim above. I too have grown up with myths of Robin Hood. Robin of Sherwood starring Michael Praid and Jason Connery has always been my favourite TV series, and I very quickly warmed to today's series starring Jonas Armstrong and followed every one since the first series began back in 2006. I shouldn't worry about the constant changes in the characters, it adds interest and colour to the series... after all, Guy's sister Isabella has done alright in her cast, and there's pretty little Kate, she's good I like her, and a black Frier Tuck I think is a great idea. And now we have Archer who I have a sneaking suspicion is going to be our new Robin Hood, I'm sure that he will play the part well and steal the show with his cheeky rogueish character... I'm lookin forward to Series 4, I can't wait to watch it!!!

personally im finding it hard to see how they are going to make a series 4 . thy have just killed robin gisborne sherriff isabella nd all of the sheriffs men. Are they just going to do a spin off with archer then??

What is everyones thoughts??

I think the only reason that I might watch the next series of Robin Hood is that I'm intrigued to find out how they're going to salvage what's left of what used to be a fairly good show.

Call me shallow, but I don't like that fact that they've killed off the attractive characters, not to mention most of the best actors (Tuck? Are you joking me? His acting is school-play standard!)

I'm glad they're getting a new writer, after the mess the old writers made.

I would quite like to see a Will-and-Djaq return though.

this is crazy, the show is called 'Robin Hood' so how can you kill off the main character n think its ok 2 carry on with another series?
i cant believe so many people died, killing allan, guy, robin, isabella, the sherriff n all his men is just plain wrong.
i think the bbc r trying to make as much money as they possibly can out of this but in reality they are dragging out and killing what used to be a good program. i love robin hood and doctor who but changing tha main character n focus of the show just wont work with robin hood, its not the same.

I completely agree with Lauren and Susie; how are they going to continue without Robin? The only thing I can think of is that they will be thinking back on something. However, Jonas has left and that (with Richard Armitage) is what made the show for me. I was unimpressed by recent episodes, especially the supposed 'love interest' between Robin and Kate, and the deaths of Guy, Robin, Allan and we assume Isabella and the Sherriff (whom most of which were the only ones I liked with Much).
I do not think that the show will improve with a change of main character, so it is possible that Archer will take over the gang. But what will it be called? 'Archer of Gisbourne and Lockley's borrowed Merry Men'? They certainly would have to extend the theme tune.

Geez..People aren't used to change here, are they?
It has happened before in Robin of Sherwood, Robin was played by another actor in the last season.
I think it's a shame that the sherrif, Guy, Allan en Robin 1 (^^) left..but Archer might be a very good new Robin hood, he sure looks like a Robin Hood. Assuming he will be the new robin hoor..seems pretty obvious to me. Same skills as the first Robin and classical Robin looks.

And don't forget; prince John is still around! He might return as the main badguy in series 4. I hope they make e fourth season, I'll definately watch it.
I'll give the new cast a chance, since I loves the first three seasons.
I also don't mind the changes they've made compared to the more classical approaches of the myth. A black and huge friar Tuck? I love it^^

Hasn't there been any news about the commisioning of season 4?

"Bad Men are indestructable." Could it be the Sheriff Of Nottingham escaped before the castle blew up, chances are he could be back for the next series??? And if we don't see another Sheriff, there's still evil Prince John, all the while he's alive the fight to save England goes on.

"We are Robin Hood," says Little John, and there were many outlaws in medieval times that took on the Robin Hood name.

The series doesn't have to be killed just cos half the main characters have left for other prospects open to them in the field of acting, you can't stop them from leaving if they choose to, besides, it opens the way for other young budding actors and actresses lookin for success, after all they've gotto start somewhere.

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So, 3 main actors (and maybe more) have now Left the Library - er, sorry, wrong show, the Forest - and Nottingham Castle will maybe need a bit of help from the DIY SOS guys. But, but ..
there's plenty of scope for new stories about outlaws vs the oppressive landowners in a mythical setting. As numbers of "disgusted" Series 3 viewers stomp out, their seats will be vacant for curious new viewers to see what's going to happen to Clive Standen, Joan Froggatt & Co. Archer's quite a complicated guy - plenty of room for in-house rivalry
with Tuck. Lara Pulver as Isabella might have escaped in a tunnel, the only person who would not have hung around in the castle hall to be pulverised.

