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Square Eyes, March 1-4

Five Days BBC1, Monday-Friday 9pm
BBC1’s latest stripped-across-the-week drama is a thoughtfully constructed piece by Gwyneth Hughes. A magnificent ensemble cast headed by Suranne Jones and David Morrissey investigate the ramifications of two seemingly separate events: a small baby abandoned in the hospital, and a suicide in front a cross-country train. As the week progresses, myriad smaller strands promise to converge.

Married Single Other ITV1, Monday 9pm
The first episode of ITV1’s new romantic comedy drama held much promise, and hopefully it’ll live up to that as it continues. Tonight Clint (Ralf Little) decides to throw a dinner party with the aim of wooing Abbey (Miranda Raison), unaware that his friends and relations are on the verge of self-destructing.

This is Jinsy BBC3, Monday 9.30pm
Writers Justin Chubb and Chris Bran play Maven and Sporrall, the hapless administrators of Jinsy Island, in this whimsical surrealist sitcom pilot that should satisfy people mourning the lack of any new Boosh output.

Holby City BBC1, Tuesday 8pm
New consultant Toby Geddes (Rick Warden) is one of those hugely irritating new characters that will either get written out within a few episodes, or mellow into one of the long-running characters we grow either to love, or to love to hate. Menawhile, a massive road accident and a hostage crisis mean that the ED is overflowing and the Acute Assessment Unit must take the strain. A tense episode, made all the stronger in the knowledge that next week’s will cover the same timeframe from different perspectives.

First Time Voters’ Question Time Live BBC3, Wednesday 8pm
We’re just weeks away from a general election — and for voters under the age of 23, it’ll be their first. Political representatives from each of the main parties face an audience of new voters in a debate hosted by Dermot O’Leary. While his TV persona is more used to voting of a telephone-for-your-favourite-popstrel kind, O’Leary is a warm and engaging host with more than a passing interest in politics, so should be the perfect moderator for this debate.

Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man BBC3, Thursday 10.30pm
Most people would be happy running the London Marathon for charity once in their life. Others may enter it multiple years. Running 43 marathons? In the space of 51 days? That’s crazy. But that’s just what Eddie Izzard did to raise money for Sports Relief. This first part of a three-episode documentary covers Izzard’s training regime (a dizzyingly breif two weeks) and his first few marathons.

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