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Square Eyes, April 9-11

Ashes to Ashes BBC1, Friday 9pm
The addition of Daniel Mays’ Jim Keats has shaken up the investigations team in ways that greatly enhance this third and final series. With a sense that the fantasy elements are finally coming to the fore, Alex is now investigating Life on Mars’ Sam Tyler’s “death”, but that gets put on hold when three members of a dating agency are murdered. The brilliant Montserrat Lombard really comes to the fore in this episode, which just adds to the appeal.

The Great American Songbook night BBC4, Friday from 7.30pm
Yet another glorious evening of classic music, including Walk On By at 7.40pm looking at songs from the great film musicals, and BBC Four Sessions: The Great American Songbook featuring new performances of classic numbers by current artists.

Doctor Who BBC1, Saturday 6.15pm
After last week’s extended introductory episode, we’re back to the 45-minute episode structure now that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have been introduced to the nation. In the far future, the entire population of Britain inhabits a starship scouring the galaxies for a new home. Sophie Okonedo guest stars.

Over the Rainbow BBC1, Saturday 7pm & Sunday 8.15pm
Now that we’ve had our first expulsion (in the campest sending off in the history of television ever) it feels like the hunt for Dorothy Gale is finally under way. Last week’s episodes had a disappointing dearth of musical theatre related content — will that be rectified this week?

The 100 Greatest Stand-ups 2010 Channel 4, Saturday 9pm
After a similar theme evening in 2007 (which prompted Stewart Lee to title his subsequent stand-up show 41st Best Stand Up Ever) C4 once again takes public votes and tries to rank comedians with very different styles. Presumably the survey results were conducted a while ago, so expect Frankie Boyle to rank higher than he possibly might after recent media coverage.

Foyle’s War ITV1, Sunday 8pm
With A Touch of Frost going to the great police interview room in the sky, it’s nice to see a programme that, having previously been cancelled, return to the screens. Michael Kitchen returns as the weary detective, with Honeysuckle Weeks in support as ever.

A Passionate Woman BBC1, Sunday 9pm
Kay Mellor’s drama about illicit love spans the decades, with Billie Piper and Sue Johnston playing the same role thirty years apart. Based on her play for West Yorkshire Playhouse (itself inspired by incidents from Mellor’s mother’s life).

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