Perhaps they will book gorgeous new actors as baddies - perhaps Prince John (come back often, please, Toby Stephens) will keep sending overseers to Nottingham to be done to death - perhaps the action will spread beyond Sherwood Forest to other villages besides Loxley. And King Richard is a long way from his return (stuck in crummy stone Viennese castle for 2 years).
Perhaps, perhaps ..
Personally I think it's a great romp, and I can't wait for series 4.

By the way, ref "coloured casting" - Djak and Brother Tuck casting is not as unhistoric as earlier commenters would have you believe.
Moors and other Eastern peoples travelled a lot round Europe in the Middle Ages, wanted as much for their superior learning as for the exotic wares they traded. Also, slavery went both ways: Barbary pirates from N. Africa raided European coastal villages for slaves during 13th to 15th centuries.

why kill allan? he was the one person who made the show funny with all his weird comments and stuff, and guy? just as he switched side, poff, dead...
no, put some belladonna in to robin, get him back for season 4. along with guy and allan....

Oh for gods sake do people not realise that Robin Hood is not meant to be historically correct. Its escapism tv!!! Just like dr who, merlin and every other fantasy programme on tv.
ok i agree its not the most well acted or written programme on tv but you all need to grow up and enjoy it for what it is!!!
A tv programme can suvive any actor leaving as long as viewers have an open mind and whos to know, maybe the new actors will make Robin Hood a better prog for all you moaners out there who just cannot see what its meant to be. A CAMP RETELLING OF A LEGENDRY STORY!!! Laugh a little.

As first of all,those of you who are happy that series is going to be like Dr who,are boring me to death,series is series,and if main charachters are gonna die on every end of a season,then its not even a series for me,what it is?Its then like I am wathcing mini movie for 45 min...2nd,I know that Robin Hood mb never exsisted,its only a legend,but series is called "ROBIN HOOD" and not "ARCHER" or anyone else,who is going to be leader in season4. So with Robin Hood death, this series dies. You cant kill main charachter,put another called "archer" and still call series "Robin Hood",thats totaly retarded! Same if you would watch movie Spider Man,and @ half of movie,he dies,and some Hulk is fighting instead of him,thats retarded. if I wanted to watch Hulk then i would watch that movie,not Spider man,so do you get my point? End of Season 2,was rly good with Marian's death,I wasnt happy about it coz she was gr8 charachter,and this Kate SUX hard ASS!!! But still it made me watch it more than ever,coz it was unpredicatable,but Robin Hood dies? WTF? I wanted to watch Robin Hood,not some stupid new show they gonna make now instead of it.

Their business is totaly retarded,they should have made contracts with actors,so that they cant leave till series ends or till they need them. Many idiots are in business now,and all they care is to make something,and just to steal ppls money from watching it,and they give no fuck if its gonna look good...

I am totaly dissapointed in this TV SHOW! Was a gr8 series till end of season 3!

You know what would REALLY be boring? When main characters never leave or die in a tv-series. It makes things a little more exciting. Like I wondered who'd survive at the end of season 3.
Would be pretty lame if the sherrif and co would survive again and Robin and co would start over again in season 4 in the same situation. This change of cast can be a good option to change the series in something a little different, otherwise all seasons will be the same: every episode robin hood does something and the sherrif gets mad..

And since season 1 they said many times: "we are robin hood" , so it seems pretty obvious that incase the first robin dies another leader will stand up.

Also seems pretty obvious that incase archer gets to be the new leader, he'll change his name to robin..sinde "Archer" doesnt really sound like a regular name, does it? He also showed to have the same archery skills as Robin and many other things. And I really think he has the classical Robin Hood - looks. More than the first one in this series.

Just give the 4th season a case they'll make it...with all those negative comments.

Oh and btw, is it really that strange that Allan died? Most probably he wanted to leave the series as well, what other 'use' would his death have?
I was sad when Djack and Will left the series, I really loved those two. And the sherrif was a great actor as well. But we'll see how the new cast will do...I hope

God those stupid writers wat the hell have they done to this series u cant kill the main character off

at first i thought that without marion the show could not possibly be worth watching. but jonas armstrong is very very charismatic, he makes the whole show. with robin gone, essentially there is no robin hood. he is robin hood, he is the heroic legend who cared for the people and england. however much his gang may keep telling themselves that "we are robin hood" the truth is they are not. only robin of loksley, earl of huntington, is Robin Hood.
even if he has a half brother who is a s good a shot as him, he can't possibly take robin's place.
if jonas armstrong goes. that's the end of robin hood for me.

