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Square Eyes 26-28 June

Glastonbury (from Friday, 7pm, various BBC channels)

The BBC’s usually excellent coverage of Glastonbury kicks off this evening, and no doubt Neil Young’s turn on stage this evening will be a crowd-puller at 11pm on BBC2. Coverage continues throughout the weekend.

Hotel Babylon (Friday 9pm, BBC1)

Oh Hotel Babylon, you try so hard, but never quite come up to five-star standard. In tonight’s sickly serving, new boss Sam (a shockingly terrible Nigel Harman, but that’s no surprise) gets to grips with his new hotel purchase. And as ever, things are never quiet at HB - there’s a celebrity couple’s tantrum-tastic birthday celebrations and a visit from a health inspector to deal with in tonight’s episode. The problem with this series now is that the cast look to be having much more fun than I am, and that’s always a bad thing in my book.

Law and Order: Criminal Intent (Friday 10pm. Five)

Liza Minnelli guest-stars in this US drama mainstay. And surely, that’s all the information you need…

Robin Hood (Saturday 6.45pm, BBC1)

Hold on to your bow and arrows, this one could get messy. Robin, Guy and the gang (sans the deceased Alan) are holed up in Nottingham Castle. Outside, a back-from-the-dead Sheriff of Nottingham is waiting with a tooled up army, ready to storm the castle. We know Robin is off - who else won’t make it to the end of this episode is anyone’s guess. This is likely to be an action-packed, emotional end to what has proved to be an excellent third series - but will there be a season four?

Top Gear (Sunday 8pm, BBC2)

Stephen Fry, ahead of his turn in Kingdom at 9pm, is this week’s star in a reasonably priced car. His Twitter feed earlier this week indicates it might one of the most entertaining yet.

On Thin Ice (Sunday 9pm, BBC2)

First of a five-part documentary that charts the exploits of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell as they embark on a gruelling race to the South Pole. This first episode focuses on the training regime the pair must endure before setting out, and their search for a third member of the team - and actor Jonny Lee Miller steps up to the sled. Will he stay the course? It’s great stuff, a bit like Long Way Round, but without Charlie Boorman. So another good reason to watch then.

Kingdom (Sunday 9pm, ITV1)

Assuming he survives his session in a reasonably priced car over on BBC2, Stephen Fry as avuncular Norfolk solicitor Peter Kingdom looks into a blackmail case that has a curmudgeonly local judge at its centre (played with relish by Jack Dee). Kingdom is nothing groundbreaking in drama terms, but it’s made with a solid heart and is a good way to sooth away that Sunday back-to-school feeling for an hour.

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