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Unlocking Shakespeare on radio

Today marks the start of the BBC’s cross-network Shakespeare Unlocked season, part of the Corporation’s contribution to the 2012 Olympiad.

From Sunday, Radio 3 will devote its weekly Drama on 3 slot to new radio adaptations of three classic Shakespeare plays. The sequence starts with Twelfth Night, one of the Bard’s classic romantic comedies. It has a little bit of everything here: unrequited love triangles, drunken comedic characters, wilful pricking of pompous characters, sequences of jokes based on the double meanings of words and phrases, and of course a cross-dressing character (which, as all actors would have been male in Shakespeare’s age, can only leave us guessing at the physical work needed for a man to play a woman who is passing herself off as a man).

The cast is incredibly strong — David Tennant (Malvolio) and Rosie Cavalliero (Maria) grab all the headlines, but Ron Cook’s Sir Toby Belch is glorious. And while the big names dominate the part of the story that sees uppity servant Malvolio tricked into believing that he is loved by his mistress, the main plot’s more romantic undertones are beautifully served by Naomi Frederick as Viola/Cesario, Paul Ready’s Orsino and Vanessa Kirby’s Olivia.

(Incidentally, if you get the chance, listen to the play with a copy of the script in your hand. It’s enlightening just how much of Act I in particular gets rejigged, making sure to introduce each character by name wherever possible until the listener can comfortably identify each character.)

The same company tackles Romeo and Juliet on Sunday 27, with The Tempest following on May 3, and a repeat of A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Sunday, May 13.

Meanwhile, on Radio 4, in Shakespeare’s Restless World Neil McGregor revives the format that was so successful for A History of the World in 100 Objects, looking at 20 museum artefacts that expose Elizabethan life in Shakespeare’s age, and in turn suggest how some of Shakespeare’s most famous lines reflected the age. From how theatregoers behaved (rowdy and always eating apparently — nothing changes) to looking at the fears surrounding Elizabeth I’s lack of an heir and the implications for future of the monarchy, the programmes offer an intriguing portrait. And just as his previous series did, McGregor helps to demonstrate that museums around the country are more than just archaeological finds in glass cases — they are living repositories of knowledge, and exploration, of the past.

The full list of radio programmes in the Shakespeare Unlocked season is:

Radio 3

Radio 4

Radio 4 Extra

(repeats for each programme are not listed)


Will any 0f these programmes be available as podcasts? It is such a waste if they cannot.

Hi Pam,

Neil McGregor's series and the Radio 3 plays are all being made available as podcasts, so can be downloaded and saved.

Morning all, and first of all thankyou dear Landlord for a lovely shiny new home.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alison, have a lovely day.

It is all nice and sunny here too, and looks like we might get two days of it before the rain comes back. Still at least it is a start. Very windy though. I am out lunching today. Mustn't let it go so long again without. I have had a bit of a funny tummy, don't think it food poisoning but I had an M&S curry last night and find it had coconut in which doesn't agree with me. One reason I didn't get on with a lot of Thai food as they use it a lot. I'm ok, just 90% instead of 100%.

Morning BHB, so we are celebrating? Fab, I'll get more champers and we'll go snuffling with the CM.

Morning. Thanks for the smooth move Scott.
Happy Birthday Alison, have a lovely day.
Hope you feel 100% soon Pauline. Enjoy your visit Carol and MM, any more news from Namibia?

oooh - lovely new home! Thank you Scott Dear, it's lovely. Particularly like the decor - reminiscent of the summer! Figners crossed Twin's tummy settles soon!

Morning all. It's raining here,- not much but drizzling.

Hello sweetheart. You like our new home? Very posh, Shakespear and all, eh? Btw. The Bistro looks lovely today. It's for Alison? Of course it is:


Pauline,- you're being a Lady wot lunches today? It must have been all of 1 week since the last time. Hope your tummy has settled before you start lunching,- if not, it'll be tea and toast for you!

I'll be off in a few minutes to buy a whole salmon. It's our national day on the 17th, of course, and I'll be having lunch guests. I haven't made up my mind whether I'll bake the salmon whole or cut it into steaks. Decisions, decisions, eh?

The pooter is still behaving funny. When I turned it off last night, there was this window from M*crosoft telling me there were 13 updates, so not to turn off the computer, which I duly didn't. When I got up this morning, I saw that the pooter was still turned on and none of the updates had been installed. So I had to close it and restart.
Then there is this window popping up all the time, telling me I need to de-bug. I keep closing that window down. I remember I had the same problem with the same thing some years back, and then I had to take the whole blinking thing to the PC doctor to get rid of it.

See you later.

Morning all

Oo, a new home, thank you Scott.

Just popped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON. Hope you have a lovely day.

Busy, busy, busy! Hope to catch up this weekend.

Bye for now......

Gosh it is a pleasure posting, this new home is lovely and fast. Not more pooter troubles Eva. Grrrr and ohhhmmmms you can get it sorted.

Hi Karen, bye Karen. It must be a very busy time in Yxrkshxre. Both you and Jane are rushed off your feet.

I think I am now 95% so things are improving. Lunch here I come!

Hi all

Just rushing to to say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON!

And thank you land lord for the sophisticated new home.

Must rush -

(Arrgh - crash (I ran into KK))

Don't know if you know but the production company for WE Men has tweeted that more dates will be announced TODAY! Don't know where they will be announced but I'm sure someone will find out. Ears to the ground, ladies!

Hi folks.... it's been a while. I've kinda kept up with what's on the blog, but very sporadically - and I'm very well aware that a gazillion OOOOMMMMSS are required for the bank - for pretty much all bloggers and their family, friends and neighbours. What a time. Jo, thanks for the email updates.
And Happy Birthday to Alison..... hope you have a lovely day.
I've been planning the next chapter of my life. Taking Carol's lead and taking early retirement and heading off to Cape Town to live out the rest of my life.... with my Mom and Sisters. Aaahh. DDay is hopefuly 1st July - however each time I think I'm in the clear, something happens and I have to 'reschedule'. But that's the date for now.
Life has been, fortuntately, uneventful for me, just massive clearing out of my flat and life. Wow, so much c**p accumulated over the years. It's been daunting to say the least, but keeping eye on big picture has kept me going.
Anyway, just wanted to pop in an say Hi - I won't say I'll be back soon, cos whenever I intend that, it doesn't happen. But you guys are always in my thoughts.

Happy Birthday Alison, hope you have a great day. Why did I think your birthday was June 19th?

Auds lovely to hear from you but sad news (for us anyway). Will we be able to see you before you go?

Ooohms for the bank for ill SLs and their friends, neighbours and family.

Thanks Scott for moving us on.

Well, unexpectedly early finish from me, due to w*rks pooter system having a hissy fit and going into meltdown (I know how it feels). So, I've managed to catch up!!

Carol - what a terrible situation poor Vicci is in. It's good that the film company are being so helpful. MM must feel very frustrated at not being with her. Still sending lots of ohmmmmmsss to you all.

I recall, when I first started in this job, at the tender age of 17, I had only been doing the job for a few months and a young (30ish) woman came in to see me. She sat down and, without any preamble, told me that she had just been given six months to live and she wanted to sort out her affairs. It was my first time of dealing with that situation (sadly, over the last thirty years I have dealt with all too many of them) and it was very difficult but she was so calm and collected that it was almost her that was comforting me. She had sorted out absolutely everything for her husband, who she said was a brilliant man at the job that he did but had no common sense and no organisational skills at all. She had sorted out all documentation and written down everything you could think of (including a shopping list of the children's favourite foods) relating to the running of the house and children. I was beyond impressed and remember thinking that I hoped I could be that level headed in that situation, but I don't think that I would be (and I hope I never have to find out)!

Thanks for all the links to the TT photo's and the lovely curls blowing in the wind! I was looking at them at w*rk at lunchtime and a colleague came up to see me and asked why someone had taken a photo of the back of his head!! How do you explain that to a non-Loppy??? You don't do you, they just wouldn't get it!

Jan - good to see you again, but what awful news, such a dreadful thing to happen to that young man. Hope things are not as bad as feared.

Eva - glad to hear that Iselin arrived safely. Hope she is having a good time.

Chantale - hope you have a lovely, and restful, time in B*lgium.

Ali - WELL DONE again. Keep it up!!

I agree about worrying when letting cat's out for the first time. Before we let the one we have now out for the first time we put her in a cat harness and took her into the garden to get her used to the area, which was really funny, (in fact, I have a picture of Ploppy walking her round the garden on a lead which he finds highly embarrassing "walking a bl**dy cat"!!)

Sue - hope your head is better today.

Auds - so lovely to see you and how wonderful for you, although sad for us as we won't get to see you, unless you can make the occasional trip back over to a M*ady event and then we can have an AudsFest!! Lots of luck to you, I hope you'll be very happy in your new life. Hope you'll have more time to pop in here and see us, we miss you!!

Right, off to get a glass of the red stuff and start the Spag Bol for dinner, the weekend starts here........

Evening all. So next concert tickets on sale on Monday for July 14th. It's in Jersey!!

Auds so lovely to see you, you are missed so much. A date for the off then! Exciting. Hope all goes well. Fingers and toes crossed.

I had a lovely lunch and tummy seems settled. I had a risotto as the rice is good for dicky tums. Mind it was so yummy I wasn't suffering. I think now I am 99% ok.I'll settle for that.

Jersey!!!!!?? That's a bit of a surprise! Think I'll wait for one closer to home! Thanks for the heads up Pauline.

Evening all.
Hi Auds,- lovely to see you. Glad to hear that your retirement and emigration finally seem to be happening,- not because I want to be rid of you (!) but because I know it's what you want. I hope to see you before you go.

Jersey the 14th July? Well, I can wave from the ferry taking me across the channel on my way back home. I have to be in Hirtshals in Denmark on the 17th to board the ferry taking me to Bergen, so I'm afraid there will be no time for diversions to Jersey.