Well, what can I say.

Like so many other people have commented on here I was dubious after the departure of Marion at the end of series 2 that series 3 was going to be any good, in my opinion I did not enjoy the last series as much as the previous but with the introduction of "Archer" perhaps the story writers can pull the show around..

Not sure how they are going to do it - but I suppose "Archer" actually uses a LongBow is a start.... I always hated the Mongol Bow.

Good Luck in Series 4, its goingto be hard without all the main characters, no Robin, Marion, Will Scarlet, or Alan.

Maybe they should rename the show "Not Robin Hood and no longer any merry men"

Dru,I agree with you on some point,but still it is fun to watch,and Season 3 could be the end of series,with all other's death + robin death,same as they make that stupid thing they all scream "we are robin hood" that was made exacly coz archer was going to be new leader,and coz robin was about to die.

I think Marian's death was totaly inpredictable and thats why series was good,Allan's death too,or they could have killed Much,even if he is gr8 chracter and lots of fun,but still killing main character,i think they screwed it!

Oh and Sheriff was a hell of a character,rly good one,and this Isabella sux very much,and is going on my nervs! I am dissapointed coz Allan,Gisborn and Robin died and + Sheriff...We will see what season 4 will bring...

Well..the only thing I can say is this: I also loved the sherrif in this series, he really acted great in my opinion...the faces he made and the way he talked..and the ' a' , just funny.
Gisborne I liked too, and Allan was great since he was a traitor in season 2, makes him a little more interesting. Marian was great as well..and like I already said: I still miss Djaq/Jack and Will Scarlett.
But to come back to my first sentence of this post - the only thing I can say: It sucks some of the original cast left, but I liked almost all new castmembers as well..with the exception of Isabelle. So I'll give the new team a chance, if they ever come back, I sure hope so. I think Archer is pretty cool^^ Brother Tuck too...and Kate can stay because I think she's a real beauty;)

Just read the news..the serie has been cancelled..shame, but I was afraid of it already. I'll miss it..but eventually I'll get over it+)

Where Did you read that? No it cant be! This series is Gr8! They cant cancle it! Mother *uckers! I hate them if this is true!

How silly, to cancel the series cos there weren't enough viewers watchin, funny time of year to put it on anyway - May and June - a time of year many of us go away on holiday - could be that? The BBC usually put the show on in the Autumn. I'm hoping its just a wind up, to pea us all off, those of us who enjoyed the series. But what do i know? ... Live on Robin Hood.

(And Live on Michael Jackson prince and king of pop)

From what i have read the series has not been canceled yet. I have looked and looked and found a site for BBC, Anyone and everyone need to do this petition. the goal is 50,000 and there are only about 260 ppl that have done it so far. Please do this there might be a chance that there will be a 4th season. All lwe can do is try. :)

look i love robin hood (and seriously i mean love) but i think it's time the show took a dignified exit.
i mean i think it should of finished at the end of series two (and not because i didn't want to see more, i do). marian died and -lets face it she was one of the most important characters (and my favourite). will and djaq are gone and what are we left with.
series three was at least plausable if slightly unrealistic buta series four...?
what are they going to do, robin and gisborne are both dead (and not comming back, you can only bring people back to life so many times).
we have left much, little john, kate, isabella(maybe), and the sheriff(maybe)
so what are they going to do? make much the new hero of sherwood and little john his faithful sidekick and kate taking on a marian like role (although obviously not as awesome). against the sheriff. i'm sorry people but that's just not going to work. i think it's time to say goodbye as much as we regret it.
i kind of have to agree with robin "robin hood is dead he (or in this case it) died with marian in the holy lands..."


i just started watching Robin Hood on BBC America & got caught up in it and found all of the three season episodes to watch it all in a row. i liked the romantic & carefree robin hood that jonas armstrong portrayed in season 1 & 2 & the good/bad villain guy played by RA.

