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Turn off the TV: radio choices, July 2-8

The Saturday Play: White Nights Radio 4, Saturday 2.30pm

Anne Cleeves’ novel about a Shetland community shaken up by the apparent murder of a stranger is adapted by Iain Finlay MacLeod, starring Steven Robertson, Finlay Walsh and Anne Lacey.

Elaine Paige on Sunday Radio 2, Sunday 1pm

Once again, The Stage’s Matt Hemley will be on hand to discuss the latest theatre news with EP.

The Winslow Boy Radio 4 Extra, 1.30pm

Continuing BBC Radio’s celebration of Terrence Rattigan’s centenary, Radio 4 Extra repeats this 1981 adaptation starring Michael Redgrave. Based on a real life incident, the play concerns the attempt by a father to clear his son’s name after the boy is expelled from naval college for stealing a postal order.

Also on Radio 4 Extra this week, Clive Merrison reads extracts from Michael Darlow’s Rattigan biography in Terence Rattigan: The Man and His Work (Monday-Friday 10.45am).

Drama on 3: Widowers’ Houses Radio 3, Sunday 8pm

Ian McKellen, Charles Dance, Tim Pigott-Smith and Dan Stevens star in an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s first play, a socially aware satire about how the love of money and exploitation of the Victorian working class went hand in hand.

Barbara Windsor’s Funny Girls Radio 2, Tuesday 10pm

A three-part series about iconic female comedic actresses starts with Hylda Baker, who progressed from the music hall to television, film and radio. Often performing monologues to a silent stooge, Cynthia (usually a man in drag, with the last performer to take the role being Lend Me a Tenor’s Matthew Kelly), Baker’s northern, catchphrase-based comedy influenced many a performer.

Afternoon Play: Life Begins at Crawley Radio 4, Thursday 2.15pm

In Roy Apps’ comedy, Penelope Keith plays the wife on an MP who has to try and make ends meet when her husband is imprisoned for fiddling his expenses — and finds herself turning to crime…

Friday Night is Music Night Radio 2, Friday 8pm

The BBC Concert Orchestra performs with musical theatre students from the Brit School of the Performing Arts. As part of the FNIMN film season, the programme includes some of the best known songs from movies.

The Radio 2 Arts Show Radio 2, Friday 10pm

With Penny Smith sitting in for Caludia Winkleman, the guests include the cast of the Arts Theatre’s Park Avenue Cat, while Hollywood scriptwriter Bruce Joel Rubin talks about adapting his screenplay of Ghost for musical theatre.


Oh Scott you really are a dear, thankyou for our lovely shiny new home!

Twins rule! Thank you Scott Dear for our lovely new home, love the decor and it's so speedy!

Thank you Scott!

Looks like I'll be home in time for the main event after all, big thank you to Mr Ts*nga for stretching this match to at least four sets! I haven't been watching this one (thought downing tools for the whole afternoon might be a step too far!) but I have had the scores up on my pc and that last set looked like it was a real battle, especially in the tie break, although I know the scores don't always give the true picture!!

KK the third set was a thriller. The standard of tennis very high. I feel though that Tsonga has just delayed the inevitable as Djokovic is playing a blinder.

...I feel the same as you KK - I should hopefully get home in time for most of the match, tubes permitting!! Hoping to sneak off a bit early. Managed to see a little of the T & D match, but not a lot!

Ali, I missed your post this morning - how tragic on both counts. Also feel very sorry for the family of the three guys killed in the coxch crash on their big adventure. Life can be really cruel at times.

Right, going for broke and downing tools (Partners all missing..... so I am up and away!).

Scott dear,- thank you so much for moving us. I like a tidy place.

I seem to have landed on the wrong blog. Is this a t****s commentator place? (Couldn't resist.) No wonder BHB couldn't wait for the Management to return. First morning cocktails are restored and then he can lounge on Pauline's sofa watching the t****s! HUH!

Sorry Eva et al, block your ears and eyes (can you do that?). So sorry for AM but I love Rxfa so it isn't too painful! At least the final should be bearable now!

I managed to miss the t*nn*s it was all over when I got back with Dog. Oh well the result was as me at least.

Scott, thank you for the new home. Very nice and quick.

I don't think the elves do ironing, but there has been some gardening done the last 2 days. Not a lot as female elf is still in great pain with her legs.

Ali what sad news. Sudden death, especially that of a youngster is the worst. I hope they don't blame themselves for not spotting something and worrying about what they might have been able to do.

...sorry another one who is secretly pleased Rxfa won. Can't wait for the final, although did feel sorry for AM. I've been very good and even managed some ixxnxxg tonight. MM has earned brownie points by doing hxxver and dxsting today!

Carol,- do you fancy being my i****g elf?
So Andy didn't make it, eh? (she says with authority!)

There is a very old episode of W*king the D*ad on now, so I'll be watching it. I'm sure I've forgotten who did it.

Very dissapointing but as Celia said we will be able to relax on Sunday and just enjoy the Final.
Off to School early in the morning

Lovely new home …thank you Scott
I’ve been doing a quick catch up again.
Jan, I’m so sorry to hear your news, sending BIG OOOHHHMMMSSS to you both
Hurray - the twins are back and Fi is on her way (hope you have a good time)
Ali, Scollop number2 went to Brighton University, I’ll ask him. I’m sure he and Emma have been back for the odd weekend
I’ve also done a link for you
Ali, I'm so sorry to read the sad news about the young ones
Thanks for the links, will get to them later tonight
I enjoyed L/B and it was great to meet up with a few S/L again
Just you wait until you see chantale …she’s looking GREAT!
Sending ooohhhmmmsss to all in need

Oh Ali, what sad stories! I can’t bear to think what those families are going through.

Fi’s off then, hope her and Ploppy have the best of holidays, much deserved I think.

Pauline, thanks for that lovely link.

Jo, ohhhmmmsss for the Elf.

Scott, loving the new home, thank you. (But still no sign in??)

Falling asleep, gotta go to bed. Nite nite Loppies x

Hi Maggie. btw, I must remember to record Dog when she is in full voice and send it to you. It is all your fault.......................I have such a lovely individual dog. Of course I wouldn't really part with her. At 9pm tonight she suddenly stood up, looked me right in the eyes and barked and barked. Then she looked at the front door, so we just had to go out.

Jo I think your dog is a real character and they are always the best ones, if not sometimes the easiest!

Hi Maggie, lovely to see you again.

bed time for me too, night night and sleep tight all.

Miami Vice film is just not 'right'. Never seen it before, wish I hadn't bothered.
Nightlee night

Good morning BHB, lovely day. I'll have my dc outside this morning, thank you. You are looking particularly chipper this morning. Oh 2nd job is going very well. You're surprised I've not seen you about as it's not far from a previous job you had. Well, I haven't really gone to many bars in the area this time, as I've been in a rush. OOps, he's just slammed the door muttering about getting ready for staff meeting, pah!

Morning all

Just thought I'd have a quick pop in to say hello before I attempt today's mammoth (and probably impossible!!) task of repairing my laptop!! If the sky over Y*rkshire turns blue, you'll know why!! Wish me luck!

Have a good day all.

all I can say KK is GOOD LUCK

Morning all. It's a beautiful day here, in honour of my guests who'll be landing at the airport in 1 hour, 9 minutes late. (I've checked the airport's website.) Don't worry, it'll only take me 15 minutes to drive there, so I've got plenty of time.

Hello sweetheart. What's with the long face? Jo's insulted you? Well, I never! She isn't really the insulting type,- what did she say? She implied you frequent bars in the WE? That is insuting? (Now I'm in his bad books.)

Jo,- who is boss in your house? I suppose that's a stupid question?

Hi Maggie,- good to see you.

Morning all, I know, late again. This is getting to be a dirty habit! Maybe I should try going to bed earlier....or maybe not! So Ladies final today and a nice day they have for it. It also means just today and tomorrow and the blog will be txnnis free zone again, much to the relief of some I know!

KK lots of luck. I have faith in you. I know you can do it. Was that a laptop I just saw flying past the window at great speed?

I'm going to try and do a bit in the garden today, before the txnnis obviously, so best get on.

Morning BHB, isn't it a lovely sunny morning? You look a bit upset? Jo said what? Aww you know she didn't mean to up set you. I think we'll get some pastries and a big jug of Pimms (it is Wxmbledon) and go and sit on the veranda. Would a snuffle make you feel better? It would? Then lets do it.

Morning All, lovely day here with blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Sorry to mention the t*nnis again but I agree that watching the final tomorrow will be far less stressful than it could have been. I do feel sorry for AM although I have never warmed to him, Rafa has always been my man.

Ali, what sad news from your end, absolutely heartbreaking.

I hope Fi and her ploppy have a wonderful time with Eva, I wonder what they'll talk about? Ha Ha.

Thank you all for your good wishes for my Ploppy. His diagnosis and treatment could have been much earlier if the NHS hadn't screwed up big time. Anyway, he is keeping cheerful and is out on his customary walk to meet up with his little friends (who don't know) and have a pint and put the world to rights.

Good luck KK, rather you than me trying to sort out technical stuff.

Time to do some gardening, I have to cut down a biggish bush this morning and then this afternoon treat myself to watching a couple of ladies knocking a ball about in SW19.

Jan, did your ploppy enjoy his take-away while you were at L/B (you told me he was studying the menu)
Jo - bless her...Shannon knows who’s the boss???
KK here is a link for techie stuff board … lots of nerds on there, where you can usually get a response the same day (like a blog)
It’s my weekend off and I’m not going to do a lot !!as I’ve worked the last 7 days (other night cook on holiday )so hopefully I’ll be on here a bit more this weekend

Here you all are! Glad we have got a new home, I tried to get on the old one yesterday morning but it took so long I had to go, so thanks Scott.

Sorry Eva, Jane and Jo but have to mention what a lovely time scollop and I had at Wimbers yesterday. Conditions were perfect, just the right temperature, sunny but not too hot, Pimms, Champers and strawberries all delicious and of course pretty good tennis to watch too! I thought AM did play very well in parts of the match but not quite as well as RN. most of the crowd of course were behind AM but I was very torn and actually happy with the result.

Very sorry to hear news of your Ploppy, Jan, do hope his treatment will be successful, he sounds rather like my father when he was ill, I wasn't allowed to tell anyone which made things very diffiult.

I see I'missed Fi's departure, do hope they have a wonderful holiday, they really do deserve to, I'm sure they'll have a great time with Eva.

What dreadful news Ali, I expect the 16 year olds will get some comfort from being together, they will be so shocked.

Hello all,

And first of all thank you Scott for the lovely new home. Much faster to load.

We had a brilliant show yesterday. The organisers had made a giant wood and cardboard castle - and they held a joust on hobby horses. Funniest thing I've seen in ages! The guests did appreciate our show though. Well, they enjoyed the violence!

Ooo today is the day for Karen's rebuild! Good luck KK!

Jan - I'm very pleased to hear your Ploppy is keeping positive. Still sending OOHHHMMS for him.

Maggie - lovely to see you! Now get yer feet up and have a rest.

Eva - I hope you and Fi and her Ploppy have a wonderful holiday together - I'm sure you will.

Maeve - glad you had a great time at W*mbledon.

What's this about Jo upsetting BHB? Surely not!

Hello again. Would you believe it? After the second wettest June since 1900, July starts out with the most beautiful weather, just in time for my guests to enjoy.
They arrived early ( 3 minutes!), and then waited for 25 minutes for the transport band to be repaired so they could get their luggage.

After a light lunch here, (omelettes and salad) I took them in to the city centre. We strolled round in the sunshine,- plenty of people about, went down to the harbour:
and sat in an outdoor cafe drinking dc and thinking of Jo! It's true, I swear!
If you follow the link and scroll down to the "panoramic view of Bryggen", the 6th house from the right (yellow), used to belong to my family until 1903 when it was sold.
Back home now, and Fi said they couldn't be at Eva's and not have an Eva, so that's what they are doing at the moment. They had an early start this morning.
It's lovely to have them here.
Now you all enjoy the t****s. I'm sure we'll find something to do.

Lovely interview with LM on C*nn*e F*sh*r's radio show this afternoon - LINKY THING

Evening all. Been quite a good day here, in fact was nice and warm this afternoon. I managed to get things done and watch txnnis, so pleased. Mind the txnnis wasn't scintillating, far too one sided. Bring on tomorrow and Rxfa I say!

Jane glad your show went so well yesterday. Violence? Good grief, I didn't realise it was dangerous!

Nice to see a bit more of you Maggie. Here's to it continuing.

Good to hear Fi and Ian have arrived and are testing the bed already. Have a lovely time all of you. So you won't be glued to the txnnis? Odd.

Thanks Ro for the lovely interview link.

Did I tell you when I was going to the restaurant in London on 20th June. I walked past a man taking a white ferret for a walk. The ferret, harness and lead, was running in front of the man.

Nature notes: Last night when I was ordered to walk in the park the postman, wife and dog came to meet us. Wife saw 2 kingfishers flying above the river. Postman and I did not see them as they move so fast.

Eva, glad the visitors arrived and have settled in. Nice house on the link. Very picturesque.

Dog had dicky tummy again this morning, although no cl**ning was required. I think her new favourite food is too rich for her, so she has had some mince and lots of rice tonight. Should plug her up.

Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Today has been a complete waste of time and a total disaster! I failed miserably! The restore didn't solve the problem and now I've lost my emails, some music and goodness knows what else!! I'm off to put my head in the oven............after I've had a VERY LARGE glss of V&T!!!!!!!!

oh dear poor KK. When you get up and going again, I'm sure we can help you with any lost GO stuff. I have GBs of it.

Well how odd is that, sign in was there when I started, vanished after I checked Eva's link, and blow me it's back again after I just refreshed. Quick while it's there!!Jo, our first spaniel would bark at the sink if her water bowl was empty and at the cupboard if her dinner was late. My friend’s yorkie would bark to tell visitors to go home when it was time for bed. I’ve never known a dog who tells the neighbours though! What a clever girl she is.

Maggie, lovely to have you popping in.

Maeve, your Wimbles experience sounds delightful, no wonder you enjoyed it.

Eva, glad your guests arrived safely, thanks for that link, the panoramic view of Bryggen is lovely. (Just had to go back and have a look at the yellow house.)

Thanks Ro, glad to see you here after your awful journey last night.

Ok I think I've cracked it!! No sign in - - - refresh - - - there it is.

Forgot to say Suex had a couple of close encounters of the Meady kind in London yesterday, lucky Loppy!

I don't know what I just did but, in the course of re-setting up my email account I now have 1158 emails!! Hmm, maybe all is not lost after all!!

Thanks Sue - got home at 2am, to bed at 3 (adrenaline still running a little high when I got in) and slept til 10 - happy to be staying put this weekend!

I was out shopping today and bought a picnic rucksack in readiness for the concert at K*llworth. The weather has been lovely today, hope it’s like this for the concert
Eva I played the video link …it was a short walk!!How long are your visitors staying?(missed lots of posts ,so not sure if it was mentioned )
KK …head only half way in the oven then!!!
Sending ooohhhmmmss to all in need

Yep, it worked again!!

KK, I meant to say earlier I really felt for you, that's just the sort of thing that would happen to me. That's why my nerd is rich and I'm not!
I see all is not lost though, fingers crossed for the rest of it.

Wonder what Eva and co are up to, looking at the clock they've probably gone to bed - - - - or maybe not. I am anyway, nite nite Loppies x

Ro thanks for the link. Now that was a lovely interview. Interesting titbits too.

KK just keep that glass topped up and walk away from the oven. Hopefully you will get your stuff back.

Sue glad you got your pencil back, it's not right without is it!

I will be off to bed soon, I'm off to see Twin tomorrow so we can cheer Rxfa on together. Mind I like Djokovic so it will help the pain if he wins! Night night and sleep tight all.

I wrote this at 22:20
We have just come back from the park. There were lots of people there as it was the summer road party. I was there at the beginning and there at the end, just not in the middle, would have been too tiring for her ladyship. Also the food might have sent her tummy dicky again.
It didn't go.

Job done, see your email.
I have early morning ride, so won't be back until the evening
Nightlee night

Morning all. Would you believe it? It's raining. The weather gods never listened to the forecasts!

Hello sweetheart. This isn't too early for you, is it? No, I'm not being sarcastic. (Not very, anyhow.) You're waiting for Pauline? You'll probably have a short wait. No, I wasn't being sarcastic. (Just a bit more than last time!)

We had a quiet evening yesterday. Fi and Ploppy were both tired after a long day. The evening meal was prawns and white wine. Very easy to make,- just plonk the bowl with un-peeled prawns in the middle of the table, serve with some white bread and mayo, and let your guests do the work (peeling the prawns) themselves.
Afterwards we watched some telly. but my guests opted for an early night. All was well, until about 3am when partygoers decided to have all kinds of conversations outside our bedroom windows on their way home. Plonkers!

We had planned to take a drive out on the island, but it's rather foggy at the moment, so we'll have to see. The parents, the nerd and his lovely partner are coming to Sunday lunch later today. I'm going to bake two large (2 kilos each) trouts in the oven, filled with spring onions, chives and parsley, and served with cucumber salad and sour cream. Proper Norwegian summer fare.

Have fun watching the men's finals today. I haven't asked Fi yet if she wants to watch it. Maybe it'll just slip my mind.

Morning all. Oi Eva are you trying to tell me I'm always late? Humm, maybe you are right, though I have been up a while, done the shower and hair wash and blow dry and had breakfast. Anyway better late than never I say! Hope you have a lovely day with Fi and Ian, I'm sure you will as it sounds great. Mind lunch was wonderful till you mentioned cucumber! I am allergic to the stuff, not badly, but I am reallly not fond of it at all. Perhaps I could have the rest without the cucumber please? Thankyou, I knew you wouldn't mind. People can be very inconsiderate they really can.

Morning BHB, isn't it a lovely one? I think it is just the right sort of morning to sit on the veranda, he's nodding. Right we'll get a nice jug of Sea Breeze I think and some paninis and get to it.

Morning all - sorry to say Eva that it is sunny here, so have cooked roast chicken which is now cooling and when Twin arrrives later we will be eating outside (cold chicken, salad and potatoes - simples). We do of course have the obligatory strawberries and cream for later!! Please give Fi and Ian our love - I like the sound of the prawns!! Mind you I'd let MM do the peeling for me (he's trained to do this ~ we used to go to a wine bar (surprise?) in CG where they did a pint of prawns with mayo to dip into and he used to do all the nasty bits for me!). KK don't panic - it will all be there somewhere I am sure. We are quite lucky cos Colin, our Nerd, lives quite close to here and only charges £20 a hour. He works in the City during the day but is a whizz with pooters. He is the one who saved my laptop from meltdown. Ro thank's for the interview - like the concept of CF calling people! Yesterday whilst shopping in Sainsbugs who should I see by Jill and her lovely Ploppy! No need to guess what she is up to today! Maggie lovely to see you - we miss you when you are not around. Ooooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for Jan's Ploppy (Jan, it sounds as if he has the right attitude to beat this) and everyone else in need. Spent over three hours yesterday afternoon doing in the ixxning from the holiday whilst watching the ladies' final - so much as I'd love to do your's Eva, I feel I am all ixxned out for the foreseeable future! Hello BHB, not used to seeing me on Sunday? Well I thought I'd surprise you. Let's grab the Pxmms and paninis and have a snuffle while we wait for the DCM!!

Morning All and what a lovely one it is to be sure. All this talk of really delicious food is doing me no good at all when all I have had for breakfast is a slice of toast and marmalade and 2 cups of full leaded.

Thanks for the link Ro, very interesting but I think the GO got it wrong when he said that Joseph did not marry. I think he did and went on to have 2 sons as well. Tut tut, he obviously didn't research the role. The September television play sounds intriguing, can't wait.

Must get on and do some chores so that I can watch SW19 this afternoon. Have a lovely day everyone.

Hello all!

And it's a lovely day here too.

Oh dear - are we still waiting to find out whether Karen has got her head out of the oven? I hope you get it working lass!

Sounds like Fi and Ian are having a lovely holiday - of course they are! they have a wonderful hostess! Those prawns sound yummy Eva.

I hope your dog is better now Jo.

Thank you for the link Ro - it was a lovely interview.

Jan you are right - Joseph did marry and had two sons. According to Geri there is a lovely romantic story about how his wife fell in love with him when she saw him from a window. Awwwww!

Pauline - well, historial re-enactment is a tad on the dangerous side for a combatant. Ploppy has had all his fingers broken (some of them twice), his jaw dislocated, his ribs cracked and three lots of concusion. He has been doing it 20 years though. And I expect rugby players have it just as bad.

Oops - forgot to say - well done lucky Suex for an encounter of the GO kind!

afternoon girls just a quick note to let you all know that mother is ok she went as an emergency but it was not a stroke but bells pasly.Ti is annoying but thank heaven it was not a stroke. Will speak to you later have to sort her out XXXX

Jo, summer road party - - - - sounds interesting, is it a bit like a street party?

Eva, lunch sounds yummy, hope the weather cheers up a bit!

Carol, if Eva doesn’t have any lunch left can I pop over to yours?

Back later.

Hi all

I've had a slightly more successful day today!! I've re-installed all my programs, found my emails and, whilst I've "lost" about 150 tracks from my ipod (not Lee ones thankfully!) I've identified which ones are missing and I still have the CD's so if I can't find them in the pooter I'll just download them again from the CD's! The main problem now is remembering all my passwords for my various accounts, which I had saved! I'll have to re-set them if necessary but it's just another grrrrrrrr!! I still can't connect wirelessly so I'm at a loss to know what to do next. The problem is that my nerd is not a proper nerd, he's just a colleague who is good with pooters and I've already taken up enough of his own time trying to help me. And, because the problem is something to do with the wireless connection to the internet here at home (it works at work and at the nerds house) it means I need someone to come to the house but I don't know anyone!! I think I might just see if I can get a cable long enough for ploppy to run it round the skirting board or under the carpet (he won't be happy as he hates having cables running around the house) and stay wired, rather than wireless! Not an ideal solution, and I've no idea if they do cables long enough, but needs must!!

Maggie - forgot to say yesterday, thank you for the link to the techie stuff. I'll keep it, just in case!

Not happy with the Wimbles result but, I have to say, Dj*kovic deserved to win!

Chantale - good to hear your mum's okay. Very worrying though. Ohmmmmmmmsssssss to you all.

Sending ooohhhmmmss for Chantale’s Mum
KK,I just looked on that techie site and would you believe it some one had a similar problem here is the link (it’s now fixed)

Oo, thanks for that Maggie. Wonder how she fixed it! It might be worth me going on and asking for help. Thanks again, Maggie, appreciate it.

Well, it was a hot day today. At least I think the pm was hot. I was asleep. It was too much for me early morning after too little sleep. I missed the old ladies, too. Dog was asleep too, so she did not disturb me.

Well done KK for finding your files.

Chantale ooohhhmmms for your mum. Hope she feels better soon.

Kk, did you read it all?They talk her though it, something to do with the FN button and enable the software driver!!!!....gobble de gook to me!

KK, have you looked in your local yellow pages for a nerd? Or even G**gled for one in your area. Failing that don't local PC W*rld have a call out service. Trouble is the expense!! My nerd does travel around, but not as far as you are.

On the laptop so no sign in, well there is one but L*ve Jo*rnal don't like me for some reason, must've offended them!

I'd only popped in to say nite nite Loppies x

Hi all. Home again after a lovely day with Twin and MM. So sad for Rxfa, but he'll be back I'm sure. ND deserved the win I must say. So that's it txnnisophobes. No more txnnis chat!

KK it sounds as if there is hope for your pooter. Fingers crossed for it.

Ohhhhmmmms for your Mum Chantale, must have been very sc ary for you.

So only a bit dangerous then Jane! Lummy!

Bed time for me so Ohhhmmmms for all in need of them as well. Night night sleep tight.

Yes indeed Pauline, sad for RN but as you say I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more of him in the future, ND did play v. well.

Sorry to hear that your Mother's ill Chantale, but good that it isn't a stroke.

Hope Eva, Fi and Ian have had a good day.

Night all.

Morning girls.Mother slightly better today she wants to go to the gym we will see what she can do as light hurts her eye. She was fed up to have missed the tennis, she asked me if I had recorded it I thinkl I had more pressing things on my mind as we all thought it was a stroke! typical mum!!!!.
Looking forwards to the 16th.Show at Wareham really slow only sold 6 so far but 6 is better than none.
Have a lovely day.
KK glad you have fixed comp.
Mother thanks you all for all the good wishes. X

Morning all – currently ploughing through applicants for my job – ad went in on Friday, even though I hadn’t officially put my notice in (letter now on Baby B’s desk!). 41 more working days to go! MM is at the swimming pool as I type, back to his normal routine. He has physio again on Wxdnesday so needs to show some improvement! Chantale – oooohhhhmmmmmmmmmsss for your Mother, and whilst I am about it for Jan’s Ploppy, Shirley, Jeremy, Geri, and everyone else who needs them. Well sadly it wasn’t Rxfa’s year. Still Djxrovxc was so thrilled to win so I don’t begrudge him. Twin and I had fun watching! Then of course AB was on Pxpstar to OpStar – and we are going to see him in Les Mis for my birthday treat! Really looking forward to it! Eva hope the visitors are enjoying themselves (sure they are). KK fingers crossed you manage to sort your pooter out. Mine played up last night – it shut itself down after Twin left and refused to start again for almost an hour! Better get back to the applications I guess. Hello BHB did you have a nice weekend? You can tell me all about it whilst we are snuffling. I’ll get the pastries and you can get the jugs of Lush whilst we wait for the DCM.

Morning all, nice day today. From the forecast we better make the most of it as summer is off again tomorrow. Typical as I am off to the Hxmptxn Cxxrt flower show. The rain is forecast for late afternoon so I think we'll get wet. Nice. I'm off to see my new doctor shortly. Poor man he doesn't know what's in store for him, me and my BP! Oh and the various other bits and bobs.

Glad your Mum is doing well Chantale. Some more ohhmmms for her if needed.

Morning BHB, ooh nice hug thankyou. So we'll get more Lush and join the CM shall we? Good.

Sign in is such a palava I think it's easier just to type in a user name!
Hope Fi and Ian are having a lovely time with Eva,bet they are!
Sorry to hear about your Mum, Chantale. Oohhmms for her recovery.
Been such a busy weekend I now need to catch up on the boring stuff like w*shing and i*roning. Just sorted the finances *gulp* puts a bit of a downer on the day! Oh well, a coffee and catch up on some tv I recorded while I iron should stop me thinking about it!
Oohhmms for the needies

Morning all. It was foggy outside when we got up this morning, but it's clearing nicely as we speak. Sunshine has been promised.

Hello sweetheart. You wanted to say Hi to Fi? I'm afraid she and Ploppy are already in town,-going to be tourists for the day, all on their own! I'll tell her you asked after her.

Yesterday was a really good one. We did do a drive around the island, and the clouds were clearing off, so the views out to sea (North Sea) and to all the small islands were very good. My guests were thrilled to see the country side off the beaten track.
Lunch was a success too. There was plenty of food for everyone,- my parents left with enough trout for two more dinners,- and all my guests got on so well. Fi told my parents and the nerd that she had been looking foreward to meeting them as I had told so much about them on the blog. They looked slightly startled at this, but we all had a good time together.
When they'd all left and the dishwasher was filled, I fell into bed for an Eva. My cold (or rather cough) was getting worse, so I really needed the rest. When I got up again, Fi had done the rest of the washing up and tidied the kitchen. Bless her! I like that kind of guests.
As I told BHB earlier, Fi and Ploppy are now in Bergen to do the touristy things, like travelling on the Fløybane (funicular) when all the fog has cleared:
and visit the Hanseatiske Museum:
The museum shows the history of my ancestors, as they came from Germany (Rostock) in 1657 and settled here as part of the Hansa Union.

Chantale,- what a relief for you that your mother didn't have a stroke. From the way she wants to go back to the gym and on with her life, it will take a lot to keep her down!

When RN lost yesterday, I said to Fi: "There will be tears on the blog", but I see you are generous towards the winner and think it was a fair game. Good for you!

Evening all, I see there has been nobody in today since Evas' travel log. It looks lovely Eva, I'm sure Ian and Fi are loving it.

I have had a busy but productive day. Went to see new doctor, my bp is not that great but he didn't faint at the reading so I am hopeful I can stagger on a bit longer. Registered with a new dentist, just across the road, so that is great as well. Had the car washed filled with petrol ready for her outing to the flower show tomorrow. Did some food shopping, then have mowed the lawn. I know nice man did it last week but the wretched stuff will keep growing!

I see a new Nxw Trxcks is on tonight, yippee!

Hello from Norway, Fi here. Having a lovely time Chez Eva:) In her inimitable way she had even organised the weather for us so sun greeted our arrival - it just forgot to stay out - but no rain - yet!. Off backpacking round fjords and osl. for 5 days tomorrow using public transport. Looking forward to it + as such a stunning country - and the people are lovely and welcoming:) We love B.rgen . Great to meet Ev.'s parents + they were just like she told us.

Ploppy watching + T.p Ge.r - I cant escape it anywhere:(

Wont be back on blog until next week as will out of eectronic communication in fjords etc. Ohhms to all who need and have a good week.

Thanks for the reminder about NTs, just turned over, so missed a bit. Late home from w*rk, so therefore late doing the teas after the walk with Dog, so all were very cross. Then female elf came for me to put money on her phone as she's out and about tomorrow.
Fi glad you are enjoying yourself in the land of the horned hats.

Hello all,

And a big hello to Fi - it sounds like you are having a lovely holiday. And I'm sure Eva is spoiling the two of you.

I'm glad you are nearly sorted with that lap-top Karen. Sorry I don't have a nerd either. I have two friends that work in IT but they both live down south (and would not like being called nerds) so they won't be any good I'm afraid.

Chantale - I'm pleased to hear you mum didn't have a stroke. And I'm pleased to hear about your BP Pauline.

Carol - good luck finding you're replacement.

Ali - you are right - it is a palavar. That's why I've stopped trying to sign in myself.

OOOOHHHMMMS for Chantales's mum, Ann, Shirley, Geri and anyone in need.

My sign seems to work OK. I've probably jinxed it now though. I could never find out how to do the LJ pencil thing, when it all started, so I stuck with this one.
I've booked MrT for tomorrow. I haven't had him for a while, so seriously running out of things. Not cat/Dog food of course. Did you know washing up liquid (a very mild type) makes a good bubble bath with a little oil of lavender.
I must remove a cool box from the car. It was going in the bin at work today, so I thought I have a good use for that, loads of gel/ice packs too. Not a swanky picnic one, but do to transport stuff in the car.

Gosh it's quiet today. NT's very good as usual.

Fi so glad you are having a lovely time, enjoy the backpacking (is that possible?) and the ffiords (now that is a certainty).

Bed time so night night and sleep tight all.

Foxes are going nuts out the back, thought it was Dog on helium at first.

Chantale, good to hear your mum is a bit better.

Carol, being a lady of leisure is getting ever closer!

Lovely to hear from Fi, sounds like an adventure is in store for the next few days.

Jane, perhaps we should find another name for the nerds, cos I’m sure mine wouldn’t like being called one either!! Still what he don’t know won’t hurt him, as long as he doesn’t read the blog.

It’s been a lovely sunny day here again, but (whispers) I’ll be glad when it rains, I’m fed up with watering every night.

Bedtime, nite nite Loppies x

I've washed all the gel packs and rinsed out the cool box. It has come from LAX. How exciting. BB might not think the cool box is exciting as I've put it to dry in his shed.

Morning all – lovely to hear from Fi, and that they are having a lovely time (was there any doubt?) – if it’s any consolation our weather is due to break today! At the moment however it is lovely and sunny – which is good for Twin who is off to HC Flxwer Shxw. Had rehearsal last night for the small group and it was really hot and sticky – think I didn’t sleep particularly well later as I feel quite tired today. MM off for his swim again – I came home to find he was drying his swimming shorts by hanging them over the bathroom window, and then closing it to anchor them – men!!! Off for a drink lunchtime with colleague who does two days a week (yes someone suggest I do the same….can you guess the answer?) – she used to work full time before she adopted her little boy. Baby B did ask her if she would like my job full time, but strangely she said no! Right better get on – oh we have had what, on paper, looks like a very good candidate – fingers crossed! Ooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmsss for all those who need them. Hello BHB – yes it is nice enough to sit on the veranda I think. You bring the Vanillita and I’ll get the pastries and we can sit and have a snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Good luck with finding your replacement Carol.
Enjoy the flower show Pauline.
I feel all sniffly with a tickly cough today, not sure if the pollen is to blame or if it's a cold. Hope not! Sunny here for now but rain forecast for later, the water butt is empty so we could do with some.
Had to just do a quick sweep of the house for rodent body parts!! One of the cats brought a shrew in yesterday and it's body was disposed of, however I then found traces of blood and organs in various places yuk! I thought I'd better check today so there would be no surprises waiting for me. The joy of having cats - not!