Oh KK,- you do make me laugh,- Ploppy walking the cat! HEHEHEHEHEHE

A very quick hello before I start cooking the fish and chips for dinner. Thanks to Eva for sending me the link to our lovely new home.

A very late Happy Birthday to Alison, hope you had a good day.

And Auds?? Off to SA for your retirement. Good luck and please pop on here from time to time to let us know how you are getting on.

I have been to Jersey - unfortunately it was before the GO was born!!

There is no change in the state of our young friend. Actually he is not a neighbour but lives with Steph in a cottage at the top of the village. We have known him for years and he was in the same class at primary school as my stepson. We are constantly thinking of him and asking for news.

Got to go. Byeeeeee.

It's lovely to be able to get on here so quickly, a real joy. So Our Boy will be singing in Jersey on his birthday. I hope the audience sing Happy Birthday to him.

I wish this bl**dy cold would go. Still blowing and coughing, so is Ploppy. Never mind, the weather has been glorious today and the forecast is the same for tomorrow so at last some gardening will get done.

Happy Birthday to Alison.

Thank you Scott for the lovely new home.

I'm late on the blog, I've been online for an hour. I got a text from Sue, saying something about Jersey. I replied that would be nice (I've never been, apart from with Barnaby, of course). So I've spent an hour looking at how to get there and back. Not sure of the best way yet, there seems to be a bit of water in the way.

My headache lasted all night. I kept dozing and waking and it still hurt! I don’t do headaches as a rule, so I didn’t like it one bit, but it gradually faded during the morning and I’m fine now. I think the whole thing was worse because my tinnitus was much worse as well.
Sorry moan over.

Will I make this post in time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALISON!!!!

Ali, that poor man, wildlife does occasionally get its own back, but that chap probably never shot a deer in his life.

Pauline, I agree about online cards I sent one to Aus, and it was delivered in hours.
Hope your tummy is better now.

Chantale, circuit training when you’re feeling rough, you put me to shame!

Jan, I’ve sometimes felt that I don’t know what to pray for, I think sometimes you just have to pray for whatever is best, we mortals don’t always know what that is. Having said that I’m with Jane when it comes to miracles.

I daren’t look at the links, I’m on the netbook and if I navigate away from here I’ll probably not get back tonight.

Thanks for the new home Scott, for a minute there I thought the previous tenants hadn’t moved out.

Eva, have you still got puter problems? Wretched things have a mind of their own.

AUDS!!!! Lovely to see you  Hope it all works out and D Day happens when it should. We’ll miss you, even if we haven’t seen much of you lately, but what am I saying, maybe when you’ve retired you’ll have more time to pop in?? Good luck with all the final details, such a huge thing to be packing up one life in order to start another.

KK, the story of that young lady brought a lump to my throat. Like you I doubt I could be that organised, I think I’d be in bits. I just SO admire people, like Carol’s Ann, who have so much courage and dignity in the face of the unimaginable.

Jo, it’s a bit more than water in my way!!!

Nite nite Loppies x

Phew, made it just in time!

So many airports, so many hotels, I'm off to bed.
Early ride tomorrow, back in the evening
Nightlee night

oh forgot to say 2 ferries as well

Morning all - think Jxrsey may be a step too far for us! With the situation in SA we are having to hoard our pennies in case they are needed for emergeny bail out....still we do have G'frd and the panto already booked! Meant to say did anyone see a News snipped this week - a man with MND (not the same one as Ann, as he could still talk and presumably eat and drink, but no use of hands or legs) and his family have been fund raising for MND (he is someone in the City) and they are funding stem cell research into the disease. He was another very brave man, and he said if it didn't help him (he was diagnosed 3 years ago) it could help someone else. Depositing lots of oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmsss for all those who we know who need them. Young Auds - a final date then?? You must be excited/slightly shell shocked. Bet the office will be in turmoil! Really enjoyed the visit to the RxF Bxnker yesterday (made it up and down steps with no problems!) - sat in the chair where the controller used to sit and imagined I was in charge of the airfields. Lots of RXF memorabilia there so we would like to go back and have another look round. Collected MM from the station at about 10.30pm, let's just say he had obviously had a good time! Fine at the moment, and we are singing at a wedding this afternoon, so fingers crossed!

Morning all. It's brilliant sunshine outside, but there is also a northerly wind so it's quite chilly.

Hello sweetheart. What's with the quivering lips? Carol forgot to say hello this morning? Oh dear, I expect she's vey busy what with another wedding to sing at this afternoon. Will it help if we get out the sea blue blanket and have a snuggle? It will? Then that's what we'll do.

Today is Viljar's birthday RECEPTION (!) Posh, eh? and the carrot cake is in the oven. I have to do my nails as well before I start the h****g, so let's get this day on it's way.

Morning all, and this is very late today I know. I didn't wake up till nearly 9.30! I have always been the same when off colour, I sleep for England. Very lucky I think as I feel fine today. Sleep is a great healer.

Shame about this concert, but apart from anything else I could well be in hospital then, so definitely out for me too. As it is his b'day, wonder if the whole family will go and have a holiday at the same time.

Glad the headache has gone Sue, I don't get them very often so I loathe it when I do.

Eva I hope Viljar has a lovely reception today, I'm sure he will hold court beautifully.

I am going in the garden I think as it is nice and sunny and may not come again for a while.

Morning BHB, what? The CM forgot you? No, no she would never do that. I think she was just in such a hurry she had to leave rapidly. She will make it up to you I know. You had a lovely snuggle with Eva? Goos. Now we will get some champers that is left from yesterday and we will snuffle to your heart's content.

...I've lost my pencil!!! Sorry BHB I had to rush away, but now I am back for some champers and a nice long snuffle. Think we might even brave the patio today! I'll get the pastries, you bring the champers - pleased to see the DCM and Eva looked after you!!

Hi all

I can't believe it but we've had glorious sunshine here all day (so far). It's quite warm too, at least when you're not in the shade. Haven't seen the forecast so don't know how long it will last, better enjoy it whilst it's here.

I was doing some tidying up in the garden earlier and attempted to move some paving slabs that were propped up against the fence but I was ambushed by a huuuuuuge spider who was clearly not happy that I had disturbed him and stood in my way growling ferociously at me in his hob-nailed boots, whilst I jumped up and down squealing like a little girl!! So, I let him win and made a hasty retreat! Think I'll leave that job for Ploppy.

Pauline - sorry, I must have missed that you weren't feeling well. Glad to hear that you feel better today.

Jan - hope you soon get some good news about your young friend.

Sue - you did make me laugh with your comment about there being more than a bit of water in your way!! Would that be your lovely Ploppy, by any chance!?

Eva - hope Viljar's reception goes well and you all have a lovely time and lots of fun for the main man!

Not to worry Karen it was nothing really, just inconvenient! Oooooh a horrid weepy, I hate the ones with hob nail boots on. I would have let it win as well. Love the image of a growling spider.

Can I beg some ohhhhmmmms for my poor neighbour please? You remember I told you her father dies suddenly at Easter? Well she has now been diagnosed with breast cancer. It was picked up by mammogram and they think they have caught ity early, but she goes in hospital on Monday for a lumpectomy. It never rains but it pours does it. I will make a large deposit of ohhhmmmms as we really need them at the moment.

Pauline - how terrible for your neighbour. Sometimes it's just one thing after another, isn't it. Lots and lots of ohmmmmmsssss for her. I really hope that they have caught it early enough.

I can't believe how much sad news we're having between us at the moment.

Massive deposit of ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmssssssssssssss into the bank.

Evening all.
I'm long back from the reception, but I needed an Eva! The protagonist loved having a birthday, even if he didn't have a clue what it was. He behaved graciously for about 3 seconds! As long as people kept coming and giving him presents, everything was dandy!
The family was there in full force,- 4 great grand parents, 2 grandparents, 5 uncles, 1 auntie, 2 great aunties and 1 cousin , so that makes it 15 + the little family itself. Just as well there was room for everyone. We were served homemade pizza and then we attacked the cakes. One cheese cake, one pear/custard cake, one carrot cake and one chocolate cake shaped as Micky Mouse, which Viljar kept calling " my Mikki (his name for Mikkel) cake". Mikkel was handed happily from lap to lap before he was taken downstairs for his Eva.
I took some photos which I've sent to Martin. Not the best ones because they were taken on my mobile.

KK,- oh dear, a sure sign of spring: The weepies are out!

Pauline,- my thoughts goes to your neighbour.

Sue,- so you don't do headaches, do you? You made me laugh with that statement. I wish I could say the same.

KK poor weepy, you must have frightened him.

Eva, what an occasion. Your family has good genes on both sides.

I'm late as I phoned a friend. Gefn's owner's daughter. We haven't spoken for ages, so lots to catch up on. And I was late back from the stables. I was just about to leave and the owner said 'you're not leaving now are you?' I asked him why? He pointed to a 4X4 driving in, it was s*xy vet. So I did stay a little longer. Until he'd asked me how M and the old one was. (He just has the most beautiful eyes.) What did he say after his first question? I have no idea. But I did notice he needed a little repair to his jeans!!

I just have to sort my pooter, I have 2 GB space left. First I have to do some more research.......

Sweet Mr and Mrs M watching BGT Tw**ting.

Another evening of L*wis nostalgia gone past. Nothing on telly, so it was DVD-time.

Jo,- yes, good genes in the family. One grandmother (mother's mother) lived to 95, but I always said she did it out of spite. Not a very nice woman.
I can remember 2 pairs of great grandparents, two grandmothers and one wonderful grandfather.

Before I fall into my bed,- the lovely Martin has put my latest photos into the Miscellanious Album.

Night, night.

I had 2 grandmothers until I was nearly 2. Then I had one until I was 22. My grandfathers died in 1930 and 1928. I don't know about my mother's grandparents, but Dad's grandmother died in 1901 and his grandfather in the 1920s. It always amazes me when people know their great grandparents. The owner of Gefn eldest great grandchild was 21, when she died. They got in an extra generation compared to my family. My family are very slow breeders. Bro and I are taking the slow breeding to the extreme, ie not doing it at all.
My mum always said that dad's mother lived until she was so old because she hated the world.
Pooter got hours left to back up.
Nightlee night

Whoo hoo Pudsey won!!! The dog done good.

