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Square Eyes, July 27-30

Bang Goes the Theory BBC1, Monday 7.30pm
Popular science on BBC1 in a slot that competes against Coronation Street? Four presenters looking at new technologies? It’s Tomorrow’s World, isn’t it? Well, no. Although its roots are clearly showing BGTT is as close to TW as Top Gear is to, well, the original Top Gear. Dallas Campbell, Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield and Yan Wong are the presenters. But let’s be honest, none of them are likely to be the next Judith Hann or Maggie Philbin…

The Supersizers Eat… Ancient Rome BBC2, Monday 9pm
Well, not all of Ancient Rome. Just the bit that invaded Britain. Sadly, this is the last in a perpetually enjoyable series.

The Street BBC1, Monday 9pm
This week’s tale, by Jimmy McGovern and Esther Wilson, concentrates on Territorial Army soldier Nick, who returns from a tour of duty in Afghanistan injured from a suicide bomb attack - but it’s clear that, while his physical injuries are all too visible, the effects on his psyche run much deeper. After three series of Robin Hood it’s good to see Jonas Armstrong sink his teeth into more serious fare. And while this isn’t the best episode of The Street by any means, it’s still above average drama.

Breaking the Mould: the Story of Penicillin BBC4, Wednesday 9pm
Dominic West, of The Wire and The Devil’s Whore, plays Australian scientist Howard Florey, one of the men who took Alexander Fleming’s original discovery of penicillin and helped to develop production in industrial quantities. It all sounds very dry, but with West, Dominic Lawson as Fleming and Robin Hood’s Joe Armstrong as Norman Heatley heading up a strong cast, it should be far more watchable than the subject matter suggests.

We Are Klang BBC3, Thursday 10.30pm
This anarchic comedy trio have a live show based around bizarre sketches and songs. Quite whose idea, then, it was to showcase their talents in a sitcom environment is either barking mad or a genius. Or, quite possibly, both.

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