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SYTYCD: Arlene Phillips and finalists to dance at NTAs

A very brief mention for tonight’s National Television Awards, which we already previewed in the week’s Square Eyes preview.

Amongst all the hoo-ha of the awards themselves (and the recipients saying how wonderful they are because they’re voted for by the public, before turning up to the BAFTAs and then saying how wonderful they are because they’re voted for by their more knowledgeable peers) will be a number of on stage performances.

Go out and make the tea while The X Factor novelty act John and Edward are on — of more interest is that choreographer and government dance champion Arlene Phillips will be dancing on stage with the ten remaining So You Think You Can Dance contestants.

Save for the odd video clip of her choreography instruction, such as on the behind-the-scenes segments of the Britannia High DVDs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arlene dance, so this will be a unique experience.

They’ll be dancing to Christina Aguilera’s Ain’t No Other Man, which was the group number from the top of last Saturday’s results show. I’d imagine, then, it’ll be a variation of Frank Gatson’s choreography.

Either way, as long as the silly-haired Dublin twins (or Calvin Harris and his pineapple) don’t make an appearance in the number, I’ll be watching.

  • National Television Awards, tonight ITV1 7.30pm
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