Morning all, flying visit before my friend arrives and we set of for HC. I think we will be very hot, then get wet and be cold, typical British summer in other words! Ohhhhmmms for all needing them.

Morning BHB, of course I have time for you, always do. Let's get more Vanillita and we'll find the CM.

Enjoy the flowers those that are going this week. Going back to the tennis, I was disappointed that R didn't win and thought he didn't play at his usual 1000% Here's the reason why Hope six weeks out doesn't ruin his US chances

Afternoon all. Just checking in quickly to tell you that I left my guests at the train station at 7.45am to start on their Norway In a Nutshell tour:
After this, they go on to Oslo, so they should be well on their way now.

Unfortunately my cold has developed into a very bad one, so I'll be looking after it for a few days now.

Pauline,- I'm sure you're gone already, but have a lovely day at HC.

Sue1,- wash you mouth out with soap! Asking for rain? Well, I never.

...hmm well that rain arrived - just as I was leaving the office. Trains for the last week have been dire in the evening - packed to the gunnels with TT fans (nothing against them, just the crush!). Off to a meeting about our next theatrical whatever, this evening, but it's in a pub so that will be fine. MM not only went swimming but did some cycling (stationary) as well - little tinker! Right better go and feed him. Eva, take care of that cold!

Testing! Testing! Am I here? I think I'm here! And I'M WIRELESS!!!!!! I'll check and be back (hopefully!!).


Who's that flying through the air without restrictions? Oh dear,- it's KK, without restraint!

Had a text from Fi some hours ago:
"Eating ice creams at Flåm beside fjord. Fab weather, fab cruise to Flåm, fab scenery. Fab picnic lunch on cruise (I'd packed it.) Hope your cold not too bad. Forgot to say we're having a fab time."
I think they're having a good time.

Carol,- I promise I'm looking after the cold. In bed now watching a DVD, drinking herbal tea with honey.

Would you believe it!! After weeks of ringing various people half way round the world and having the nerd spend hours trying to figure it out, all to no avail, l'il ole me has fixed my wireless connection myself!! It took ages trawling the internet during my lunch breaks but I eventually found some instructions that made sense (plug this here, plug that there, turn this off, turn that on, stand on your head, do the hokey, cokey!) and tonight, it took me the grand total of ten minutes to sort it out!! After all that! So, all that palaver last weekend of backing up, restoring and re-installing was all a waste of time, because it turned out to be something relatively simple!! I kept saying to anyone who would listen (and several who wouldn't) that I was sure it was something simple if you knew what you were doing, which I didn't! But now I do!! Hmmm, does this make me a nerd!! Ok, no I'm not that good!

If you watched the One Show you might of heard a bit about rehoming dogs. One of the presenters (the chap that does the animal stuff) said something which made me really laugh. I wrote it down. 'If you don't like barking get something like a grey hound which is a love sponge and is quiet.' I did tell Dog, but she just barked for her post tea chewy.

Well done KK. It is amazing how you can usually find someone else who has had the same problem. I have used it several times.
I think Fi is having a fab time, good. they both need it.
Hi Shirley, I expect the link was very interesting (not for me though).
Female elf went to HC Flxwer Shxw today. Male elf was left on Dog duty. He really isn't up to it these days. Also his daughter wouldn't have been able to push 2 wheelchairs. Female elf really can't walk too far these days. Although she has been doing gardening, I feel so guilty.
Ali, I hope it's just hay fever, the count has been very high today.
Eva, get well soon.

Hello Karen! Well done! Yes, I think you now qualify as nerd. Bravo. Though I think Sue is right we should porbably find a nicer name than nerd. Geek? Perhaps not.

Hello Shirely - and erm, thanks for the link (is it t*nnis related Jo by any chance?)

Glad that Fi and Ian are sioll enjoying Eva's homeland, It sounds lovely.

TT Fans Carol? Isn't that the Isl* of M*nn? Am I being stupid? Best not answer that people!

Pauline - enjoy the flower show.

Ali - There seems to be a lot of hayfever around. I hope you get over yours.

Ali, I love cats, except for the killer instinct, wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t bring the victims home!

Eva, ohhhmmmssss for your cold. I’m sure Fi and Ploppy will love the Norway in a Nutshell. I hope one day me and Ploppy get to visit your beautiful country.
Is there any news of Shirley?

Carol, MM cycling is that allowed? I ask because a friend of mine has been told by his doc to wait as long as poss for a knee replacement as it will put paid to his cycling! He used to run, and can’t any longer, so cycling is a pleasure he’s reluctant to give up.

KK, you clever Loppy you, just shows what you can achieve when you persevere. Well done missus!

Jo, Dog wasn’t barking, she was laughing!!
I guess female elf does what she wants to do, even if she’s not really up to it, you shouldn’t feel guilty, you do stuff for them if needed I’m sure.

Jane TT says Isl* of M*nn to me as well. Never been, although I used to go to bike races in my mad youth.

It’s raining!! Only had to water hanging baskets tonight.

Nite nite Loppies x

I haven't watered at all tonight as there has been enough here. Dog and I got slightly wet during our walk, but it got heavier later. Luckily when MrT came it had stopped. It was a new MrT, he'd just started.
TK seems to have grown out of her rat catching phase, either that or the rats have all been exterminated by the lady (the other side to the elves) and her poison.
Prog about the torture carried out in the Egyptian museum during the unrest. Not nice at all. Looks terrible.
Nightlee night

Morning, early start today as Jack is off to an Egyptian gallery at a local museum and had to be at school earlier.
Lots of rain overnight but sunny for the moment.
Jo, I think you shouuld make Shannon watch that clip on the computer, she clearly hasn't come to terms with the fact she's a greyhound!
I wonder if Fi and Ian are having a good time ;)
Well done KK, we know where to come now if we need techie advice
Right, lots of minutes to type up and print so better get started.
Have a good day

I did leave a comment on Monday about "you meet the nicest people in our local Supermarket" but couldn't sign on, then was in a hurry to get to Dollops.
Karen you really are a CLEVER LADY I don't think I would have the confidence to do what you did.
Pauline I hope you enjoyed the Flower show, Celia did say we must go another year.
Sounds as though Fi and Ian are having a lovely holiday, hope the cold dissapears soon Eva.

Morning all. What a change in the weather! Had a brilliant if tiring day yesterday. It started out with us being boiled in the very hot sun and ended in rain. Just typical British summer I think! We were very lucky as we did the outside gardens and stalls then went inside. The rain started while we were in the big marquee, but eased when we came out. We went and had a drink, there were big marquees with tables and chairs in, it stopped while we were going back to the car. Result! In fact the wettest I got was getting out of my car when I got home as it was chucking it down then. I took ,my friend home and we had something to eat there so it was late when I got home. I managed to restrain myself as my garden isn't near ready for plant, but have ordered a lovely arch, which is a start I feel!

Hi Shirley, thanks for the link. I find that very interesting. I wonder if they found it in the scan and he chose to keep quiet. Can't believe I watched it happen. Poor Rxfa. He is such a wonderful sportsman. Still he'll be back I think.

Jo while having a coffeee yesterday we sat next to a lady in a wheelchair and her daughter. Just think it may have been your elf! I think we all know Shannon doesn't think of herself as a greyhound!

Morning BHB, you look forlorn...oh don't worry, the CM has had to go to the dentist first today. I'm sure she'll come and see you later. Oh nice hug, I think he's pleased. In the meantime I think we'll get a jug of Italian Job and some paninis and we can snuffle while we wait.

...morning - just back from Dentist and having a loo stop before I leave for the office. Need a filling replaced - ugh. This one has, to quote the dentist "gone funny"! Txke Thxt (TT)!! Sue, his physio has told him it is one of the best things. He has to do it very gently and of course isn't out actually cycling, but that and the swimming are the two things she has stronlgy recommended. Sounds like Fi and Ian are having a wonderful time which is just what they need I feel. Bet they are feeling really cherished by our lovely Eva. Had a text last night from our Girl at the OB and she sends everyone her love (she is of course sans any pooter access whilst she is doing her stint). Oh Shirley - I thought something wasn't right with Rxfa. This did mention he had painkilling injections and his foot was heavily strapped. How like him not to use it as an excuse. Right better go to wxrk I guess. Hello BHB that's a nice hug. Some more Itxlian Job will be lovely and I'll get some fresh paninis. Move over DCM, my turn for a snuffle!

Thank you Carol. Sue and I were having visions of you dodging motor-bikes. Now if I can only work out what OB means! Glad to hear MM is looking after himself. Sorry to hear you've had a filling. Yuk!

So Pauline - you've avoided showers but seen the flowers? I hope you had a lovely time.

Ali - I'm jealous of scollop - I love Eyg*tian stuff!

Jill - I never bother signing on now!

Jane, OB *ld *ailey - where Auds is doing jury service

Evening all

Boy, am I glad today is over! As if I haven't had enough of pooters lately with my laptop trials and tribulations, today I've been on a training course for some new software that we're getting, and it was very intensive!! My head hurts! Actually, I blame that for the Dolly Daydream moment I had on the bus on the way home. My frazzled brain wandered off into dreamland and as I was gazing out of the window I saw my neighbour walking along the road, waved at her, but didn't register that we were actually passing my street at the time! As the bus sailed past, I suddenly realised that I'd missed my stop!! Doh! Getting off at the next stop means that I have to walk past the C*-*p so I called in and bought some M*gnum Ice Cre*ms!! Naughty!! But nice!

Tomorrow, I start the packing for our office move - deep joy! I can't remember if I told you but in our new office we aren't allowed any filing cabinets, cupboards or storage of any kind (a desk and one set of pedestal drawers each is all we get!) so all our stuff has to go in the basement, so we'll be trogging up and down to the basement all day every time we want a file or a document - totally bonkers, I know. I think it's totally unworkable (some days I don't even have time for a loo break, let alone to keep running and up down for files) but the PTB don't live in the real world (plus, they probably have somebody else doing the running up and down for them!!). Anyway, today I found out that in order to get into the area of the basement where our stuff will be you have to walk down a really steep ramp!!! Me, going down a steep ramp? An accident just waiting to happen! And, as for getting back up the ramp! I'll need bl**dy climbing gear!! I could be stuck down there for days! I am SO not looking forward to the new office!!

Evening all, had a day of playing catch up and doing the wxashing. Sadly that means I now have a pile of the i word.

KK I fear for you. We will be sending a search party if we don't hear from you! Mxgnxms? Oh yummy one of my favourite things.

Jane I saw masses of the most beautiful flowers yesterday. As the garden is nowhere near ready for planting I didn't buy many just a few things I can put at the front where it was landscaped. I hated what they did so am slowly replacing everything!

Eva I hope you are nursing your cold and beginning to feel a bit better. Lots of ohhhhmmmms for you.

Oo, just seen on TV that T'Wood is back next week!! That's something to look forward to!

Pauline - a search party, now there's an idea!! Can you bring incohol like the D*lux dog?? Just as a reviver, of course - I have visions of me taking a run at the ramp, getting part way up, running out of steam, and sliding back down again, like G*rfield down the window!!

No problem KK incahol will be provided of course. We wouldn't send a search party without. I wonder if Shannon would like to be the rescue dog... Love the image of you sliding down the ramp again and again, well maybe not.

KK of course we will provide incohol as part of the rescue! Perhaps you could have a pair of roller blades handy (only time I ever tried rollerblades was when my nieces and nephew came to stay years ago - they couldn't stop laughing as I could only stay upright by clinging to the side of the house!). Lady J - Ali is indeed right - OB is where our intrepid juror is - seeing her on Sunday and then of course next weekend we wll be at Kxlworth. Twin, MM and I are off to see Lend Me a Txnor tomorrow - I will report back. Booked our HP tickets today too! Watching Lxwis at the moment - one we haven't seen.

Sorry to disabuse but the thought of Dog being used for rescue purposes is just 'not going to happen'.
Sorry Twins, I've just sent you an email re Kilw**h. My fault, brain not working.
KK your new offices sound very non user friendly.

Did you think it was thunder you've been hearing? Wrong,- it's been me, coughing!
I've had to change my plans for the coming days, as I've got a rather high fever, and as you know, that makes me a total wimp!
I had to cancel the cleaning of the parents' flat today and tomorrow's weekly shop with mother. My 24 hours with Viljar is also off. They came back home from holiday a day early because he's poorly, the little lamb, so the parents will be staying home with him until he's better. I don't think I would have been up to running after him all day Friday anyway. His father told me not to be upset, as they plan to use me as their main babysitter in the future!

KK,- do you want to be my geek? Stop hitting me!
Good luck tomorrow with the move. The new offices sounds rather 'orrible.

Jo,- I had to laugh at the thought of Shannon being a rescue dog! I can just see her barking and tell the rescuee (is there such a word?) to get up and take her home.

I had another text from Fi this morning. They were ready to "do" Oslo. Their hotel was fine, but not as good as the Bergen hotel. (I think she's referring to Hotel Du Eva and the Stageloppies Suite!)

I'm going back to bed.

Ali, I think it’s been said before Dog is not a elderly greyhound, she’s a teenage labrador in disguise!!

Carol, thanks for that, I’ll tell my friend, although there is obviously a difference between stationary cycling and out on the road cycling.
Hope Auds is enjoying her stint at the OB, not a job I’d like.

KK, you have mentioned before about you new storage system, it don’t make any sense the second time of hearing about it!! The planners don’t live in the real world.
We often say that about the roads around B*rton, the planners obviously don’t drive!

I’ve just had a text from a friend, ‘What do you call a Chinese man with a video camera? - - - - - - - Phil Ming.’ Oh well it made me giggle.

Are we officially on countdown to K*lworth now? TEN SLEEPS is all!!!!!!
Nite nite Loppies x

Eva, sorry you're so poorly, and that you're missing out on your time with Viljar. Do get well soon!

Poor Eva, you sound rough. I am a big wimp with colds and an even bigger wimp with feverish ones, so you are not alone. Lots of ohhhmmms you feel better tomorrow.

I'm for bed as well so night night and sleep tight.

Oh dear Eva, missing your baby sitting. I'm sure there will be lots of other times, now you have been qualified as proficient. Hope you both feel better soon.
Pauline, I wonder if it was elf next to you at HC.
I've had a couple to blipping sessions on my BB tonight so I hope this goes OK.
Nightlee night

Morning. Looks as if we're in for a downpour any minute. I just hope it lowers the pollen count as I can't stop sneezing!
Jane, scollop reports back that the Egyptian expo was 'really good' they have also learned a song about mummifying bodies, rather gruesome!
Ooohhhhmmmms for your fever, Eva hope you feel better soon, and some for poorly Viljar too x
Pauline, when we moved 4 years ago we hated the so-called landscaping to the side of the house. It seemed they had just dumped loads of the same type of plant. Sloppy took several and we gave the rest away and then put in just one or two shrubs, loads of bark and some feature pots. Much easier to look after.
Right, I need a coffee. And I think I'll have to look at tickets for HP too, just need to co-ordinate everyone's diaries, that should be fun!

Morning all – bit overcast and of course it rained first thing! MM has been for his swim, there is chaos on the U’ground and everyone is coming in late! Looking forward to LMaT tonight – MM is coming up and having lunch with his old colleagues then meeting up with us. Ali good look with the HP – I did try for the first day, but nada! If we weren’t at Kxlworth I think we would have gone at the weekend. Still I do need to get MM to watch part one again so that he doesn’t get confused. Looks really good for the trailers and has had excellent reviews. Eva sorry to hear both you and Viljar are not too good – now you need to sort yourself out before next week! Love to Fi and Ian if you speak with me – I am sure they are missing the home comforts of Hotel Eva! Ooooohhhmmmmmmmsssss for all the poorlies and needies. Hello BHB, that’s a nice big hug. Yes I think it’s a bit chilly for the veranda, so we’ll get the pink blanket and snuffle on the sofa. You bring the Lush and I’ll get the pastries and we will see if the DCM is around.

Morning all, what a miserable day. I can hardly believe I was too hot at HC on Tuesday! Think I may get wet going to London. Should be fun getting home later as not only will there be TT fans coming home, but the HP premier is tonight and Trxfxlgar Square is expecting 8,000 so I think a few of those will be going my way as well! Hey ho.

Ali I think to call what they do landscaping a joke. When I moved in they had planted ivy along the side of the house. What are they on? it was all beside the air bricks, mad. It isn't now by the way!

Lots of ohhhmmmms for Eva and Viljar. Hope things start improving soon.

Ohhhhmmms as well for Ann, Shirley, Kathleen, Geri and Jeremy, and of course anyone else who feels they need some.

Morning BHB, I know it isn't too nice outside is it. I think another jug of Lush and we'll join the CM on the sofa.

Can you spare some ohhhmmmsss for my Ploppy please? He goes to hospital this afternoon for the first treatment for his mouth c*ncer. He has absolutely refused to let me go with him so all I can do is sit and worry.

Still no joy getting my credit card problem sorted, B**claycard not the most helpful to deal with. When this is over I shall be swapping to another bank.

Sun is shining so not all bad. Not feeling up to posting much.

Oh Jan of course your Ploppy is getting a whole stack of ohhmmms and you are getting them as well. How horrid to have to sit and worry. If he is having the same treatment as my cousin, it isn't nice, but if it works it is obviously so worth it. Sorry your card problem is ongoing. Ohhhmmms it does get sorted as well.

I will be off in a while and probably back very late so it will be the morning when I see you again I think.

Oh Jan of course lots of oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmss - for both of you. Let's hope the treatment is a success. Must be horrid not being there though, but chin up - virtual hug coming your way. Well I am surprised about Bxxclaycard - NW was brilliant when MM's cards were cloned (twice) as were Nxtionwide. Agree if they are giving you the customer care they should, it's time to move! Had really heavy showers here this morning (in fact I was going to accuse Jan of dancing again!), and the occassional glimpse of blue sky. Feel sorry for all the people who are in T Square for HP tonight. Some of them have been there since the weekend!

Oh Jan lots of ooohhhmmms for you and your Ploppy, as Carol said hope the treatment is a success.
Neighbour worked on all the HP films so they are going off to the Premiere later, Ploppy is on chauffuer duty for them.

Jan,- I'll be thinking of you and Ploppy. I hope it isn't too painful for him.

I'm feeling quite fragile still, but the fever has gone down a bit. Viljar has now got a rash on his back, so he'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Hi all

Just thought I'd pop in before I head off home (been packing today and I've had enough, I'm ready for home!!)

Jan - please take as many ohmmmsss as you need for your Ploppy, and for you too. It must be very difficult for you waiting at home for news. Lots of love to you.

Carol - do you have a wish to see me in traction? Suggesting I wear rollerblades! I have enough trouble staying vertical without putting me on wheels. Let alone on wheels on a ramp!! Love the image of you clinging to the house wall!!

Eva - oh dear, sorry to hear that both you and Viljar are not well and that your plans have been cancelled. Hope you're both soon feeling better.

Ali - hope the sneezing's easing (sorry, couldn't resist). Hope it is better though!

Jill - how exciting for your neighbour, not only working on the films, but going to the premiere too!

Twins - have a good time tonight.

As I said, I started the packing today but why did I wear my usual w*rk clothes to do packing!!!!?? All that dust and dirt! Yuk! Jeans and t-shirt tomorrow methinks!! (Although it doesn't feel right going to w*rk in jeans. Even on dress down Friday I never do - dress down I mean - I just don't feel right wearing jeans at w*rk! Am I odd? Don't answer that!). This packing malarkey is not much fun is it. It doesn't help that I'm a bit OCD about having clean hands so I have to keep cleaning them with that water free hand gel cleaner (not ideal, but if I went off to the ladies every five minutes to wash my hands I'd never get the job done! Ok, so I'm definitely odd!).

Ploppy's golfing (now there's a surprise) so only me for dinner tonight, so I need to call at the supermarket on the way home and buy myself something delicious. Wonder what to have.......something nice and easy that goes with a bottle of red - oh well, that could be anything then!!

Lots of oohhmms to you and your ploppy Jan xx
The sneezing has eased thankyou KK. Just got soaked mind you so it may well start again! Took Jack to Cubs and stopped at the cashpoint and the heavens opened.
I was getting a bit concerned about sloppy as she had seemed a bit down recently. She's been out for the day with a group of ladies to visit some gardens (B*th Ch*tt*) and has phoned to thank scollop for walking her dog. She sounded much brighter though so it obviously did her good.
Forecast is now on tv, not looking so promising for Ploppy's harvest, he won't be happy.

Just popping in quickly to send you and your Ploppy lots of ooohhms, Jan I hope things went well for him today. Hope your fever soon goes Eva and that Viljar's rash isn't anything too nasty.

Been out all day at LAMDA watching classes and a performance this afternoon.

Must eat supper, its waiting on the table, might be back later

Oh dear Ali, ohhmmmmmssss for Ploppy's harvest.

It's thundering here at the moment!! Don't like it, it's scary!! Next door's dog is in the garden and he's going potty!! They've gone out so I think I might have to let him in here, poor thing's probably scared stiff!

Just seen in the TVT that Mrs M is on S*mething for the W*eekend on Sunday. Might be worth a watch in case she gives any snippets about Himself away again!

Good evening. The rain has meant I haven't had to take a hay fever tablet this evening.
Jan I hope all went well today with Ploppy, very worrying with having to stay at home. Lots of ooohhhmmms for you both.
Dog has told me I've been very naughty as I left her inedible food for breakfast, so she had nothing to eat all day. I refused to give her the MrT Finest small dog food, as I've found that too much does wonders on the purging front. Must be too rich. She is happy now with fish and rice inside her.
Just had a flyer through the door about a fete this Saturday. It is being opened by a SCD star, who is one of my favs. Now I would be there in a flash except I have a ticket for a certain matinee. SCD s*xy b*m vs GO. Sorry, no contest. I'll be going to the fete of course. (If you believe that you'll believe anything.)
KK I'd wear jeans all the time at work if I could. (I've always wanted a person with OCD to stay at my house for 2 weeks. ooh that would too too mean.)

That history prog is on again. Lots of interesting skeletons. Those of you who went to York, know how I love a good skeleton.

Hi all - sorry, I'm all of a rush today! I couldn't post at lunch time, though I did read the blog - and this evening I've been dealing with a mobile phone problem. I could whinge for ages about Or*nge at the moment. I feel a complaint coming on.

And I need my phone because Geri is flying in tomorrow and we need to hook up! I'm very excited to be seeing her.

Thanks Carol and err, was it Ali? for the explanation of OB. Of course! Auds!

Karen - dread to think of KK and a steep ramp. Be careful in that building!

Eva - Do you miss having Fi and Ian there? Thanks for the update from them.

OK that was what I would have posted at lunchtime had I been able to! Going to see if I catch up with the rest of the posts.

Oh Jan - Many OOOHHMMMS for Ploppy - he's in our our prayers.

Evening girls. Well the race has at last happened and to my amazement i did the 5k in 46 minutes! could not beleive it. Now waiting for bath water so I can haver a bath.
A million thanks to all of you who have supported me I did not make mt target of 200 but did 150 so I am chuffed.
Lots of ooohhhmmmsss to Jan's huband and Eva and all who need it.
hope to be more coherent tomorrow.
xxx nite

2 sleeps until I see Geri and Maeve. Hopefully I'll get to see Jane as well. Exciting!!! Now where did I put Geri's dvd for safe keeping?

Jan, ohhhhmmmmssss for your Ploppy and for you. I guess he has a tough time ahead, hope all is well in the end though.

Karen, I’m with you on the jeans at work thing, don’t seem right. I’m with you on the mucky hands thing as well.
Poor dog, beats me why people have ‘em, I can’t imagine going out and leaving mine in the garden!

Jane, remember us to Geri, and tell her we miss her. Enjoy your weekend even though you’re not L*gally Bl*nde-ing.

Chantale, well done you, it makes me cringe to think of running 1k let alone 5!!

Spent the day sorting out the caravan, ready for my overnight guests next weekend. Found things in there I thought I’d lost forever.

Eva, more ohhhmmmsss for you and for Viljar.

Time for my bed, NINE sleeps!!!!! Nite nite Loppies x

Jan, thinking of you both and sending lots of oohhmmss your way. Think it is even worse for the partner/friend of someone ill.They have to keep positive and watch their partner suffer. Don't forget to get in touch any time you feel like letting off some steam.
Ohms for Eva, Viljar, Shirley, Ann, Chantale's Mum and anyone else in need.
Ohms as well for all those with hay fxver.
Well done on your run Chantale. You'll be doing the marathon next.
Karen, take it easy with the packing up. Sounds as if the PTB at work haven't really thought hard enough about the storage situation.
Hope twins and MM have had an enjoyable evening.
Please give love to Geri and tell her we think about her please Jane.
Goodnight all.

Chantale all I can run is the length of the football field. You put me to shame.
Slight disaster tonight the plastic clip on the magnet I wear on my arm broke. It seems to be doing the trick as I've hardly taken any inflammatories since I've been wearing it. Bro gave it to me last year. Geisha (a standard poodle) wore it for years for her arthritis, so it was not surprising it broke. I remembered I'd bought one for my previous dog. I searched various drawers and found it. Human ones cost £60. Working on Eva's logic, I have saved that money, so what can I buy for about that much? Tee hee;)
Nightlee night

Morning all and well done Chantale (I once did a “Fun Run” round Hyde Park years ago……….just couldn’t understand why they would call if “Fun” – note I only did it once!). Had a very good evening last night – the show was very very funny. Really good fluffy evening. It was like a Brixn Rix farce with music. Absolutely stunning no. in the second half for the sop – sadly not lots of people there so fingers crossed it doesn’t do an early close like the previous show (Umbs of Chxrbourg). It was one of those shows where the audience is just laughing out loud for most of it. Lovely costumes too. KK I do understand what you mean about not feeling right if not in wxrk clothes! Actually I ripped a skirt earlier in the week – it caught on a sticking out piece of key and just went. Will see if I can repair it as it was a really nice PINK skirt. Jan I hope all went well with Ploppy yesterday. Thinking of you both. Lots of oooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmmsss al for the bank for all those in need. It is of course wet here again today – one of the guys was due to go sailing but it was called off due to gale force winds forecast around the Sxlent. Eva good to hear you are feeling a little better, hopefully Viljar will be soon too. Do hope it’s not like this next weekend!! Right better get on. Hello BHB, definitely a snuffle under the pink blanket today I think. You bring the Blushing Bubbles, I’ll get the toasted paninis and we’ll see if the DCM is around.

Morning all, another foul day. It is so wet here, did someone mention they wanted rain...Sue? I think you might have got your wish! Had a great time last night. Just loved the shw and the number Twin is talking about, the soprano does an impromptu audition by running through bits of a lots of arias, was just so funny. She got the loudest longest applause of the night, and deserved it. The whole cast is brilliant. We were in fantastic seats, which is a worry as they were on offer. I do hope it survives, it deserves to.

Anyway, back to normal business and I am a Lady Wot Lunches again today. One day I'll have the time to sort this house out properly, then again it might never get sorted!

Chantale I am in awe of you. I hate running, always have. Pity really as it would do me good I daresay.

Ohhhhmmmms for Jan's Ploppy. Hope it went as well as these things can. Ohhhhmmmms as well for Eva and for Viljar, poor poppet. Ohhhhmmmms for our long term list as well.

Morning BHB, you look a bit dishevelled, oh you've been under the blanket snuffling have you. Well I think that sounds a good idea, I'll get some more Blushing Bubbles and we'll find the CM.

Afternoon All. Thank you for all the best wishes and ohms for Ploppy. Poor soul, he is in considerable pain and no wonder after what he had done. I'll spare you the grizzly details but he has quite a few stitches and can't talk very well. He can just about manage to eat cool soup. He brought himself home from the hospital by taxi and 2 trains because as he hasn't told his little friends about the problem he couldn't ask any of them for a lift. Such is pride. He is resting at the moment and I am creeping about the house trying to be quiet.

I do hope you are feeling better Eva and little Viljar as well. So worrying for parents when their babies are poorly.

We had a torrential downpour last night, just what the garden needed but a lot of the plants got battered.

KK, do be careful dear when you are negotiating stairs and slopes. Have you taken out enough insurance!

Back to creeping around. I have just read Lord Arthur again and imagined all the actors we saw as I was reading. I went to the library this morning for an easy read book to get me over the next few days - I rather like A*an Titch*arsh but I know he is not everyone's cup of tea.

Talking of tea, well coffee, I am going to have a full leaded now and put my feet up.

Lots of oohhmms for your Ploppy's recovery Jan. Hope you can relax a little now he's home.
It is the town High school's prom tonight, my friend's daughter is going. SHe's such a tomboy so seeing her dressed up will be a shock. Ploppy and his friend (the girl's cousin) spent last night loading a tardis onto a trailer. SHe is going to emerge out of it at the venue complete with smoke and the proper sound effects. I only hope the family are recording it as she will certainly cause a sensation!

Hello all! It's Geri and Jane here. We've been sitting and chatting all day - and yes we did have to watch a certain amount of Mead!

A big hello to everyone one the blog! (from Geri)

We're both looking forward to seeing DI in MAAD tomorrow - looking forward to seeing Maeve too. And Geri is looking forward to seeing Jo and possibly Ro and, oh yeah, some bloke with curley hair.

Alas Jo - you're unlikely to see me (Jane) as I'm not going to LB. I'll be with Ploppy and my mate Sal. On the upside we will be having a beer.

I hope mission GO-birthday does well.

Chantale - well done! We're all so proud of you!

Sue - you seem to be working well on your caravan. Enjoy being with your guests,

Kathleen - I hope you are fully recovered now ( Geri)

Jo - Do the magnets work? I have a friend at work who might benefit from one if so (Jane)

Carol - Glad you enjoyed that show - it sounds good.

Jan - Oh dear. Ploppy is being proud. Lots of OOOHHMMMS for him and let's hope he lets himself be looked after.

No Eva today? Hope you are not too poorly lass - OOHHMMS too.

Pauline - did you have a good lunch?

KK - thanks for your texts - you sweetie.

Oh look - a bottle of red wine.

Many OOHHMMS for all in need



Jane & Geri

Evening all. Sorry I'm late, but I had a busy morning, and after lunch I just fell into bed.
Fortunately my fever is gone, so I felt so well this morning that I started running around, catching up at things I haven't done for the last few days. I got my food shopping done and made it to the chemist to stock up on my medications. When I got home I h****d and dusted, made lunch, ate it and collapsed in bed! To much too soon, maybe?
I'm OK now, still coughing hard. I've spoken to Viljar's dad. The doctor said he had a viral infection. It wasn't dangerous, and the rash on his back doesn't seem to give him any discomfort. No fever any longer, so they were told just to be patient. It could take a long time before the rash disappeared, but as said, nothing to worry about.

I see The Terrible Two are together again, posting together. I can just imagine the fun and laughter. Enjoy!

Jan,- I read Alan T's biography and enjoyed it very much. Your poor Ploppy. I hope he gets painkillers that can take away the worst of his pain. You are both in my thoughts.

As for my guests, I haven't heard from them for a litlle while, but if I remember their itinary, they will have taken the train from Oslo to Åndalsnes today:
and by coach from there to Ålesund:
From there they will join the Hurtigruten criuse ship and arrive here Sunday afternoon.

Evening all. Had a lovely lunch and no I haven't just finished it!

Jan your poor Ploppy, it sounds grim. Lots of ohmmms he feels better soon.

How nice to see Geri and Jane. Have a fab time, though I'm pretty time that's a given.

Eva glad you felt better, but please, do take it slowly. Also very pleased to hear Viljar is ok as well. I think Ian and Fi must be having a fantastic time. Just beautiful.

Hi Jane ,Geriand Jo ! See youall tomorrow squeeee!

Glad to hear you're feeling better Eva,.

Lots of Ooohhmmms for your Ploppy again Jan, hope he'll feel a litle better tomorow.

Twins, glad you enjoyed LMaT, it sounds very good.

I just love J L*w*s. Where else could I get a manly bag for a pink wrapped birthday present (it just had to be done, after all it is LB) and a replacement battery for my camera to take photos if required. All at 19:30 on a Friday evening.
Off to catch up.

Jo,- what? Manly bag? No purple bag this time, then?

Oh Jane and Geri watching dvds now there's a surprise.
Eva, don't push yourself too much, let yourself recover fully, but you know that really.
I've been wearing the magnet for just over a year and only had to take painkillers about 3 times. I really don't care if it is the placebo effect, as it seems to work. There have been studies done on humans with a non magnet vs a magnet (blind studies, so the wearer does not know what they had) and there was better results with the magnet. Not an enormous difference but enough. Also the collars work on some dogs that have the collars and they wouldn't know they were wearing a magnet.
I started typing this an hour ago. I got side tracked by female elf. She needs help with the bank account in her native country. The bank does not have an English translation on their web site, so I'll have to get a foreign member of staff at work to read the paperwork.

It is a bag to give the present in, as it would be difficult to carry without. The present isn't large, but I thought a bag would be good. It worked well at the Apollo V as he put things from others in the bag I had our present in.
Of course I will still carry my purple bag, it goes so well with my outfits.