No time to catch up before I turn into a pumpkin, at the old lady's tomorrow, so I'll see you then. Nite nite Loppies x

Morning, and another blue sky and strange golden glow - could get used to this! Eva will have a peep at the birthday photos later, but glad the Young Man of the Moment had a lovely party....the cakes sound yummy! The wedding we sang at yesterday was fairly interesting - the groom's grandmother was very unwell and really shouldn't have gone - she was the colour of parchment - tried to make it to the loo and was sick on the carpet by the altar, then in the Chxncel where we sing, so my friend and I were clearing up about two mintues before the bride arrived. Then one of the best men dropped the ring at the relevant moment -fortunately it didn't fall into the heating grid! Off to church shortly - MM doing the first service, me the second, then home for a snack and off to rehearsal this pm. No rest for the wicked! KK what are weepies doing out and about? Sad news about Twin's neighbour so leaving lots of ooooohhhmmmmsssssss in the bank. Saw that the doggie had won Sue - haven't watched it but opinion seemed to be it would either be Pxdsey or the young man with the brilliant voice and his friend. Hello BHB, yes I think it might be a little chilly out at the moment, but if we put the pxtio heater on and take the pink blanket I think we might be warm enough. You bring the Bramble and I'll get the paninis and we can have a lovey snuffle whilst we wait for the DCM to arrive for the staff meeting.

Good morning. I have to up and about as I promised felf I'd do a little gardening yesterday but I was so late home, and had pulled shoulders due to the little speedy horse I rode, I had to leave it.
Back up of pooter is finished. Now it is defragging, then I'll do a clean up. See how that is. I know I'm going to have to delete stuff.

Morning all. It's a grey and rainy day here, so I'll be staying inside.

Hello sweetheart. You're sitting outside today? Carol insisted? She was probably trying to make up for missing you yesterday morning by coming up close and personal! (He's blushing. I wonder why?)

I've been listening to Radio 2 (yes, the radio connection is working again) and the A*A's front man, M*rten H*rket was a guest at A*ed J*nes' show. I never knew he did religion (Morten that is). He speaks the most beautiful English. Not much of a Viking accent there, and he speaks English as opposed to American. It was interesting to listen.

Jo,- I daren't try the defragging and cleaning myself on my pooter after a bad experience last year. I think it's time for mine to go to the PCdoctor anyway. I just have to wait until Iselin and BB is back. Then I have to reconnect my wireless. Life ain't easy!

I have a busy morning ahead. I have to start the dishwasher, and then I have to unload it! It's hard work trying to keep up with the staff, eh?
I also have some bills to pay and some e-mails to answer. Then I will need a rest by reading the Sunday paper. It's all go in this household.

Morning all, and it is beautiful outside today. We only get today then tomorrow it is back to rain so better enjoy it while it lasts. I know I'm late again, but this morning it isn't because I overslept. I have washed my hair then been out in the garden. I love it early mornings (well they are early for me). It is so peaceful round here, well it was till one of the neighbours children started screaming, little darling. It drove me back inside pretty quickly.

Eva I saw MH on Brxxkfxxt the other day. Must say I didn't think he had worn well. However you are right. His English is better than mine.

Lovely wedding Twin. Think cleaning up sick is above and beyond your duties, yuk. One job I never got used to in 34 years of flying, and we got plenty of practice!

Morning BHB, yes I know I'm late again, but I will make it up to you I promise. I will get some more Bramble and we'll find the CM and I will snuffle you to your heart's content.

Good Morning all,

I'm in a rush again I'm afraid and have only managed a quick skim.

Aw - Auds we'll all miss you! Do come back again for a fest or two!

Pauline - I think it eas you asking for OOHHMMMS so I'm OOOHMing.

Thanks for the links Jo - and KK thanks for the texts. Alas Jers-y is too far for me too.

OOOHHMMS for all needies.

Afternoon All. After a bright and lovely start to the day it has now clouded over so I think I will put today's gardening tasks on hold for the time being.

Seeing that I am so rubbish at housework I do take pride in the fact that I look after my pooter and defrag etc. once a week. I suppose it does some good.

Jo, I don't know whether it will be of help to you in your quest to visit the CIslands but Manston Airport (Ramsgate) has just started flights to Jersey. A friend of ours flew back from there yesterday morning and apparently was most impressed.

Not being an animal person I was disappointed but not surprised that the dog won BGT. I was hoping that Only Boys Aloud would walk off with the money or, failing them, the lovely singing duo. They could have done with a boost to their careers. Not that Pudsey and his mistress weren't good, they were excellent.

Re grandparents, I never knew my paternal grandfather he died before I was born (and married 4 times so I am told so hope for me yet, I've only managed 3) but grandmother died in her late nineties on her birthday. Other grandparents lived to 64 and 76 so quite mixed really.

Off to look at Eva's pics now. Putting as many ohms in the bank as I can muster, there seems to be so many people in need of them right now.

Afternoon. I seem to have a slightly sunburnt nose from yesterday when I was watching youngest scollop in a football tournament. Unfortunately I've missed the gorgeous weather today as I've been at work.
Jan, I was hoping OBA would win too!
Eva/Pauline MH was a teenage crush of mine so I'll try and watch him on Iplayer if poss.
Ploppy wasn't expecting me back home quite so early so dinner won't be ready for another hour, mustn't snack on anything but I had no lunch so I'm hungry!

Carol, it never ceases to amaze me how brave people coping with devastating illness can be.

KK, your confrontation with the spider made me laugh. Yep, I’m afraid Ploppy is a bigger barrier than a bit of sea. He just said DO NOT ASK!! Hmmmm wouldn’t normally take a lot of notice, but he does have a point. We still have to spend money on the bungalow and we have a plan to go to the States next year, we want to do NY, W*shington and N Engl*nd if we can. Can’t have it all I guess.

Pauline, ohhhhmmmssss for your neighbour, some people seem to get it all at once.

Eva, what a lovely family, you know of course my sadness at the lack of one of my own. I do share Ploppy’s though, and that makes for seven grandchildren, three nieces, one nephew, a brother, a sister and spouses, and of course mum, so I guess I don’t do too badly. The beloved godchildren are my first love though.

Jo, is it the eyes that do it then, ‘cos you can just about cope as long as you don’t look into Lee’s. I see you didn’t tell him about your accomplishments with a needle and thread.

Wedding sounds like fun Carol, at least you got it sorted before the bride arrived.

What is this DEFRAG??

Jan, I guess the last three acts will all do well, Susan B didn’t win and look at her. I just adored the dog, I want one that looks the same, I certainly wouldn’t have the patience to train it like that young lass.

Well I’ve caught up now, so I’ll clear off, back in a bit.

I now have over 30GB of free space so I should be OK for a while. I didn't delete anything I haven't got copies of on external drive. I deleted loads of videos (as they take up lots of space).
Defrag is running a programme (the pooter does it) and it sort of refiles stuff and makes the pooter run faster. You don't see anything different.
I haven't walked Dog yet, as I needed a sit after driving the free fair ground ride at the local big house of Mr S. I haven't parked there before, but when you drive out it is like driving down a helter-skelter. Unlike the previous car park which was very tight, this one is brill, quite fun especially as there weren't any cars to stop my run down it.

Evening all. Thought I would have an easyish day today, ended up clxxnxxg this morning and gardening this afternoon. Thought I better take advantage of the weather as it is back to the rain soon.

On the subject of g/parents, I didn't have any! Well of course I did, but Mum's parents died by the time she was 8 and my father's father died 3 years before I was born. His mother did manage to keep going till I was nearly 4. I obviously don't have a very clear memory of her either! Still, I got by.

Thanks for all the ohhmmms for my neighbour. Let's hope they can help her.

Sue defragmenting is like giving your pooter a spring clean! It sorts out things so you have more space, as Jo has.

Ali,- if you want to listen to the A*ed J*nes' radio 2 program with MH, he came on at about 7.30 am.

Paul O'G is using the Tardis in his program. I can't remember him asking us for permission? The cheek of him!

Jo,- that car park sounds as if it belongs in a fair!

Hurray,- V*ra is on tonight. It wasn't last week, so I went into a sulk.

Sorry Eva I don't thionk Vera is on. It is about the death of a soldier and two of ours were murdered in Afgxxxstxn today. They are showing an old Lewis instead I think.

I love rounybout exits from car parks. We have two round here.

LEWIS rpt on now, replacement for Vera

Don't forget 56 up on Monday

Pauline and Jo,- thank you for the update. The I*V website isn't as updated as the two of you.
I'll find a DVD.

Lxwis was good though I had seen it fairly recently. Looking forward to the new ones on Wednesday.

Bed time now so night night and sleep tight.

I'd forgotten I'd seen it.

One of my neighbours has a new 'dog'. It is smaller than TK, she is a small cat. It is quite cute. I'll not be introducing it to BG or BB, there would be bits of dog all around. I've never seen one like it before.

Morning all, and back to a grey sky again. Sadly didn't see much of the strange yellow globe yesterday as we were indoors most of the time. At least MM had got to cut the lawn on Saturday! Eva loved the photos - and particularly liked his "crown"....well come on Carol be honest you liked the look of the cakes too!! Thought Mickey looked a real work of art! The new car should be arriving for Ann today, which will be useful as she has a hxspital appointment. Roger says they are getting used to a routine, but he his still looking for a carer to come in and help him to put her to bed (they thought they had someone but she rang to say she couldn't do it now). He says she gets tried easily so they are trying to limit visitors to one set a day, and she has people in all this week, so we won't be seeing her until next Monday. I had three grandparents and a step grandfather, and we lived with my maternal gps until I was two and my parents' house was built. They all lived until their earlier 80s. Had also seen the Lxwis (think it was shown last year) but could understand the reasons for the switch. Taking Sloppy food shopping this morning then I have the w&i to do as I didn't manage to do any last week. Rehearsal tonight so must remember to sort my music out before we go (having sent the list out to everyone last week feel I ought to show willing and get mine ready - MM did his yesterday whilst I was cooking dinner!). Hello BHB, sadly I think we will have to give the patio a miss today. We can still snuffle under the pink blanket though, so it you bring the Woo Woo, I'll get the pastries. Should be time for a nice long chat about the weekend until the DCM arrives.

