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Turn off the TV: Radio, January 15-21

Saturday Play: Master Harold and the Boys Radio 4, Saturday 2.30pm
South African playwright Athol Fulgrad introduces a new production of his semi-autobiographical 1982 work. Seventeen year old Hally, growing up in 1950s apartheid South Africa, spends all his time with his parents’ black servants, Sam and Willie. As the two servants practice their dance moves, some news emerges that will change their relationship with ‘Master Harold’ for ever.

Jimmy Carr’s Comedy Cuts Radio 2, Saturday 10pm
A series of masterclasses in comedy, using examples culled from the BBC radio archives, is hosted by Jimmy Carr. The first of the six-part series looks at the art of stand-up, with clips from Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Rowan Atkinson amongst others.

Drama on 3: Charles and Mary Radio 3, Sunday 8pm
Paul Rhys and Lia Williams star as brother and sister Charles and Mary Lamb, whose adaptation of Shakespeare’s tales for children has been popular for over 200 years. Their own lives were no less dramatic: he was an alcoholic and she was driven insane by a combination of poverty and stress.

Afternoon Play: Haunted Radio 4, Wednesday 2.15pm
Steffan Rhodri plays Will Morgan, a professional television illusionist and Zoe Tapper a psychic medium who lock horns when asked to work on the same television show. Their very different beliefs about the spirit world are tested when Hayley (Tapper) receives a message from the other side for Will from an angry young man…

Showstopper Radio 4, Wednesday 6.30pm
The improvised musical troupe that has been pleasing Edinburgh Fringe and London audiences makes a well-deserved transition to a full radio series after a successful pilot last year.

Afternoon Play: Notes to Self Radio 4, Thursday 2.15pm
Deborah Wain’s poignant drama about Alzheimer’s is based on real experiences, and among the dramatic scenes includes recording of therapeutic music sessions recorded at care homes and day centres. Linda Bassett plays Doreen, whose failing memory seems to unlock during sing-along sessions.

Friday Play: The Wild Ass’s Skin Reloaded Radio 4, Friday 9pm
A modern day retelling of Balzac’s 1831 novel La Peau de chagrin, adapted by Adrian Penketh. An unemployed investment banker (Elliot Cowan) is given a magical animal skin which will grant him his every wish - but with the price being his own health. Don Gilet also stars as a drag queen who goes by the name of Miss Givings.


Shouldn't the date for La Peau de chagrin be 1831? I believe that M. Balzac was long dead by 1931.

Quite right, Janelle! I did indeed mean 1831. Duly corrected.

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Scott Matthewman on Turn off the TV: Radio, January 15-21
Quite right, Janelle! I did indeed mean ...
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Shouldn't the date for La Peau de chagri...

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