Steve Cogan is really having a go on News Night re phone hacking.

'Cr*p' 'Garbage' 'BS' Steve C is really cross

Not Newsnight, but the Review show. I thought there was going to be a fight.
Nightlee night- big day tomorrow (yes I have found Geri's dvd)

What makes you think that Jo? Glad the purple bag is still with you.

Bedtime so night night and sleep tight.

Hi Kathleen good to see you, hope you’re doing ok.

Jan, more ohhhmmmsss for Ploppy, it’s a pity he doesn’t want to share the problem with anyone, but there you are, that’s men all over!
Btw I love AT’s books, fave? - - The Last L*ghthouse K**per.

Oh my goodness Ali, that girl will be the star attraction that’s for sure.

Eva, too much too soon for definite!! Glad you’re feeling so much better though, good news about Viljar as well.

Had some news of Jack tonight, the boy had gone to a barbaric festival called a bull run in Pampl*ma, and been trampled by a bull!! You can G**gle it, I've not linked it 'cos I think it's an awful practice, and you probably won't want to read about it!
Anyway horrified as I am that he would want to go to such a thing, (experiencing the Sp*nish culture, he calls it) I feel sorry for him, as he's now got four stitches under his left eye, lucky I guess, it could've been so much worse.
He's made the national press anyway, although we wouldn't have recognised him, but for the fact he rang his mum last night to let her know he was ok. BAD LAD!!!

Nice bag Jo, enjoy tomorrow (Sue is jealous!) Still only 8 SLEEPS!!!
Nite nite Loppies x

I was right SC was on Newsnight, it must have been running late. R5L has repeated some it.

Morning all, much nicer day today so far. Not great, just better.

Sue I am with you, I have always thought that bull running thing barbaric. Something I have never been curious to see. Glad Jack has only minor injuries as I know it is very dangerous.

A day of small things today that will keep me busy, wxshing to do and I am going to sort out some pictures to hang, something I haven't done yet.

Hope all the theatre goers have a brilliant time, I'm feel it is likely.

Morning BHB, oooh nice hug, now what have we today? Raspberry Bellini? That's fine by me, one of my favourites. You knew that? You are so thoughtful. I'll get some paninis and we can have a snuffle.

Running late, that's seems to be normal for a Sat. I blame Dog, she wouldn't go to sleep last night, so I was in the garden at 1.30 seeing if that was the reason. She doesn't like to go into the garden on her own when it is dark.

Hi BHB, looking good!! Ah the purple shirt, very nice. You are busy too today? 2nd job has 2 shifts on a Saturday, they really do work you hard. Just as long as you aren't neglecting your duties here.

Right must go, people to see places to go

Morning, it was sunny here but now cloudy, think we're going to have sun/showers today.

I was looking at a picture of the bull running in Pamplona in the paper this week Sue, it looks terrifying for both bulls and people but of course poor old bulls don't have a choice, glad your boy wasn' t too badly hurt.

I must go and get ready for my busy and brilliant day, GO this afternoon and DT this evening plus good friends!

'See' you all tomorrow.

Glad Jack is ok Sue, always looks terrifying for both people and bulls.
Maeve, friend's daughter was indeed the star attraction and won the prize for most inventive transport!
Been to hairdressers and had a good inch lopped off. The lady who lost her baby recently is going back to work next week, very brave.
Sunshine and showers here, glad I didn't peg the washing out. Scollop had footie training and just missed getting wet.
Enjoy your afternoon/evening all those off to the theatre.

Hi all

We had a bit of rain here earlier but it's lovely and sunny now. Lets hope it is next Saturday!

I've been having some very excited texts today from two very excited ladies, heading from oop North to L*ndon! Very relieved to see him tweet that he was on his way to w*rk! Phew! I know there's always the worry that he'll be ill when we go but as today is probably going to be the only time Geri is going to get to see LB we three (Jane, Geri and myself) were extra worried.

Anyway, hope all of you going have a fantastic day.

Jo - you were up and about at 1.30am? Hmmm, co-incidentally, I got a very strange text at exactly that time!! It wasn't you was it?? I didn't recognise the number, maybe it was Shannon!!!

Jan - your poor Ploppy. I know we love them to pieces but don't they annoy the h*ll out of us when they try to do these horrible things alone. He's a very brave man and I'm sure he appreciates you letting him do this his way. Still sending lots of ohmmmmmssss to you both.

Eva - good to hear you're a bit better but don't you be overdoing it!

Ali - wow, that's some entrance your friends daughter made. Love it!

Sue - I'm so glad to hear that your beloved J*ck is okay. Have to agree, I hate the whole thing, but really am glad he wasn't badly injured.

Well, last night when I got home from w*rk my pooter had packed up again!!! Bl**dy thing! Same problem, so at least I knew how to sort it, although it did take longer this time. I just hope it's not going to keep doing it! And today, I have re-downloaded the music tracks that I'd lost, so I'm almost back to normal now!! All I have to do now is re-input and save my passwords on all my accounts and then I'm done!! Lets hope that's an end to it, I can well do without all this hassle!!

Aaaarrrrggghhhhhhh.........wasp flying round my head, gotta go......!!

Evening all, a bit quiet, now I wonder where some could be? Hope they are having a blast. I think they might manage it.

I ahve been a busy bee again, sorting bits more of the house out and making my mind up about where to hang things, then changing it several times!.

Ali not surprised your friends daughter won best entrance. Fantastic!

Think I am HP wallowing tonight. Got to get ready for the last (sob) movie.

KK is that wasp still alive to pester you. Twin is a very good wasp assasinator as I found out on holiday. I'm sure she'd come and deal with it for you.

Pauline - I'm afraid to say the wasp won - I left the room until he'd gone out. I'm scared stiff of the bl**dy things, I think I need some tips from Twin!

I'm gutted - I've broken two wine glasses today!!! Not that I'm short of wine glasses you understand, but even so!

Text from Geri - "Brilliant performance from Mr Mead". I think she might have enjoyed it!

Maeve, depending which paper you saw, my boy was pictured, I’ve sent Jo a copy of the e-mail I had from his mum, if anyone wants to see what he’s been up to.

Ali, hope the lady who lost the baby finds work a distraction, as you say she’s brave to get out there again.

Karen, relief all round that the curly one’s in work today, hope they get a good stage door experience.
Ohhhmmmsss for that pesky puter!!

Oooo ‘tis quiet ain’t it! I’ve just been listening to Frank and Bing and Vera, quiet at m-o-l’s? Nooooo.

Right must catch up with Tw*tter and the e-mails, back in a bit.

My goodness two nights together I've had my pencil!!

Sorry that sounds as if it could be rude,

Is anyone watching The M*rriage Ref? Not seen it before but it appears to be about different couples disagreements, and a panel vote for who they think is right. This one's about a woman who is obsessed with D*nny Osm*nd, and her husband who can't understand why she would want to see the same show time and time again. Ring any bells??
Outcome was that it's harmless (pretty much) and ok for her to follow him on the next tour.

I watched that Sue and thought how appropiate it was for all of us! TeeHee!!

Glad someone else saw it, I rang Ploppy and told him to watch it!

Eva, hope you've not had a relapse after all that effort yesterday, take it easy missus.

Bedtime for me, SEVEN SLEEPS!!!!! Nite nite Loppies x

Didn't see the programme Sue as I have been revising HP! Didn't think marriage problems really held any relevance to me!

Bed time here as well So night night and sleep tight

Morning all - had a busy day yesterday, up at the crack of dawn to take Sloppy and aunt (mine not her's) to catch the coach to Soton, then food shopping, then unsuccssful attempt to buy an outfit for niece's wedding, lunch in our wine bar, home to work on this morning's service, then the ixxnxxg, then getting meal ready then watching HP (like Twin doing a refresher before the final part). Sadly Dxbby still didn't survive. I see Twin volunteered me to get rid of your wasp KK. That was my mission on holiday - the wasps seemed to like our infinity pool! Glad to see the theatregoers had a lovely time (no doubt about that). Getting very excited about seeing DT in MA in August. Have to go and txdy house now as important guests coming for late lunch - Twin and the lovely Auds. Hope everyone is ok, or if not feeling better. Oooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for all those who need them. Helo BHB you are looking very pleased - you saw some old friends yesterday? Wonderful. You bring the jugs of Bramble and I'll get the paninis and you can tell me all about it whilst we snuffle and wait for the DCM.

Morning all, looking a bit better still today, so hoping the weather is going in the right direction, a lovely day on Saturday would be good though not looking too hopeful at the moment. As Twin has said I am joining them for lunch later which will be lovely.

I hope everyone had a brill time yesterday, I'm sure they did, looking forward to them reporting back.

Eva hope you are feeling better and didn't have a relapse. Lots of ohhhhmmmms for you and for Viljar. Ohhhhmmms as well for our long term needies.

Morning BHB, you look a bit weary? You had a busy day yesterday and then the CM was in very early today? Well I'm sure the snuffling made up for it, he's noddding and grinning. I think we should get more Bramble and see if we can find the CM.

Morning all. It's partly cloudy here, but quite warm (for Norway), + 16.2 degrees, so mustn't grumble.

Hello sweetheart Sorry about being MIA yesterday, but didn't feel well at all, so took it very easy so as to be prepeared for the homecoming guests later today. Feeling much better, thank you. Yes, I think a snuggle would help enormously. Maybe a snuffle? (Oh well, it was worth a try. Maybe one day he'll forget himself and show me what a snuffle is!)

Sue1,- about that program only one thing makes me wonder: How can anyone be obsessed with DO? As for the rest,- following someone on tour? Whyever not? Not strange at all. (Shakes her head in wonderment.)

I had a rather lengthy phone texting conversation with Fi yesterday. They became stranded in a Norwegian fjord yesterday because the coach left without them and 4-5 others! I searched the Internet for out -of-hours phone numbers for the tour company, which didn't exsist. Then came up with some proposals as to what to do. In the end it resolved itself by them getting a mini-bus to catch up with their ship in Ålesund. The last message from Fi sounded ominous: She's going to the tour company tomorrow morning to sort them out! I don't envy them and yes, it's the same company where I landed and gave them what-for before Fi and Ploppy arrived. So if the sky turns blue in a northerly direction, it's not KK nor me, but Fi who's resposible!

So they had a good time in the WE yesterday? I should think so too!

Btw I'm not sure if this link has ever been posted?

I look at it from time to time as it really cheers me up for some reason! Do look at all the pages as the pictures go on. All I can say is thankyou to Angela and PKP.

Pauline,- thank you for the link. Some real goodies there.

Had a great day yesterday, met up with Jo at stage door and had quite a chat with GO, there were only us and a LMAS lady waiting for him so there was no scrum, Jo gave him her present but Geri hadn't arrived with the card, so Jo had the task of giving it to him after the mat., hope that went well.

We then retired to the pub for a spot of lunch and were joned by Geri who'd been hunting up and down The Strand looking for us, a slight failure of comunications.

The show was very good and as it was S.McF's last day it was a muck up mat.
GO has really settled into the role which suits him so well and there seemed real chemistry between the two of them.

Geri and I then met Jane, Ploppy and friend at Stranded, there was no sign of Adela, but we had a nice meal before wandering up to Wyndhms theatre for MAAN with DT and KT. you're in for (another) treat twins, DT was fantastically good as expected, it's played for laughs all the way and is indeed very funny although I thought it overdid it a tad once or twice, but I think that was just me, the others didn't agree

It was lovely to see Jane, Geri and Jo, though Geri was a little sad as doesn't know when she'll see GO or less importantly us again!

Roll on next Sat!

Hi all

Bl**dy pooter lost it's connection again!!! I am seriously thinking of going wired, I can't be bothered with this palaver all the time!

Maeve - thanks for the report of yesterday, sounds like you had a good day. Poor Geri, it must have been bittersweet for her yesterday. I hope Jane's okay after their emotional goodbye today! Hope Jo managed to hand the card over - we haven't heard from her though, do you think she's run off with Himself!!!!

Eva - glad to hear you're felling much better. Poor Fi and Ploppy, that must have been quite scary, to think they were stranded. Hope Fi gives them what for!!

Pauline - thanks for the link - ah, happy memories.

Sorry Eva, "feeling" - unless you've gone into felling trees!!

Hello from Yorkshire, Loppies.

I'm in Jane's living room having nbuticked her laptop and sent her into the kitchen to make a cuppa. Taking time to give you my review of yesterday's shows.

Since this is my last chance to visit the West End for the foreseeable future, I wanted to fit as much into the trip as possible. Jane's ploppy drove us down from Yorkshire but we found it was impossible to stop at any of the tube stations without risk to life and loppy-limb. So I stayed until we reached our hotel in Victoria then I high-tailed it off to the Strand to meet up with Jo and Maeve.

A few texts were exchanged as I made my way but for some reason the last message I got was from Maeve saying they'd just seen Lee (I missed him by 10 minutes), and she and Jo were going to get a coffee. Unfortunately, she didn't say where, and my phone picked that moment to go belly-up. Stupid phone. Anyway, I did a scientific survey of every restaurant, cafe and pub in the Strand but couldn't find them, and all my swearing at the phone didn't make it behave. Come to think of it, it didn't work with Dollop or my Ex either. Anyway, some nice girl took pity on me and let me borrow her phone to call Maeve. I couldn't hear her and she couldn't hear me, but she came looking for me and rescued me outside the Savoy. Phew!

A well-needed, medicinal glass of red followed (thank you, Jo!) and we were off to see His Meadyness...

I had seen the film LB before so I knew the story. I wasn’t sure I would care for SMcF or PD, but I had a fabulous time. The theatre was packed (mind, it’s no bigger than the average sardine can), and everyone was geared up for the mock-up matinee. Since I’d not seen it before, I missed some of the gags but Maeve was able to give me some idea of what was new. A lot of the sport seemed to be based around Susan’s Irish background. Her ‘father’ had a particularly loathsome Irish accent, for instance, and Elle’s champagne glass was replaced by Guinness. All lots of fun. But not what I was there for. Which brings us to THE MAN.

Wow – just when you think he can’t possibly get any better… he does. He looked and sounded spectacular. He can even make corduroy look good. Well, as good as anyone can. The rest of the case were good, particularly Mr Davidson who really won me over. Not only was he in good voice and fiendishly fine form, but he had a fabulous chemistry with Lee. I think they’re really enjoying working together.

I had The Birthday card (addressed to Lee(galy) Mead) but the stage door was crowded and we were already late for dinner reservations at Str*nded, so left the card with Jo and had to leave. I don’t think Jo had any success, though I know she waited a long time. I was sad not to have a chance to see and chat to him, but I’ve been so lucky in the past I can’t really complain.

We had dinner at our old stomping ground and then headed off to Wyndh*ms to see MAAN. It was a fun show and DT was excellent (not as sure about CT), but it wasn’t really Shakespeare. Some of the slap stick seemed like The Bard meets the Carry On Gang. As I say, it was fun, but not for the purist.

I got very lucky with programmes. First, the very lovely, very kind Maeve gave me her autographed LB programme. (Thank you so much, Maeve. You’re lovely.) And then for some reason I was given a programme for Much Ado that had already been signed by DT and CT. None of the other programmes were signed, so how lucky was that?

Afterwards we had to say goodbye to Maeve; I’d already had to bid farewell to Jo earlier, and it was very sad not to know when I’ll see them, or any of you, again. Anyway, I’ll hope things work out for the best and maybe have a chance to attend another loppyfest sometime in the future.

HUGE HUGE thanks to the lovely Lady Jane for making it all happen, and to KK for ohming loudly to ensure our GO showed up on the day. Just sad you couldn’t join us.

Fingers crossed for a new job (and income) soon so I can resume my Meady habit.

Lots of ohms to anyone who needs them. And please remember Jeremy - he's fighting a constructive dismissal case against the hospital at present and continues to be poorly.

Hope the Twins and Auds are having a lovely lunch.

Eva, I wondered if you’d overdone it the other day, glad you’re feeling better now. I caught the program by mistake, and when I realised what the discussion was about I had to watch.
Poor Fi and Ploppy, I hope she gives them what for!

Pauline, thanks for the lovely link, I’ll save it till I have a bigger screen. Net books are hopeless for photos.

Oh I do feel for Geri, hope she gets a job soon. The thought of not knowing when you’re going to see the GO again is so sad, and Geri’s not the only one.

Just booked tickets for Gh*st the M*sical for when Me and Ploppy go to L*ndon for the weekend. Three shows in two days, he won’t know what’s hit him!!
Off to see about booking the train and the hotel, back later.

Just refreshed and seen Geri’s post. Chin up lass, we’ve all got everything crossed that a new job comes along sooner rather than later. Ohhhmmmssss for Jeremy, give him our best when you next speak.

What lovely reviews and posts to read. Geri, I do hope we see you again soon. While I do have an income, un fortunately it is rather stretched right now so I'm wondering when I'll be seeing GO and you lovely lot too.
Had a busy weekend at work, now being served supper and a glass of red by ploppy. Eldest starts his work experience tomorrow so I need to make sure he is sorted, and middle one has to dress as a Roman (costume I made for eldest has been dusted off!)
Lots of oohhmms for needies and for Fi in sorting out the tour company.

Hi all,

I've just waved Geri off at the airport. sniff! It was lovely having her over for the weekend and we had great time. I'm OOOHHMing like mad that something will come up for her and we'll be able to meet up again before too long. Also OOHMing for Jeremy.

Maeve - it was great to see you again! I know what you mean about MAAN. I loved it, and DT was brilliant and CT very good - but yes, it was a bit OTT in places.

Jo - I'm so sorry I didn't get chance to see you. Shame that you weren't able to deliver the card. No worries though - it can go in the post. And at least you were able to give him the lovely pressy you made.

Ali - I'm sorry to hear you don't know when you'll be able to Loppyfest again. I hope it's not too long away.

Eva - I hope you are feeling better now. Get your feet up. I hope Fi and Ploppy give that company what for and they get some compensation.

I hope twins and Auds are having fun.

Sue please let us know what you think of Gh*st the Musical.

OOHHMMMS for Jan's Ploppy, for Ann and Shirley and all in need.

Just popped back to say SIX SLEEPS!!!!!! Nite nite Loppies x

Back home after my lovely weekend. I feel like Cinderella after the ball. Hope Prince(Lee) Charming finds my sandal on the stage door steps. (I wrote my phone number and address on the sole. No point making it hard for him to find me.) Many thanks again to my fairy godmother, Lady Jane.

Alas, not all good news -- came home to hear my M-I-L died last night. Dollop very upset as you can imagine.

Ohms for Eva a91nd all the poorlies.

I've had a very busy day. Up early to walk Dog, then make lunches (somehow I didn't feel up to it at 1am), walk Dog, stables, old ladies, eva, walk Dog, teas and interspersed washing in machine and on line numerous times.

Oh not interested in my day. It was an amazing day yesterday. I was a touch worried when I got the text to day GO had left home and I was still on the slow train to London. I dashed as fast as I could to SD. I saw Maggie was there so I knew GO hadn't arrived yet. A few mins later Maeve appeared and not long after GO. 'Three aunties' Oh what a sweetie. As said we had a long chat. If you want details, I'm not the person for that as you know. I gave him the present and said there was a card to follow. The card has now been bubble wrapped and will be put in the letterbox tonight on the evening walk. Oh did I not say I got a hug. That is why my memory was wiped. After the matinee I waited until 6.30 but biological requirements meant I had to leave my post. I waited after the evening show until about 10.35. What with the party after the show and the Mrs being at T That, he was either at the party or had dashed home to relieve babysitter.

The matinee was excellent I was in row K so could not see some of the jokes, eg her nails being filed with a potato. I did hear instead of Cher cd, Westlife cd. Ro has made a list which I'm sure has or will appear on the Timeline. Sue McFad is really rather good. GO has really settled into the role, especially noticed it during the song where he clears the desk in Elle's room.

The evening performance, I was sitting in the second row and heard a 'lady' (who could have done with loosing a few pounds) in the front row say she hated GO. I thought the evening was excellent too. The Warner was different, which rather confused me for a millisecond. I'm really liking LB. Much more to my taste than W'k'd.

Hi - sorry you missed his nibs yesterday Jo, I reckon he was partying :)

I have no plans to put the 'muck-ups' list on the Timeline, not really relevant to Lee's career although he was of course involved in some of them. Most have already been mentioned on the LB F*ceb**k page though, so unless there is a particular interest, I won't reiterate them here.

What I will say is that I thought Lee put in a phenomenal performance last night (as he so often does) - with his predecessor in the audience watching the show for the very first time, he must have felt more than usually under scrutiny!

I was also happy to hear his missus mention on SFTW this morning that she will be going to see him on Wednesday, which is press night for the new cast - and even happier to already have tickets for that night!

Thanks for the info Ro re the LB FB page. I'm always accused of not reporting details, as I never remember them until someone reminds me. (I don't think I'll ever be forgiven for my very poor report from Longleat.)
It was brill last night. I'll have to sort some more tickets out. I hope it goes well on Weds. Thanks for the company during one of my waits.

Card in post now.

Morning all. Would you believe it,- it's raining here! Raining in Bergen? Well, I never! It's quite warm though, + 14.2 degrees. At least Fi calls it warm!

Hello sweetheart. Ops! Sorry to wake you up. You don't like Mondays? Tell me someone who does. If I brew you a nice full leaded,- would that cheer you up? Incahol? No, you have to wait for the Management for that.

My guests arrived right on schedule yesterday afternoon, and according to them, Norway is just wonderful. I'll leave it to Fi to tell you all about it herself. We had a quiet evening at home, eating pizza and watching the telly.

Today we're going visiting. Guess who? You're right,- we'll be dropping in at Viljar and his parents' for a cup of coffee and a natter. Fi wants to see Viljar in person to make sure he's not a figment of my imagination!
After the visit, I'll take them into the city where they will drop in at the tour company's office,- just to brighten up their day! There are still things they want to see and places they want to go, so I'll leave them to it.

It sounds like Himself was on good, nay,- excellent form on Saturday. Glad to hear it. Not that I for a moment thought that he would be bad. He couldn't be, even if he tried!

Jo,- you got a HUG, and still coherent enough to talk about it?

Morning all – had a lovely afternoon with Auds and Twin and it was nice enough for us to eat out in the garden! Young Auds sends her love and looks forward to seeing some of you next weekend. Glad to hear the theatregoers all had a lovely time (mat sounds fun!) and thank you Jo for your sterling efforts on our behalf (glad you got your reward!). Although it probably wasn’t amusing at the time I have this lovely vision of Lepry being forced to go into every bar/restaurant/café in the Strand hunting you down! Pleased she is safely home in the E Isle and had a lovely time to remember. Ooohhhmmmsss for all those with tightened purses at the moment (that will be me in 36 wxrking days time! Really looking forward to seeing MAAN – in fact Ann and her family were there on the previous Saturday. She is now walking with a stick, and whilst we were away a wheel chair was delivered for times when she finds it too tiring to walk. She also has a suction machine to help keep her lungs clear. They also gave her a device to wear overnight to ensure she gets enough oxygen whilst she sleeps – apparently those results were fine. Never one to let things get her down she has ordered a new automatic car which has some controls on the steering wheel already and if she needs to change the accelerator and brake to hand controls this can be done later. Bless her she is already planning for when I retire and saying if I go over we can go to Hxgh W”xcombe to the cinema in the afternoons as she gets a reduced ticked price for her and her carer. Lots of oooooohhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for all the poorlies at the moment, hopefully Eva is feeling better and ready to return to these shores; also hope that Shirley is holding her own and that Jeremy isn’t letting the Bs get him down. Sue1 I saw those photos in the Mxtro the other day and thought “they must all be insane”! At least he’s not too badly hurt as in the past I know there have been fatalities at the event! Better get on I suppose. Hello BHB, that’s a nice hug – you think it’s warm enough to sit outside on the veranda today? I agree – you bring the Blushing Bubbles, I’ll get the pastries and we can have snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Fiona here. Yes rain but still warm. Norway IS fab - and everyone so friendly and helpful. Esp Eva:)

Good reviews - fab you gto a HUG Jo - amd we are not at all jealous:)

Off out now - still more to see. looking forward to meeting Viljar.

Morning all, a lovely sunny day here and it is promised to be a lovely warm one too. It would be great if it could stay this way till the weekend, sadly the forecast is not good and has a 60% chance of rain,er, do we have a plan B?!

Agree this bull thing is madness, I hope Jack thinks so too now Sue. Just thank goodness he is ok as he was far too clase for comfort I think.

Saturday sounds fantastic, thanks for the review. Hope you get back here somehow soon Geri. Fingers and toes crossed for good things to come for you. I also hope Jeremy is successful, ohhhhms for him and you of course. Btw are you now notorious in the Strxnd? All this cruising of bars!

Had a lovely day yesterday. So lovely to see Auds again, it's been far too long. She is looking great, although knee deep in jury service about which she couldn't say much. It should be over this week in good time for next Sarturday, squeeaaal!!

Twin, I've said it before but will say again, Ann is an amazing lady. To be so positive is wonderful. She makes me feel very humble. Lots of ohhhhmmmms for her.

Eva glad the travellers are back with you. I think I heard an explosion from Norway's direction earlier, would that be Fi in the tour office? Have a lovely time with Viljar, I think you might.

Morning BHB, you look very chipper. You had a lovely weekend seeing some friends again? Lovely, so did I! I think that merits another jug of Blushing Bubbles and we'll find the CM.

I can't believe it's only 7 weeks to the BIG DAY Carol where does time go.
Lovely to hear also that Fi and Ian are enjoying Norway why wouldn't they though, Toby and Maya came for the day on Saturday which was marvellous, and I did tell Maya when she was having one of her giggling fits that Viljar had been asking after her, made her laugh even more.
You must be so proud of Ann, Carol as Pauline said an inspiration to us all.
Good to hear Geri enjoyed her weekend, just hope there is a "silver lining" and a new job is just round the corner.
Not required for swimming today as Ploppy and I are taking Celia to Windsor Races tonight it is a belated Xmas present.

Hello all!

Ow! I can hear squealing on the blog! Jill and Sue and all the Loppies going to the concert! I bet you're so excited!

I see that Fi and Ploppy have been having a good time with Eva. Looking forward to hearing more about it when you get home.

Geri - I'm glad you are home safe. It was a lovely weekend! (Shame you lost a sandal at the SD)I'm sorry to hear about your MIL though. I know how much you liked her.

Carol, Pauline and Auds - I'm glad to hear you had a lovely time together! Of course you did?

Jo and Ro - thank for your reviews. Jo thanks for getting the card in the post.

Carol - Ann really is a brave lady. Many OOHHMMMS for her.
And OOHHMMS for Jeremy and Shirely too.

Hi again. I've dropped my guests off in the city and came back here for lunch and a little Eva before I pick them up again. I'm cooking another typical Norwegian meal tonight, a Bergen fish soup with lots of goodies put in. I use a fish base and add cod, salmon, chopped leeks, sour cream and just before serving, large prawns. Served with some nice, fresh rolls. Any takers on the blog? STOP! You have to form an orderly queue, you know.

The visit with Viljar went splendidly. He was at his flirting best. He smiled, laughed, cooed and flirted, in between shovelling pieces of melon, lefse (in honour of the guests):
yoghurt and pate filled sandwiches into his mouth! As you can guess, he loves his food. He said:" NO", shaking his head, when we all knew he meant YES. (Now where have we heard that one before?) I think he now has two new English fans!
His parents are a lovely couple too. I am lucky with my family.

Jill,- good to hear that Maya is happy to hear from Viljar. As I said before, he loves flirting, so there might be tears in the future!

New production photos (for their new Elle) on the LB website, including one new one of himself:


Ro Thank you for that
afternoon all
Glad you are on the mend Eva.
ohhhmmmssss for all those who need it. And a special lot for lovely Ann!
Personnaly i do hope purse is going to be better soon sick of it being so lean K..... h should have been cancelled if I had been sensible, burt we do need a break, so we just have to ride the rough patch! That will teach me to always help my eldest, now I can't so he will have to sort himself out and take a leaf out of his brother Sebastien.
Ok ranting is over. I hope my 2 stones will have been realised tomorrow , lost another inch from waist.
Will be sad not to see Jane and Geri on Saturday, will miss yopu both as well as all the other absentees. Golly I do hope that it will all be better for the Octoberfest.
Ok better go and do something. xxxx

Ro Thank you for that
afternoon all
Glad you are on the mend Eva.
ohhhmmmssss for all those who need it. And a special lot for lovely Ann!
Personnaly i do hope purse is going to be better soon sick of it being so lean K..... h should have been cancelled if I had been sensible, burt we do need a break, so we just have to ride the rough patch! That will teach me to always help my eldest, now I can't so he will have to sort himself out and take a leaf out of his brother Sebastien.
Ok ranting is over. I hope my 2 stones will have been realised tomorrow , lost another inch from waist.
Will be sad not to see Jane and Geri on Saturday, will miss yopu both as well as all the other absentees. Golly I do hope that it will all be better for the Octoberfest.
Ok better go and do something. xxxx

Evening all. It has been much warmer today, or maybe it is because I have been chasing about. Did some hxxsework and shoping for food this morning then this afternoon went to the garden centre and got a few plants and have now replanted the landscaping they did at the front of the house! Well what they did was rubbish. Anyway I then mowed my acres and the place looks much tidier for it. Sadly I was unable to do the irxnxng and hxxvxring. Mind I will have to do it tomorrow.

Ro thanks for the link. Nice picture.

Eva glad to hear Viljar is himself again and flirting like mad. Bless. No wonder he has two new fans. Glad you are enjoying yourselves Fi.

Well done Chantale, you put me to shame. Glad you are coming to Kilworth anyway. Sorry about the lean times. Too many of them about right now.

Just finished my tea. Sooo late tonight. Good weather brings out all the neighbours and chatting goes on for ages. Took 45mins to do one circuit of the park, which I can do in 7mins.
NTs on now
I'll catch up

Glad Fi and Ian are having a fab time.
Good luck for the 2 st mark Chantale, fingers crossed.
Thanks Ro, v good photo.
I have remembered something from Sat. 'A good Merlot is his fav red wine.'

Yeek, forecast for Sat is heavy rain ....... plan B

Geri, sorry to hear about your MiL.

Jo, you got a HUG!!!! That’s on par with Sue’s kiss!!

Carol, thanks for news of Ann, what an amazing lady she is! I hope she’s getting all the help she needs.
My heart skips a beat when I think about how close Jack came to serious injury or worse. Stupid boy!!

Eva, I guess I’ve missed lunch then?

Chantale, all your hard work is paying off in spades!

Jo, Plan B??? Only FIVE SLEEPS to decide! Nite nite Loppies x

Peter Davidson is a very good baddie

Agree Jo he is a good baddie! So we have a plan B? All sit in cars? Or go in the bar? Yaaay!!!!

Bed time for me so night night and sleep tight.

I have sent out Plans B and C. And Pauline has found a Plan D, going to the bar, now why didn't I think of that?

MrT let me type in my order and payment details, then deleted it all. I give up.
Nightlee night

Morning all – well quite warm here but clouding over a little. Think we are due for the dreaded raxn later (have to say Plan B is looking increasingly likely Jo! – although Plan D sounds best to me – suspect it might appeal to KK too!). Busy day yesterday as colleague off sick (well she came in and went home). She’s also got two days holiday this week so I am likely to be busy most of the week – still only 35 working days to go……….still have hysterics over some of the applications coming in, but now we do have four possibles – next problem will be trying to sort out time in Baby B’s diary for holding interviews. As he is off on hols for the first two weeks of August tempus fugit! Needless to say holiday seems ages ago now. Hope the intrepid Nxrwegian visitors are still enjoying themselves. Of course they fell in love with Viljar! Oh I always liked PD (even at Dr W), and he was in At Hxme with the Brxithwaites which I loved. He is indeed a very good stage villain! Actually he is doing quite a bit of tv work at the moment, seems to pop up quite frequently nowadays – possibly needs the wxrk to pay for the wedding! Right better crack on – hello BHB, lovely hug again – it really brightens my morning. Ah Vanillita today? Wonderful. I’ll get the paninis and, yes I think we can sit on the veranda if we take the pink blanket just in case. Time for a nice snuffle before the DCM arrives for the staff meeting.

Morning all, and we are back to cool and breezy here, don't you just love our summer? Glad I did the gardening yesterday, however this of course means no excuse I have to tackle the house stuff today, sigh. The weather is a pest as the Friday and Sunday look fine, it is just the Saturday, typical! Knew you would like plan D Twin!

Jo I think I would have been tempted to strangle MrT!

Morning BHB, oh thankyou, a lovely hug, just what I needed. I think a jug of Vanillita sounds just wonderful, so we'll get that and join the CM on the veranda shall we?

Morning all. It was grey and misty here when I woke up, but by now it looks much brighter.