Morning all, now don't all faint with shock. Thought I would pop on here early and prove I do know life before 10am! It is raining at the moment. It always is when I go to visit the crematorium. !3 years today since my Dad died so I will pop in there later on my way to have my back done.

Eva I forgot to say how lovely the pictures were and I loved the cakes! Viljar looked so sweet in his crown. I think he has a look of you about him. He is a handsome lad!

Mornoing BHB, so inside today? Yes I think so. It is not nice out there. I'll get more Woo Woo and we'll join the CM.

I hate to boast but we have wall to wall sunshine here. I want to get into the back garden but dare not risk it as we have a new telly arriving this morning - hopefully. This digital switchover is costing us a great deal of money.

I didn't watch any TV last evening until Match of the Day, a good thing I knew the result or the tension would have been unbearable waiting to see who had won the Premier League, Man United or Man City. I stayed up especially. I'm sure most of you ladies did too!!!! NOT.

Ann is so brave but Roger is too, life must be very difficult for him. More ohms in the bank for them.

Time for coffee.

Afternoon all. I know I'm late gain, but I see Pauline got in early so that should make up for it!

I've had my roots touched up and my hair cut, so that's why I'm back so latel It does take time to beautify myself! I wish I could do a toss-toss, but since it was impossible to do it before the haircut, it's even more impossible now. I'll do s bit of preening instead. ( I was looking for a sign on the keyboard to signify preening, but couldn't find any, so you have to believe me.)

I just looked at the beginning of the L*wis last night, but I'd watched it a week ago on DVD, so I skipped it.

Jan,- wall to wall sunshine? You lucky lady. Here it's wall to wall driving rain.
I agree with you re Ann and her family. I think they're all such a brave lot.

I'd better start cooking lunch. It's fish soup today, so a bit to do.
See you later.

Afternoon. Not a lot has happened since I last posted,- I ate my soup, had an Eva, did some i****g and now I'm posting. I'll die of excitement in a moment!

Do you remember I introduced the word " dugnad " to you:
Well, tomorrow we are having a dugnad in our block to spruce everything up for our National Day on Thursday. We'll be washing, brushing, planting, weeding and so on in the afternoon, and the weather forecast is rain, rain and more rain. Charming! If the weather is good we usually have coffee and waffles outside (We have a nice table and benches outside), but I think we'll have it indoors tomorrow.

Evening all. Well a lovely wet day it has been here and to cap it all I read in the paper they think thos weather is with us till at least mid June! Grim. Went to the crem and had a little moment thinking of M&D. No gloomy or sad, just a small token for them. After I went to my back lady and had to drive past our old house. Wow it is unrecogniseable. It is twice the size and white! it has been redered over what I thought was lovely warm bricks, still each to their own.

Eva your hair looks gorgeous.

Eva you popped in while I was posting. Hope the weather is a bit kind to you tomorrow, our forecast is dire too. It is chucking it down here again at the moment. Perhaps if they lifted the hosepipe ban here it would stop raining!!

It never does to boast about sunshine does it? The rain started at 3.30pm and hasn't stopped since. Me and my big mouth.

The new TV arrived safely. As Ploppy doesn't know anything technical I shalll have to try to set it up myself when I have a quiet day on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it. Might have to ask my kindly neighbour to help.

The news on our young friend is not good. He cannot breath on his own and is still on a ventilator. Apparently he sort of opened his eyes briefly but according to his mum his entire body is paralised at the moment. Poor poor young man.

Looking forward to 56 UP on ITV this evening, I have watched every series. How people do change in looks over the years. Not us 27 year olds, just everybody else.

Time for dinner.

I see Ro has tweeted Bedlam will start June 6th on Sxy Lxving, for those that have it.

No Bedlam for me. Not that I'm too upset. It wouldn't be my thing anyway, except that Himself is in it.

After all the reminding I forgot the start of 56 Up. The man came this evening to tell us about the plans to demolish the factory at the back of us. He booked to see me, but I took him to see felf as well. They haven't got planning permission for the new houses yet, but they are confident it will be 4th time lucky. He did spend 25% of the time slating the other developer who is doing things near us. I found it funny, but did not laugh.
Jan lots of oooohhhmmmms for your friend and for others in need.
Must check emails now

Not sure it is my thing either Eva. I was thinking I might record it then just look at the bits with him in it!! I think he is in the fourth episode so it will be on the 27th.

I am watching Chxtswxrth. Not seen any of the age thing so not bothered about it. I just love the House anyway.

Thanks for the info about Vera, I couldn’t figure it out at all last night, I’d not heard about the soldiers. Missed 56 Up though.

Interesting to read about that tiny dog, my canine hairdresser has an Italian greyhound, don’t know what Dog would make of that.

Eva, dugnad sounds like another term for hard work to me, I do remember it from before.

Talking of weather, we’ve had a very pleasant couple of days, some rain to be sure but lots of sun as well, still cool/cold though, depends which way the wind’s blowing.

Jan, ohhhmmmssss for that young man and his family.

Early(ish) night for me I think, nite nite Loppies x

Still here, forgot to say lovely photos Eva, thanks.

Gone now.

Well I was going to have an early night, so much for that. Lots of ohhhmmms for the poor man and for all ur poorlies and needies.

Night night and sleep tight.

ooops who could be responsible for Sue having to have an early night? Perhaps someone sent her a text after 1am this morning. I'm sure that person is really sorry.
Well my shredder arrived today, takes 8 sheets at a time. Well then why did it jam when I put 5 in? I have spent the last hour or so trying to unjam it. I'll leave it until tomorrow or I might just throw it on the tiled floor in the kitchen.
Nightlee night

Morning all - another grey drizzling one! Jo, our shrxdder is supposed to take 12 pages at a time but we never put more than 9 in at once. I always used to use a pair of tweezers for digging out the paper (machine turned off of course) with the one in the office! Depositing lots of oooohhhmmmmmssssss for the poorlies and the needies - that's such sad news about your young man Jan. Spent a thrilling day yesterday - took Sloppy food shopping and then for coffee in the morning, spent all afternoon doing the i word, then of course off for a sing in the evening. Today I have some sewing to do on costumes, then rehearsal this evening. Oh KK thought of you yestesrday - went to put some music back in the church last night and a large Weepie stood waving at me (sure it was a cousin of the one you saw as it also had big boots on), so I bravely changed direction and walked the long way round (on the basis surely it couldn't run that fast could it??). Didn't check to see but took the long way back as well! Apparently it is going to be a very chilly day today (it's mid May and I still haven't done the wardrobe swop yet!!!). Hello BHB, yes I agree perhaps we should light the fire just to warm the place up to start with. I feel a nice snuffle under the pink blanket is definitely in order. You bring the Itxlian Jxb and I'll get the pastries. I know the DCM was early you think she will make it two days running??

Morning all, here I am again! Thjis could get to be a dirty habit. Don't worry I'm sure normal service will be resumed soon. It looks like a very nasty day here so will do inside things I think. Mind I do want to run some stuff to the dump as I will make an attack on my small bedroom and see I I can bring a bit of order to it, well I have to start somewhere!

More Weepies with hobnail boots on, shudder. Must be the season for them. Hope they stay hidden in here.

Actually reminds me, I need to do some shredding. I hate the things, you have to spend as long clearing the things out as you do shredding.

Morning BHB. Yes it is me! Yes I feel fine thankyou. Just like keeping you off balance!Now let's get some more Itxlian Jxb and we'll surprise the CM.

Morning all. It isn't raining at the moment, but I'm sure it will be back in time to make the dugnad an unpleasant experience!

Hello sweetheart. Still waiting for Pauline? You can't expect her to be early 2 days in a row, surely?

My shredder takes 1 - one - sheet at the time. I tried with 2 once, but it stopped at the once. Never again.

I'm off to see Viljar's dad in a moment. I managed to forget my cake plate on Sunday and need it back for Thursday's lunch party. I know Viljar will be in the nursery, but his dad promised that Mikkel will be there to greet me, so I'm looking forward to some cuddling time.

I see the Weepies are out in force. Maybe they are planning a coup?

....oh Eva, what a thought a Weepy coup! Can you imagine it!! Actually our forecast is for thunder and hail so hopefully Twin will be able to dodge everything! Actually our shrxdder is quite good - it is a zigzag one and eats up things like old bank cards etc and also doesn't mind staple. We bought it cos we have lots of old society things we destroy periodically and some have addresses on. Sadly you can't be too careful these days. BHB, I know you are in shock, so perhaps another jug of the Itxlian Jxb to share with the DCM?

Morning. The weather can't make up it's mind today, cold and windy, overcast one minute but bright sunshine the next! Youngest scollop isn't feeling well (to be honest I think he's just overtired and he feels lightheaded and shivery) so he's tucked up on the sofa watching a dvd. It does mean I can't do my exercise on the Wii but to be honest I don't feel like it today! Instead I'm researching birthday pressies for middle scollop. He wants a steering wheel for his computer game so I've read reviews and narrowed it down and the price difference is vast! Glad I looked as by ordering online I can get it for half the price and delivered for a reasonable cost rather than driving over 20 miles to pick it up. Will just get Ploppy to have a look and make sure I'm getting the right thing before I order it though!
Hope the rain doesn't spoil your dugnad Eva. I like that idea.
Oohhmms to all poorlies and needies on the blog and their extended families and friends, there seems to be a great need unfortunately.

Hi again.
I see Pauline snuck in just before I posted this morning. No wonder the BHB is in shock!

