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Robin Hood, Spooks and Hustle: The stars speak [some spoilers]

The Stage podcast #16 cover: Robert Glenister and Richard Armitage

The latest episode of The Stage Podcast is now online. As well as talking to TV presenter and pantomime producer Paul Hendy about his latest comic novel, Who Killed Simon Peters?, you can hear my interview with two of the BBC’s biggest names from their popular drama serials: Richard Armitage and Robert Glenister.

As well as talking about the previous series of their respective series, Spooks, Robin Hood and Hustle, they also discussed some possibilities for the shows’ future.

Some hints at what they talk about (which include some mild spoiler information) is after the jump.

Some of the information for future series that Richard and Robert talk about:

  • One episode of Robin Hood’s third season will consist almost entirely of a flashback to twenty years previously, with teenagers playing the roles of the main characters. Says Richard Armitage:

    It was planned way back to do a flashback episode … They weren’t sure whether they were going to be able to do it or not, simply because of the length of show and who was remaining and who wasn’t [in the cast]… but they have plotted it in, and it’s a really good episode, actually. I think it all stemmed from one line that existed in the first series but was then cut.

    It was really interesting reading the flashback episode… it was like they’d read my diary of the character and pretty much nailed it.

    The only other element of the episode Richard would reveal is that each character recalls a different version of the same events.

  • When it comes to Spooks, Robert Glenister has confirmed that his character, who has been Home Secretary, will be back for the next series. Whether he will still be in that role, or whether there will have been a reshuffle or even a general election — that he can’t say.

  • When Richard Armitage’s time to depart Spooks comes, he wants to be killed off.

    I’m a big all or nothing guy… I’d like to have my head decapitated or something… Because Spooks does that so well. I think Alex [Lanipekun’s] exit from episode seven with the throat [being cut] was so shocking and spectacular… I knew it was coming, and I sat and watched it and just grabbed my seat. I couldn’t believe it.

Richard and Robert were interviewed as part of our coverage of BBC Showcase, an annual event hosted by BBC Worldwide that promotes the best of British television to buyers from TV channels all over the world. Next week’s podcast will include further coverage of this year’s event, including an interview with Unforgiven and former Coronation Street actress Suranne Jones.

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