Hello sweetheart. I look very laid back? Well, we've had a very lazy morning. My guests had a lie in (I think the round trip of Norway was very packed and busy) finally caught up with them, so we decided to take it easy today. When Fi'd had her breakfast, I gave her a manicure (Oh, didn't I mention that this is one of the in-house treats for visiting SLs?) after I'd looked after my own hands.
This afternoon we're going to see Fantoft Stavechurch:
When we've been there, we have been invited to dinner at my friend Margaret's, who being English. loves to meet my English friends.

We are now going to take a stroll round the estate. I still haven't got enogh breath to do my usual long walks.

Oh, Margaret's husband just called to cancel the dinner tonight. Her mother who is in a nursing home in Liverpool and suffers from Alzheimers, has developed pneumonia and was admitted to hospital this morning. Margaret is trying to get on a flight to England this afternoon.

Good Morning all….Have caught up with Loppie Land again.
Geri, I’m so sorry to hear of your sad news.
Sounds like you all had fun at L/B.
Jan, I’m sending Big OOOHHHMMMSSS for your Ploppie
Carol…like Jill said, you must be very proud of your lovely Sister
Jo, have you got the bit that broke off the magnet? We’ve got this glue that sticks everything. Much better than s*per glue. Martin has fixed quite a few things with it.
Even very small items… using a cocktail stick to apply the glue
Sending ooohhhmmmss for Ann, Shirley and all others in need
Just refreshed before posting .Sending OOHHHMMM for Margaret’s mother
Eva, your a good host, Fi will not want to come home!!

Hi all,

I do hope the weather stays good for the K*lworth bound loppies. It'll be a shame to have to go to the bar - oh who am I kidding? Pauline, Carol and KK will love that idea!

Aw Chantale - I'll miss seeing you too - and all the festers! It can't be helped though.

Ro - thank you for the link. Yummy pic!

Jo - I've always liked PD. Mind you certain Irish mate of mine wasn't too keen on him in the past. However she's being waxing lyrical about how good he is in LB ever since Saturday. I think he's got a new fan.

Eva - gosh - manicures too! You are looking after your guests. It's a great pity about your meal tonight though. I hope M's dad will be OK.

OOHMS for all in need

Norwegian visitors here. Just been to visit the Stave church here - really fascinating. All intricate wood details - and no windows - they kept the congregation in the dark !

Fell in love with Viljar - he is just as sunny and good tempered - and handsome - as Eva said. Mind you all her relatives are lovely:). No we dont want to go home Maggie - mind you we are taking our Norwegian hostess home with us so she can continue to dispense her Norwegian charm (and manicures etc) at ours:)

Ohhhms for Jan's ploppy (and jan) , Geri (sorry to hear re MiL) , Ann - she is very brave. And anyone else in need.

Jo - is there any other kind of (UK) picnic but one in the rain! OK one in the pub may be a suitable alternative:) Re Mr T - seemingly the new IE version not working with their website but didnt think you had IE??? We had to change from IE in order to use Mr T!

Phoned eldest scollop this am - he is off to Am.zon jungle tonight for some research for his PHD. seemingly his guide was featured on amaz.n BBC prog week before last. Hope he doesnt get up to any mad escapades - mind you he is Mr sensible (unlike his bro). Glad Jack OK Sue.

Hi all

Just popping in, as I sit here amongst all the packed boxes, ready for the move this weekend (whilst I am otherwise engaged with a certain curly haired young adonis!). I'm on leave for two days after today and working at home on Friday so I hope the move goes well. It should do, I have packed and clearly labelled everything, the only thing for my two colleagues to do is pack the contents of their own desks!! As is the usual case when packing/clearing out, I came across all manner of things that I have accumulated over the years (as you do), amongst which was a photo of me and a colleague at my 21st birthday party (we were sooooooo young! Another colleague who I showed it to said "You were rather attractive back then, what went wrong"!!! Don't worry, I got my own back by doing unspeakable things to him with a stapler!!!) and a press clipping from an article that was in our local newspaper the year after I started w*rk at the tender age of 17 (I can't believe I've w*rked here since I was 17!!) including a photo of me in which I have BIG hair and BIG D*irdre B*rlow glasses (stop laughing, it was 1984, it was the fashion back then - didn't they call the eighties the decade that fashion forgot!!?). Where did the years go!!!

Carol - you are quite right I do like plan D!! (Then again, plans A, B & C also involve incohol and food, so they all work for me!)

Right, better log off and pack the pooter away......bye, bye from the old building!

Afternoon All. It sounds as if Fi and her Ploppy are having a really wonderful time in Norway with their hostess with the mostess. What lovely memories they will have to bring back to the UK.

Keep calm and keep going KK, you can do it. I hope you gave that chap more than one staple, how dare he. You are lovely now.

Continuing ohms for my Ploppy please. Poor old chap , he is having dreadful trouble eating and has lost 4-lb over the last few days. He can manage mashed up Weet*bix in milk, soup and scrambled egg but even mashed potato is too much for him. He complained that the pain was getting worse and then discovered that his tongue has become ulcerated so it was an emergency appointment with the nurse at his doctors surgery for some antibiotics. He said the nurse was less than friendly because he had private treatment. He couldn't speak well enough to tell her that it was because the NHS screwed up that he had to take swift action. I shall be so relieved when he is feeling better and then perhaps my tummy will settle down too.

Sue, I saw the pics of Jack in Pamplona - I bet he doesn't do it again.

All these Plans, A B C and D, is there going to be anymore?

Very envious of all those going to see Himself - blow him a kiss from me please.

Ohms to Margaret and her mother, also to Ann, Jeremy and all other needies. So glad you are feeling better Eva.

Thanks to everyone for their ohms and support.

Hello all sounds as if Fi is having agreat time with her ploppy in Norway.
Funny waether were told that it would be sunny yesterday well it was not brilliant and today is greyish and warm!.
Mum is improving day by day hope she does not have a relapse.
Must find energy to do accounts boy they are behind!!!. Really looking forward to Saturday.
I suppose someone will replace the GO in LB that day.( poor punters) but happy us!. X

Evening all, well that was my favourite sort of day, not! Irxnxng, and cleaning, lovely. Still the house does look better for it.

Jan you can have shed loads of ohhhmmmms for your poor Ploppy. Those ulcers are what my cousinhad and they are awful Poor, poor man. Big hugs coming your way.

Farewell to your old building KK. Is that colleague still breathing? I'm amazed. How very dare he.

Fi sounds a wonderful holiday and it comes with a manicure. Fantastic. Hope you gave the tour people who deserted you what for.

Eva ohhhhmmmms for Margaret and her Mum.

Glad your Mum is improving Chantale. Ohhhmmms she continues to do so.

Oh Jan of course lots of oooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmsss for your Ploppy - it must be awful - and honesty what should it matter to the nurse if he went private or not - he's someone in pain and in need of help - grrrr!!! Ohhhhhhmmmmmmss for you too, and for everyone else who needs them. Been really busy again today but did manage to get out for a glass at lunchtime, so that brightened the day. Ploughing through another load of read about forty! Of those only four are any good to my mind. KK I can't believe he said that - how many staples is he attached to the wall by? Of course we want to see the photo in question! Just fed and watered the MM - have a rare night in and zilch on the tv - typical!!!

Oh Jan - many OOHHMMMMS for ploppy indeed.

And Chantale for your mum too - OOOHHMMMS.

Lovely to see you Fi!

Good luck for the move KK.

The night I have been concerned about for the last 18mths. Elves have a bb problem, flashing light. I'll have to have a long talk with India tomorrow. I've tried all I can.
MUST EAT now, and catch up in a bit

Lots of oooohhhmmmss for your Ploppy, Jan, he is having a very bad time.

I have had 2 cheese and salad rolls (small ones!), so feel a little better now.

Off to emails.......

Forecast for Sat has gone from 'heavy rain' to 'heavy rain showers'.

I'm off to fight with MrT.

We may end up with a picnic in bright sunshine then Jo! Good luck with Mr T.

Bedtime so night night and sleep tight.

I liked P*ter D best as Tristram, I just adored that series, it really brought the H*rriot books to life.
I did like At H*me With The Br*ithwaites very much as well Carol.

Oh Eva, what a shame your dinner had to be cancelled, ohhhmmmsss for Margaret and her mum though.

Fi, hope your eldest doesn’t get into as much trouble in the jungle as Jack did in P*mplona!!

KK, do we get to see the photos??

Jan, your poor Ploppy, he must be so miserable. Lots of ohhhmmmsss for him.

Chantale, love to your mum, hope the improvement continues.

The very nice chap who has been helping to sort out our garden has finally finished, it’s looking loads better now, just need a few more shrubs and it’ll do.

FOUR SLEEPS!!! Nite nite Loppies x

Jo, is it me or didn't your post at 9.34 make much sense, the first bit of it anyway??
Are you sure you've had enough to eat, don't sound like much to me!

Sue the next door neighbours have had broadband for 18months and it has never gone wrong, until today. As I'm IT support I was called to find out why she couldn't log in to her BT bill, so I'll have to fix it tomorrow. Glad your garden is sorted, just the best bits to do now, the special planting.

MrT has let me order tonight.
Nightlee night

Morning. Not a good one so far, I poured oj on my cereal instead of milk, we're out of ham for scollop's sandwiches, little cat peed up against a socket and tripped the fuse (getting to be a real pain now as we can't ever catch her doing it and one of these days she'll cause a fire!)
Anyway, the weather seems to match my mood today, hoping it improves as we're out at an outdoor event at school this evening. Ploppy has started the harvest and wants to get the barley done by the end of the week.
Oooohhhhmmmmms to the needies: Jan's ploppy, Shirley, Geri, Jeremy, Ann, Margaret's mum, and any others I've forgotten

Morning all. It's a beautiful day here with lots of sunshine. I'll send some over to you Ali, to brighten up your day.

Sorry to have forgotten to post your birthday card, but forgot to check the calendar, what with being ill and having had busy days. It is now packed, however, and I'll hand it over on Saturday.

Hello sweetheart. Oh, that was a nice hug. You are going to hug me better? That is an interesting treatment which I'm definitely up for. Could we try it again? See, I haven't coughed once since you started that!
Oh, the Bistro looks gorgeous, and it's all in KK's honour. She'll be very pleased.

As we're leaving Norway later today, we're driving out to my parents for a coffee and to say goodbye. In the meantime there is a reindeer roast on a slow roast in the oven. I can't let my guests leave without trying that, now canI?

Morning all from a grey overcast London, not yet raining but think it is forecast! Ali have you been taking lessons from KK?? Tonight Twin, MM and I are off to see Blxxd Bros – this will be my third time! Complete contrast to last week’s show!! Two weeks time it will be Bxtty Blxx Eyes, little gadabouts that we are! Just having a trauma here – Baby B out, needs a document sent to Client, I send a pdf, they came back and asked for a “live” excxl sheet – my machine won’t recognise or open it. Flurry of emails between me and Baby B. He says he has one in his email cabinet, which of course following the switch of systems I now can’t access. Wonderful. Colleague is of course off today so I am answering all the phones. Grrr. Still half way through the week and only 34 wd to go! Lots of ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmssss for all those that need them. Hello BHB, a snuffle and a large slug of Bramble are just what I need!! You bring the incohol and I’ll bring the pastries. Let’s see if we can find the DCM.

aargggh!!! KK mea culpa I thought your birthday was tomorrow (in fact I told Twin it was, so your card will be late as posted today!). BHB and I are quickly going into overdrive at the Bistro - we'll be back in a mo!

Phew -

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear KK
Happy Birthday to you.

Well I have never blown up balloons quite so quickly - they are lovely shades of white and pink today. The BHB has rushed around putting posies on the tables and there and multicoloured sprinkles all around. The table cloths are pristine white (I did suggest this wasn't a good colour for KK, but he insisted). Fortunately he had baked the cakes ready for tomorrow so has done a fantastic job icing them. Champagne is of course always kept on the premises in a chilled state, so here we are a birthday toast to KK. Enjoy your day!

Karen HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Hope you have a lovely day today.
Come on own up which one of you won the £166 million on the Lottery last night.
Lots of ooooohhhhms for Jan's Ploppy, and everyone else in need.

Sorry, in all the kerfuffle earlier I forgot to wish KK a very Happy Birthday xxx

Morning all, arghhh another one who thought it was tomorrow! KK so sorry. Twin and I did discuss this and she was convinced you were the GO's twin. Sadly your card will be a bit late, never mind have two birthdays! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Karen and have a wonderful day, or two, or three, oh what the heck have four!

As Twin says we are out again tonight. We are trying to visit every show we vcan before penury beckons for her I think!

Ali I have put juice on my cereal several times, so annoying!

Eva, I have eaten reindeer and quite liked it, though the thought of Rudolf was slightly off putting. Didn't seemright somehow! Have a good journey later and we'll see you soon, squeeeaaaaaaaal!!

Jill if it had been me you would have heard the squeals believe me!

Morning BHB, oh the bistro looks beautiful, you are so clever, the cakes are lovely as well. I think we should get more champers and find the CM and we'll toast KK.

Morning all

Jan - many, many ohms for your poor Ploppy. It sounds horrendous. I'm thinking of you both. Lots of love. xx

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards and e-cards. Lovely! Eva/Twins, don't worry, I shall look forward to receiving them. I can celebrate again on Saturday at K*lworth and I'm meeting Lady J for lunch tomorrow so that gives me another excuse to celebrate again too, a double celebration with the GO!! (Twins with the GO? Wonder what I'd look like with curly hair!!! Stop laughing!) The bistro looks wonderful, thank you, and champagne is, of course, always welcome! What's that BHB? You think white is the perfect colour for me? Aw, thank you! (Why has he got his fingers crossed behind his back!!!).

Right, a day of shopping, lunch and wine beckons. Perfick!

Have a good day all.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR KAREN, hope you have a grand day!
Good idea to have another one on Sat. when we can all celebrate with you.

I really feel for your poor ploppy Jan, it must be awful for both of you.

Anne sounds quite remarkable Carol, how brave of her to be thinking of all the practicalities in such a matter of fact way when she must be full of dread.

Ooohhmms to others in need, Shirley, Margaret's mother, Jeremy and Geri, sorry if I've forgotten anyone.

I've got a morning of hswrk as I've got eleven people coming this afternoon to read a play and have tea, amazing what motivation to clean and tidy having visitors is!

Fi here. Last day in N.rway for ploppy and me - sob. and last time I can sneak in as a Of course sun is shining and we def dont want to leave. Just as well we have Sat to look forward to.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KK. Enjoy your day + and no calamities when shopping:)

Ali - oh dear you dont sound at your happiest . hope the day improved.

We have been to say our goodbyes to Evas parents - they have such a beautiful view from their house - and of course are lovely kind, welcoming people - just like their daughter. Off to try reind..r now . Pløppy def doesnt want to leave - beautiful weather, scenery and being løøked after \cooked for so well. Hope he is not expecting this level of care at home!

Safe flight Fi, Ian and Eva.
Nephew is very fractious today and needs entertaining constantly, I'm worn out! He's having another nap at last, phew!
Some better news, consultant rang personally to organise an appointment for ploppy (re: op on his elbow) and he can be seen in about 5 weeks for initial consultation.

Happy Birthday KK hope you are enjoying yourself.
I am waiting for Martin's addy for uploading the photos you lot wanted!
I have lost the email. ( no I did not do it on purpose) shall suffer it like a good girl I am. Sorry it is so late coming.
Hey Ali that is better mind it is still a long time waiting though.
Lol Fi you made me laugh.
Ok better get ready got a birthday celebration to go to.Not good for the figure but hell it is my bestest friend as my granddaughter used to say.

Just popping in to wish KK a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY , hope my card arrived in time.

Thank you for all your good wishes for Ploppy, poor old chap is suffering. Can't wait to get back to cooking proper dinners for him again. I also haven't managed to sort out the fraudulent use of my credit card. As I said before, B'card dragging their feet. I don't need this on top of everything else.

Safe journey to Eva, Fi and her ploppy - are you all travelling together? I know you can't answer that because you have probably already left for the airport.

Ohms for Ann, Jeremy, Margaret's mum and Chantale's mum and all other needies.

Just heard something funny - the wife of a friend of ours has tried her hand at growing potatoes and complained that there were only two small ones. It turns out that she thought the plants were growing too tall when they had flowers on so she cut them down!!! Dhooooh


And see you tomorrow when we'll toast the GO's birthday!

Fi It sounds like you've had a lovely hoilday. You must be sorry to leave. Have a safe flight!

Eva - I bet you're sorry to loose your guests.

Oh Ali - you are not having a good day. Please don't turn into KK. You'll mess up the nice white table clothes the BHB has put out.

Pauline and Carol - enjoy the show tonight! I'm sure you'll have fun together as always.

Jill - it wasn't me either!

Many OOHHMMS to all in need

Ok have posted for now on my facebook page yuck ! things you lot make me do ! still look big after 2 stones less.

Phew, not been home long, I'm exhausted and in desperate need of a shower (oi, who agreed!!) but had a really good day, so far.

Nothing new here really but a good read anyway and very complimentary about Himself

KK - Happy Birthday to you. I too (hangs head in shame) forgot to look at the calendar (must print it out from now on)
But like the Queen!!! You are having another Birthday on Saturday so I’ll bring you a card
Just read the link. Now is this BBC drama , going to be Aug or Sept as on another site he told them it’s out in Sept
Right I’ve got to get ready for work (7pm start)
Sending OOOHHHMMMM to all in need

Thanks KK for that link, a really good interview, what a contrast to the last one, I think there should be a WoS one soon too.

Hope you managed to get yourself lots of lovely shopping.

Happy Birthday Karen. Hope you had a good day.

BB is back at elves, phew.

Good interview, thanks

Mr T has been. There is £30 of stuff missing from the order as the bill is £30 less than the price I saw when I paid AND there are 3 items missing that should be with the delivery as they are on the list. GGGRRRRRR
off to email Mr T

sn*tty email sent to MrT, not my fav person tonight

Just popped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN, before it's too late! Right, catch up now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN. Hope you've had a good day and will have on Saturday.
Have a great time all those going on Saturday. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Ali, can you put blanks in your sockets, like you do for kids? Good news about the consultation.

Eva, tell me it wasn’t Rudolph!!!

Carol, you certainly got the Bistro sorted in record time today, did BHB get a bonus?

Maeve, visitors are definitely a reason to have a bit of a spring clean!

Jan, more ohhhmmmsss for Ploppy, and that you get this credit card thing sorted out. Never grown potatoes, I presume you have to leave the flowers on then?

Chantale, don’t do FB so have e-mailed you Martin’s addy.

Karen thanks for the link, lovely interview I thought. Glad to hear you’ve had a good day.

Maybe some of you remember Chris, she joined us at Str*nded and for J*seph three years ago on Lee's birthday. I went to her mums funeral today, Joan would have been ninety this month. She was nearly my mother in law!

It’s been a lovely day here, pity about Saturday, it wouldn’t surprise me if the forecast was wrong, but we can’t take the risk.

Oooooooo, onlyThree Sleeps!!!! Nite nite Loppies x

Just finished my vid conversions for w*rk. Better go
Nightlee night

Just popped in to say hello, and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the GO!!
Can't quite believe I'm the first here, probably won't be by the time I've posted.
See you later.

Morning all and firstly

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear BHB
Happy Birthday to you.

Now ladies the Management have given the BHB the day off for his birthday, but he has requested that he still attends the Staff Meeting. We have of course decorated the Bistro for him in tones of pink (we understand it is a colour he likes). I have beavered away into the wee small hours baking my own coffee and walnut and carrot with frosted icing birthday cakes for him and the champagne is free all day. Before going to give the BHB his birthday snuffle lots of oooohhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for all those who need them. BB very good again last night (still no happy ending) but the Mrs J currently (from Atxmic K) sang very well but wasn’t a patch on Mxl C performance wise. Really enjoyed it though. Better get on with the day, heaps to do. Right BHB big birthday kiss for you and let’s grab some champers and cake and see if the DCM is around.

Morning all. and the sun is shining, quick have a look cos I am sure it won't last!

First and foremost HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own BHB. I hope he has a lovely day with his family, after the staff meeting of course!

Thoroughly enjoyed a good weep last night. As Twin said the lady playing Mrs J was good on the singing front, but I don't think her acting skills were as good. Not bad though. The man playing Mickey was the same one we saw last time we went and he is fantastic. They got a standing ovation at the end so the audience was pleased wsith them.

The weather for the weekend doesn't seem to be getting any better! I think we'll need to have warm clothes for the show. Mind he is worth it!

Morning BHB, oooh a lovely hug and a kiss (on the cheek of course, behave!). Thankyou. Doesn't the Bistro look lovely. The CM has worked wonders. I think more champers a great idea, we'll grab some and find the CM and we'll all have a birthday snuffle.

Morning all

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our lovely GO. Hope he has a fabulous day.

Off for lunch with Lady J later so we'll raise a glass (or several!!).

Have a good day all.

Morning all from partly sunny P*terb*rough. We arrived here late last night, so I'm sure you'll excuse me not logging in to say Goodnight.

First thing(s) first:


Phew, good thing I remembered they have birthdays on the same day. It wouldn't do to forget the most important members of the blog!

Jane,- I didn't want Fi and Ian to go, so I came with them instead! Only joking,- this was decided a long time ago, when the concert in K*lworth was announced. It couldn't have fitted better. I'll go on to Shirley's on Sunday, when I've recovered from seeing Himself again.

The flight to G*twick last night was a bit of a strain, as we had a dad alone with 3 children sitting behind us. The dad was issuing commands to his children almost non-stop, quite like a Sergeant Major telling his recruits what to do (or not to do). He had the most piercing voice, so most of the front half of the plane was left in no doubt that Martin should do with his legs or what Leo shouldn't do with his food. I felt sorry for the kids in the end and only wanted to smack Dad!

The raindeer roast went down a treat, and Sue1,- it wasn't Rudolph. He looked more like a Dasher!

Chantale,- I don't do FB either, so will look forward to see your photos on Martin's album.

Fi is bustling about, putting her house in order. Mr. T has just delivered what he was supposed to deliver, so it might be a different Mr.T to the one you use, Jo.

This afternoon we might go on to see a stately home close to here. No, it's not Fi's house, even though that is a very lovely one too. I have been given eldest scollop's room, sleeping in a very comfy bed that Ian has made himself.

KK,- thank you for the link to the interview, and a very good one it was too. I wonder if August (for the BBC drama) is Lee-time or real time.

As you can see, Black Beauty is behaving very well on the wireless here. Let's hope the performance will be as good when I have to start her on the dongle on Sunday. Fingers crossed!

Morning all.
Happy 30th Birthday GO!
It's miserable here, it was bucketing down earlier but has stopped for the moment. I decided to get the i*oning out of the way. Eldest has a day off from work exp. as there was nothing he could do today. He was supposed to be doing some hedge trimming and burning rubbish for a friend but the weather put a stop to that. He's bored!! I have suggested things for him to do, like muck out his room. Not sure how far he's got.
Enjoy your lunch Jane and KK.
Enjoy your stay with Fi, Eva.
Sue, I did wonder about using safety plugs, think it's worth a try.

Happy Birthday lovely curley one. Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Happy to report that Ploppy is feeling a mite better today and actually managed to eat a slice of bread with his soup.

Even those of you who are not at all sporty cannot have missed the news that the Open golf championship started today at Sandwich which is just a couple of miles away from us. Our town is absolutely manic and heaving this morning and the buses are all over the place timewise. Never mind, it brings in a lot of welcome income for the area.

Weather is not good, showery, chilly and very windy, not the best golfing weather or gardening weather come to that. We have just dug another root of potatoes and my goodness, what whoppers they are. Really good crop this year despite the drought although what our water bill will be I dare not think.

Ohms for all the needies. Eva, I expect you are looking forward to seeing Shirley and I am sure she just cannot wait to see you as well. Give her my love and best wishes.

Hi all
I have now added Chantale's pictures to "Loppy Ladies Two" album.
I hope you are all well and celebrating the GO's Birthday and lets hope that Saturday is dry and warm, Forcasters invariably get it wrong.

Don't forget, Just click on my name and you will be wafted of to the site

Evening all. Very mixed day today, started nice went off the got nice again. Still not exactly a sparkling summer at the moment though. Hav e given the lawn a mow as it looks set to get worse!

Hope you had a lovely lunch Jane and KK with lots of incahol.

There have been piccies of last night (press night). A few links so here goes.

They are quite long so I'll split this.


thanks to Deborah on the forum for the hard work finding them!

It also looks like the MB musical is getting a regional tryout, not with the GO obviously! Scroll to the last paragraph.

Plus here is the cast list and at least one name I recognise!

Hi Martin, nice to see you. Thanks for those. Chantale you look brilliant. Well done. You deserve to though after all your hard work.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GO!!!! You'll be pleased to know that KK and I raised several glasses to him and to all our Loppy friends too.We had a lovely lunch together.

Martin! Lovely to see you! Will I recognise Chantale do you think?

Thanks for all the links KK and Pauline. Glad Pauline & Carol enjoyed BB.

Welcome to blighty Eva! Sorry I won't be there in person to say hi on Saturday.

Many OOHHMMS for all needies

evening girls> I see Go had to work on his special day what a shame also saw that he was planning Newxxxy for his treat, hope it does not rain too much.!
wellwhere will we be meeting up at Kilworth or the Elms? still not the wiser. Hey Sue-1 2 more slepp.XX
Lots of ooohhhmmmsss for those who need it.
X ninite all

Ok Mr T has been sorted and I have my full order.

Twood, was a touch confusing, but intriguing. Nice to see Capt Jack again.

Thanks for the LB links, sorry I wasn't there, looked like fun show.
Shame about MB show, was looking forward to GO in MB's trousers (oh so shallow). Of course I like the songs too.

Where has the day gone?

Eva, don’t you just love bossy parents, especially loud ones, I know some kids need telling, but not all and definitely not with the volume turned up!
Dasher, that’s ok then.

Hello Martin, good to see you, looking forward to seeing you for real on Saturday.

Pauline thanks for the links, lovely photos. As for 20th C*ntuary B*y, I don’t know how these things work, do they open in the provinces and then transfer to the W*st End if they go down well?

Chantale, you look fab, but then I knew that already. How’s mum?

Right Ploppy not well so I need to water garden, then I need to go to bed, TWO more SLEEPS!!!
Nite nite Loppies x

SueI'm no expert but I think that they will transfer a show if it is successful. Sometimes with a different cast, sometimes not. It also gives them a chance to tweek the show.

Bedtime so night night and sleep tight.

Nightlee night
Can you hear Dog barking?

Just popped in to wish you all a lovely Concert, wish I was coming but we are off to Sussex, deep jpy.
Eva please give my love to Shirley when you see her, I do hope she is in good spirts.

Morning all, and a lovely one it is too. What a shame today isn't tomorrow as I think it is due to change drastically later.

Jill, awww such a shame you can't be there tomorrow. We'll miss you and raise a glass to you.

Morning BHB, ooh nice hug, thankyou. You enjoyed your b'day? You did even though you were doing your other job you had a few drinks last night? Thought you looked a bit tired. Never mind we'll get a jug of Vanillita and sit on the veranda till the CM gets here.

Morning all – sunny here, but clouds gathering and rain forecast later. Watched Txwood last night – bit scary! Think I preferred it better home grown, but if they have to alter it to get funding, so be it and it was only ep 1, so I will continue to watch (well apart from Aug 4th when we are elsewhere!). Just ploughed through all the cvs with Baby B and have come up with short list of six to interview on 29th July. Hi Eva, welcome back to these sunny (well I can pretend) shores!! Looking forward to catching up with lots of you on Sxturday. Martin, thanks for the piccies – Chantale – well done – you look terrific. You must be so pleased. Jan glad to hear Ploppy is eating something (albeit not a lot), fingers crossed he carries on. Ooohhhhmmmmmmsssss for everyone else who needs them. MM is taking Sloppy over to see Ann today – she has a new talking device she is going to try out on them – should be fun with Mum’s hearing!! Hello BHB that’s a lovely welcome, yes I know I am a little late today, so let’s join the DCM in the Staff Meeting. You get some more Vanillita and I'll get the paninis!

Morning all. A beautiful day here. Why can't it be like this tomorrow?

We had a pleasant day yesterday. Fi and I went food shopping at Sainsbug, then in the afternoon we took a stroll; through her village. It's a lovely, old place, with a beautiful mix of new and old houses together. The village church is a very special one, going back centuries.
Fi had cooked a beautiful tea when I had one of my funny turns because of the diabetis meds. It's so annoying when it happens, because I had to leave the table and go to bed! Lovely way to spend an evening,- NOT!
I'm fine now, feeling fighting fit. We are off in a few minutes to go and visit a stately home. It looks really nice, and we'll probably have lunch there.

I just spoke to Shirley's sister, and she tells me that Shirley isn't very good at the moment. They've had to up her morphine doses, so she sleeps a lot, and when she is awake, she is very depressed. She is looking forward to me coming though, so I hope I can cheer her up a bit. I'll do my best and keep my crying for when I'm on my own.

Morning all

I'm supposed to be w*rking at home today but I think I should just go back to bed! Since I got up this morning, I went to the paper shop with my shoes on the wrong feet, then I was unloading the dishwasher and broke another wine glass (that's the third one this week, we have loads of wine glasses but I don't think we have a matching set anymore!) and then I cut my finger clearing it up!! I think I'll just sit here and not move for the rest of the day!

I had a lovely lunch with Lady J yesterday, the only problem was that the time just flew by way too fast! Well, actually that wasn't the only problem, the other one was when we were joined at our table by a big GINGER weepy (it was ginger, honestly, wasn't it Jane!). I've never seen a ginger weepy before. Jane said it was hairy too, but I didn't hang around to find out, I grabbed the bottle of PG and ran!! Normal service (drinking, chatting, drinking, laughing, drinking) was soon resumed at another table!!

Eva - nice to know you're back on these shores again. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I'm sure you're looking forward to seeing Shirley on Sunday, and she you! So sorry to hear that she's not too good though. Much love to you both.

Jan - it's good to hear that your Ploppy is feeling a bit better. Hope he continues to improve.

Thanks for all the links yesterday Pauline, some scrummy pics there. I still haven't given up hope, however forlorn it might be, that he'll do MB in the WE.

Loved TWood, so pleased that it's back.

Carol - hope the new device works well for Ann.

Ohhmmmmssss to all who need them.

To w*rk or not to w*rk, that is the question.............(there's only one answer really, isn't there!).

Hello all!

It was a lovely lunch yesterday with KK and yes, I can confirm the weepy was:
a - huge
b - hairy
c - ginger

And he looked like he was demanding our wine.

Eva - all our love to Shirley. If anyone can cheer her up you will.

Carol - I hope the device works for Ann.

In case I don't get on the blog tomorrow - have a wonderful time at K-worth all you lucky loppies. (Will you be in purple for this one Jo?) Enjoy your plan D (shame about the pic-nic) and raise a glass to Jill, me and the rest of the cinerloppies! Oh yeah - and report back!

Many oOHHMMS for Shirely, Ann, Geri, Jeremy, Jan's ploppy and anyone I've missed.

Coming up for air at last.... Jury duty done and dusted. Exciting/boring/tedious etc etc. Great team or jurors, great Usher, nice Judge. Verdict hashed out in 2 1/2 days. Eva, you would have been proud of our detective work....
tell you all about it tomorrow - Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal, can't believe I'll be seeing the GO again... it's been such a long time.

Ladies, we have just had the news that my lovely Ploppy has NOT got the dreaded "c" word. The results of the biopsies were clear and the hospital telephoned straight away. I have cried more with relief than I did with worry. There has to be a follow up appointment but the consultant has said he will do that on the NHS. Thank you all so much for your ohms and best wishes.

Lovely to see you again Auds.

Oh Jan, that is absolutely fantastic news. Such a relief for you both. Big hugs.

Auds - wonderful to see you. Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

I was beginning to think that they'd got the weather forecast wrong for tomorrow, because it's been so lovely and warm here today, but there are some menacing looking clouds building up now!

Jan that is just the best news, no wonder you are crying.

On the down side, so sorry about Shirley Eva. I'm sure your visit will help, but it so tough. Big hugs and lots of ohhhmmmssss

Yoohoo Auds, see you tomorrow.

Not liking the sound of a ginger weepy, ugghhhh. Still, glad to see your priorities are right Karen, you thought of the wine first as you ran!

Fantastic news Jan, really glad for you both.
Glad you've resurfaced Auds, enjoy the concert, you deserve it!
Just had youngest's school report, all good although he's not so impressed with the teacher he has next year. I don't know why as she is lovely and his brother had her a few years back.
It's been glorious sunshine here today, the only downside is flies, thunderbugs and flying ants! It's starting to cloud over though so we could be in for a shower at best or a downpour at worst! Ploppy says no combining till Monday at the earliest.
Safe journeys to all those going to K*lw*rth tomorrow. Reviews as always please.

Afternoon all.
Jan,- the first thing Fi said to me when I came downstairs after my Eva, was :" Jan's Ploppy hasn't got cancer!" I am so relieved and happy to hear that. Give him a gigantic hug from me, please and have one yourself.