Mikkel asked me to send his love to the SL-aunties. Well,- the conversation went like this:
Me: Do you want me to tell the SLaunties "Hello" from you?"
Mikkel: Brrrrrrr, blub, blub and big smile
So I definitely think that's a love message to you all,- don't you?
His mum just laughed and said: " You're mad." Mikkel and I just looked at each other with complete understanding.

I've just ordered Louise D's new album on A**zon. Ro has been tweeting that her launch party (consert?) was fabulous.

Well feeling a bit deflated. I have a date for my op, 16th July which is good as they are letting me have my holiday, but it is just two days before the GO's concert, sob. Not sure if I will make it. Trying to think big picture here, but it's not working! Mind I do realise lots of you won't be that doesn't help either!

What does help is that lovely message from Mikkel to his Slaunties (like that). Thank him so much Eva and give him a big kiss in return. Mad? Sounds perfectly sane to me. Hope the dugnad (love the name) goes well.

Ali, ohhhhmmmms Scollop is ok. Love online shopping. I save lots that way.

...oh lots of ooohhhmmmmmms for Twin to be ok - there is a ticket with her name on (next to me of course). We will do all we can to get her there!! Eva please give Mikkel (such a clever little boy) a big hug and a kiss. Also hope the dugnad goes well. Have had sunshine, torrential rain, hail and thunder today!! Keep forgetting to say I bumped into Jill on Friday and she was fine, apart from still dealing with house matters. Off to rehearsal soon!

PHEW! That's the dugnad done,- 2 solid hours of hard work, but it was worth it. It looks so nice now, both the front and the back of the block. Plants and flowers in big flower pots at the front, a new rhododendron planted at the front, hedges trimmed and the gangways cleaned,- everything ready for the 17th.
There were 8 of us, not too bad, although it's always the same people who meet up to take part. Some never show their faces, but isn't it always like that?
Btw. the weather has been beautiful, so the coffee and waffles were consumed outdoors.

Pauline,- love Slaunties,- a new word added to our special vocabulary

Ali,- I hope my hero Jack is feeling better.

Eva, Jack is feeling a lot better thankyou. Glad the dugnad went well.
I'm doing some more online research. I had an appointment with my lovely dental hygienist yesterday but he noticed some decay on my 1 remaining wisdom tooth and recommended I have it removed. I have made an appointment with the dentist (who I'm not that keen on to be honest) My other 3 wisdom teeth were removed under sedation about 13 years ago, never did understand why they left just 1 behind! I want this one done under sedation too as I am petrified of having it done under local aneasthetic and I just wanted to see if I can actually demand this. It seems I can so I will! I don't mind needles in my arm at all but the thought of one in my gum sends me into a cold sweat and I feel all teary and panicky for some reason. I know it's daft but.....
Carol, such mixed weather here today: sun, wind, hail, heavy rain, light shower, now bright sunshine!

Good evening. Late back from w*rk, cooked Dog's tea (belly pork and rice), cats fed, trays cleared and I cooked myself some tea. It's only 21:45, so nearly bed time. Just before I left w*rk a colleague pointed out an email from manager. We now have a daily schedule to show where and what we should be doing every minute of the day. I'm really not used to being micro managed. For years I saw my manager every 2 weeks if I was lucky. It is driving me nuts. He has also given us check lists to fill in for some of the jobs.

....well that was interesting - in the middle of rehearsing when the area was hit by a power cut, so we were plunged into darkness. Had to give up ....not what we need with one week to go!!!

OK calmed down now, done the order with Mr T. Double the money with the voucher exchange on pet food. Dog is just telling the world that is a good deal.

Jo that would drive me nuts as well. Bet it doesn't work. Oris he going to run round after everyone, schedule in hand, to make sure you are all following orders? Maybe I've misunderstood.

Am of to meet Twin and MM with friend Ari's Mum tomorrow. WE are going to watch a tv recording. No Go sadly, but interesting anyway. I might not have time to post in the morning. Just so you know.

Night night and sleep tight.

Jo, I wake that often in the night the odd text here and there is of no consequence!

We’ve had the oddest weather here today, sun, rain, hail, thunder, and all of that within a couple of hours, d’you think someone up there is trying to tell us something??

Eva, brrrrr blub blub, sounds good to me, do give Mikkel our love back next time you see him.
Glad the dugnad was productive, a lot can be achieved when people work together, but as you say some always seem to disappear when the W word is mentioned.

Pauline, what a disappointment, I guess if you put the op off you’d have to wait an age. It’s ok for them to cancel these things but they sure don’t like you doing it. Could be worse though, you could’ve booked to see Alfie the next day!

Ali, if your dentist is any good at all he could rub some gel on your gum to numb it before the needle goes in, and you will barely feel it. My dentist always does this if he has to inject the front top gum, the one where the needle feels it’s going up your nose and out of your eye!! Last time I had one there I truly hardly felt it.

Jo, your manager sounds a pain! If you manage people properly you shouldn’t have to resort to those measures, unless the employee is really incompetent.

Nite nite Loppies x

Ooooo look I have a pencil!!!!

I think he thinks I am incompetent. He has given these timetables to the whole group, so I'm not singled out. I keep all his emails and I have a record of our meetings.
Carol, what a shock for you. I was going to say we have power cuts here, but thinking about it we haven't had one that I've notices for ages.

(I wasn't a trade union rep for nothing)
Nightlee night

...lovely bright sunny day here at the moment and I think the forecast is for the same most of the day. As Twin says we are off to W City today as tv audience for Pxxntless, so will be mia. Jo that man sounds a nightmare, do you think he is trying to justify his existence? Totally counter-productive! I think in all the years of doing shows that is the first time a p cut has hit a rehearsal! I have managed to cut out the lights at I Village Hall in the past - they had a cut out for loud noise so the neighbours were not too disturbed (think it was really aimed at discos) and I had a high note which was obviously on the same frequency! Fortunately it was only a short cut out and I was at the end of my song! Hello BHB, yes it is looking nice - shall we risk the patio? We can put the heater on and take the pink blanket with us. OK you bring the Vanillita and I'll get the warm paninis and we can have a lovely snuffle. I'm not sure if the DCM will be able to get here this morning but we will be ready for her if she does.

Morning all. YAWWWNNNNNNNNN ! I've been up since 5.30am 'cause I had promised to drive the nerd and his partner to the airport. They are off on a 2 1/2 weeks holiday to Spain. Then I came back here for an hour before I have to go and collect mother who has to see her GP, then it's the weekly shop. It never stops!

Hello sweetheart. Yes, I am a bit tired. If I fall asleep in your arms ( in my dreams!) will you wake me up in half an hour's time?

Pauline,- I forgot to say yesterday: What rotten luck for the timing of the op. Doesn't your surgeoun have any sense of timing at all? I bet if you call him personally and tell him about the concert, he'll postpone it for a couple of days. You don't think so?

Jo,- let's hope your manager manages to manage himself straight out of a job. What a prat!

Twins,- have a good day out. Oh, you intend to, do you?

Morning all, very quick hi and goodbye as I am off shortly. Lovely sunny morning so risking no mac or brolly. I must be mad!

Thanks Eva. I feel exactly that. I will get over it, just hoping there may be another concert near enough for me to get to, if not the panto is at least something I have to look forward to.

Morning BHB, yes I am here and of course can find time for a snuffle, so lets grab more Vanillita and surprise the CM.

Morning, and what a beautiful on it is too! The washing is blowing on the line, I've sorted out some houseplants, washed the kitchen floor and now having a quick coffee and catch up. Next I'll put Ben down for a nap and tackle the weeds in the front flower bed.
Jo, I had a boss like that once. He kept a diary on me and another member of staff and logged every movement we made over a week. I think he was hoping to amalgamate our jobs and lose one of us. When I left a few months later he asked how he could persuade me to stay? I said if he hadn't appreciated me up till then he wouldn't appreciate me in the future and I didn't appreciate him spying on me (he hadn't realised I'd seen his notes on me!) He graciously accepted he was in the wrong and I moved on.
Twins enjoy your day, we love Pointl*ss in our house and religiously watch it as a family every evening.
Eva, once you've finished running everyone about please put your feet up for a while!

Morning all

Just a quick pop in whilst I'm waiting for Ploppy to get home, as it's the funeral of our friend today.

Pauline - what bad timing for your op but you're right to look at the bigger picture. I do hope, though, that you are recovered enough to still go to the concert.

Jo - your manager sounds like a nightmare. I'd hate that and I think that style of management is counter-productive as I find that staff respond better and w*rk harder if they feel that you respect and trust them enough to let them get on with their jobs without checking up on them every five minutes. Of course, there is always the exception to that rule but you do tend to know your own staff and who needs closer supervision than others. Sounds like he's trying to justify his own existence.

Eva - I'm tired just reading your post!

Twins - have a good day out.

Caro & Twin, P***tless is ploppy's favourite show, let us know how it goes and Twin, I must have been missing i a when you posted about your op? I do hope you are able to get to the concert OK, at least its not too far away. Love to all and oohms for all those in need

Carol I had the e mail about tickets for Poi..less but I have been at School all day so couldn't make it I was hoping it was filmed at Pin...od.
Jo when I worked in the Bank we had something like that were you had to account for what you did every 5 minutes of the day, ridiculous!!!!!!
Auds I envy you, what a lovely place to retire too, and family there too, cost of living cheaper as well I am sure you are going to love being retired in SA, do I presume you are going to be living in Nordho.k????????? I can't think of a negative thought about going expect you will miss GO.
Pauline that's bad timing but I suppose if it needs doing then needs must.
The house sale is now being held up because Bi L hasn't given us the copy of the Death Certificate that we asked for, for our Solicitors , will just have to get one from BMand D.
Right off to have a bath ready for another day at School tomorrow

Afternoon all. Well, it's been a busy day. Oh, you guessed? When I was finally back home, I cooked a large pan of my stew, so now the parents can have some back with them tomorrow afternoon.
I then had a long(ish) Eva and have now made the dessert for tomorrow. I found the recipe in the paper, and it looked easy: Mini Pavlova. You take 2 eggwhites per 4 people, whisk it to a foam, then add 100 grams of sugar little by little and continue whisking it until it's shiny. The oven goes on 150 degrees. You shape the eggwhites to flat rounds on baking paper, as large as you want. Let it bake for 25 minutes, and then let it cool off in the oven, with the door just open. Fill the Pavlovas with vanilla cream (or custard) and then have a mix of fresh berries on top. I will use strawberries, blue berries and raspberries. The Pavlovas will keep in a tight tin until tomorrow when I will fill them. I've never made them before, and I will let you know the verdict.

