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If idents only had a brain, part 2: Graham gets exterminated

The fallout over the interruption of the climax of a Doctor Who episode with an animated trail promoting Over the Rainbow has, at least, seen some positive effects.

As quoted on the letters page of the new (May 8-14) issue of Radio Times, a spokesman for the BBC says that the type of overlay used may sometimes be seen at the end of entertainment shows, but not dramas. In this instance, it appears that the overlay was run 20 seconds too early — it should have, instead, been played over the credits as an alternative to that annoying “shrinking”.

The BBC says they are “taking steps to ensure this mistake will not happen again”. Meanwhile, in last night’s edition of The Graham Norton Show, with guest Karen Gillan (Doctor Who’s Amy Pond), Graham dealt with the intrusion in his opening monologue:

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