Our planned day didn't go quite to plan, because when we arrived at the stately home, it was only to find that they are closed on Fridays! How stoooopid is that? We decided to go into the town of Stamford, which is where parts of Pr*de and Pr*dudice was filmed. It's the most beautiful town, so well preserved and the old buildings taken properly care of. We strolled around, visiting this and that shop,- I came away with 4 books from different charity shops (no cries of surprise I hear.) Then I bought some bits and bobs in one of those shops that I love, which has all kinds of different things, like candles, fripperies, small boxes, jewellery etc. etc. Fi shopped too. She's now the proud owner of two new tops amongst other things. I'm sure her Ploppy wishes the stately home had been open!

After my Eva I baked! Hey, I thought I was on holiday? I had promised Fi's Ploppy that I'd bake Shillings buns for him. He had at least one every day when he was in Bergen. The mixing of all the ingridients went well, but I think I have a problem,- the dough won't rise! I haven't decided what to do yet. Throw it all out or put it in the oven to see if it rises there? The baking saga goes on and on.

Here is a link about Stamford:

Eva I love Stxmford and have eaten at the George a fair few times. It was on the way to my sister near Grantham. I'm guessing you were going to visit B*rghley? Shame it was closed. Monday maybe, but Fridays? Very odd. Hope you manage to rise!

I’ve just come back from seeing Dad and thought I’d look in before I get us some dinner.
Jan …OH WHAT JOY… for you. I’m so happy for you both
Eva, sorry to hear Shirley is not too good at the moment. It will be lovely for her to see you again
1 sleep!!! ……back later

What wonderful news Jan, I'm so happy for you both, now you can breathe again!

Great to hear from you Auds, it will be lovely to see you tomorrow and to hear what you are allowed to tell us about your Jury service.

How annoying about the Stately Home, Eva and Fi but it sounds as though you were able to find alternative attractions!

Looks as though the right decision's been made re no picnic tomorrow, although it's St. Swithin's Day today I think the weather is definitely not going to be so nice tomorrow.

Getting excited now!

...oh that's brilliant news Jan - what a relief for both of you, no wonder you cried!! Ah Eva and Fi that sounds like our trip to Oxfxrd to see the Pre-Rs to find it wasn't open on Monday!! So sorry to hear about Shirley, but I am sure just seeing you will do her so much good Eva. It's been quite warm today but now is clouding over and the forecast is definitely not good for tomorrow. Don't know what to pack now! Looking forward to seeing lots of you tomorrow and of course raise a glass of Champers to the Cinderloppies (did we mention the Champers and Pxmms Bar??).

I'm happy to say that the buns rose to the occasion! It happened when they were in the oven. I've had one ( a small one) and very tasty it was too.
Fi cooked a lovely tea, lamb chops in a honey/chili marinade with oven baked potatoes. I'm stuffed, but happy!

Pauline,- yes, it was B*rghley we intended to visit.

Such good news Jan, what a relief for you both. Cry away.

Hi Eva, give Shirley my love. I expect you'll manage to raise a smile telling her about your exploits. Shame about your plans, but all worked out if a little bit of shopping was involved.

Forecast for tomorrow in the area is light rain, which does sound better.

Ali, well done to youngest. I'm sure he'll be fine next year, change is always worrying.

Auds the detective, glad you have resurfaced.

Excitement at lunchtime. I was outside and a stray dog walked up. Sweet girl, terrier crossed with lots of things. Medium size. A young adult, looked in good condition. She wasn't too hungry or thirsty. Only managed one bacon sandwich, 2 small pieces of cheese and the ham from inside 2 rounds of sandwiches, left the bread. The dog warden came within the hour. I had thought of dashing home and swapping her for Dog, but she was a terrier, not normally good with cats. I did miss an hour of being trained, so that was fine. Nice lady dog warden. I'll phone up next week to fine out what has happened.

evening girls
first FANTASTIC NEWS JAN about your ploppy we shall drink to that tomorrow in his honour no doubt.
Eva I am sure you will make Shirley happy when she sees you.
Well all packed now ... will I sleep well tonight ? heaven knows.
Looking forward to see you all tomorrow and very sorry not to be able to see absentees.
Ok enough chatter . Ninite all .Drive carefully and see you there.

Eva, what a shame to miss out on tea, glad that you’re fully recovered though. Ohhhmmmsss for Shirley, it must be well nigh impossible for her to be cheerful . Hope your visit puts a smile on her face. When you see her do tell her we think of her often.

KK, I’d be tempted to say b*gger the work!!

Auds, we’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow as well as the GO.

Jan!!!!!!!!! What wonderful news, you must both be so relieved. Not often something like that turns out so positive. I’m just so pleased for you, it’s brought tears to my eyes as well.

Ali, you may remember last year I was distraught at the amount of flies we have here, a friend made me fly screens for all the windows, and I have fly nets at my doors. My house is now fly free, unless Ploppy forgets and leaves the front door open. They have made such a difference, and the best thing is my view isn’t spoiled, I wouldn’t have believed how clearly you can see though them.

Eva, we went to Stamford in the caravans when the godchildren were small, with their parents and grandparents. Delightful place.

Jo, hope the dog is either claimed or finds a nice home, did you give her your lunch?

I’m SO looking forward to tomorrow, it seems a long time since D*blin, and LB just is not a patch on a concert

Early night for ONE MORE SLEEP, nite nite Loppies x

Hope the little dog finds it's home Jo.

Lots of ohhhmmmms for Ann , Shirley and all others in need of them

My bed time so night night all and sleep tight.

So pleased to hear your news Jan. No wonder you were crying.
Eva, please give my love to Shirley when you see her. I'm sure seeing you will raise her spirits a little.
Have a great time tomorrow all those going to see GO. Looking forward to reading all about it.
OOhhmmss for all in need especially Ann and Shirley.
Best get to bed now. Goodnight all.

Morning everyone - hello BHB - you'd like to leave early today as you have palces to go, people to see? Of course, DCM and I and some of the customers are away today too. Let's grab a jug of Bramble and some paninis and you can tell me where you are off to and I can tell you where we are going. Wouldn't it be funny if it was the same place! Lots of ooooooooooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmss for the poorlies and needies and for the Cinderloppies ( just typed Ciderloppies - do you think I have incohol on the brain?). Back tomorrow - afraid it will be self service - key is under the mat as usual.

Morning all

Well, for once, it looks like the weather forecasters got it right! It's pibbing down here!! Oh well, never mind, I have a feeling we won't care later!

We'll miss all the cinder (and cider - love it Carol) loppies! Lots of kisses will be blown from you all.

See some of you later.

Hope the rest of you have a good day.

Ohmmmmmmmssssss to all who need them.

Morning girls , off in half an hour see you K...h lots there, hope the absentees will still have a good day.
Yuckyuck it is raining.
by for now X
Oh forgot OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMSSSSSS for those who need it.

Too busy to say bye last night, see your emails in a bit.

Well BHB, what's all this? Wellies, long waxed coat, beanie, umbrella. Thinking of going somewhere wet today? Oh, your second job? No? What you have a 3rd job. Do 'the management' know this. Aren't you spreading your talents a little thin? Or do you have so many (talents, that is) that it won't matter? [SLAM] ooops

I think we’ll go to see the 20th Century Boy as it’s on locally (Ipswich)
Rain here as well.Oh just thought of something to add to my list...GLOVES!!
See you all soon

(Tight white trousers mmmmmm. Ex used to have a pair, very nice.) Sorry Maggie, good idea to go to see it. The music alone, is reason enough.
See you later

Morning all, I see the forecast was right! Funny how it always is when it is bad. Oh well as KK says we won't care later and at least the theatre has a roof! We'll raise a glass to the Ciderloppies (I do like that!).

Morning BHB, oh I'm late and you are in a hurry? Oh I'm sorry, hangs head, does that mean no hug? Aww lovely, thankyou. Right as we all seem to be in a hurry we better find the CM. I'll get another jug of Bramble...right let's go!

Morning Ladies. Now that the dust has settled here and I am feeling a bit calmer can I say an enormous THANK YOU for your love and support over the past couple of weeks . I admitted to Ploppy yesterday that I had told you all and he was quite OK with it. Phew! Eva, I gave him your big hug and he said it was lovely. When I told him how wonderful everyone had been he was quite touched.

I hope I catch some of you before leaving for K**worth and the main event of the day. Have a really super time and raise a glass to us left behind. I do hope the weather is not too unkind but I don't suppose it will make much difference to those wrapped in Meady heaven.

Eva, I bet Shirley is really looking forward to seeing you and it will cheer her enormously. She knows how much we all think about her but tell her again and give her my love and best wishes.

I shall be glad when this golf Open Championship is over. Helicopters overhead transporting the rich and famous to the course, public transport all over the place and the town full of foreigners - by that I mean not locals. Mind you, some of our mates have spotted famous names jogging along the beach and in the local taverns. Ploppy says he has recognised some faces that he thinks belong to people off the telly but, bless him, he cannot put a name to the faces.

Continuing ohms to Ann, Chantale's mum, Jeremy and everyone who is not feeling very well at the moment.

I think it is time for a full leaded before tackling the dreaded ir*ning.

Have a very good day all.

Yipee - just discovered I have won £10 on last night's Thunderball. What riches.

Morning all.

FAB NEWS Jan - so pleased - for both you and your ploppy.

Well Jo made a good call re weather as heavy rain here - not even British picnic weather! One of our gutters blocked so some work to be done there.

UB scollop home but retreated to his bedroom - and other scollop emailed to say setting off by boat along the am.zon today. probably less wet than here!

Off to look out rugs, scarves etc . See some of you later. Everyone have good weekend.

Morning all. The weather forecasters got it right for this part of England too. To quote KK, it's pibbing down.

Hello sweetheart. Ops. Too late, I only saw the back of him.
Carol,- your remarks to BHB would normally get a slammed door for me and Jo, but you get away with it! What is it with this snuffling that makes him forgive you?

Jan,- if it makes your Ploppy happy, you can give him a big hug from me every day!
Congrats on your win. Get yourself something nice.

Fi has been in the attic and found things we will need, so now cushions and blankets are in the boot of the car. I have brought a rain cape with a hood with me, so together with a thick, knitted coat I think it should keep me warm enough. I might even feel a tad overheated when Himself enters the stage.

We'll be going out for lunch, so all Ciderloppies (Why didn't it surprise me that
Carol came up with an incahol-laden word?), have a good Saturday anyway, and you'll be supplied with the usual reviews tomorrow.
To the rest: See you in a few hours.

Just taken Dog out in the quite heavy rain. I have put dry clothes on now.
I can't take credit for the weather forecast, it was the BBC.
Dog walkers checked and ready. They are also looking after another dog this weekend, who has more 'problems' than Dog. They can't walk them together as it is the dog that is second on Dog's Most Hated list.
Must dash.

Lee should have had his concert in Bergen today. Look at the weather:

I’m using my notebook travelling in the car (Martin driving)
We’ve had to come off the A14 as the lanes were flooded, both sides of the carriageways. It’s stopped raining at least …The lengths we go for Mr Mead!!
Here’s a link I followed from the forum

Hello all! Is it just us Ciderloppies left? Jan, Ali, Kathleen, Geri...any other Ciderloppies (love that nickname). I hope the rest are having a fantastic and not too soggy time.

Jan - oh thank goodness! That is excellent news.

Eva - please do give our love to Shirley.

Maggie - thanks for the link. She sounds like she's still in love with her hubby to me!

Gosh it's quiet, I wonder why?

Just had a look at some tweets from those who are at K'worth, it seems that the GO sang Gethsemane and was truly truly awesome. It would be lovely if we could see or hear it somehow!!!

I am not a Ciderloppie this evening, I am a Lagerloppie. That sounds good as well.

Can't wait for reports of the great event.

Hi all

I'm sat in the train station waiting for my train home, still recovering from the most amazing night.

Will post a full review when I'm home and have composed my thoughts but for now, last night was, for me, without shadow of doubt, the best concert of the ones I have been to.

I have hoped for ages that he would sing G*thsemene and, oh boy, it was simply stunning. I was shaking, in tears and speechless at the end of it and the audience went wild.

I would have been more than happy for the rest of his concert to be the usual set but for him to also sing Bring H*m Home, Why G*d and also Anth*m just completely made my year let alone my night.

I'm filling up again at the memory! Better go before they come and remove the blubbering wreck in the corner!

"See" you all when I get home.

Morning all. Not a bad day here,- a little sunshine coming through. Oh, you don't want to hear about the weather, do you? A review? Coming up.

Hello sweetheart. HELLO SWEETHEART! Ah, I forgot he's been given the weekend off. Maybe he went to a good concert yesterday, like we did? Nay, we went to a stupendous concert last night!
Let me first say something about the theatre. It was an "outdoors" one, in the sense that there was a stage with a full roof and walls, an auditorium over which was strung a huge canvas, but no walls. The auditorium as in an amphi theatre style, with seats going upwards, which secured good views from everywhere. Not that I needed any better views. I was in A7 (where else?) and could almost touch Himself.
He burst unto the stage for PIB, and we were away. The first half followed his usual concert repetoir, except for the end song Ghetsemane, and oh boy, did he do well! He sand and acted his heart out, and his voice is just made for this song. Some people cried, (eh, KK and Ro?). I think I held my breath through the whole song. When it ended, we were on our feet, cheering, clapping and adoring him all over again.

The second half was like all our Christmases came at once. As KK said, he sang Anthem, Oh God, Bring Him Home, JC Superstar, and the rest was his more quiet tunes, plus two duets with Lauren Wright. She is a wonderful singer, much better than NP, and she has a solo album coming out next Monday. She also sang some solos, amongst them Fever and Bring Out The Clowns.

The sound wasn't perfect, due to there being absolutely no accustics (no walls), and a smaller band than usual, but Hey! Who cares? Go was there, better than ever, and I loved every second of it.

Poor Auds wasnt well, with a stinking cold, but I think hearing Ghetsemane cured that! She'd certainly forgotten about it when I enquired after her health in the interval.
I went up to this lady in the audience and asked if she had seen Chantale,- and it was Chantale! She's looking so good,- new hairstyle, coulorful clothes and minus 2 stones!

Unfortunately the meet was split up in two parts, so I didn't get to talk to all the SLs. Oh well, couldn't be helped, but 10 of us met up at a very nice restaurant for 3 hours of chatting and eating. It might be until October before I see you again.

Our drive home went well. Thank you to Fi for getting Jules and myself there and back safely.

At the moment I'm sitting in Fi's kitchen while her Ploppy is prepearing the Sunday roast. It's already sending out a delicious aroma, and he's made a rhubarb crumble for afters. My favourite dessert. They are spoiling me.
I will be sad to say goodbye to Fi and her lovely Ploppy. It has been good to see UB scollop and set a face to the name. He's a lovely lad.

I'll be taking the train down to London this afternoon and then a train out to E*tham. I'll be staying at Shirley's house. I probably won't see her until tomorrow. I hope this stooooopid dongle is working when I get there.
Have a good Sunday all.

On the train now so thought I'd write my review to pass the time. I'm having a much easier journey than yesterday. Not that yesterday's journey was traumatic in any way, just that there were four trains, FOUR trains, involved!! Had a bit of a strange encounter in L*eds train station when I was sat having a coffee, minding my own business, when a dodgy looking bloke came and sat at the next table. After a short while he said to me "Ere luv, 'ave a look at this". Oh, oh I thought! I looked up startled and he then moved over to my table and brought with him a portable DVD player. He then spent the next 10 minutes boring me rigid with a story that the DVD was of him climbing the Thr*e P*aks in the fog!!! What it actually was, was just fog with the occasional glimpse of what could have been a person, if you stood on your head and squinted! Quite frankly it could have been a DVD of M*ckey M*use doing the R*verdance for all I could see. Why do I always get the nutters!!

Other than that the FOUR train journeys were uneventful, oh, apart from the one where I had a seat reserved in Coach C, only to find that when the train arrived there was no Coach C! I did wonder if this was a H*rry P*tter moment and I was supposed to jump between coaches B & D and end up in a magical Mead world! And that's exactly where I did end up.

Met Sue & her very lovely Ploppy Ray at the station in MH and then met Diana & Maeve and went off to join the others at the pub. It was great to see everyone again. Had a lovely meal and lots of chat. Thanks to Jo and Maggie for the research in finding the pub.

Then it was off to K*lworth. What a wonderful venue. Stunning location. Met up with Twins, MM and poor Auds, who was really poorly, but had come off her sick bed to support our boy. You're a star Auds. I got a lovely birthday pressie from the Twins and MM, thank you so much guys.

Then the main event. You could feel the excitement building and as the band struck up PiB my hands went to my face in anticipation. In fact, my hands went to my face several times during the evening - in excitement, wonder, awe and all manner of other emotions. I was sat next to Eva, with Chantale (looking fantastic) and Nicholas next to her and we just kept looking at each other in wonderment of the man before us on the stage.

And talking of the stage, it was so low, just a step up, he was almost on the same level as us on the front row. In fact, he said it was the first time he'd had to look up at the audience as he's used to looking down into the stalls. He also said that it was the first time he'd been able to fully see the audience (because it was still daylight) and that it was a bit scary! Bless!!

His usual songs and stories were done well and he got a lot of laughs, in all the right places, the man's a comedian, no doubt about it!

But the highlight came at the end of the first set when he sang G*thsemene. Oh my word! Words cannot begin to describe how awesome it was. The power, the passion, the intensity of the emotion. I was totally wrung out by the end (God knows what it took out of him). I was shaking and had to sit down to recover before I could move.

At that point, as I said earlier, my night was already made and I would have been happy for the second set to be the usual but when he went on to sing Why God and then, be still my beating heart, Br*ng Him H*me, I was in heaven. In fact, I almost slid off my seat when he started BHH. Just beautiful. The song and the man. And before I had had chance to recover from that he did JCS, which has always been my favourite (until G*thsemene) and I couldn't believe how lucky we were. So, to get Anthem at the end was just the perfect way to end the perfect concert.

At the signing he was his usual gorgeous and charming self. The signing was actually done in the bar (where better) near to the theatre so Ray joined us for a drink and from our table we were able to watch the rest of the signing, so we got to gaze adoringly at him for another 20 minutes or so. A perfect way to end the perfect day.

Then it was back to Sue and Ray's whose hospitality was wonderful. They really looked after Diana, Maeve and myself. Thank you so much Sue and Ray.

And thank you to everyone who made it a day to remember.

I've loved all the concerts but this one was very special.

Just like the man!

Eva and Karen - thank you both for those lovely lovely reviews! How wonderful!

Jan your luck has turned indeed, just need to get that pesky credit card sorted now!

Thanks for the link Maggie, let’s hope the scandalmongers shut up now!!

KK, love your story of the Nutter!!
I simply can’t add to your description of last night, except to say - - - - - - - - - -
I used to think I wanted him to play Judas, not anymore!! I don’t think I have ever heard him sing better.

Back after H*rry P*tter.

Hi to all the Kilworth crew, it was nice to see you all again.

Sorry if I was a bit moody (Maggie says I was) but I have been in some discomfort and pain for a few days and didn't mean to take it out on you all.

We enjoyed the concert, Lee was in good voice even though he was a bit cold with "erect nipps" (now calm down ladies)

Sorry not to have said goodbye to everyone, we all seemed to disappear in different directions.

I hope you all had a safe journey and made it home ok.

Our Norwegian guest has left - sob. We have enjoyed both our Norwegian trip - with the marvellous hostess - and being able to have our Norwegian guest to stay here. She was so impressed that we had managed to arrange for the GO to sing in a local (ish!) venue:).

Fab reviews already but just to say how much I enjoyed g.ths.m.ane and BHH - and JSS and.... It was a fab concert - in an absolutely fab (tho a tad cold!) venue. Lovely to have time to spend with people over our meal - excellent venue - thanks to Jo and Maggie. Martin - I didn't notice you were moody! hope your accommodation was good.I think I managed to say Hello to everyone who didn't make it to our meal. Yes we did slip off quickly after the concert as had over an hours drive home and we weren't sure where signing was - so sorry to have missed you then but lovely to see everyone before and during concert.

Jan - cant remember if I said FAB FAB news re ploppy. So pleased:)

Ok now that guest has gone I have to admit that holiday over (double sob) and get ready for w.rk tomorrow - aaargh

Martin - it was lovely to see you yesterday. If you were in a bad mood, it didn't show. Sorry you've been in pain. Glad you liked the concert. Yes, his erect nips comment took my mind off in a very unladylike direction!

Sue - hearing G*thsemene does make the J *sus/J*das debate more difficult.

At the signing I told him that I had been hoping for a long time that he would sing that and he said that he had waited a long time to sing it but that the time had to be right and that it was no good him singing it when he was 17 because he wouldn't have had the maturity to do it justice. This man knows what he's doing!

I forgot to mention, and very remiss of me it was, Laura was brilliant. She has the most beautiful, pure voice, it was a real pleasure to listen to her. She looked beautiful too! She joked that she thought there must be a lot of ladies in the audience who were jealous of her sharing the stage with Lee. How very right she was.

I think it might take me a long time to come down from this one!

Eva - I didn't get chance to say before you left, hope you have a good week with Shirley, give her my love but look after yourself too.

Been back home for a while after a good journey, most of the way with Diana.

Wow what a day we had yesterday, can't better Eva and KK's reviews, must first echo KK's thanks to Sue1 and Ray without whom I wouldn't have been there, they were a fantastic taxi service and B&B hosts, many, many thanks to you both.

It was lovely to meet up with so many lop.s in the restaurant found by Jo and Maggie, the food was good and it was very relaxed so we could take our time and have a real long chat.

Although the weather had been so bad in the morning it had cleared by the time we were a t Kilwth where we met up with rest of the group. It is a beautiful place with lovely grounds, the theatre was open to the elements and it was pretty 'nippy' ! GO mentioned how cold he was several times, and only briefly took off his jacket.

The concert was one of the best ever, there were heated discussions about whether Dublin or last night was the best!

Gethsemene was just wonderful, real' hair standing up on the back of the neck'
quality, I felt that I hadn't breathed at all throughout it, the feeling and passion were incredible, for once,, stunning, was literally the word.
At the signing when I congratulated him on giving a bravura performance he said it was the first time he'd sung it in public and had been nervous but there was no sign of that at all.
What a man!

Forgot to say, Martin, you didn't seem the slightest bit grumpy !

Only sad thing was that poor Auds wasn't well at all so didn't have much of a chance to talk, hope you feel better very soon .

Sigh, lovely reviews and once again I missed hearing him sing BHH. One day....
Thankyou all.

Evening all, Home again after the most wonderful weekend. Ours was a bit different to the previous reports as we actually stayed at the hotel and wow what a fabulous place it is. The day started with a downer as Twin rang to say Auds was ill with a cold and had offered to stay at home. As she was sharing with me it was felt they should consult me. Well we couldn't let her miss out now could we. Anyway they arrived to pick me up and I could see poor Auds was really feeling rough. We had already told Jo that we would grab lunch on the way to the hotel and then go to the hotel as then MM could relax and have a drink. As it happened he just did the relaxing as did Auds ....separately of course!! Oh, one good bit we had a double room, thankfully the bed was very large! Anyway Twin and I decided to decamp to the lounge where we met with Suex and K2 and then Chantale and Nicholas joined us and we had a very nice hour and a half chatting and catching up. Agree Chantale looks fantastic, she has earned every pound lost. Then we went to get ready for the main event waking the sleeping ones. We made our way through beautiful grounds and as we arrived near the theatre entrance we saw the others arriving! Fantastic. Lots of hellos and chatting as we moved into the theatre area and the bar, of course!! Sadly I only got to say a quick hello to some but had a lovely chat with Maggie and Martin. Grumpy? Really? Well well I didn't notice. Then it was time for the main event. Eva and KK have described the concert so well. It was just mind blowingly wonderful. I do think you could tell seeing the audience really disconcerted him and he seemed a bit nervous, but the singing was great as ever. The high spots were definitely Gxthsemane, JCSS, Anthxm and BHH was just achingly wonderful. I love Laura I think she has a wonderful voice and seems a charming lady as well. If the GO was cold, poor lady must have frozen as she wore a slinky green strappy evening dress! Argghhh!

After the finale, Dxydrxxm Believer as usual, Twin and I made our way to the queue forming for the signing, MM and Auds having decided to go back as it was raining on and off and I think we must have queued for about 30 mins at least, worth it though! As ever he was lovely. We then stopped for a chat with Diana, Maeve, Sue and Ploppy and KK. Jo was nearly last to sign and said a quick hi and goodbye, then Brenda popped by to say the same. Twin and I made our way back to our respective rooms and bed. I would like to say for sweet dreams, but thanks to one of the wedding party staying over who chose to try and beat a door down I was jerked in to full consciousness as I was dropping off. It really frightened me as I was thinking it was someone beating our door! Auds slept through it all, courtesy of the cold medicine, it took me ages to drop off, so I felt like a wet rag this morning. A few strong coffees at breakfast helped to get me going! We said our goodbyes and left this lovely place to make opur way home.

Sorry to have gone on. That was one of the best weekends ever. Perfect, well apart from Aud's cold. Ohhhhmmmms you are better soon Auds.

You can breath easy,- the dongle is working,........for now!
I'm at Shirley's after an uneventful, but long journey. It was good to be in-house again, sitting on the sofa with my feet up. It was sad to say goodbye to Fi, Ian and UBscollop. We have had such a lovely time together, both in Norway and here in Blighty. And Fi only 'fessed up to having arranged the K*lworth concert for my benefit just before I got on the train. Talk about being the Hostess with the Mostess!

Martin,- if you are like that when you're moody, you must be a total delight when you're in a good mood! Tell Maggie not to worry.

It's too late to go and see Shirley now, but I'll be up there first thing tomorrow morning.

Eva glad you are safely at Shirley's, can't believe I only got to say hello! Not good enough. Next time we will definitely have a natter, whether you want to or not!! Do give my love to Shirley tomorrow please.

Ah Pauline - another lovely long review - thank you! Pity about that wedding party.

Auds - I hope that 'orrible cold goes quickly!

Martin - it's grand to see you on the blog again.

Aw Fi, I bet you miss Eva. But at least you are on the blog Eva. Love to Shirley when you see her.

OOHHMMMS for all needies

Sweet Meads

Lovely to see everyone yesterday. The Cinderloppies were missed.
Been really busy today, so just logged in.
GO was great last night. He apologised for not doing costume change as it was too cold. Poor Laura, strappy thin dress.
I've never been fond of Gethsemene, but he did do it really well. The others were excellent.
Martin, didn't realise you were grumpy.
Auds get well soon. (She seemed really perky in the interval, GO effect)
Sorry short review as I have stuff to do.

Hi all, safely home after a lovely weekend. As Twin has said poor Auds was very poorly and was struggling quite a bit yesterday evening – that is until she sat in her seat and the GO came on stage – I’ve never seen such a transformation, talk about a tonic! She sat entranced with a big smile on her face – lovely! Great to meet up with everyone, albeit briefly and apologies for those we missed at the end. Martin you weren’t grumpy at all! Maggie – I now have dress for the wedding, just need accessories (the dress arrived while we were away). It’s pink of course! OK, we picked up the ailing Auds, went on to Twin’s thus allowing Auds to do the de luxe tour of the house before we set off. The rain was falling down in sheets and driving on the motorway was not nice – poor MM doing the driving. Lots of lorries “undertaking” on the inside and causing so much spray we felt we were in fog. Eventually got to Kilworth and went for lunch to a lovely little pub about ten minutes away. Food was wonderful and the Ladies was decorated in pink with the glitteriest (is that a word?) sparkly loo seats you have ever seen! Then we went and checked in and as Twin said we left Auds and MM (separately) to have a snooze. We met up with Chantale (looking fantastic and I love the new hair style) and Nicholas, and K2 and SueX (who has the most adorable granddaughter from the pictures we saw!). Forgot to say the rain had stayed with us and we had just checked in when the monsoon arrived. From our bedroom window we could hear the sound tests - both GO and Laura so we knew they had arrived safely. We sauntered down to the theatre, passing the ill fated picnic site (which looked lovely) – actually some people were picnicking despite the rain! Met up with the others and managed a drink before we went in. We were further back than the others but we had a huge amount of space in front of us so plenty of room to stretch our legs straight out, and in fact we were on the GO’s eye level. MM had hired us blankets (Twin has in true Scout tradition brought a rung with her, but had passed it to Auds who was at the shivery state), which were bright green. As we had so much room in front of us the bright green blankets were obviously clearly visible from the stage and at one point the GO called across and asked us if he could share our blanket. We wish!! Anyway the others have given the rave reviews - I was so pleased he included JCS in addition to G’samane, but thought we might have to miss out on Anxthem, but no – he sang it at the end – wonderful. AND we heard BBH. Laura was again in great voice (she must have been freezing!) Fantastic venue, brilliant concert, lovely company, wonderful hotel – fabulous weekend and yes we thought of you and raised a glass (or two, or may be three or four) to the Ciderloppies!

Oo, the jeans, I forgot to mention the jeans!! They were those very trendy, low slung type, the type that makes women of a certain age (me!) just want to go and pull them up!! I confess, I was mesmerised by their low slungness (yes, I know that's not a word!!).

I also forgot that when he told the K*n D*dd story that we've heard before, this time he did a KD impression, complete with buck teeth! Very funny!

Sorry forgot to mention earlier, I have put a few pics in Loppy Ladies Two album, not many and only a couple worth seing but have some video that super spy Maggie took at the show, need to sort them out though and decide how best to get you to see them.

...oh and he told us he was supposed to change his jacket but it was too cold. Later he said his breath was frosting as he sang! Someone threw him a red blanket and he warpped it round his shoulders for a short while, but said it wouldn't suit the next song, which was Anthem, so he took it off. So pleased he sang BHH - it was lovely - what the heck it was all lovely. Also found out that 3 years ago the hotel did a fund raising year for MND - and raised £120,000 plus. Brilliant. Eva our love to Shirley please. Ooooohhhhmmmmmmmmss for all those who need them and so sorry not everyone could have been there last night.

Please have a look at Ro's Timeline re Kilworth -WOW WOW.

Thanks for all the lovely reviews ladies, you made me feel as if I had been there.

Question- does mum in audience always = interesting word order in PiB?

Not just in PIB ... ;)

Aha, not put those two things together! Bless.

Thanks for the lovely report etc on the Timeline Ro. Heard about your scary journey there from Auds. Eeek! Thank goodness you are ok.

Tired so having an early night. Sleep tight all, night night.

First to say ohhhmmmsss a plenty for Auds, that her horrid cold goes AWAY!!

Martin, moody?? Didn’t notice, it was lovely to see you and Maggie, and Ray enjoyed having another ‘Ploppy’ to chat to.

KK, you wanted to pull his jeans - - - UP????

Lee has his own versions of songs, and they’re usually different every time!!

Ro, I second Pauline's comment, could have been very nasty. I love your account of it on the Timeline!!

Just a note to our three house (caravan) guests, it was a pleasure to have you. Ploppy thinks that maybe we're not so 'mad' after all.

Nite nite Loppies x

I have to add I liked the reduced band sound. PS the drummer was more subdued than Mason (much more to my taste).

Sue - ok, you got me, I would much rather have pulled them the other way!!!!

Btw, Sue, the pleasure was all ours, I'm sure Maeve and Diana agree with me.

Still on a high so not sure I'll sleep but off to try. Night all. Sleep well.

Yes Ro I noticed, but hey it adds to the charm.

eek those jeans. Not a good look. What a shame.
Nightlee night

I wrote post and lost it aargh Quick summary

Martin - forgot to say sorry you are in pain and hope you better soon. Didn't recognise you at first - thought it was one of your sons - you looked so young:)

Auds - hope you better soon.

KK - yes Jules and I kept thinking jeans were about to fall down at any minute as so low slung.
Eva - glad dongle working and you are in communication. Hope all well when you visit Shirley. hugs.

I have sore throat and swollen glands but think a reaction to returning to w.rk. Must dash. bye...

Morning all, not sure but I think we have skipped a few months and have landed in October. Don't think the GO will be doing too much surfing this week. Wretched weather.

First of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chantale. Have a wonderful day.

Trying to come back down to earth and get my head into house gear again, not easy. Still have to buy food and wxsh clothes and other fairly boring things.

Ohhhhmmmms for Shirley and An. Also for Auds and Martin, and for Fi if she has a lurgy.

Morning BHB, yes I know the CM will be late today as she has to go to the dentist for a filling, poor thing. You have done a fantastic job in the Bistro with lots of silver balloons and streamers, The table cloths are all pale aqua and there are beautiful posies of flowers on each table. e has baked the usual carrot cake with frosting and a double chocolate cake, best bit is you can eat all of these and not put an ounce on Chantale! Pink Champagne is on ice in limitless supply of course. You are a clever thing BHB. That got me a nice hug, yum. Let's get some cake and some champers and we'll sit and snuffle till the CM arrives.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTALE. Have a wonderful day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTALE!!! Sorry I've only just posted your card.

Carol - thank you for another lovely review, Sigh!