KK,- I hope the funeral today wasn't too bad.

Jill,- do you want me to come over and sort out your br.-in-l ?

Brand new L*wis tonight. Bliss.

Hi all

Well, the funeral was - I want to say beautiful, but I'm not sure it's appropriate to call a funeral beautiful, but it was. The flowers, the music, the hymns, the readings, the eulogy, all of it was just beautiful, even the sun shone all day, a perfect tribute to a beautiful lady. I can honestly say that I have never seen so many people at a funeral, even the vicar said he had never seen the church so full.There were people stood up at the back, down the aisles, even down at the front. It was very sad, of course, her son was inconsolable and that was very painful to see, but there was also a lot to smile about as we heard many stories of her life. One thing in particular that made me smile (and made me think of you Eva) was when the vicar told us that Fran was notorious for making lists!! Apparently, she made lists of absolutely everything, there was always a list or several on the go, even in her last few days she was still making lists in hospital. Bless her! She is going to be very much missed but it was a send off that she and her family can be proud of.

Anyway, I've been having problems getting on the blog for a few days, it just wouldn't load the full page so I only got about half the comments, then it started doing the operation aborted thing that it was doing before and not loading the page at all. I thought when I'd upgraded to IE8 that I'd solved the problem as it stopped doing it. So, I went searching the net for a solution and looked at reviews of other internet browsers and I've now installed G**gle Ch*me as my internet browser instead if IE. So far, it's working but lets see how long it lasts!

Looking forward to Lewis, and a large glass of red!!

I caught the start of Lewis, then felf came around to get me to undo a zip which was stuck, so just back for the ads.

Mw3Ds likes Pointls. I told him about the recordings. He said it wouldn't be fun to go on his own. Then he moans he rarely goes anywhere. Although he hasn't said that recently, must be his nurse in London.
Eva, you have been having a busy day. This retired lark seems to be very tiring.
I got a present when I got home, from Dog! So not a present anyone really wants. She hasn't done that for a while. I'd been at w*rk too long today.

The stress is getting to me, I thought I'd ordered Mr T for today, but I just checked as I wasn't certain. I ordered him for tomorrow :(

It's no good, I'll have to pay a quick visit to MrT tonight, or my lunch tomorrow will be 1 banana, 4 cauliflower florets and some dates. I'll have to miss the end of Lewis.

Dog very happy, I visited the reduced cold meats section. Roast pork.
I'll see if Lewis is on player to watch the end

Jo,- I don't think I was the only one being stressed today!

Re L*wis: I think H*thaway is in love! I won't say more.

I'm going to have another busy day tomorrow, what with us being 10 round the table for lunch, so I'll bid you all good night, sleep tight, have wonderful dreams and wake up happy.

10 for lunch, good luck.
I watched the beginning and the end of Lewis, so I'm all up to date. I think I prefer Lewis to Morse. Has more of a MM feel to me.
Got a couple of emails to write, then bed time.
Nightlee night

Ali, whenever I read about your morning's work, I feel a need to lie down!

Eva, you can have the same effect on me at times  I LOVE pavlova, with raspberries is my favourite. Don’t know what you’re going to put in yours, but do save me one if there’s any left............. I won’t hold my breath though.

Hi Jill, hope you get this house thing sorted soon, you must be fed up with it all.

KK, I think funerals can be beautiful, and it sounds as though this one was very special. The sadness and the loss is the hardest to bear, but the tributes, music, and prayers can help a lot. I guess the hardest part is afterwards when it all sinks in.

Thanks for the link Jo, good to see them out as a family.

Not watched Lewis yet, got totally confused on Sunday when it was on instead of Vera, till I came on here and it was all explained.

I’ve spent the night looking at shoe storage trying to find something that will fit where I want it to go. I’m sick of falling over Ploppy’s shoes, he is surely the only man who can have five pairs in various places, usually in front of the cupboard/dishwasher/wardrobe that I want to open!

He’s snoring away now, he’s got to be up at 2.30. I think it’s time I joined him.
Nite nite Loppies x

YOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO finally I have a computger that works - latest windows 7 64 bit version so of course loads of my programmes no longer work so goodbye to projects for quite a while. Must tell you all to watch The One Show on Friday - my nominee for the torch relay Arthur Newnes is being interviewed , I am really chuffed he was accepted.I will try and read back through the blog but it will take a while as I last looked just before my birthday (computer dying was the present I really did not need!) just over 300 emails in my inbox now........

Morning all - not as nice as it was yesterday when I got up, but at least none of the "r" word! Hello Carys!! Congrats on the new pooter! We usually watch the O Show so will look out for Arthur! Had a fairly busy day yesterday - can't remember if I mentioned we are "re-ordering" the inside of our chxrch? Probably not as it is something that has been in planning stages for the last seven years. We had to get a church fxculty first then we had to get the Vxctorian Soc to agree (we are moving some pews) and finally we have raised the money! MM is the Projxct Coordinator on our side and before we went up to Town yesterday we called into the church to "road test" a sample chair and decide on the colour. The works will actually start whilst we are on holiday so we will doubtless come back to chaos! After that we caught the train up to W Cxty and met up with Twin and Ari's Mummy at Wxstfield for a coffee and a panini before going over to the very small audience queue. Much smaller studio than the one they use for AT shows, and not a very large audience as a results. We were in the front row! AA and RO were as witty and lovely as they appear on tv. We recorded two shows and apparently they will be shown in a couple of months. What's more we were feeling very pleased with ourselves as there were lots of questions we could answer and we even got a couple of the pxintless ones! After recording has finished we went back to Wxstfield and had a very nice meal in a lovely restaurant, so all in all a very successful day. Today we are off to Twin's neck of the wood and the day will involve some retail therapy! Eva the Pxvlova sounds yummy - it is one of Twin's specialities and I have made them in the past (but as one large one rather than smaller ones so interested to know how your's turns out. KK I think fxnerals should be described as beautiful - they are our final way of showing our love to those who are gone. I had an email from my younger sister yesterday, enclosing one from my niece and I can report that the car has arrived for Ann safely, Roger has managed to find an evening carer - she starts tomorrow I think, and that it was quite a tough week getting a routine going (sadly as Ann is worse than when she went into the SR......because they have staff there on hand and doing things, her deterioration wasn't so obvious). As Sarah put it "She generally needs help to do most things now, but as ever she is still keeping a smile on." We are seeing her on Monday so I will be able to see for myself. My nephew has been to see a solicitor yesterday, so reconciliation definitely not on the cards - sister promises to let me have the full story when I see her next! Right better get on, hello BHB, not sure sitting outside is such a good idea today, so if you fetch the Chxrleston Gxrl, I'll get the paninis and we can have a lovely snuffle under the pink blanket until the DCM gets here.

Morning all, and another reasonable if chilly day. At the moment any dry day is a good day. I suppose I'll be bemoaning the lack of rain soon! Hi Carys, great you have a new pooter. Hope you can catch up, good luck with that!

had a lovely day yesterday. Twin has described the itinery. I loved the recordings as AA and RO are so funny. It is obviously a bit more stop start and AA wi suddenly freeze and then talk to himself! Well it is the producer obviously but looks very funny. Highly recommended. They were on their third day on a new set and it is very swish. Nice being back at Whxte Cxty. Happy memories.

Thanks Shirley. I haven't given up all hope but we'll see. Depends on how the op goes.

Eva I love making pavlovas. So simple. I think a whistle clean bowl and then I like sticky in the middle ones, so I add a bit of cornflour and a tiny bit of white wine vinegar. Hope yours turn out well. Sure they will as they are simples.

Lots of ohhhhmmmms for Ann and her family. Such tough times.

Agree funerals can be beau8tiful, KK and glad the one you went to was.

Morning BHB, yes a little early but getting slowly back to normal! Now another jug of Chxrleston Gxrl and we'll find the CM

Hello all,

Well I've finally managed to get on the blog again, though it's going to be another rush in - rush off moment.

So - having caught up a bit by reading Sue's last comment (sneaky I know) I see Ali's busy (she always is), Eva's been baking (sounds yummy), Jo's been sending links (aw - was that about P-Pig world?) and Jill needs some OOHHMS for getting her house sorted.

KK - I'm sorry I didn't realise that you had a funeral to go to. It sounds like an uplifting one.

Sue - just throw the shoes at Ploppy. That's what my Ploppy does to me.

Carys - Nice to see you on the blog again! I'm glad your PC is sorted.

Carol - it sounds like you have your work cut out for you at church. Many OOOHHMMS for your brave sister.

I'm afraid I don't know what the twins are were up to. Who's AA & RO please? Glad you both had fun though.

Pauline - when is your op?

OOHHMMS for all needies

Afternoon all.
My guests have finally left. We had a nice celebration of our National Day, even if the weather gods weren't kind to Bergen this year. It has been raining most of the day, but in the city centre most of Bergen's population was out, watching the parade. As someone said: The 17 May celebration in Bergen is special,- half the population is in the parade and the other half is watching, no matter what the weather is like!
Youngest sister, her husband, the Pirate Hunter(as was) and his girlfriend came out here after the parade. Iselin is working today, so she couldn't come. Viljar, Mikkel and their parents popped in for something to eat. The parents were here of course, so it was all seats taken.
The food went down a storm, and the dessert was very well received. I wasn't 100% satisfied with the pavlovas,- a bit soft and chewy, but filled with the vanilla cream and berries, there was absolutely no complaints from the guests.
We could watch our local parade from the terrace with all the children from the local school, so we did have a parade, even if it wasn't the big one!