Sometimes people just like to see a dreamy guy playing a romantic hero & a dreamy bad boy with a sweet side as his nemesis. i thought season 3 would have been better if after the loss of marion & a reasonable period of mourning, it would have gone back to that premise. Unfortunately, writers often feel compelled to go somewhere new & artsy to the point of ruining a good show. A prime example is nip/nuck which was a fantastic show in the beginning and just keeps getting more bizarre each season.

I hope season 4 finds Robin alive by some miracle and played by a guy just as hot as Jonas Armstrong & Richard Armitege back or a new sexy villain. I like Clive Standen as Archer but i don't find him that charasmatic - maybe that will grow after a few shows but the show is not the show without a robin hood. I also didn't really like the actress who played Kate either.

We all know that it is a modern version and it doesn't follow the legend so there is some leeway for imagination but just hope they don't turn it into a science fiction program or they will lose all of the current viewers.

San Francisco

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What has happened to the wonderful family show we love? Why so many odd scenes. My son even pointed out this past Saturday, that Robin didn't usually shoot a man first in the back.... as he did the guard. We all love the show. You are turning it into another drama filled soap opera of Robin kissing Kate. What an odd scene. I would prefer if it all ended right now on a good note. Have all the same actors of season one and two return... tie them to the posts and let it all be a dream or mirage in the desert...

Do not destroy a wonderful show. Why? This is similar to what happened to the Vegas series. They ruined that one.

Marion better come back in the 3rd series of Robin Hood. When will the 3rd Robin Hood series air in Australia? Series 4 will be so bad coz Jonas Armstrong wont be there:(

okay like everybody else i loved seris one and two great charactars good storylines and brilliant romance. i love robin he is a gorgeus charstmitic chactar. i love his cheesy romance bits and i when hes fighting he is so strong and quick witted. but the main thing i like about him he is a real hero and real heros from 14th century woulnt be able to do super martial arts stunts and he has a bad persnsaltoy. as no ones perfect and the real robin hood woulnt be perfect. marion was a rose tyler type feisty quick witted and a great fighter. i loved the sarcacstic dreanged sherriff if you dont find him funny than there denfitly somthing wrong with you. gisborne was a sexy dark sadist gisborne RA played him well with his bad but romatinc gisborne. much was funny. and allen is fit i never liked john or will. at the end of seris 2 i was worried cause it seemed wrong without marion but with an array of amazing actors and actress in and coming david harwood and lara pulver.i was exicted. it was a suprisginly good first episode but than kate comes in first of all bbc should have got a better actress who is better than stupid joanne frogatt (perfbreally) freema agyemen and give her own oringal mark so she donsent look like a stuck up marion wannababe and tuck and isabella were strong compelex characthers and after the death of the sheriff who was amazing he shoundrt of died. they bring in toby stephens a satcatisc and posh price john. at the end episodes i knew robin would die i was hartbroken. robin is always my hero he is the whole point of the show and there would be no gang without him they bring in archer!!! what an intellgent move!! he is equally as chramistic and fit as robin he is going to be great with someone new as his marion like bille piper. and some new strong characters and for little john to sart talking more instead of just saying NO! all the time. and for kate to leave and a new girl to fall in love with much

Seriously if BBC make a season 4 then they are off their heads. Tell me how the hell do you make a Robin Season without
Robin Hood
Sheriff Of Nottingham
Guy of Gisbourne
and Allan A Dale
Its just riduculous, they can't suddenly decide to bring Robin back fromthe dead, because that is going to far.
I know for a fact that if they do make a season 4 I won't be watching it.

Robin Hood without Roin Hood is like a Cheese and Pickle Sandwitch without the Pickle.
Or like a bank card with no details.

Its stupid!!!!

I really hope they do make a 4th season. And they could use Archer as robin hood.Oh and i really hope kate DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahah

YOu guys all talk about who is missing, but you are forgetting one huge thing that is gone.... turned to rubble, and that is nottingham palace... No new sherrif of nottingham if there is no palace for him to live in...

Now that being said, I do hope they do a 4th season with archer taking on the role of robin... No matter how bad it is, it would still be entertaining and all of you that said you would not watch it, would watch it just to say how wrong it is hahaha

Who is Kate and Archer?? Does Robin get a new girl? Please tell me!

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