Ro - thank you for looking after us again. Very sorry to hear about your scare. EEK!

Jo - I agree about G. Not a song I like either, but I hope to be converted when I hear the GO sing it.

Karen & Sue - Low slung jeans eh? Not a good look. Where's Phil when we need 'im!

Happy Birthday Chantale xx
Lots more lovely reviews, thankyou.
Hope you're not feeling too bad Fi, oohhmm
And oohhmm for Auds too.

Afternoon – back from the Dentist and most important thing first:-

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Chantale
Happy birthday to you.

Have a lovely day.

Thinking of Eva and Shirley and sending lots of ooooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmsss their way. Also oooohhhmmmmmmmmmmssssss for everyone else who needs them. Filling wasn’t too bad. It was a drilling out of old filling and a new one put in place. Drove home and MM took me to the station (he is off to see his Knee Insultant today) and then I waited half an hour for a train. Have to say I was a tad cold after that as the weather isn’t that much better from the weekend except we have only had one light shower so far. Still it is looking very grey from the window. Only 31.5 more working days to go – starting to get excited, even if it means penury!! Hello BHB, thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the Bistro in my absence. Is there still Champagne on Ice? There is, then let’s grab the lime green blanket and have a snuffle whilst you tell me about your weekend.

Ruddy site threw me out and although I "copied" my text it didn't work. Now I can't remember all I said.

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTALE, I was late in posting your card due to events here but hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.

Horrible weather here and not suitable for hanging out the washing or gardening but at least the golf has finished and the town is returning to normal.

Ploppy is eating almost normally again and has gone to the dentist to see if he can remove the surgical padding in his palate which the nurse at the doctor's surgery refused to have anything to do with.

Poor Auds, after having been trapped in a stuffy courtroom for ages and then to go down with a dreadful cold is just not fair. I am sure Ki*worth made you feel more cheerful. Get well soon.

Eva, I hope you found Shirley in reasonable spirits, your visit will no doubt do her a power of good.

I am not quite sure what happened to Ro but from what she said on her Timeline it sounds pretty scary.

Sorry you have been in pain Martin, hope it goes away soon.

Ohms to all the poorlies and needies.

Happy Birthday Chantale.Have a great day to end a great weekend
Thank you one and all for a wonderful afternoon and outstanding night
We were booked to have lunch at the Greyhound (included in the B/B ..Lazy Sunday deal) but as Martin was not feeling to good we booked out early.
From meeting up for Lunch (with free drink, thanks Fi /Eva... large glass as well) to a most wonderful ending to a perfect day. What a night as said before, Himself was on great form.
Martin was even laughing at some of the things he was saying.
Lee was saying how cold he was and did anyone have any hot chocolate. I had seen by then, the men in the sound booth had coats on and were wrapped up well.
Also, bless him, he said shirt on shirt off, but what he meant to say was coat on coat off. He then started to laugh at himself as he realised he had said the wrong thing, which made us all laugh with him…it was just great!!(some songs he had his coat on and for other song he took it off)
Martin hasn’t gone to work today still feeling under the weather
Sending ooohhhmmmss to all in need
PS Carol glad your dress arrived

Jan and anyone else who looses a post, try using the green back arrow - not the wording return to original entry. I have sometimes posted without filling in all the boxes and thought I’d lost my post, because by pressing return to original entry it brings me back to the blog with an empty posting box. But using the back arrow there is my post all safe and sound

oops should be.. loses

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTALE... You are looking so good, you must be so proud of yourself for sticking with you regime. Just loving the new look altogether.
Thanks for oooomms everyone. They're working. Although I have again lost my voice - and have a rasping cough instead, which hopefully won't last too long. Was sorry not to be able to have a good old catch-up with everyone - colds aren't meant for sharing - very grateful for Twins and MM braving it for the weekend with me, esp Pauling for sharing a room. All the same, it was so lovely to see so many of us in once place again. And boy, wasn't the venue something else???
But oh, that concert was a pure Tonic for me. I was so worried I was going to be a miserable git for the duration, but he just wasn't going to let that happen. And also those fantastic renditions of G, BHH, and A - pure heaven.
Haven't had time to read everyone's reviews (or more of the blog) but will print out for the journey home tonight.
Ooohhhmmmmms for everyone else in need, and special love and hugs to you Eva for Shirley.

Afternoon all from a wintry (!) South London. Apart from a hot and humid spell in the middle of the day, it's been more October (agreeing with you, Pauline.) than middle of summer!

Hope you andPloppy have some wonderful days at K*lworth.

All those ohms you keep sending to Shirley must have worked their magic, because when I arrived at the nursing home today, she was watching the telly, was wide awake, alert and beaming when I entered the room. I was there for about an hour and we chatted and had some laughs. Well, I did most of the talking ( why aren't you surprised?), and she wanted to know every little detail about the family in Norway. She is so pleased and touched by all the messages from you lot. I told her about you and Ploppy and the happy ending, Jan, and she was so pleased,
Kathleen,- she asked after you specially.
I went back for a quick visit this afternoon, but then she was fast asleep, so I tip-yoed out again.

Can someone please send me or post here, the link to Ro's Timeline.? The latest " cleaning" of BB has wiped it from my Bookmarks.

KK,- I had to laugh when I read your remark about Lee's new trousers, because I had exactly the same thoughts. Another thing I noticed was that as they looked like an accordian around his ankles, they made his legs look shorter. I bet Jo was itching to get to work with her needle and thread! He is not the tallest man on the planet, so not a good look for him!
Scott dear,- I hope you don't think those remarks are against The House Rules? They are not meant in a bad way. By now you must have an inkling that I adore the man!

They had a plug-in for Lauren's CD on Classic FM today. I hope I can buy it before I leave.

Oh Eva that is just lovely that Shirley was having a good day. If our ohhhmmms can help at all she can have shed loads of them.

Here is the link you wanted:

Just in case nobody got in before me!


Eva, I wouldn't have bothered taking the jeans up. I would have taken them to the charity shop (or maybe not????) and bought him a replacement. It really was the worst look he has had. If Phil had anything to do with it, he needs a gentle slap. He must have had a longer than usual shirt to stay tucked in. It was really distracting. (I've just deleted a whole sentence which would probably have gone against the new rules of the blog.)


I have to say it twice to make up for forgetting, sorry

Eva, glad Shirley was feeling a bit better today. Such a nice lady.

New Ts on soon.

Diana is being a temptress via email, she knows I have absolutely no will power.

First of all Happy Birthday Chantale, forgot to post the card!! If I tell you that two years together we forgot Ploppy’s dollop’s birthday, (cost a lot to make it up to her!) and then on Friday we forgot her Ploppy’s birthday, you may feel a little better that I forgot your card, - - - I hope.

Jan I do feel sorry for your poor Ploppy, even though the really scary stuff is over, he must still be so uncomfortable, sending more ohhhmmmsss.

Maggie, ohhhmmmssss for Martin, wish him better soon please. Good tip about the back button.

Glad you’re feeling a bit better Auds, it’s the after effects of a dose of Mead.

Eva, I’m so pleased that you found Shirley in better spirits, I hope your visits this week do much to cheer her. Ohhhhhmmmmmssssss for her, that she is comfortable, content and free from pain. Some for you also, because it’s such a difficult time.

All this talk of garments,is it only me who is mesmerised by his FACE?????

Nite nite Loppies x

Oh lovely reports I cannot add any more then already done his Gethsegeme rendring just got me and the thought of it still does.
You are all so lovely with your comments about new me ,yes it is hard work but I feel so so much better and diebetese is dropping mre and more.
It was lovley tosee so many of you so sorry we did not make it to Jo's restaurant but ploppy was knackered with the drive and wanted a drink so we stayed put in thatwonderful hotel. They asked me at the desk if we would come back again we eagerly said yes so long as Lee was allowed to sing there again! to wich they heartily said oh we want him back he was fantastic!
Thank you for all your good wishes! I am so so pleased with my presy from the twins and MM I got a loppy yeH!!!!! my little loppy is allowed to join Jessica and her mates got to find her a name now!
Eva I am so pleased that Shirley was in good form.
Went to insanity class this evening , mother is doing a little meal tomorrow with friends and family.
Martin did you say grumpy.... wow no way, you are too nice to be that. Ok rtime for bed and read the rest of my emails with good wishes! Naughty Go no words from him though.... nite all xxx

No Sue you are not. Just so gorgeous.

Glad you liked the little loppy Chantale. Oh I do hope he does another concert there and that the weather is warmer! It was just heavenly.

My bedtime, so night night and sleep tight all.

Hope you've had a Happy Birthday Chantale, sorry to be so late, I 've had a really bad head all day which has just lifted, probably brought on in the aftermath of all the weekend's excitement..

Re the hipster jeans, I thought they might have looked a bit better with a belt but so not a good look!

It was lovely to see so many of you a Klwth.
Glad to hear that you're feeling slightly better Auds and hope that Martin will be soon, good that the Dentist wasn't too bad Carol and excellent news Eva that you found Shirley in such good spirits. Hope work wasn't too horrible Fi.

Must get to bed, night all.

Been an annoying night animal wise, as all are in due to the winter weather.
I have found out tonight that my neighbours both sides went to bed at just after 9pm on Sat. The 2 couples were lying in bed listening to Dog barking. Oh dear.
Forecast more rain and very cool the next couple of days.
Nightlee night

Pooh! It rejected my post as it said I hadn't put my name etc. in and I had!!!

Morning all – oh I’m so pleased to hear that about Shirley Eva – lots of ooohhhhmmnmmmmmmsss going in the pot for you both! Ooooohhhhmmmmmmmmsss being deposited for all those who need them. Can’t say the weather is vastly improved today – very grey here. Lots of school sports days in our area so hope it doesn’t rain on them. We came home on Sunday to find our water butt had overflowed!! Only 31 more days to go………………must start doing handover notes when I find the time! Winding down slightly activity wise to – had our last small group rehearsal until September so now I get Monday evenings off too – after Choir Practice on Friday I will have Fridays off too. I always plan what I am going to do with the extra time and then suddenly it’s September and I haven’t done any of the things I thought I would!! Hello BHB, too cold for the veranda? I agree, so it’s the green blanket, a jug of Vanillita and a snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Morning all, well the sun is shining here at the moment, even if it isn't exactly tropical!

Love the link Jo, but we know about the power of the ohmms don't we?! Naughty doggie. I suppose she was telling everyone how neglected she was.

Maeve I hope you feel better today.

Lots of ohhhhmmmms from me for all the needies, of which there seem to be far too many at the moment.

Morning BHB, I know, where is summer? Oh well did think that might have been it we had in April! Never mind another jug of Vanillita and we'll find the CM and forget the rotten weather.

Morning all. It's not bad here at the moment,- the sun is shining and when I walked round to the newsagent around 8am for my paper, I only had a short sleeved top on (in addition to underwear/trousers and shoes, of course!)

Hello sweetheart. You think I need more clothes on? Well, you know us Vikings , a very tough breed!

Scott dear,- sorry I haven't commented on it before, but I love Anne C*eeves' Shetland novels. I've read the 4 (?) she's written so far, and I hope there are more coming. To be reccomended to those of you who enjoy a first class crime read.

Maeve,- I hope your poor head is feeling better this morning. I know you are prone to the dreaded migraines.

I'll be driving off to see Shirley in half an hours time.

Spoke to youngest sister last night and had good news about the Pirate Hunter (as was). He passed both his advanced maths exams and have been accepted at Uni for Marine Biology course and is no 4 on the waiting list for Underwater Technology, which is his first choice.
Iselin is now in China, and after 6 days in Beijing, she and her friend is today taking the high speed train to Shanghai. Apparently the journey's time is cut down from 10 to 5 hours, so that must be a fast one. As usual she's thouroughly enjoying herself.

Jo,- I tried to view your link but had to download A*obe F*ash Player and made a hash of it. I'l try again later.
I'm sure Shannon made all that noise because she wanted to hear the concert too!

Chantale,- what on earth is an insanity course? I don't need a course, of course, as it comes quite natural to me!

Hi again. Where are you all?
It's been a very nice day here. No rain showers, so Ive just been for a walk in the park.

Shirley waa drowsy when I visited today. She had obviously been given a stronger night dose of morphine and wasn't too happy about that. She'd had dreadful nightmares, she said, and thought she had the drugs to thank for it. But she cheeed up, and even cracked a few jokes. When I said I'd been to the newsagent in my shortsleeved top and trousers and shoes because I didn't want to shock the neighbours, she said not to worry, she'd immunized them long ago.
She wanted to hear about the K*lworth concert all over again, and giggled when I told her about his new, low slung trousers. She said:" I can just see you doing that,- walking up on the state to yank up his trousers."

I might be going to see LND on Thursday night. I so want to see it again before it closes. I rang S*E, and one of the lovely lads there told me how to get a £ 67 ticket for £37. So I'm going to ring again tomorrow afternoon.

Evening girls last of my birthday celebrations although me thinks should do more would you believe I lost another pound this week? there was I thinking I would have put a couple of them on how odd the body works!!!
Insanity class if you put it on google it will show you a taster .It is a very intensive aerobic and vascular work out involving a lot of springting on the spot jumping lunges press up etc, I do as much as each exercise lasts 45 seconds a set of 4 or five then it is repeated x3 each time a bit faster. The whole class lasts about one hour. Yes I know just writing it all down is tirering!!!!
Eva so glad the concert is bringing a smile to Shirley's face.
Enjoy LND.
Here it is going to be a tightening belt exercise after Kilworth for a while.....
hehehe won't do me any harm!
ok see you all later xxx

Evening all, just deleted my long post, doh! Been visited by friends and incahol was partaken so maybe it was me!

Eva poor Shirley. Morphine is a viscious if neccessary drug and does funny things to you. I hope she has a better night tonight. Please tell her I am thinking of her and send my love. Good news for the Pirate Hunter. You have a talented family. Glad Iselin is enjoying herself.

Chantale you can keep that insanity thing. My goodness you deserve your weight loss if that is what you do! Mad ids the word.

A friend sent me this. I love it.

Pauline, a message from Dog. 'She saw the YT a few months ago and wasn't impressed then. That stupid dog doing all the work that the servants are meant to do. And as for messing with the servants clothes that is just ridiculous. Well what can you expect from terriers,' (her lip curled up at this point).
She has now withdrawn to her cushion in disgust.

Good news - the last wash from the weekend has finished. What with the warm weather and rain, there was a big pile of saddle cloths.

Eva, I'm sure Shirley would have had the same thoughts as half the audience (right s*x, right age) re THE jeans. Glad she enjoyed the tales from the concert.

Carol, I just can't imagine how you are feeling with a month left to go to w*rk. Happy, sad, pleased, concerned. Must be very strange.

I have forgotten to have any tea. Tummy is now telling me

I took Dog out for a walk instead, just got back for Rams*y kit nightm usa. So had a banana and a rice cake.

Yes I can see that the terrier's antics would be beneath Shannon Jo! Not sure I call a rice cake and a banana tea.

Feeling a bit weary now. Evtertaining is hard work, so I will say night night and sleep tight.

Just been woken up by Dog, I fell asleep in the bath. I praised her and now she won't stop. Well, she has now. I'll take the muzzle off after 4mins.

Don't report me, it's off now. It isn't one like they use for racing where they can open their mouths, it's one that you use if you have a dog that bites when you take it to the vet. So you can't leave them wearing it as they can't pant, drink or bark.
Nightlee night

Morning. Bright and sunny here so far.
Congrats to the pirate hunter. Ohhhhhmmmmmms to Shirley and other needies.
Phew Chantale, you certainly deserve the weight loss for doing those sort of workouts!
I really should do some cleaning but really don't think I can be bothered, some holiday brochures arrived yesterday and they look far more inviting. We've decided to tighten our belts so we can go on a sunshine holiday next year, taking my sloppy and ploppy's too.
Actually, I can't face anything until I hoover and clean the bathroom and kitchen floors, see you later.

Morning all, and another grey day here. What’s happened to summer? Sorry you were abandoned yesterday Eva – things in the office continue fairly manic as they try and wring the last ounce of work out of me. Did I mention 30 days today……………..??? Eva oooooohhhmmmmmmsss for both you and Shirley and continuing love to you both. Oooohhhhmmmmmmmmmsssss for all the other poorlies and needies. This evening Twin is coming over and we are off to see HP (with MM of course). One of the young guys in my office has now seen it 4 times since Friday (little excessive I feel!!). Right report landed on desk – suppose I’d better get on. Hello BHB, that’s a nice hug – yes definitely a day for the lime green blanket I feel. You get the Blushing Bubbles, I’ll get the paninis and we’ll see if the DCM is around.

Morning all. Sun? Ali what is sun? I seem to have memories of something yellow in the sky. Ah well, maybe we will see it again sometime! Very excited today as I see the final HP with Twin and MM tonight. Well I am excited and a bit sad. It feels the end of an era and something I doubt I'll see the like of again. Still the books are always there and we have the dvd's. I wonder how long it will be before someone decides to remake them!

Morning BHB, oh I see we have the lime green blanket today. Lovely, happy memories. So I'll get some more Blushing Bubbles and we'll join the CM.

Morning all. It's not too bad here,- cloudy but still mild, so for me it's sleeveless top weather.

Hello sweetheart. Aaahh,- I see you've laid out the sky blue blanket for me, but I don't really need it. A snuggle? I always need a snuggle. Of course we can do an extra one for Shirley. She'll be delighted.

In 45 minutes I'll be sitting at the beautician's, first having Thai foot massage (pure heaven) and then a pedicure. Of course I'll show you my toes later!

Twins and MM,- enjoy HP. Not my cup of tea at all, but I'm sure you won't let that detract from your enjoyment.
Carol,- what on earth are you going to fill those free evenings with? Relaxing? I think you'll be moving in to unknown territory!

Jo,- maybe you should try the muzzle more often? She might get the idea then. On the other hand I have a feeling it's too late to teach Shannon anyting, given her reaction to that video!

Chantale,- thanks for the explanation about the insanity course. Very aptly named. Good Heavens!

Hello girls,
Pauline have seen it before but never tire of seeing it I wish my 2 Jack Russels would learn!!!! Hey hey hey Mrs shannon not so much nose up at terriers please! We know a thing or two about greyhounds little secrets are safe so far but watch our mrs.
But what a good girl you were to go and check on mummy, doesn't she know the difference between bath and bed....???? poor thing. see you all later.

Kitchen and bathroom floors mopped, mats in the wash, dusting and hoovering done, casserole in slow cooker (ploppy may be working late, 2 scollops are shooting with cadets and youngest is in school concert so need to be organised tonight!!).
I've shortlisted 2 villas for our holiday, just need to consult the others (unfortunately the deposits required are ridiculously high!)
Scollops birthday pressie from his brothers has arrived so I need to hide it, he's 15 on Sunday!! Think I'll get some lunch now as I missed breakfast.

Gosh Ali you have been busy. Sit down amnd dream of holidays. That's what mine seems like now, a dream.

Just off so will see you all tomorrow as I will be late home I think. So excited!

Evening all. It's raining! How very dare it!

Well,- how do you like the colour of my toe nails? A bit darker than last time, but I thought it was time for a change.
Shirley loved it and even felt my feet which she said was as soft as a baby's bottom. She was bright as a button when I came in today, just before she was served her lunch. Nothing wrong with her appetite. She ate all her helping of a very nice pork casserole and the plum tart with custard for afters. It was good to see her enjoying her food. When I left and said: " See you tomorrow.", she smiled and answered:" It's so good to hear you say that. Then I know there will be a tomoorow and after that another tomorrow when I can see you."

I'm going to see LND tomorrow night. Got a ticket for £35 in Row C in the middle. Can't beat that, can you?

Ali,- you are a busy bee. Now, keep on dreaming about that holiday.

Hi all

It's been an eventful couple of days, in the wake of our office move! What a palaver! Even though I'd boxed and labelled everything they still managed to deliver some boxes to the wrong place!! And I haven't been down into the basement yet to check the boxes down there so goodness knows what's happened down there, I still have that joy to come! We've only just got connected up to printers today and we have no photocopier for the foreseeable future!! I've had to bring some stuff home tonight to copy on my copier!! What a farce! We're not allowed any rubbish bins in the office so every time we want to throw something away we have to walk to either end of the office, depending on whether it's paper or food rubbish. What with doing that, running up and down to the basement when we need any papers, or trying to find a photocopier somewhere in the building that we're allowed to use, it will be a wonder if we actually get any work done! It's bl**dy ridiculous!

Not had chance to catch up since the weekend (that wonderful, wonderful, weekend) so I hope all is well with everybody and their loved ones.

Eva - just seen your last post - I am delighted to hear that Shirley is doing well. I got a lump in my throat at her comment. Hope you enjoy LND again, didn't you fancy LB then?

Ohmmmmmmmmmsssssssss to all in need.

KK,- your activities in the office sound a bit like Chantale's insanity course! Maybe you'll lose 2 stones too with all the running about!
Of course I fancy LB, but since LND closes next month, this will be my only chance to see it again.

Ah Eva, yes of course! You did tell me that on Saturday but I forgot! I was listening, honest. I blame Mr Mead for making me forget!!

KK the rubbish arrangements are like that in my office. I have a plastic bag on my desk for the non recyclables, I pile up papers for the confidential bin and take them to the bins each time I go to the loo. Took a bit of time to get used to, but is 2nd nature now.

I've been off work today. I woke up at 2 and felt sick and couldn't get back to sleep. Probably was coming on last night, not wanting to eat and falling asleep in the bath. I have eaten something now, but I'm going back to bed very soon as I feel sick again. I did see P Davidson on tv this morning,

Hi all,

I was intending to post at lunchtime but my PC decided it didn't want to play, so here's the gist of the lunchtime post

And I see we have some more reviews of the weekend - thank you Maggie and (err sorry there were some others... Auds and Chantale I think...) I can see that the Loppies were for once less than impressed with the GO's trousers.

I was very ammused to see there was a link about OOHMMS. I'm sure they work.

Eva - I'm sure you do Shirley lots and lots of good with your visits. You are a kind friend.

OK - this is tonight's post -

Oh KK - that office move sounds like a nightmare. How very awkward about the bins. Do you practice Lean in your office? If so you could put in a suggestion for a 5S improvement and to increase effeciency MORE BINS!!!

Eva - have a great time at LND

Speaking of OOHHMMS - OOOHHHMM for poorly sick Jo. I hope you feel better soon. OOOHHMMS to for all needy Loppies.
Auds - is your cold better?

I must go - we're going on holiday in two days for a week. I doubt I'll be on the blog. Will you miss me?

Sweet Meads

I've been watching S*erlock H*lmes on BB*1, but I'm not impressed.

Jo,- look after yourself for once. Stay at home and stay in bed!

Sorry I didn’t make it here last night, don’t know where the time went.

Chantale, your insanity class sounds just that - - - - insane!!

Eva, nice to have news of the (ex) pirate hunter and Iselin.
So glad to hear that Shirley is in good spirits and enjoying your company.

Hope the Twins enjoyed HP, we went on Sunday, and I loved it.

KK, hoping that memories of the weekend sustain you, now you’re back at the dreaded w*rk!

Jane, silly question, of course we’ll miss you. Hope you have a lovely holiday though, where are you going?

Jo, have some ohhhmmmsss and get better soon.

Bedtime for me, still feeling a bit flat, no sleeps to count. I guess 38 is too many for a countdown, but now I’ve figured that out I feel a whole lot better. 38 is not too bad at all.
Nite nite Loppies x

I shouldn't have eaten, feel sick again
Nightlee night

Hi all, This is the 4th time I've written this so far! Having trouble with my pointing device! (and my finger too). Not giving up though.
Thanks to you all for your reviews and pics of Sat. What a lovely setting for a fantastic concert.
Eva, it sounds as if your visits are raising Shirley's spirits. What an inspiration she is, such a kind and gentle person she is. I think of her everyday. Hope you enjoy LND, just listening to the music makes me cry. Like the colour of you toenails.
Hope twins and MM enjoyed HP tonight. By the time you see this Carol, it will only be 29 days to wait. You will be able to be a lady wot lunches. I'm a bit out of practise, but hope to continue soon.
KK, what stupid rules. There must be an "elf and safety issue there somewhere!
Jane, ohms do work for sure. Enjoy your holiday and of course we'll miss you.
Jo, have a lot of oohhmmss and I hope you feel better tomorrow.
Ohms a plenty for anyone in need, especially Shirley, Ann, Geri and Auds.
let's hope I can post this now. Goodnight all.

Morning all and a very drizzly one here! Eva that was so lovely to hear about Shirley, such a touching thing for her to say. Lots more oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhmmmss for the pot. Enjoy LND tonight! Hopefully you will get RK! Kathleen lovely to see you. KK - did you really expect anything different?? Have to say we really enjoyed HP last night. Twin came over early and we went to our wine bar for a meal (ok and a bottle of PGB of course!). Not sure the 3D was entirely necessary, but certainly it was action packed and really fast moving. Thought the three young ones did very well (particularly DR this time). HBC was fantastic as ever. Shed some tears. Think this was one of the best of the films actually. Had a bit of a pig of a journey – left extra early then got thrown off at Hxrrow as there was signal failure and a stalled train so no trains through to the City. Ended up getting the Chxltern Line to Mxrylebxone and then the bus! So much for an early start! Right better get on. Hello BHB, that’s a nice warm hug. Let’s grab the jug of The Itxlian Jxb, the green blanket and some pastries and have a snuffle while we wait for the DCM.

Morning all, weather as usual here, so not good. Nothing to be done so I'm ignoring it!

I just loved HP last night and agree with Twin that is is definitely one of, if not the best of them. Beautifully done and the acting from the three main ones is the best yet. DR really comes into his own in this one. Agree that the 3D was a bit unneccessary, as I hardly noticed it most of the time. So that is that. A sort of a line drawn under what has been a fab ride with HP. I will miss the excitement!

I am off for my massage in a short while, hopefully I will feel better for it, though it is debateable! Gentle it isn't.

Eva your toes are beeeyoootiful, have you been waving your foot all this time? Thankyou. Glad Shirley is in such good spirits, but have to confess what she said bought a lump to my throat. Thinking of you both and lots of ohhhmmmmms for her. Enjoy LND, I'm sure you will especially if RK is in it. You can also give our love to the theatre! It will always be a special one.

Kathleen, nice to see you, how are you doing? Well I hope. Ohhhmmms if you need them.

Jo I hope you feel better today, ohhhmmmmms for you.

Morning BHB, you look well rested, you have been in Cxrnwall? How did you manage to be here as well? The tardis? Ah I see. Did you see our Chantale while you were there? No? What a shame. Anyway enough chat I think. We will get another jug of Italian Job and join the CM.

Morning all. It's a drizzling day here, so for my paper aquiring walk this morning I upgraded to 3/4 sleeve length top + umbrella.

Hello sweetheart You think we should sit inside today and wrap up? OK, if you wrap up with me!

Kathleen,- lovely to see you. I had a giggle when I read your post. My toenails make you cry?
I think those rules at KK's office sound more like elf and insanity rules! (That word has been frequently used lately!)

I hope Jo's had had the good sense to stay at home today.

Jane,- I suddenly realized you're going on holiday. Where are you off to?

Thank you all for all the lovely reviews, sounds like a super time was had by all.
Eva as always give my love to Shirley I must admit her comments brought a tear to my eyes.
Kathleen good to see you are you able to get out much yet????
Jo do hope you are feeling better this morning.
Carol I think of you most mornings when the local news is broadcast more often than not they advise about delays on the M.t line not long now though.
Can you believe Toby is 2 today they are in France on holiday but can't wait for a phone call from him.
Jane hope you have a lovely holiday wherever you are off too, hope it's somewhere sunny,

Morning all. Drizzly here!
Happy 2nd Birthday Toby, where has that 2 years gone?
Oohhmms to Jo, hope you're feeling better?
Happy holiday Jane.
Just had middle scollop's school report via post. Very happy, he has had some lovely comments particularly about his good manners, so proud.
Eldest has had a visit from his teacher while on work experience, waiting to find out what he thought. The company have been very happy with him though. He's off to meet a girl in the city on Saturday to shop and go to cinema. She broke his heart last year, but evidently they have made up and he's hoping for more than friendship this time. So glad I'm not a teenager anymore, life seems rather tough for them these days.
I need to 'nephew proof' the house now as he is getting more mobile. Last night he pulled himself to his knees so won't be long before he's walking. At present he rolls or shuffles on his bottom an laughs at the word "no". He discovered my bookshelf yesterday!!!
Hope your journey home is better Carol. Thanks for review of HP, may try and go at the weekend.

Hi all,

Sorry I've only managed a quick skim.

Happy Birthday to Toby!

Glad the twins enjoyed HP.

Thanks for all the holiday good wishes. We leave tomorrow and we're going to France - near Rouen.

Many OOHHMS for Jo's poorly tummy, Aud's cold, Geri, Shirley, Ann and anyone i've missed (you're right kathleen I think they do work)

Happy birthday to Toby!

Ali,- you must be so proud of your scollops, even with all the teen-age angst!

I've just come back from visiting Shirley, and today wasn't a good day for her. She was dozing when I arrived, so we didn't talk much. Suddenly she had some terrible cramps and she was screaming with pain. I rang for the nurse who came at once. Fortunately the doctor was there, doing his rounds, so he was fetched and gave her a shot of something. All I could do was sit there and hold her hand until she slept properly and peacefully. I feel so bl**dy helpless!
I'm glad I'm going to see LND tonight. Hopefully that will give me something else to think about.

Oh Eva - big hug coming your way, that must have been horrible for you. I suspect that you holding her hand gave her more comfort than you can imagine. Lady J, have a lovely holiday - fingers crossed you get some good weather. Ooooohhhmmmmmmmsss for all the poorlies including Jo. Happy Birthday to Toby (agree Ali where have the two years gone!!). Of course you were proud - you have obviously done a brilliant job! It is tipping down with rain here at the moment - let's hope it stops before I need to go home (although I am not optimistic about this) and before Eva comes up for LND. I actually have a night in tonight (first this week) so will be able to put my feet up and watch Txrchwxxd. MM is feeling pleased with himself as he swam 16 lengths today! Only 28 more w days to go..........

Oh Eva, poor Shirley. She must have found it such a comfort to have you there with her. Lots of ohms for her and for you too. Enjoy LND this evening. Sorry you didn't like Sherlock, we thought it was excellent and the subtle and clever hints at the original really good. Both Ploppy and I are SH fans having read all the stories both long and short.

Jo dear, please take care of yourself and stay indoors today. No rushing back to work.

You must be very proud of your offspring Ali, it's a lovely feeling when children do so well.

What a nightmare your workplace sounds KK, was the plan devised by a male?

Lovely to see you again Kathleen and Jill.

Carol is getting excited, I wonder why.

Since I had my pooter overhauled I now find I type too quickly for it and it takes some time for the print to appear on the screen.

I hope our GO is having a good break in N'quay and that there has been some sunshine.

Love and hugs to all the poorlies and needies.

Oh Eva - I'm sorry to hear Shirely was poorly today. Many many OOOHHMMMS. You go out and enjoy LND - you deserve it.

Ali - your scollops sound like lovely lads.

Feet uo tonight eh Carol?

Jan - the GO is back from his hols already and has done the matinee today. He's a hard worker.

Geri is out house hunting today. I'm OOOHHMing that she'll finds something nice and inexpensive!

Evening all

Well, day two in the new office and I HATE IT!! Okay, so you might argue that I haven't given it enough time but, given that only half of our department have moved in so far (the rest move over this weekend) and, because it's open plan, the noise and "traffic" is already unbearable, I don't hold out much hope for changing my mind! We came from an office where there were only eight people so it was really quiet, which, because what we do needs a high level of concentration and also because we deal with some very sensitive issues, the quiet is what we need. Today, I was on the phone with a lady who has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness, she was distraught but was trying to be strong and sort out her finances and the noise and laughter from the others in the office, not only made it very difficult for me to hear what she was saying and to concentrate on what I was advising her, but must have been the last thing she wanted to hear in the background. I know the others in the office didn't know the nature of the call but that's what happens when you work in an open plan office and I HATE IT!! I also went in the basement today!! Now, bear in mind that this is where our day to day paperwork is kept, the stuff we need to access throughout the day, we have to go up one floor, get in the goods lift, which is the most rickety old thing ever, down into the basement then down a VERY steep rickety wooden ramp, through a rabbit warren of corridors (I was tempted to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so that I could find my way back but I was worried that it might encourage the rats to come out!), into a "bay", which is basically an area consisting of grey metal shelving from floor to ceiling enclosed behind a grey metal mesh door, with some stepladders to reach the higher shelves!! I think it's completely bonkers that we have to go through that every time we want a file or document. It can't possibly be just me who thinks there is an accident just waiting to happen there! Am I being a drama queen? Maybe I am!

Sorry, I'll stop whinging now!

Sue1 - memories of the weekend are what's keeping me going right now. That, and the countdown to the next visit to LB in a couple of weeks.

Jo - sorry to hear you were unwell yesterday. Hope you feel better today.