Now I've tidied up, Mr. Bosch has done 2 rounds, everything is tidied away and I'll fall in to my easy chair in a moment.

Here is a link if you want to watch photos from the day:

just watching Petra's 12th birthday edition of Blue Peter. Got a little tear in my eye.

Evening all, had a very successful day shopping. Managed to buy a few tops and a skirt and a pair of sandals for the holiday, all in outlets so a bargain. Twin managed to find some things as well as did MM so we were all well pleased. I think MM got the bargain of the day, a pair of trousers for £5 and they are really nice. So very happy bunnies.

Jane my op is on the 16th. Very close to the concert! AA is Alxxxnder Armxstrxng and Richxrd Osmxn who ar
e the hosts of Pxintlxss. They are a great double act, very funny. RO is 6'8" tall!

Eva your National Day looks a lovely occassion yet again. So pleased for you all. I think you need a good day like that. I hope Iselin has recovered from her voyage across the sea. Did she enjoy it? Re your meringue, if they were soft it is because they didn't dry out enough. Ideally I make meringue the evening before and cook it for about an hour on very low then turn the oven off and leave the meringue in there, door closed, until the oven is cold.So that is the next morning.

Love the photos from the national day. I prefer chewy than the ones that fly across the room when you try to eat them.
Twins, busy day. But sounds like you enjoyed it.
Carys, good to see you back on the blog. It always takes time to settle into a new pooter. I'm still settling into my new w*rk laptop, mostly due to the Wdows 10 programs, I'm still finding where things are.

Mr T has just been. A very nice chatty guy. I am now surrounded by shopping

I seem to be missing 24 tins of cat food

Jo,- I've got some left-over, cold potatoes. Would that help? I remember that to Shirley's cat, Babe, potatoes was a dirty word.

Yes, I think this year's National Day celebration was a bit special, because of 22nd July. We can still rejoice in the fact that we're a free country, a democracy and a close nation. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Pauline,- so the shopping trip was a success? Be honest now,- did Carol look at h***b**gs? Oh yes, it's another dirty word now, especially in connection with Carol!

Just had phone call from MrT, he's found my cat food in his van. He'll be back later.

Handbags? Ummmmm, maybe.... But they were nice and not at all dirty.

Cold potatoes!!! I don't think so. I had plenty of cat food, I was buying more because of my £5 vouchers being exchanged to £10 ones for pet food. btw my last dog would have loved the cold potatoes, as for Dog. She doesn't believe that vegetables are any sort of food group.

...National Day looks lovely Eva! Ummm, I did buy an my defence I had just bought an outfit for MM's Goddaughter's wedding in October, and it needed a bag to match the colour in the dress - bought one reduced from £49 to £ think that was a bargain (it's a sort of turquoise). Just back from rehearsal - fortunately no power cut!

Evening, just a quick pop in to say I lost another 1lb this week. Bit disappointed but hey ho it's another 1lb off rather than on I suppose.
Will be back tomorrow to catch up properly, night night all

Avon have just given me a good laugh this evening. I do an online survey for them from time to time. It is giving your comments on pages of their future brochures or product packing design. Today it was for their new SCD line coming out around Christmas. There was one photo of a couple dancing. I really don't know how they got the shot, it was side on of the couple. WELL, the chap looked like he had a drawer of socks down the front of his trousers. They really mustn't use that photo.

Well I think they should use the photo Jo. It would be entertaining!

Ali you are going in the right direction. This is what happens. Stick with it and it will get better. (Rich coming from me!)

My bedtime too so night night and sleep tight.

Ali, well done. The first week is usually good. Just have to keep it up and it'll add up over the weeks.

Carol, just to say Ann and her family are still in my prayers. Tough times ahead for all of you.

Pauline, we’ve done it again!

Jane, no good he throws ‘em back, and his are bigger than mine!

Eva, sounds like a good day, can’t click the link, on the netbook and I’ll never get back here. I’ll have a look tomorrow.

Jo, ah Petra, happy memories. Phew, glad that Mr T is coming back. I’m with Dog when it comes to veg!

Talking of turquoise, I wonder how Fi is?

Ali, a pound is a pound!!! I wouldn’t mind losing one at a time.

Time I was in bed, nite nite Loppies x

Ooops nearly forgot to say, hi Carys, good to see you here.

...oooh only just woken up! Must have been all that retail therapy yesterday! Ali well done - every little helps and it is generally accepted that you lose a lot initially then slow down, which is the right way to do things. Sue sounds like you need another strategy then!! Sort of grey windy day at the moment but at least it is still dry. Think this is the forecast for the weekend too. Have a day in today sorting out costumes for next week and ixxning them (deep joy), doing last bits of sewing etc. Might go into Uxbrxdge later as MM needs to see the Bldg Control at the local council regarding drainage at the church (highly exciting!). Just spent ten minutes trying to find telephone no. for Sloppy's hairdresser.....then discovered she gave me the wrong spelling (Geoff instead of Jeff!!). Morning BHB yes another morning inside I think. If you will kindly bring the Bellinis, I'll get the pastries and we will have a nice snuffle until the DCM arrives. Sorry I left you to get things sorted on your can I make it up to you??

Morning all, yes normal service is nearly resumed! Still dry here, so that makes 3 days, gosh we'll be back in drought mode. Food shop today, so much excitement. still have had a lovely few days so back to normal now and I suppose the w&i.

Morning BHB, oh we are all late today? Sorry, have we kept you waiting? Well let's get more Bellini's and we'll find the CM and we'll make it up to you.

Morning all. It's still raining here. Last night my flags were dripping wet when I took them in ( 1 large balcony flag and 8 smaller ones for my "garden") so they've been drying out overnight in the bathroom.
It's a funny country, Norway. I had hayfever when it was snowing, and now I'm sneezing fit to kill when it's been raining solid for the last 3 days.

Hello sweetheart. You want me to sing our National Anthem to you? It's a day late, but if you insist:
JA, VI ÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆÆLSKER DETTE LANDET SOOOOOOOOOOM DET.......................... OI, where are you going?
He ran out and slammed the kitchen door. HMPH!

As you will have understood, my eyes and nose are streaming today, and I've taken some extra anti-histamine. It usually works, but I get sooooooo sleepy.

Ali,- good on you losing more weight. It will go like that, one week you'll lose a lot, the next maybe nothing, then "only" 1 pound. It's your body's way to adjust to the loss of water, getting used to have less calories to work with etc. That's why it can fluctuate from one week to the next.

I've sent a photo to Martin taken yesterday of the Pirate Hunter (as was) and his girlfriend in their National Costumes. It isn't taken here, but outside her flat. I think they look so sweet.

Back from my expedition (which included lunch and large glass of PGB). Went to the bank, then bought a strappy top for the hols so getting there. It was quite muggy out, and is now clouding over. Pleased to report Sloppy has finally made contact with her hairdresser and is going next week!!

Martin has put the photo from yesterday in the miscellaneous album.

Carol,- how many handbags will that make all together?

Not many people are allowed to kiss your Queen. Our king is, as I've just seen on the telly from the reception of today's celebration at W*ndsor Castle. But then they are kissing cousins, as King Harald's grandmother, Queen Maud, was an English princess:

Ro,- love the photo. Thank you for the link.

Evening all, sorry I am late. Have been watching the arrival of the Olympxc flame. All went well and no rain, hich is very surprising! We also have someone's house alarm that has set off and has been going for well over an hour. I thought it was illegal to have one that rings for more than 20 mins. Certainly it is useless as if anyone did break in UI doubt if they are still there an hour later! Driving me mad.

Eva I knew our royals were related. Then thanks to Queen Vicky she is related to most of the royals I think!

Ro that is a very nice picci. Lovely taste of what is to come. Thankyou.

Lovely photos Eva, National costumes look great, although I see ir*ning.

Really late from w*rk today. I had to phone postman's wife to take Dog out. Felf was out!! I suppose she is allowed;)

Love to GO photo, thanks Ro. They are taking bookings for a local panto at w*rk, email went out today. I didn't say I was already booked to see a panto and certainly didn't say 'more than once'.

As I was late home from w*rk I was listening to R2 and heard that B Weedon died on 20th April. I say him live once, in fact I missed a male stripper to see him. I made the right choice BW was great and I was told the stripper was rubbish.

Jo,- you're right,- there is a lot of very difficult i*****g involved, it's the shirts and aprons that need delicate handling.
Is this the B Weedon you're talking abour:
Have to admit I've never heard about him, so can't say whether you did right in missing the male stripper or not.

I heard BW had died, mind he wasn't a hero of mine, always thought him old!! Poor man was probably 27 at the time! I must say I felt part of my youth was gone when I heard Dxnna Sxmmer had died yesterday. I have strutted my stuff to a lot of her music. In fact I stillhave some of her albumns, yes I mean long players. Trouble is I no longer have anything to play them on.

Love the costumes Eva. They look so lovely the pair of them.

.....thank you for the photo Ro - he was looking very yummy! Eva....just one or two! National costumes looked lovely - do wish we had one in the UK! Been watching Opxra Maxstro - brilliant!

Pauline, he was old just a few days off 92.

If Super Nanny uses a minute on the naughty step per year of a child's life, how long should the 'stop barking' muzzle be left on Dog? I use 2 mins.

Mad half hour finished.
Nightlee night

Ah yes then he was old indeed Jo. Well if dog years are 7x ours, woukd that be 7 mins? I think 2 enough really.

Been watching GN, very funny tonight. Bedtime now. Lots of ohhhhmmmms for our sick and sick at heart. Night night and sleep tight.

Good morning BHB, not too bad a morning. A quick dc before Dog needs to go for walk.

Morning all,

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Jenny (Queen of calendars)
Happy Birthday to you.

