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EastEnders E20: Here we go again…

And so, the second series of BBC soap EastEnders’ web spin-off, E20, has started up, with the first episode available from last night. Written by Emer Kenny (who now also appears in the soap as Zsa Zsa, a character first introduced in E20’s first series), it introduces a bevy of new characters who will also, I understand, move into the Square on a permanent basis.

The first episode is below, and episode 2 will be available online from 8pm tonight. Future episodes will be online on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. An omnibus edition of both episodes each week will air on BBC3 every Monday.

First impressions? Apart from “You call that dialogue? That makes me feel old…”, my first thoughts are that, while it’s good to have more black and minority ethnic characters in the Square, by concentrating on a very narrow age range of characters it’ll make it all the harder for any new blood to effectively mesh into the full show.

We see that to an extent with the characters introduced in the first series of E20, where Zsa Zsa feels far more integrated than her fellow spin-off alumni thanks to her relationship with Shirley (Linda Henry). Here’s hoping that the production team, under the new leadership of Bryan Kirkwood, have a plan up their sleeves to help enrich Albert Square for the longer term.

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