Good to see you Kathleen

Happy Birthday to Toby. Two? Gosh, that really has flown.

Ali - well done to scollop, and to you and Ploppy for clearly bringing him up so well. You have every right to be proud.

Jane - have a fantabulous holiday. I'll see you soon after you get back, for our visit to LB.

Good luck to Geri. Hope she finds just what she's looking for.

Eva - oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that Shirley has had a bad day. I'm sure you being there gave her much comfort. I do hope you can enjoy LND, you need some time to yourself to take your mind off things. Much love to you both.

Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmssssssss to all who need them.

Evening all. Had quite a busy day. I went for my massage then thought I would go and do my shop in my old Sainsbugs, which is near by. Ended up spending ages walking round it. Memories! Then got petrol and did tyres so got back here later than usual. Then Ari's Mum came round, with Ari! Total chaos and a whirlwind round the house. Things knocked over resulting in a gouge in the bannister! Ah well I'll sort it and it was lovely to see them.

Eva I am so sorry, poor Shirley. This stinking disease does this doesn't it. Have a great time tonight and lots of love for you both and I hope you find her having a better day tomorrow.

Jane have a fab holiday with better weather than this.

Hope Geri has a successful house hunt.

Happy Birthday to Toby. 2? I only believe it as my nephews young boy is 2 as well!

KK your office sounds dire. I hope you can get a bit used to it for your own sanity!

Lots of ohhhhmmmms in the pot for all in need.

Eva, must have been very distressing for you. I'm sure Shirley felt comfort that you were there.

A link where we get a mention.
'chorus of screaming fans' I've never screamed in my life. A little 'hooray' and enthusiastic clapping, definitely.

I slept most of the day and had something to eat at 4pm and don't feel sick, so looks like back to w*rk for me tomorrow.

KK you can't have serious phone calls in a office like that. I didn't realise you had to make those sort of calls. I have a seat in an open plan office with about 48 people, if they're all there. To concentrate I have earphones which block out external noise and have the volume turned up. It is the only way I can cope.

Karen - we have the same problem being open plan. We worked out a system of warning other people when we are on a sensitive call. It works-ish.

Sounds like a busy day Pauline,

Well - I must go. I don't know if I'll be able to get on the blog. I will be able to tweet though.

OOHHMs for all our poorly Loppies and friends and family of Loppies - and for house hunting Loppies

Bye bye all!

Jane have a good time
TW is very dark and scary (in my head)

evening all
Oh JO had no idea you were feeling rotten >hope you are better today.
Eva I am so sorry to hear about Shirley,sounds awful,lets hope for a better day tomorrow.
Happy birthday for Toby 2 years old ! All the bestest people are born in July!
Ok ninite all. x

Ok best get sleep before tomorrow
Nightlee night

Lots to catch up on.

Jane, have a great holiday.

Eva, hope you're enjoying LND and that Shirley will be feeling better tomorrow, what a dreadful time for you both this morning.

Twins, glad that you enjoyed HP, I've heard that it is the best one of them all.

I was also on Ch*ltern Rail today, going to visit a friend in Gt. Miss*nden, she has the most glorious garden but could only look at it through the window, blimming rain!
Talking of rain, I'm rather worried about tomorrow, I'm going to the O A Theatre in Regents Park to see The B*ggars Opera, earlier in the week they were forecasting a dry day for Friday but that has now changed for the worse, don't think we're going to be as lucky as we were last Sat..

Lovely to hear from you Kathleen, hope you'll soon be 'lunching' with the best of them!

KK your office set up sounds horrendous, however can you be expected to work in such conditions? Hope someone will realise it's impossible soon.

Sorry to hear Geri is house hunting, though I hope she finds something suitable soon of course, but her present house is lovely.

Ali, your boys always sound so busy with worthwhile activities I'm sure they'll look back on a very happy childhood when they are older.

Jo my friend in GM that I visited today has two pugs, an old lady of 13 and the cutest little one of 6 months which was so funny, they are very fond of each other and the little one kept climbing on top of the old one who didn't seem to mind at all!
Thanks for the link Jo, scream, us? We're far too ladylike for such behaviour!

Jo glad to hear you sound a bit better today. Hope you feel even better tomorrow. Thanks for the link. Scream? I don't know hopw!

Ali meant to say I'm not surprised you are proud, so you should be.

Maeve I hope the rain holds off for you. It sounds a bit hit and miss, I think a mac would be a good idea!

Enjoy T'wood, but still think it is very Amxricxn!

My bedtime I think, so night night and sleep tight.

Lovely to see you Kathleen, hope you’re still doing well.

Jill, where did the last two years go? I must admit I look at Jack and wonder where the last twenty two years went!!

Ali, remind me how old your eldest is? Good luck to him on the romance front anyway. No wonder you’re proud of that school report.

Have a lovely holiday Jane, we’ll miss you.

Eva, I’m so sorry to hear Shirley had a bad time of it today, I really hope they can keep her free from pain. That would be my biggest dread, agonising pain. Big hug for you, it must have been awful to see, and feel so helpless.

Good luck to Geri with her house hunting.

KK, that work situation is intolerable, no wonder you hate it. I had an office just off our residents lounge, so that could be a bit noisy at times, but at least I could shut the door, and if I had stuff needing all my concentration I could clear off upstairs away from everyone.
As for your storage system, I would think you had a good case for getting H&S involved. By what you’ve told me I can understand the reasons for the move, but it’s ridiculous that you should be expected to cope in that environment!!

Pauline, Ari’s a bit of a handful then? Sounds like a spaniel I know, but at least she’s a bit smaller than him.

Jo, glad you feel better. Screaming fans? I have to admit I did my fair share back in the 60s, recently though I have a little more decorum, not much, just a little!!

Weather in Newquay a bit better today, shame he had to get back to work.

Nite nite Loppies x

Oh didn't see you there Maeve, hope the weather's not as bad as forecast tomorrow. Enjoy anyway, but it won't be a patch on last Saturday!!

Hi all TGIF - hurrah. Did I tell you i have a new job! Starts mid Aug. Not ideal as a 60 mile daily drive (and I hate driving - well I am going to learn to love it)- but it is not my present job!! not Ft so good to have some days off but ploppy just been given his redundancy papers (no date yet but we hope he lasts to next March). I am learning to do Jo's kind of shopping ie charity shops:). I just have to make it thro next 4 wks and as i have just been given 2 extra jobs (and I mean substantial 2-3 day a week jobs!) to do on top of the 2 I have (main spur to jump ship) I am not looking forward to these weeks. Not sure about new job - it was an escape route (absolutely no jobs locally) - but as i thought i was sure about this job and it was a "duff" then hopefully new job will be good - or at least OK.

KK - the long walk (!) does sound mad mad - but that seems to be name of game nowadays. H and S - what is that????

Eva - sorry to hear about Shirley. Seeing someone you love in pain is horrible and debilitating. Hope 2nd half of LND just as enjoyable as first half (from your text). Hugs.

Ali - congratulations. Eva - did I tell you that once you left on Sunday UB scollop brought downstairs his dinner suit (dry clean only!) which he needed for his firms big dinner dance (in w.ndsor) on tues. He and I spent whole eve spot cleaning all the mud (mud!) off trousers and jkt. Ali - sorry to tell you it is not just the teenage years!!

OK - must dash - 21 days to go....

Morning all – and amazingly we have blue sky!!! Quite chilly though. MM coming up to Town today so we are going to have lunch (he needs to choose a shirt for the Wedding next month). Ended up having four long telephone conversations during my feet up evening – I was starting to panic I’d be late for T’wood! Preferred this episode to the previous week, so hopefully it is now settling down – although 10 episodes may be stretching it somewhat! Hope Eva had a lovely time last night – report please Eva! Lots of ooooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmsss for the bank for all those poorlies and needies and house hunters. Lady J have a lovely holiday. Fi fingers crossed this job works out for you – now your 21 days are real time days or wxrk days? As in I now have 27 wxrking days after today but that equates to five a bit “real” weeks. KK – I still think my roller blade idea should be the answer to your problems. Seriously I have to agree – I think it could be an H&S hazard and needs to be brought to someone’s attention (don’t you just despair of people who make these decisions? I mean who could think that was a good idea? Right better get on with the day (although it should be fairly quite as lots of people away today – including Baby B) – but have I uttered these words before and been totally wrong/?? Hello BHB, yes it is a nicer day. You think we might risk the veranda and the green blanket for a spot of snuffling? OK – you bring the jugs of Lush and I’ll bring the paninis and we’ll set the world to rights whilst we wait for the DCM.

Morning. Had an early start today as eldest had to be at work experience (17 miles away) for 8am and couldn't get his usual lift today. Sue, he'll be 15 on Sunday.
It was drizzling as we left, heavier rain on the way then bright sunshine on the way home! I've hung some washing out and will keep my fingers crossed.
Youngest broke up from school yesterday so he will be here with his cousins all day, I have some baking planned and plenty of dvd's in case it rains. Middle scollop is still at school but they are off to a local themepark today.
Fingers crossed for the new job Fi.
Lots off oohhmms for a better day for Shirley and for you Eva.
Good luck with the house hunting Geri.
Enjoying TW, but a bit too American. Preferred the previous series to be honest.
May pop in later if I'm not called into work tonight.

Morning all, it is lovely to see the sun again, even if it is cool for the time of year and they promise more rain later. Still hoping I may get the lawn cut before it gets out of hand. If only all this rain would stop the lawn might stop growing as well! I also have to make a summer pudding. Tomorrow night is the large (for 12) dinner party that I and my friends try to have every 6 months. It is Roni's turn this time (I dread to think what Ari will be like, he is still a naughty scavanger, old habits die hard!) and I am on pudding duty. Sue, Ari is a handful, but worse than usual yesterday as he was excited being somewhere new and he also, towards the end of the visit, felt that his Mum would be better employed taking him for his walk, so got very restless.

Fi I do hope the new job is lots better than this one, which does sound dire. I think a few ohhhmmmms for those having problems with work one way or another wouldn't come amiss!

Eva hope LND didn't disappoint (I'm sure it didn't). Review please. Ohhhmmmms for Shirley, hope she is feeling more at ease today.

Ohhhhmmmms as well for our sick list.

Morning BHB, oh are we on the veranda? Well we will need a blanket. You thionk the one the CM has is big enough for the three of us? If you say so who am I to argue! I'll getr more Lush and we'll join the CM.

...I spoke too soon, and now our email system has crashed. Arrggghh!!

Afternoon all. It's a nice day here,- lots of sunshine.

LND was absolutely fab, in spite of RK being ill. His role was sung by Tim W*lton:
and although he wasn't a patch on RK, he did a very good job. They had done several changes since I first saw it last October and all for the better. It was a bit faster moving now, and some scenes had been cut. Our Adam P from Joseph (the baker) was still there, but otherwise all the main characters had changed since I last saw it.
The music just goes straight to my heart and I was in tears more than once. When Celia Gr*ham who plays Christine:
sand Love Never D*es towards the end, not an eye was dry in the audience. She has a fantastic voice.

Before the show, I went to S*olensky for a meal, because Jo said it was good. The food was fine, but boy! what a noisy place. The music was thumping out loudly from speakers all over the place, and you could hardly hear yourself think, never mind talk!

I've just come back from Shirley. She was very drowsy today, so again we didn't talk much. She was in no pain, so that was good. I just sat there, holding her hand, and everytime she opened her eyes, I said:" I'm still here." and she squeezed my hand. Before I left, I arranged with the nurse that next time the chiropodist came in, he would "do" her feet. She loves a good pedicure, and this is the closest they can do in there.

Fi,- you made me laugh about UBscollop's suit. So he hasn't changed that much after all? Did he had a good time in W*ndsor?
I'm sure you made the right decision about the job. You know I'm here to cheer you on.

Pauline,- summer pudding, eh? Make one for 13 and you can send the left-overs this way.

Afternoon? Where did the morning go? I have done the summer pud and it is now compressing in the fridge. I made a nice big one (please don't let it collapse!) and so there will be enough for you Eva. Also managed to cut the lawn and do some clxxnxng.

Glad Shirley wasn't in pain today. It must be very hard for you, big big big hugs for you. As a little something to brighten your day my papaer had this very nice interview with RA. Don't think the film is my sort of thing, but I like the interview. Thanks for the LND review. Shame about RK, but at least you did get to see him once.

Don't agree with him about his face though.

I have just seen the news,good heavens Eva how awful. I'm so sorry for your country. Evil.

Oh Eva, such dreadful news from Norway. Ploppy and I send heartfelt condolences to you and your fellow countrymen. It sounds as if there are two atrocities, as Pauline said - Evil. Another heartbreaking case of man's inhumanity to man.

Hi all

Thank goodness this week is over!

I promise to stop boring you with tales of the new office............soon, but I just had to tell you what happened today because I couldn't believe it!! The rest of our department were supposed to be moving over today, along with some people from another department. Some plonker from the other department refused to move and staged a sit in at his desk in protest, delaying everything else!! What an idiot!

Carol - strangely enough, someone at work suggested roller blades to me today, as I was trogging up and down the office for the umpteenth time! Although, another colleague said I'd have to wear a St*rlight Expr*ss outfit too (I did point out that that wouldn't be a pretty sight!!).

Fi - I really do hope that the new job works out for you. The next four weeks will fly by, although I'm sure it won't feel that way to you!

Eva - I'm so pleased that Shirley wasn't in pain today. I guess she'll have good days and bad days which means your emotions will be up and down and will make it very tiring for you, so I'm glad you had some time to relax at LND. The food at Sm*llensky's was really good when we there, don't remember the music being loud though, so sounds like we were lucky, I hate it when you can't hear each other talk!

Oh no, only just seen the last two posts, haven't seen any news so don't know what's happened. So sorry.

Just seen the news. Oh Eva, I am so very sorry for your country.

Karen a bomb has gone off in Oxlo killing two people and injuring lots. Separately somebody on an island I really can't spell has had a shooting spree. Just appalling.

Thank you Pauline. As you say, absolutely appalling.

I have just seen the news from Oslo and Utøya (the island where Labout's Youth Movement has it's summer camp). I've tried to watch the news directly from NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting Company), but aren't allowed in. They keep their website constantly updated, but there are still no firm numbers of people killed either place.
People are told to try to get out of the centre of Oslo and to stay away from crowds. The police hve arrested one person at Utøya and have the situation under control there.
I have one dear friend who works in the Ministry of Justice which is situated in one of the surrounding buildings to the Government building. I hope he is OK.
There doesn't seem to be anywhere safe in this world anymore. I'll be going back to the NRK's website from time to time and will keep you updated.

Pauline,- thank you for the RA link. He will always brighten my day!

KK, the music and noise in Smo**nskys was horrendous, it even followed me into the Ladies. Don't you remember me moaning to you at the time? Lovely restaurant but not very peaceful.

The latest news from Oslo are that 7 people are confirmed killed so far from the bomb blast, and the man arrested at Utøya was dressed as a policeman!
"They" think the two episodes are linked.

Thanks Eva. Well surely they must be linked. Too much of a coincidence that there are two sets of lunatics on a killing spree on the same day. I really hope your friend is safe and uninjured. Lots of ohhhmmmms he is.

Horrible news from osl. Ploppy and I said when we were there what a lovely peaceful, laid back, happy city it was . Nowhere immune from global politics and terrorism. Hope your friend OK Eva.

Carol - 20 working days. Of course sods law this job feels better now that i have handed in my notice - and i think I must be mad to go for job miles away (I am mad) . mind you several employees been in touch to say they admire what i am doing - and can I help them do a Cv so they can look for other jobs. hmmm. Still need to be cheered on Eva:)

Eva - glad you had enjoyable relaxing eve. And as K1 says you are having to deal with very turbulent emotions. One blessing is that you and Shirley do have this time together - and you are obviously a great support and strength to her:)

UB scollop due home any mo - so will find out and report back on his dinner dance in his muddy suit in winds.r!

...oh just caught up after rehearsal and that's horrible Eva. Feel so sorry for everyone caught up in it. KK - love the idea of the sit in. What did he think he was going to acheive??? That's odd about Sm B, as the two occasions when Twin and I have been the only music has been a lady tinkling the ivories! Ah Fi, it only feels better cos you know you have dug the escape tunnel!!

The number of deads keeps going up: Ten or eleven youths confirmed dead at the island of Utøya, may be more.

Viljar's dad rang me to make sure I knew what was going on. He said that on F*cebook and T*itter there was talk about up to 25 people killed at Utøya.

Eva - thanks for the update. It's terrible. I do hope your friend is okay.

Carol - I can't imagine what he hoped to achieve but you know what it's like, there's always one!!

Hmm, definitely don't remember the loud music at Sm*llensky's! I think the Meadmushing that I got afterwards must have wiped away any negative memories, all I remember is good food with good friends and then Meady heaven!

Oh dear Eva, it just gets worse. .

I don't remember Smxllxnsky's being that loud when we were there, how odd. As Twin said we just had a lady pianist. We were even Meadmushed!

According to Lovelees the GO will be on Sxmething For the Wxxkend on the 31st 10am. Must try to remember!

That should have been weren't even of course.
Fi I forgot to say I'm sure you'll be pleased you have!

Eva, just heard the news. What a shock for the whole country. Terrible. I suppose there are mad people all over.

What an evening, very late from w*rk. Dog has been on very noisy form due to me rushing out to see MrT, needed stuff for the lunches, then visitors bringing the youngster (now not so young) for his hols. Just got sat down for the start of the news.

Shocking news from N*rway, don’t know what else to say!!
Ohhhmmmssss for you and for all your family and friends Eva.

Fi, good news about the job, fingers crossed it’s an improvement on the present one, although that shouldn’t be difficult. Ohhhmmmssss for the next four weeks.
H&S = Health and Safety.

Ali, 15 eh, don’t they grow up quickly these days!

Pauline, lovely to hear about Ari, as I’ve said before, he has such a happy ending to his story, and I love a happy ending.

KK, roller blades?????? NOOOOOOO!!!

I don't remember loud music in Smols. I suppose I was so excited and looking forward. Or it may be I'm used to loud music due to working in an open plan office with ipod in ears. I do remember the chips being the best I've had for years. I can't remember what else I had.

P2 thanks for the RA link. I might have to watch the YT again.

Latest from Norway:
The man they have arrested is ethnic Norwegian, and have been observed in Oslo before the bomb went off. The experts are now talking right-wing extremists.
Doesn't really matter which side they come from or which political or religious beliefs they support,- there is no excuse for doing a thing like that!

Jo,- I forgot to have the chips at S*olensky! Maybe they would have made it worth while despite the noise?

I'm exhausted so I think I'll go to my bed. Good night all, sleep tight, have wonderful dreams and wake up happy.

I've got the mega refund from MrT from my disastrous delivery from last week. I was a touch concerned that it might be a problem as they had no record of me returning nearly the whole order. But no, once I'd totally confused 2 members of their help team, it was fine.

Nite nite Loppies x

Oh that's good Jo, the refund I mean.

Not surprised you are exhausted Eva. Agree it is the act that is atrocious.

My bed time so night night and sleep tight

I have been officially told it is winter - all the cats are in.
Really really tired
Nightlee night

Morning all. Outside it looks to be a nice day, although chilly.
Otherwise I certainly woke up when I logged into the NRK's website today:
84,- yes eighty four,- young people are so far confirmed dead at Utøya, and there may be more still in the sea surrounding the island. It's so unbelievable.
The killer has been identified as someone belonging to the far right extemists.
I rang the parents, and my mother was crying on the phone. They've been sitting up half the night following the news.

I don't think I'll tell Shirley any of this when I see her later. She love Norway and the Norwegian people, and she certainly doesn't need this on top of everything else.

Eva, the first thing we did this morning was to log onto the sad sad news from Norway and talk about you and your family. Ohms don't seem adequate.

I so agree with you about not telling Shirley, I had thought that she would be distressed and hope she does not have access to a TV before you see her.

Massive storm in the night, garden looks a bit battered this morning.

Winter Jo? It was so hot here last night that sleeping was a bit difficult together with the thundering rain, thunder and sad thoughts.

Breakfast now.

OH Eva all the people and the children how horrid, I feel for you and your country. not enough ooohhhmmmmsss in the world for you all but what there is is given wholeheartidly.
I am too upset about it all so I will be back later. X

My thoughts are with you, your family, friends and fellow Norwegians Eva - such dreadful news, I have no adequate words.

Morning all

Eva - I am so dreadfully sorry about the terrible events in Norway. My thoughts are with you and yours. As Ro says, there are no words. Lots of love to you.

Morning all, it is a bright and sunny one but we have a nasty cool breeze.

I have been watching Brxxkfxst and it is one of the saddest sights. That one madman can wreak such chaos seems unreal. My heart goes out to those who have friends and family involved and to the rest of Norway as well. I think the man looks so normal, that is the scariest thing.

As a mark of respect the Bistro will be closed for the day.

Eva such dreadful news coming from your Country my thoughts and prayers are with your fellow Countrymen, and love and hugs to you and to Shirley,

I didn't hear the news before I went out with Dog this morning. I found it hard to believe when Mw3Ds told me how many people had been found overnight. Such sad news. So many families and friends effected.

Dog was out an hour this morning as postman's wife came in to park with her dog and a border when I was about to leave . They are looking after the dog which lives with the youngster while the family is in Spain. He normally goes to a specialist border (as he has some issues) but she was full. Postman's wife made a point of telling me he slept through the night, with the unspoken 'Not like your Dog'.

Eva, you are right Shirley doesn't need the stress, though will she see the news on TV?

Must go.

Eva, don't really know what to say, have only just heard the terrible news, of course thought of you at once, actually I'm feeling quite shaky, I have 4 grandchildren between the ages of 14 to 18, one of whom has been camping on his Dof E this week, the thought of anyone doing such a wicked thing is inconceivable, must be mentally ill, do hope your friend is OK. Somehow, Norway is the last place in the world one would expect such a horror to occur.

We were quite lucky with the weather yesterday, it only rained for the last half hour and we were well equipped with waterproofs, it was beautifully sunny for our picnic.

Well done Fi on getting a new job, hope it will be better for you so no more dreading going to work.

Hi All, the news from Norway is heart-rending and horrifying. I can't understand how people can do such things to each other. My thoughts are with you and your family and fellow countrymen, Eva.

I'm flat-hunting in Kells. It's the middle of nowhere and I don't know that I can adjust to the quiet, but at least it's near dollop. Haven't given up on hopes of a) getting a new job and thus able to keep my lovely little house; b) finding something I can afford in Dublin or c) finding a job / flat somewhere in the UK. If anyone hears of anything that might suit, please let me know. In the meantime, thanks for all the ohms.

Hope you're feeling better, Jo. Sounds like you had quite a dose of something. Ohms for you and Ann and Shirley and anyone else who needs them.

Morning. Heartfelt wishes to you and your fellow Norwegians, Eva. I was at work last night and only heard it on the car radio as we went to drop scollop at the station. Such a shock to then see it on the tv!
I agree it is probably best not to tell Shirley, love to her x
And oohhmms for your job/house hunting Geri, for the needies too.

Morning - was sunny but now turning overcast. Quite cold here.

News from Norway awful but also strange sense of deja vu as I read a J. N.sbo thriller when in Norway and main theme (apart from the awful weather in Bergen!) was the presence of a growing right wing neo fascist element in Norway ,esp amongst young men. It wasn't a great thriller but he was making this political point - as he seemed to think the right wing element was being ignored as no-one could really believe it did exist in such a liberal safe country. He may have made it all up but strange. Condolences and hugs to you Eva and your family - I remember the feeling here on July 7th and there must be a similar feeling of shock, uncertainty, fear, emotion in Norway. Hugs.

Jo - glad you are better and up and about:)

Sue - sorry I did know what H and S stands for just being facetious as not a priority in my present role - despite an obvious need - one of the many reasons I am leaving my job.

Geri - ohhhms for everything:) When does your job finish?

KK - you wont need to go the gym - the pounds will fly off you with all the walking up and down stairs!

Eva couldn't quite believe it this morning when we heard the News with the revised figures of the death toll. When we went to bed last night it was abou 25, which was horrendous enough, but 84 beggars belief. Cannot come to terms with people wanting to kill totally innocent yougn people, or anyone come to that. As Fi said, it brought back memories of 7/7 and I know how I felt being in London that day, so really feel for all your family. Agree best not to tell Shirley. I have to say I despair of human beings sometime. I wonder if all the violence on tv and on video games just makes people feel killing is somehow not "real". Thinking of you and all your fellow countrymen. Geri good luck with the job hunt and fingers crossed you don't have to move. Have you looked on You plug in what type of job you are looking for and the region and it lists avalable jobs??

Sad to hear the news of Amy Winehouse's death, but not terribly surprising.

Thanks for all the ohms and Jan, I forgot to include your ploppy in my ohms, I understand he's been unwell too. Hope he feels better soon.

Fi, I've been out of work since the beginning of June. Trying to find something else is proving a challenge.

And yes, Carol, I've tried all the employment websites I can find. I suppose when the right thing comes along I'll know it - but doesn't make the waiting any easier.

Hope everyone has a good evening. Glad to report Lady Jane has arrived safely at her destination and seems to be having a fab time.

Evening all. It's been a weird kind of day. I went to the hairdresser as planned, but couldn't quite enjoy it. It looks nice though.
When I arrived at Shirley's, she had just been given her lunch. She is meant to help herself, but kept falling asleep between mouthfulls, so in the end I fed her to make sure she got sufficient food inside her. Today was another casserole,- chicken this time with creme brule for afters. In between naps she assured me that it was delicious.
She clearly hadn't been watdhing television, so didn't know anything about the awdul news. In this instance ignorance is bliss, methinks,

Both my sisters have called today, both to talk about the tragedy and to ask about Shirley's condition. Tears have been shed over the phone,- it's all so hard to grasp.

Most of my time today has been spent following different news channels and the Internet, and I think I need to take a break from all that now. I'll see what Ican find in the way of DVDs.

Geri,- good luck with your search both for a new job and a new home. I hope things fall into place soon.

No time to catch up, I've just logged in and sat down. Guess what Dog has decided that it is an hour since her tea, so she should go out. Back later.

Just opened the Twter tab and saw DVOM's tw**t re AW. So young and talented, even if not 100% my taste. Another waste.
I've not seen the news all day, due to being out and about. Still find the killings in Norway hard to believe.
Fi, I never mentioned your new job, well done. Hope that it is better than the last ones.
Geri- Kells looks very beautiful, lots of history and near dollop, could be worse. I do hope you find a job though.

Very upset about AW, I am a fan, although I agree Geri, not surprising, I knew she was on self destruct a long time ago. As you say Jo, such a waste.

Good luck with the job and house hunting Geri.

It's been a lovely sunny day here but, and I hate to say this, I had to put the lamps on half an hour earlier tonight! And it's still only July!! Just!

What a sad day today has been, hard to think that this time last week we were all floating on cloud nine.
Eva, I still have no words to say how sorry I am for you, and for all of your country. The news just goes from bad to worse. There surely is some evil in this world of ours.

I’ll catch up tomorrow, nite nite Loppies x

I think we could use a laugh after the last couple of days. The link to this was posted on Twitter; the reaction of one Lee fan to seeing him at stage door. Very funny:

Geri, she is a little over wrought. Perhaps we hide it better. Did I say I git a hug?

SIT DOWN. I have just had the ir*ning board out!!!!! I'd washed some material for the old lady who does patch work. I got it from someone at work and it smelt really musty, so I washed it. Unfortunately TK had been using some of it as a bed the last couple of days, so I had cat hairs to pick off too. It is a very 70s design, hopefully it'll be OK.

Morning all, had a fab night last night, but ate far too much. Still feel full.

Very sad about AW. As been said, such a waste.

Geri fingers and toes crossed you get a job and can stay put

No time to linger as I am waiting for a man who I hope may do some hard landscaping in my garden, so back later.

Morning BHB, oh lovely hug, thankyou. So what's for today? Raspberry Bellini? Perfect, I'll get some paninis and we could have a little snuffle.

Dog is announcing to the world that I'm trying to poison her with a highly advertised premium quality dog food. And I'm denying her the sausages which she knows are in the fridge.
Re YT above I'm sent an email which may put a different slant on it.

Morning. Just off to church, will say prayers for your country and people, Eva.
Jo, following your lead and I'm wearing a skirt I found this week in the charity shop. I went in to look at the books and spotted it, brand new with tags for £3!!!

Morning all. It's a nice day here,- some clouds around, but plenty of sunshine.

Surprisingly I had a good night's sleep. I suppose I was just exhausted after all the emotional turmoil of the day.
(S*eve W*ight is playing Sealed With A Kiss on his Radio 2 show just now. Do you remember the smooching that went on to that song about a thousand years ago?)

Shirley's sister is coming for lunch today and will be staying on here for a while after I'm gone tomorrow. I've conspired with Mr. Marks and Mr. Spencer to make sure the meal I serve is delicious. It will be a spicy meat loaf in tomato sauce with roast potatoes and vegetables. Sounds good, eh?

Apart from going fo a walk in the park when I have posted this and seeing Shirley around midday, I don't have many plans for today. I suppose I'll start packing this afternoon.

Geri,- thank you for the YT link. A rather excitable young girl. I'm sure we behave much more dignified in the presence of Himself! (Somehow the words "dignified" and "in the presence of Himself" don't seem to belong in the same sentence!)

Pauline,- glad you had a good night out. I bet the Summer pud went down a storm.

I hope the cathedral service in Oslo brings some help for the great sorrow people are feeling.

Must go

Back again. Very nice man came, late, he had forgotten! Still I rang him and he came straight over. He can't do the garden till Sept (depending on the weather) but will do all I want so that is brilliant. Well as long as he doesn't forget again! Now I just have to choose the paving I want on the patio. Bet I manage to choose the most expensive.

Eva my summer pudding did go down very well. Though I say it myself it was yummy, well let's face it it isn't the most difficult thing to! My secret ingredient is a bit of Cassis. It gives it a nice kick, now don't tell me you are surprised I add incahol! Not much though, promise.

Well, I had a nice surprise this afternoon. I went into town to pick up today's Sunday M1rr0r for the interview with Lee in the supplement. Short and sweet; nothing new, but lovely pic and a very cute one of Bet*y looking very like her gorgeous dad. Anyway, while I was there, I picked up this month's Wr1ter's F0rum and I see they published a piece I wrote. OK, it's short and I don't get paid, but I do get a credit, so it's something.

Lady Jane having a lovely time in the sun and contemplating a dip in the pool. It's a hard life...

Hope everyone is well. Ohms for Shirley, Ann, Jan's ploppy, Jo, Jeremy, and anyone else who needs them.

Well done Geri. Shame about not getting paid.

Ali, well done. I got a new shirt yesterday too, more expensive though, £5. I must go to a cheaper charity shop.

I see our big spenders have been at it agin,- Ali and Jo, TSK, TSK!

Geri,- well gone for having your piece published. Maybe your luck is turning.
Thamk you so much for the updates on Jane. Pity she's having such a hard time!

Shirley wasn't too bad today. She's still nodding off all the time, but her eyes were brighter and more "with it" than yesterday.

The lunch was delicious and we sent Thank You thoughts to Messr. Marks and Spencer.

I had an overwhelming sense of sadness all day yesterday and found out today that my aunt died last night. Very sad about it; she was lovely and only two years older than I. (My parents were both oldest children in their families and I'm the oldest in my family, plus Nadine was married to my dad's youngest brother. If that makes any sense.) Still waiting to hear funeral arrangements, but it'll probably be in the next day or two.

Glad Shirley had a better day, Eva.

Evening all, spent the afternoon doing some gardening. It took ages as a lot of my new neighbours were out and about and so I was doing a lot of chatting. It was very nice out there though.

Eva glad Shirley was a bit brighter today. Lunch sounds yummy, they are very good Mr M and Mr S.

Geri what up and down news. First well done for the published article. Very sorry about your aunt, I think I followed your post. Thanks for thenews of poor Jane. How awful for her!

Phew, busy afternoon at work. We had a party of 49 in celebrating a 70th birthday plus 16 regulars. Home to a takeaway and birthday cake, scollop has now gone out with his mates. Ploppy and I are relaxing with a cuppa made by youngest (he's just learned how to make tea!)
Condolences to you and your family Geri.

Hello - we said lots of prayers in our lovely church (that you visited Eva) for Norway and its people. Only just seen news in detail- and hadn't realised the victims were so young - tragic.

Well done - and commiserations Geri. So sorry about your aunt - and only 2 years older- gosh makes it even more immediate. Well done re article - first step to the novel:). hadn't realised you had actually finished work - but sure your days are full job hunting, flat hunting etc. All the best:)

Ali - that was a bargain.

Jo - in terms of new job - just want it to be something i can live with. My previous job had national inspection and they were marked down on all the issues I had raised and been told I was out of tune with the new management. Lots of staff sent me the link to the report!

We went for walk this afternoon and ended up in church hall of village at end of walk serves afternoon tea. (ploppys fav) - and 2 cups of tea and 2 huge slices of cake for £2.40! methinks ploppy may find lots of walks in that area.

