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Doctor Who the Musical? Not going to happen, says Arthur Darvill

Arthur Darvill: The Stage Podcast #63

Not that it ever was, of course. But the suggestion did come up when I recently sat down with Arthur Darvill, who played Rory in the first episode of this series of Doctor Who and whose character returns in a more regular role in this weekend’s episode.

Aside from his acting career, Arthur is an accomplished musician and composer, and has worked with playwright Che Walker on two projects of note: The Frontline, which was the first contemporary production to grace the stage at Shakespeare’s Globe, and the Young Vic’s recent musical Been So Long. So it was natural to ask whether he’d consider writing a musical episode for Doctor Who.

> Doctor Who the Musical? No. I’d love to write an episode where everyone’s dancing or something, I don’t know. But no, Doctor Who the Musical isn’t gong to happen!

That was the most frivolous point of the interview, but there’s plenty more — from his first working with Matt Smith (in the West End run of Swimming With Sharks) to the challenges as an actor presented by all the scripts being shrouded in extreme secrecy.

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