Well done for being published Geri, and condolences for the loss of your aunt.
Hope the search for flat and house is successful soon.

Sounds like Ali and Pauline have had a busy afternoon.

Fi, it must be satisfying to be proved right about your work but would have been better if they'd listened to you at the itme.

Jo, thanks for the link yesterdaay and the explanation today, honestly some people are soooooo pathetic.

Eva, have a good journey home toorrow.

Ro has put an interview with the GO and DVO on the Timeline

It has the cutest picture of Betsy, Dad's not bad either!. Thanks Ro

Thanks Ro for the article.

Geri. how sad for you and the rest of the family.

Eva, have a good trip back home.

Feline forecast is for rain in my area, doesn't look like it, but why have they all come in if not?

Fi, good the staff sent you the report. Sometimes managers just don't want to listen.

Another link, this one to the Kxlworth fxcebook page. There are some pics of Lee amoung the others. Very nice too. Thanks to A Liz for the info.!/media/set/?set=a.167663983306728.43103.156036787802781&closeTheater=1

Hope it works!

Fi, I tend to take much at face value, shoulda known that you were being facetious.
Sounds like a pleasant afternoon was had by you and Ploppy.

Jo, ir*ning!!! Whatever next. Did Dog get the sausages?

Geri, well done, good to be published even if you don’t get paid. Pay would be better though, I’m sure you’re working on that!!
Oh just read your next post, sorry to hear your bad news. Yesterday was not a good day at all.

Eva, good to hear Shirley was a bit brighter. Sad times for you though.
Safe journey home.

Eva - missed your post so just to say glad Shirley was brighter again for your last day with her - and safe trip back to Norw.y.

Hi all

Busy day so not caught up but just seen those photos, thank you Pauline. Oo, there are those low slung jeans!!

I think I've got housemaid's knee! What you laughing at!! It hurts!

....Geri so sorry to hear your news, but well done on the article. Today has been my ixxning day. At least it is now all done (two weeks worth of course due to KIiworth - lovely pictures Twin!). We also said prayers in our Church Eva. Still can't understand how anyone could do that. Did manage to get to the garden centre and fallen in love with a sort of rocking chair for the garden (holds two). Just need to talk MM round. Off to bed now so Sweet Meads all.

Evening all. I've just been watching L*w and O*der UK with Shirley's sister. Half way through the episode, I told her who had really done the dastardly deed and I was right!. Cooooorrrr! Am I bright or am I bright?

Geri,- so sorry about your loss.

Thank you for the links to interview and photo, Ro and Pauline.

I'll be seeing Shirley again tomorrow as I'm not leaving until the afternoon.

Fi,- I remember your lovely local church, of course.
I am overwhelved by all the sympathy and thoughts coming not only from you to me, but by all the messages from all over the world to the Norwegian people.
I think our King Harald is right when he said that:" Our freedom is stronger than the fear." That is what we have to hold on to,- whatever this maniac has thrown at us, we won't let it destroy our freedom and our right to say and think whatever we feel is right.

Still not caught up, just watching the heartbreaking scenes from N*rway. Devastating.

Anyway, just popped back to say, Eva, have a safe journey home tomorrow.

Evening all. I've just been watching L*w and O*der UK with Shirley's sister. Half way through the episode, I told her who had really done the dastardly deed and I was right!. Cooooorrrr! Am I bright or am I bright?

Geri,- so sorry about your loss.

Thank you for the links to interview and photo, Ro and Pauline.

I'll be seeing Shirley again tomorrow as I'm not leaving until the afternoon.

Fi,- I remember your lovely local church, of course.
I am overwhelved by all the sympathy and thoughts coming not only from you to me, but by all the messages from all over the world to the Norwegian people.
I think our King Harald is right when he said that:" Our freedom is stronger than the fear." That is what we have to hold on to,- whatever this maniac has thrown at us, we won't let it destroy our freedom and our right to say and think whatever we feel is right.

Eva that was worth saying twice. Absolutely right. I had to cry watching the news, just heart rending scenes. I got the real culprit half way through too, am I clever as well then? Probably not. Have a good flight tomorrow. Extrra special hugs to you and Shirley.

KK housemaids knee? See what hxxsewxrk does to you?

I am heading for bed in a minute I think as I am shattered. One late night does for me these days! Night night and sleep tight all.

Evening girls well done geri on your article at last our poet laureat has had recognition!. But so sorry to hear about your loss though sincere condolences.
Eva glad that Shirley was a bit brighter for you. Leaving UK is not going to be easy for you I know but we are here for you and you have had the chance to see her in her new home and brightened her days in the process.
Have a good journey home. In church today Father remembered Norway in our bidding prayers boy that was sad.
Thank you Ro for that link, lovely article.
ok time to hit the pillow ninite all sweet meads.xx

Nite nite Loppies x

I missed L and O as I was next door with elves, looking at the new TV (19" not switched on) and the wires from the Sky dish. Apparently I'll have fun (lots of crawling around the floor) Thurs night fixing the new wireless router, as the BB won't be on until then. The chap who fixed the dish asked them when they were going to get their new big TV for all the new channels. He couldn't quite grasp that he was looking at their new TV as it was so small, they tried to explain, but gave up.
Nightlee night

Morning all and several amazing things – the Mxt Line didn’t have any problems, the sun is shining and it’s quite warm! Oh and I have tomorrow off so now only 26 wxrking days to go. Friday of course we have the interviews for the next me. Eva we solved L&O too! You see it’s all those crime novels we read. Think that is the right attitude to take after something so horrific. The really sad thing is that the perpetrator think’s he did nothing wrong. It really is something that normal people have difficulty even beginning to understand, but the one thing that is important is that you don’t let one mxniac change the freedom that people enjoy. Hope you have a safe flight home and that being back with your own people gives you some comfort Eva. Right better get on as it is Mxnday morning. Already the system has gone down twice since I arrived (brilliant isn’t it!). MM has rung to say he managed 20 lengths today! Show off. Lots oh ooooohhhhhmmmmmmmmsss for Shirley, Jeremy, Ann, Geri and all the other poorlies and needies (shall I include the H’maids knee in that KK??). Good to hear that Lady J is enjoying herself!! Hello BHB, that’s a lovely first thing in the week hug. You thought Vanillita today to start the week off on a high? Good idea. Let’s get the paninis and we can sit on the veranda today and have a snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Morning all, and it actually looks and feels a little more like July out there. I have another day of small things to do today which means I'll get to this evening wondering where the day went! Still better than being bored.

Have a good flight later Eva and love to Shirley. I'm sure it will be hard parting from her, so lots of love to you both. I am full of admiration for your people, especially the young ones who were on that island. So determined not to let this mad idiot change things.

Lots of ohhhmmms for Ann, Shirley, Geri and Jeremy, and for Norway.

Morning BHB, lovely hug, thankyou. So it's Vanillita? It couldn't be better. Lets get some more and find the CM

I am afraid I find it hard to understand why someone would want to commit such a henious crime, just horrible.
Over the weekend I heard that one of my Students from last year drowned while on holiday in Turkey another tragic waste of a young life.
Hope you have a safe journey home Eva hope that perhaps Viljar will be waiting with his Father to meet you at the Airport.One thing that struck Ploppy and I watching the news was how well all the young people in Oslo spoke English, a credit to their Country.
Lots of oooohhhhmms for all of our friends in need today.

Afternoon all. Sorry to be late, but I had some last shopping to get out of the way before I went to see Shirley. So now there are some toys (a mobile phone and a car) for Viljar. As it's only a toy phone he won't be clocking up on phone calls to his Auntie Eva ! For the next in line I bought some jim-jams (2 pairs) + socks and a little cap.

Shirley was about the same as yesterday when I got there, so we spent an hour talking a bit, holding hands and just being together. Saying Goodbye was hard, but she smiled when I said I would be back in October.

Now I'm all packed and more or less ready to go. I'm waiting for Shirley's nephew and his wife to come and pick me up. They are taking me out to lunch. So kind of them.
Don't know if I'll be back today, as it will be close to midnight (Norwegian time) before I'm home.

KK,- be careful with those Housemaid's knees! How on earth did you aquire them?

Hi all,

Hope you have a safe journey home, Eva. You'll be relieved to be back I think, to support your family, though I'm sure saying goodbye to Shirley was hard.

I'm waiting to hear funeral arrangements for my aunt. Wish I'd had a chance to see her before the end but it came unexpectedly, as these things often do. This is the second death in my family in the past two weeks; hope the rule of threes doesn't apply.

My go*gle alerts have been going nuts today with Lee stuff. First there's news of a film for DVO with a cameo by Sir. And more importantly, Lee's got a XMas concert at the Barbican:

Just popping in to wish you a safe flight Eva. I was just watching the news from Norway, glad it was a closed court as he doesn't deserve any further platform for his opinions.
Having a lazyish day today, done some housework and paperwork while youngest amuses himself. Promised him we'll go out tomorrow. Other 2 are out with friends, and only one will be home tonight!
oohhmms for Shirley, Ann, Jeremy, Geri, Jan's ploppy and anyone I've missed

Ohhh lovely. Thanks for that Geri. I have tried to book but it is priority booking until the 29th, though it seems some have managed to by pass the system, sadly I'm not one of them!

Goodness me, such tragedy soiling our lives again. A gazzillion ooohhhmmms for the Norwegians, and for our very own special Norwegian. Eva I hope you have an uneventful and safe flight home today. Such a tough time for you personally and nationally. Lots and lots of love and hugs for you and your family. And looking forward to seeing you in October.
And of course oooohhhmmms for those in want and need of them in Loppyland.
My cold all but gone now (although Saturday I sounded like a bloodhound barking when I coughed - most unpleasant. Neither Mum or my cousin recognised my voice when I called each of them).
Congrats to Fi - new job; to Geri - publication (nice to see you here);
Good luck to Fi - the driving; to Geri - job and house/flat hunting.
Jo thanks for pointing out Ro's link, or was that you Pauline? I specially liked the bit in the magazine that said our GO was to be in a B*C drama.
Ooo Carol, 26 mor working days!!! I'm so excited for you. They are going to miss you soooooooooooooooo much. Bet you're looking forward to swimming in the mornings with MM!!!!
Oh heck, just when I think I have a decent amount of time to 'chat' the boss interrupts me... (this post has taken over an hour to write... thanks to her). In the interim, see the the link for the Barbican concert - thanks Geri.
right - hope to see you again, this week I hope.

Eva, I forgot to say last night that male elf asked 'is your Norwegian friend OK?' (He remembered that you came from Norway) I told him you were in England at the moment. Both elves have been horrified by the events.

Geri, well done for the early reporting of the link. Thanks to Sue1, for the text (of course it was in the middle of a meeting). It is going to be a good Christmas present for lots of people. The front row has gone already.

I have been pruning the grape vines tonight. Quite a few bunches of grapes. I did remind the elves not to eat the ones which are about 1ft 6ins off the ground as Dog likes to eat the grapes. Due to the lack of teeth, she doesn't remove all the grapes in the bunch, just licks and pulls a few off.

Dog sat down in the river again. It must have been a little too cold this time as she got up straight away.

Jill, so sad to hear of the death of any young person.

Eva, you should be nearly home by now, it will be good to catch up with your family.

Jo, should Dog eat grapes?? Not good for her, we used to give our spaniel grapes as an occasional treat, till I read about them. Dried ones have the same effect, there are warnings on fruit you buy to feed the birds. Although if Shannon only eats one or two I don’t suppose it’ll do much harm.

Christmas Concert Whooo Hooo, we didn’t expect that did we!!

...well our system at work was down for most of the day. Really frustrating!! Hope Eva is soon safely home. Have a day off tomorrow to look for shoes and bag for the wedding (having sorted Sloppy out, I now need to sort myself out!). Lovely to see you Young Auds! Ah Sue he did say he wanted to do another Christmas concert if he could fit it in with the Jxpan visit when we were talking to him (possibly at Crxwley). It's the concert that HW did with him as a guest when we had the big blizzard in London. Fingers crossed no snow this year! Sweet Meads all.

Nite nite Loppies x

I think Eva's plane has landed at Berg*n airport albeit slightly late. She sent me a message when she was waiting at Gatwick airport and was looking forward to seeing her family again. Such sad times.

Enjoyed NTs - up to it's usual standard.

Nite nite, sleep tight.

Hooray a nother concert. First of a few more we hope!

Well I knew choclate was poison to dogs (sadly no one ever told our beagle that when he stole an Easter Egg with fortunately no ill effects!) however didn't know grapes could be bad for them.

Glad Eva is back home, thanks Jan.

Hi Auds, waving, glad to say I didn't catch your cold! Especially as it made you bark!

Bed time for me so night night and sleep tight.

Sue, don't worry she only gets one or 2 off the bunches. I just don't want to eat any that have been slobbered on by Dog, even after washing them. Dog is particularly fond of ready prepared bird food too, if she is stealing it.

Hi Auds, perhaps you and Dog could have a barking competition. Glad you are feeling a bit better. It was amazing how much better you looked during the interval at K*lw*rth.

Hope Eva has arrived home safely now.

I have ordered with MrT again. All seems fine with this order, so no double orders this week.

Still excited about concert, it's months away too.

Nightlee night

Hi honies,- I'm home. Just have to unpack and sort the laundry, then it's
See yah all tomorrow.

Hi Eva - glad you got home safe. Meant to text you during day but my new member of staff started and so I was busy busy! Enjoy being back home (with no guest to disturb your routine!) and with your family - say hello - and thinking of you all at this dramatic time in norw.y's history - to everyone from us both.

Concert - how exciting. Sounds as if lots of take up already. Well done Geri for spotting and alerting.

Jo -should we be pruning grape vines now - just the leaves?? Ours taking over our (not very strong) fence. Hmm perhaps I should do something about it.

Jill thought of you when went for our walk on Sunday - as lots of sloes there. Remind me when we should pick them - as want to try to make the sloe gin. Must try and find the recipe you sent me before.

Must dash - have a good day all.

....hmm lost my pencil as it wouldn't let me sign in. Probably confused as I am posting from home rather than wxrk! Fi - do you want help treading the grapes (in return for a bottle or two of course)?? I remember Jill's Slxe Gxn as rather lethal........ so sorry to hear about the young Student, Jill. Seems like nothing but bad news at the moment. Off to the shops with MM and Twin to help me find shoes, bag, etc. for the wedding (just MM's sort of day - not!). Still have bribed him with thoughts of a meal out and I'll drive home so he can have a glass or two. See that Eva is safely home - love to you and all your family and friends over there, Eva. The News last night over here showed the minute's silence with everyone holding roses, very moving. Jo I didn't know about dogs not being able to eat grapes either! Jan and Jo watched NT last night (first time I have been able to see any of this series as normally I am rehearsal or church meeting) really enjoyed it. Bit overcast here, but I think it is going to stay fine today. Hello BHB, you think it is warm enough for the veranda? OK you bring the Blushing Bubbles and I'll bring the paninis and we'll see if the DCM is around. Have a good day everyone.

Hope you have a succesful shopping day Carol.
Eva I did smile when you said you had bought Viljar a car, I love buying the children stuff, I bet he will love his new toys, Toby is quite funny immatating people on the phone.
Fi you shouldn't really pick sloes until late September, they do say after the first frost, I will look out the recipe and send it to you. We mightonly make a bottle this year as suprise suprise we haven't drunk the bottles that we made last year.
I was suprised to hear Fi and Jo say they had grown grapes , Ploppy was given a grapw vine a couple of years ago but nothing has growm he has said he might have to move it.

Morning all, very overcast, but I'm off to the shops with Twin and MM so who cares!

Glad you are safe home Eva. I have just been looking at the pictures of the flowers outside the cathedral in Oxlo. Amazing and very moving. Your country is quite wonderful I think.

Sloes? Gosh Autumn draws nigh! Liking all this chat of incahol though.

Morning BHB, on the veranda are we? If you say so, fine by me. I'll get some more Blushing Bubbles and we'll join the CM.

Morning. It's been drizzling but trying to brighten up a bit. The scollops have a dental appointment shortly then I'm off to the garden centre with sloppy. She asked after you Eva, she visited Norway herself as a student and loved it and was very upset at the images.
Good luck with the shopping trip twins.
Poor ploppy has a stinking cold but is still busy harvesting, he looked dreadful last night when he eventually got home.
Better go, have a good day people.

Morning all. It's grey and drizzling rain here. Maybe to suit the contry's mood?

Hello sweetheart. Oh, that hug says it all. I know you've been thinking of me and my country these last days.
I went out to do some shopping at the local shopping centre, and the atmosphere was so subdued. No Muzac at all, a table sat ut in the centre of the main hall, decorated with white lilies and candles. There was also a book where you could write down your thoughts and sign your name. I did it, of course. People were patiently waiting for their turn, a lot of them youngsters. Very moving.

It was good to be back home last night, to sleep in my own bed and to be in my own (Auds') bathroom, although I have no complaints about the borrowed bed from Fi's eldest scollop. Very comfy it was.

Ali,- please say Thank You to your Sloppy.
Working outside is not a good place to be with a stinking cold. I suppose there is no use to tell Ploppy to calm down?

Ah,- a Christmas concert. How I wish, but the 22nd is too close to Christmas for me. As you know, we celebrate on the 24th, and after having had to travel either to Spain or to Norway for the 10 years I lived in England, it's been absolutely bliss not having to go gallivanting abroad at that time of the year.

Fi,- picking sloe and groving wine grapes? You do have a busy time planned for Ploppy! How about a small distillery behind the shed?

Twins,- have a good shopping day. Of course you will !

I forgot to say that I bought Laura W*ight's new album yesterday and have been playing it all morning. It's so beautiful. In the S*nday Express she was given 5 stars for the album, and it doesn't get much better than that. Here is a link to her website:

Hi all - Martin ended up in hospital and has had to have an surgery. The infection he had in his derri*re air had burst.(on Saturday night )His Doctor had phoned the hospital on Thursday to ask for some advise and the person she spoke to said give him stronger antibiotic!!
If they had taken him in on Thursday he wouldn’t have the problems he has now.
He is going to be off work for at least another 2 weeks.
I’m so sorry to hear of the events in Norway, my thoughts and prayers are sent out to the families and loved ones of those that have died.
Geri, sorry to hear of another loss in your family.
Sending oooohhhmmmsss to all in need

oops should of read had surgery.I changed the wording and didn't delete the extra words

Maggie, sending oohhmms and love to Martin. Sounds nasty, do hope he's not in too much discomfort.
I went out with the intention of buying paint for the shed, however the colours I wanted were rather expensive and Ploppy would have frowned (he doesn't like my plan for painting it like a beach hut anyway in cream and a pale green stripe!) Instead I bought a few plants (chosen by Jack) then went onto the diy store and bought paint for my kitchen. I'm sick of living with magnolia and the kitchen is looking rather shabby. I'll start on it tomorrow.
Oh dear, WW3 is breaking out between youngest two, they're tired after a late night last night and now calling each other names. It will be fists next if I don't intervene!!

Ro here, can't sign in - LJ down!

Anyway, I expect you've already seen the news, but in an interview in this week's H*ll* mag (1 Aug cover date), it is confirmed that LM's forthcoming TV role is in C*sual*y, playing a teacher at a special needs school. The interviewer describes it as 'headlining' and LM himself says it's a lead role.


Incidentally, the current series ends on 6 August (and as far as I can see he's not in either of the remaining episodes) with the new series (#26) starting to air on 10 September, so eyes peeled for further confirmation of which episode(s) he's in :)

Thanks Ro, Love Cas*alty anyway but even more reason to watch it :)

GO as a teacher? I think I'll go back to school!
Thank you, Ro. I trust you with acess to English TV schedules will keep us updated?

Maggie,- I hope Martin is feeling better now. You see, we told you he wasn't being grumpy! (Now we know he was feeling poorly, poor petal.)

Evening all

Oo, lots of excitement over the last couple of days. Thank you Sue for the text yesterday and for sorting out the tickets. Thanks too to Geri for your text and link.

Hmm, not really a fan of C*su*lty but I think that might be about to change, for at least one episode anyway. Thanks for the info Ro.

Maggie - so sorry to hear about Martin. Poor man, that sounds awful. Love and hugs to you both.

Auds - great to hear that you're feeling a bit better. We were very worried about you at K*lworth, although it was good, but not surprising, to know that the Power of the Mead helped your recovery.

Eva - good to see you're home safe and sound. Won't be long until October! (Forgot to tell you, Ploppy was very concerned about you when he heard the terrible news from N*rway and was very relieved when I assured him you were okay!).

Jill - I'm in shock!! You didn't drink the gin you made last year????????????? Why didn't you call me, I'd have come round to help you!!

Well, the latest stupidity in the new office is that we aren't allowed to have desk fans on our desks!!! Where else would you put a desk fan, you might ask, well, I could tell you exactly where I'd like to put one but I think it would be against our House Rules!! I have no idea of the reasoning behind that but if I find out that it's anything to do with H&S, given the situation with our files in the basement, you will hear me kick off from whichever corner of the universe you are in!!

Maggie, when I told my Ploppy about Martin he winced and said "Oh, poor poor chap" so lots of male ohms being sent.

Oh dear, Casualty - I hate hospital programmes and have never watched it but this is going to have to be an exception.

KK what is it with your work place, your PTB seem to be out of touch and/or deranged. Makes no sense at all.

Ploppy is eating more or less normally and is willing to have a go at home made fish and chips on Friday but doesn't feel able to tackle a roast dinner yet. He still has a small dressing shoved up against the roof of his mouth.

Sending continuing hugs and best wishes to you Eva, we think about you and Norway a lot. Such dignified people in the face of such a tragedy.

How rude of me not to thank Ro for the info about Lee's appearance in Casualty. As usual, she has turned up trumps. A big thank you Ro.

Hi all, just waved goodbye to Twin and MM after a lovely day. We shopped we ate we shopped we ate and, oh yes had a glass or so, of course we did! Minor success and even got me a new lawn mower as my old one shuffled off this mortal coil yesterday. MM very handy with advice and help.

Ro thankyou for the news, haven't watched Cxsxalty for years, that is about to change, well for one night anyway!

Ouch, Maggie, poor Martin. That sounds awful. Poor man. Lots of love and ohhhmmmms for him.

Ali ohhhhmmmms for your Ploppy as well. What a rotten time to get a cold, not that there is ever a good time.

KK, no desk fans? Well if we do get a heatwave and your office temperature goes sky high, you can all go home, that is H&S working for you! How bonkers can you get!

I used to watch Casualty for years but recently I don't think I've watch a full episode. I'll make a change for GO. Thanks Ro for the info.

MrT is really taking the pibb. Charged me £32.00 for some rolls, should have been £4.00. I think it is a pooter glich when they do a price match for a substitution. So anyone else who has MrT to deliver should watch the price they charge for substitutions. Yes, I have contacted them.

Glad you're back home safe Eva.

Oooh poor Martin, lots of ooohhhmmms for his sit upon.

Twins, sounds like a normal day for the them!! Successful too.

Jan glad Ploppy is feeling like he can eat almost normally.

Ali, glad it's not just me who has fights at home. Bet you don't throw cups of water over the protagonists like I have to sometimes. Poor TK was limping tonight, so I've put her in a bedroom to rest.

The pruning of vines, according to male elf, is done back from the tip of the shoot to the first grape bunch you find. Then the plant doesn't put effort into making those long runners, but can concentrate on the grape bunches. btw, I did not grow the vines, it was male elf. He can't do the pruning now, as he uses 2 walking sticks, so would fall over!!

Eva, glad to see you’re home safe. Meant to say Ploppy was asking how you were after the awful events in your country.

Maggie, lots of love to Martin, and tell him to get well soon.

Thanks for the info Ro, not watched that for years, guess I will now though!

Jan, glad Ploppy is feeling much better, it still gives me a warm glow to think how wrong the original diagnosis was. Fish and chips - - - - gotta be good.

Jo, ohhmmsss for TK.

When I read the blog I reply to posts in Word as I go along, and it never ceases to amaze me how often we say the same thing, great minds and all that. Well for some of us anyway, not sure about mine!!
Nite nite loppies x

Ooooo Martin, that does sound nasty, hope it gets better soon.

Jan, glad to hear that your Ploppy is improving so well, hope he can soon manage a roast dinner.

Thanks Ro for the news about GO and Casulty, you do keep us well informed.

Sounds as though you had a really good shopping expedition twins and MM, you do need lots to eat and drink when shopping, it can be very tiring.

Eva, good to know you're safely home with your family where I'm sure you want to be just now.

Jan I forgot to say how pleased I am your Ploppy is feeling a bit better.

My bedtime now so night night and sleep tight.

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oh blow will not let me in either.
Glad that you are home safely Eva.
Ohhhmmmsss for Martin sounds nasty.
Have lost another 2 and a half pounds this week, but probably put it all back today went to have a curry mmmm delicious. too bad.
Keyboard playing up so I shall say ninite.X

Morning all, sorry I'm late but catching up from yesterday's emails (still day off was worth it!). Maggie so sorry to hear about Martin, please send him our love. Ro, thank you for the info on Cxsualty - we are on our way home from France that da, but hopefully will be back in time! Jan that's good news about Ploppy, still sending some oooohhhmmms winging your way. Also ooooohhhmmmmmmmmmmsssss for Martin, Shirley, Jermey, Geri, Ann and anyone else in need. Off to see Betty B Eyxs tonight with Twin. Sadly got notification that LMaTxnor is closing early - such a shame. Hello BHB that's a lovely hug - you have set up on the veranda this morning and the Lush is on ice - lead me to it! I'll just grab the pastries and we can have a snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM.

Morning all, grey and dull here. A bit of sun would be nice! Hope it is sunny a year today for the opening of the Olxmpxcs, well I hope we see the sun a lot before then as well.

Really looking forward to Betty BE tonight. Been wanting to see it. So sad about LMAT. I think new shows in the WE struggle, especially if they are original.

Chantale well done you. You are disappearing before our eyes!

Lots of ohhhhmmmms into the pot for Martin, Ann, Shirley, Geri and Jeremy.

Morning BHB, ooooh I like the hug, thankyou. We're on the veranda again? Oh the azure and pink blankets are there in case we feel chilly? Well I'll get more Lush and what are we waiting for? Let's not keep the CM waiting.`

Afternoon all. It's cloudy here but quite mild, so I'm not grumbling. (Is that a word?)

Hello sweetheart. If "grumbling" isn't a word, it should be? How right you are, my lovely. I look more relaxed today? That's because I've been to see my man with the needles. I really needed it this time. He tut-tutted when he examined my back and said I'd had a lot of stress lately and needed a thorough work-through. Now why was I not surprised? After 1 1/2 hour with needles stuck about everywhere, I'm starting to feel human again.

I see the Twins are off out again tonight. BBE sounds just like what is needed. Light and fluffy. Am I right?

When I came back home today, there was a post card in my mailbox, and the opening said:" The best post cards are those you least of all expect." How true it is. This one was from Margaret's eldest daughter who is on holiday in P*rtugal, and just " felt like writing" to me. Lovely.

Time to start cooking lunch. It's homemade fishcakes today, with new potatoes and summer cabbage. Yummy!

Hi all,

I was at my aunt's funeral yesterday. Very sad. The only good thing was I got to see my cousins, who I've not seen in years.

Sorry to hear Martin is poorly. Lots of ohms for him; that condition is a real pain in the a***.... sorry, bad joke. Do wish him well for me, Maggie.

Lady J and her ploppy aren't well either. Seems they picked up some sort of tummy bug. Her ploppy is trying to treat it with croissants. Naturally.

Very exciting to hear the news about Lee's tv appearance and I loved the interview in Hell0. Also, rather nice review of LB in Time Out. They describe Lee as 'almost supernaturally likable'. Aww:

I forgot to mention: Something for the W-end is asking for questions for Lee via twitter.

Geri,- yesterday must have been so sad for you.
Thank you for the link,- I agree with the description of GO!

Flying visit - Carol, we don't know the broadcast date for sure yet, just that the new series starts on 10 September and H*llo said LM's episode(s) was airing next month (in their issue dated 1 August). He may or may not be in the first episode, so wait for further news!

BTW not sure I'd call BBE 'light and fluffy' but it's certainly a lot of fun - look out for Dan B*rton's dancing in the ballroom scene, he's brilliant.

Hi all

I need a break, this place is doing my head in!! I know I've already moaned (a lot! Sorry) about how I hate the new office but this morning was another example of why, although not for w*rk reasons in this instance. Earlier on there were several people, talking to each other across the office and making juvenile jokes about the death of AW. I did my best to ignore them but eventually I just got up and left the room for a while, after making them quite aware that I wasn't amused! One of them did come over and apologise to me later. How anybody can make sick jokes about somebody's death. let alone someone so young, is beyond me! Sorry, rant over.

So, I've switched my ears off and I'm having a lunch break!!

Jan - good to hear that Ploppy is feeling a bit better. I hope he really enjoys his fish & chips.

Chantale - well done, again. Enjoy the curry, you deserve a treat every now and then after all your hard work.

Geri - what a sad day for you yesterday but good that you managed to catch up with some relatives. Isn't it always the way though, that there are some relatives who we only see at weddings and funerals. Then again, in my case, there are some relatives that I'm happy to ONLY see at weddings and funerals!!

Martin asked me to say thanks for the ooohhhmmmss and concern for him
Jan good to hear Ploppy is eating well now
Ali, are you still after some were to stay in Brighton? The travellers have stayed in a few B/B & Hotels in Brighton …Emma has just had her Hen weekend in Brighton and Dan is going to Edinburgh this weekend for his!!
I’ve got my outfit for the wedding (plum spotted dress and a plum jacket) the shoes I saw on line have sold out …sniff sniff
Martin has put up on Picasa (some photos of Dan and Emma pre- wedding shoot if you wish to view them. Which were taken after they’d finished work, buy the photographer who will be doing their wedding photos. The last photo is Emma showing off her sash before her hen night starts and the girl sitting beside her is my other sons girlfriend Emily, which some of you have met (she is always asked for ID and she’s older than us 27 yr olds)
Check Emails …more and better to come!!!! (not sure when)

Ooooohmms for Martin, hope his recovery if fast.
And glad to hear that your ploppy is on the mend Jan. Can you not blend the fish and chips????
Sad day yesterday for you Geri, and thanks for passing on Jane's news - loved the postcard (in mailbox). I've heard croissants can be a very effective healing remedy - not. Also thanks for the link to that interview - methinks Richard is smitten as well.
Another one prepared to start of new habit - watching Casualty. Sk*+ will be primed.
A successful shopping expedition for the twins and MM. Sustenance is crutial when wedding outfit/garden equipment shopping. Enjoy BBE tonight!
And talking of postcards - what a lovely one to receive Eva (the very relaxed human pin cushion) No more grumbles from you then for a while.
And talking of grumbles - goodness KK, your offices have time warped back to Dickensian times!
Oh heck, she's back from lunch.... HI/BYE.

I don't believe it!! I have just been browsing through my favourite shopping channel website and look what I found

Hi folks. Been busy painting my kitchen, about 2/3 done.
Maggie, beautiful pics - what a photogenic couple they are! Yes, still looking for accomodation in Brighton so any ideas from the travellers would be a help please.
Ploppy has an evening off so we're going to have an evening in front of the telly.
Lots of oohhmms for the bank, please help yourself!

Evening all. The sun is shining and I've been listening to some very nice songs. Thanks, Maggie and Martin.
I thought I'd raise a glass to Martin and say: " Bottoms up!", but then thought it would be too cruel!

KK,- when I tried to play that video, I was told in no uncertain terms: This video is private. So that was that, then.
Curing stomac bugs with croissants? That's a new one. At least it tastes nice.

Maggie,- apologies. Thank you for sharing the photos. How happy they look!

Continuing ohms for Martin's nether regions, must be so uncomfortable for him.

Auds, blending fish and chips is not an option because not only can Ploppy eat more or less OK now but also because I blended cottage pie for him and he was nearly sick. The taste was alright but the texture was disgusting. But thanks for the thought!!! LOL

Actually my beloved husband is in the doghouse, he has thrown away my twiggy pea sticks that I had made from some earlier prunings. Next year there will not be time for the prunings to dry out before I want to use them. Grrr

Can someone help please - when I type on this blog it takes ages for it appear on the screen. I suppose I could always type in Word and copy over but it is a bit of a bother. It doesn't happen with the Captcha.

What is QVC, is it something I should know about?

Time for dinner, my version of the lovely chicken and penne dish some of us had in Smollenskys.

Ohms for the poorlies and needies.

My word Ali, you're a fast mover, 2/3 of kitchen painted already, well done.

Enjoy BBE twins, I liked the film.

Thanks Maggie/Martin for lovely presents.

I'm off tomorrow to stay with my oldest friend,( she always says that she's known me since before she was born!) for a couple of nights, she lives in W.Sussx and we'll be paying a visit to ChichstrFT and to her dollop and new baby in Bright*n.

Then next week I'm off to find the sun, haven't seen much of it round here for a while.