Hope you have a lovely day and the sun is shining on you. The BHB has been very busy decorating everything in shades of green and very pretty it looks too - he has even found shamrocks as part of the posies for the tables. The banners are up saying "Happy Birthday Jenny" and there are green and white balloons everywhere. I can see he has also been busy in the kitchen as the birthday cakes are baked and looking magnificent and I know the champers is on ice already!

Usual day for us - collecting Sloppy taking her shoppin (I need some more trim for one of my costumes, so that's some sewing for me later). Depositing lots of oooooohhhhhhhhhmmmmmmss in the bank for those who need them, and I know there are several. Hello BHB, would I like some iced champers? Is the world round? You bring the ice bucket with the drink and I'll get a couple of slices of the birthday carrot cake and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Happy Birthday Jenny.
Not 100% sure about the green icing on the birthday cake, but it does look very pretty.

I was in a rush earlier, Dog walked and all fed now. 1st wmachine load has just finished.

Morning all, so here early again, but today is for bad reasons. The alarm I think I mentioned yesterday is still going. All night it has been ringing and is driving me mad. I'm not actually so close to it that it is really loud, but when I lie down to go to sleep it is there. Grrrrr! Will have to see if something can be done. Can't believe the immediate neighbours haven't done somethiung already, like take a hammer to it! Anyway, I had a terrible night and feel absolutely shattered.

On a happier note HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY, I hope you have a lovely day.

I have the w&i this weekend, so looking forward to it, not!

Morning BHB, oh how lovely it all looks here. You really are clever. Champers? But of course, lets grab another bottle and join the CM.

Morning all. It's Saturday and the sun is shining. Good start to the weekend then.


Hello sweetheart. My it's green in here. Do I think it's too much? You can never overdo anything, sweetheart. Green tea, is it? I don't mind,- it's supposed to be very good for you. You're having champers? Wait for it..................champers at this time of the morning? Hehehehehe.

It's h****w**k time for me too, but with the sun doing it's best outside, I will go for a walk later.

Pauline,- I can't believe noone has done anything about that alarm. Isn't there at least a phone number on the outside box? My Shirley's house alarm had that.

I'm going out to the parents later with a large suitcase . They are off on a cruise on Tuesday. Flying to G*twick, coach down to S'hampton and then cruising home again via Denmark, Sweden, Oslo and the fjords in West Norway. They loved the cruise they did last year, and since everything is in place for father and a wheel chair, it's an ideal way for them to get around. Youngest sistre and husband are going with them.

Morning all

Happy Birthday Jenny. Hope you're having a lovely day.

Ali - well done, another pound in the right direction. Don't get disheartened, keep up the good work.

Ro - thanks for the link. Ooooooo, very nice, can't wait to see the full outfit!

Pauline - sorry you had a bad night, that must have been very frustrating for you, and for the neighbours living close. When our alarm was going off the other week, I was horribly aware of how annoying it must have been for the neighbours, which is why Ploppy went up the ladder in the pouring rain to disconnect it. Hope they manage to sort it out soon.

Eva - hope your parents have a lovely cruise.

I had one of those role reversal situations with my parents last night where I ended up telling them off. My Dad, age 73, suffers from M*niere's disease (tinnitus and vertigo) and has had a week of what they call cluster attacks which is attacks of vertigo that only last a few minutes each but happen frequently for about a week, decided that, after the consultant told him that he was a bit on the tubby side, he needed to lose weight, which is fine. So, he decided to buy a treadmill, which is fine. Instead of having it delivered, he went to pick it up and the shop put it in the car for him. All fine. However, my parents live in a block of flats, two storey's up, with no lift, and they have another flight of stairs in their flat to get to the bedrooms. Dad, in his infinite wisdom decided that he, and my Mum, who is about three foot and weighs six stone wet through, could carry the treadmill up the three flights of stairs!!!!!!! They got up the first flight and then, thankfully, a neighbour came to their rescue and took it up the next flight to the flat, but Dad then carried it up the stairs in their flat to get it in to the bedroom! When Mum was telling me on the phone last night, I went bonkers. I asked Mum to politely remind Dad that he does have a son-in-law and daughter who are here to do things like that for him. Trouble is, he's so independent, which is not a bad thing, but he refuses to ask for help at times that he should do. I said to Ploppy that I can see very frustrating times ahead, as he gets older and still refuses to ask for help! Parents!! Bless 'em. I think old age is payback for the upset and worry we caused them as kids!

It's cold and wet here again but the weather forecast says we're in for some hot and sunny weather next week. I'll believe that when I see it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! My, the bistro looks beautiful with the different shades of green. Hope you have a great day.

Sorry to hear about the bad timing of the op. Pauline, but you never know, it might still be possible. Hope the neighbour's alarm is sorted out today, you can't suffer another night.

Carol, glad to hear that Ann is settling in to her new living quarters, expect you'll be pleased to see her on Monday. I watched the Maestro programme too, it was really exciting, was surprised how well C RH did.

Ali, well done, don't be downhearted, 1lb. lost is fine, weight fluctuates and you have to take the long term view.

Eva, it's been party week for you hasn't it, what with birthdays and National Days, how lovely for you t be able to enjoy it all with your big family.
My quite small family have 5 birthdays in the next few weeks, starting with eldest g.dollop's 18th, so hoping for some fun myself!

Happy Birthday Jenny, have a lovely day.
KK, my sloppy actually asked Ploppy to go up into her loft to get something down this week, usually she does things herself and we find out afterwards and tell her off so maybe she's learning!
Youngest scollop played in a squash final last night, it was a close match and went to 5 games and he lost by 5 points. He was a bit upset but he got the runner up trophy and as we pointed out he was 2nd out of his whole age group at the club (about 8 youngsters) After a late night he still managed to get up early to go and play again this morning.
Mr T delivered on time so I packed away and planned to do some exercise on the Wii, however youngest and I are watching the Queen's celebrations on tv instead. Will have to get motivated after it finishes.
Adding oohhmms to the bank for those in need.

Update on alarm situation. It is still happily singing away, grrrr! I have been round and talked to other neighbours and we are all feeling unhappy, no surprise there. Apparantly the owners have gone away for the weekend, arghhh! Some of the others have rung the police and the Enviromental Health who can do nothing till 8pm, lovely. They also needed at least 3 complaints so I have done my bit. Grrrrrr again. Lets hope we can get it sorted by bedtime tonight.

Hope the parents have a great holiday eva. I'm sure they will. I agree KK, I always said that old age became payback time for parents!

Congrats to the scollop Maeve. Squash is a punishing game. I see they now have glass courts so it is more of a spectator sport and are hoping to get it as an Olympic sport. Watched the Queen's thing as well. We do that sort of thing so well. Very proud.

I may even have an Eva if I can block out the noise, unhearfd of for me.

Just to cheer us, well me as I need it, up. This is my fav ad at the moment.

Twin, I love that ad - meant to mention it to you the other day! Aboslutely brilliant - that dog can speak (well actually so can the rabbit!!). KK I remember your parents are in a flat (from the Christmas dinner saga a couple of years ago!). You will learn that it becomes complete role reversal!! Well done to your Scallop Ali! I tried playing years ago and was dire so decided sport was not for me!! Maeve he was a real singer's conductor - so I was routing for him right from the start!

I think my Dad has decided to take more revenge, I've just had a phone conversation with him, which is always difficult as the tinnitus makes him hard of hearing, in both ears, he wears a hearing aid in both ears and sometimes they're okay but other times they're useless. So, Mum usually rings me and after us having a conversation she'll tell me that Dad wants a word, so she hands the phone to him and the conversation invariably goes like this:

Me: Hi Dad
Him: Hello. Hello. Are you there?
Me: I'm here. Can you hear me?
Him: I can't hear you.
Me (speaking slightly louder and more slowly): Can you hear me now?
Him: Don't shout, I'm not deaf. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Me (trying to breathe deeply and calmly): Sorry. Mum said you wanted a word.
Him: I can't hear you, you'll have to speak to your mother.................

I'm laughing as I type this because it's like something out of a comedy sketch but it's very frustrating, for both of us!!

Carol - ah, yes, the Christmas dinner saga, where Mum's cooker packed up right in the middle of cooking the dinner so we were running up and down to the neighbours with plates of food!! I remember it well!

Pauline - yikes, bad news that the alarm owners are away. I do hope they can sort it out before tonight.

Been mia for a few days due to - can't think why. First and foremost it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to JENNY and many thanks for the calendar every month.

I have been watching Maestro as well and CRH was my favourite from the outset. I always like him on SCD and mostly agree with all that he says. Mind you, I always agreed with Jason Gdnr on DancingOI so what does that say about me??

Loved the pic of Himself, scrummy.

On the subject of the Olympics, Ploppy's mate not only has a nephew carrying the flame in Cambridge (even tho he is Australian) but his niece is captain of the women's gymnastic team. What a family.

Just a word of caution girls about when we reach old age, some of us are at 27 plus a bit (not me, of course).

Pauline, that alarm sound horrendous, how on earth can you put up with it. OK, I know you can't really but I would muster as many folks as possible to make a complaint. I bet the couple in the house will be mortified when they return.

I remember BW, apparently many of our famous rock stars learnt the basics from him.

Come to a bit of a halt in the garden re planting up baskets and pots, I can't do anymore until our kind neighbour runs me to the garden nursery to buy some more compost. This is when we could do with having a car.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Hello all,


Well it's been such a busy week for me. Loads of meetings.

Pauline -oh dear the op is badly timed. I hope that you will be OK to go to the concert though As the others say, it might be still possible. And that alarm sounds so annoying. I hope you can get it turned off soon.

Maeve - 5 birthdays! You'll be a busy bunny in the next few weeks. I bet you have fun.

KK - Ah, your parents sound like real cards. Your stories about them make me laugh.

Ali - well done to your squash winning (nearly) scollop.

Hi Jan - nice to have you back.

Ah, LOVELY piccy of Lee as Jack. Thanks Ro.

Well - I'm off to another birthday. A good friend is turning 50.


Hello girls back in england and my lovely ploppy, will not go away abroad without him anymore,I miss him too much had a good time with family, mother came back very tired.
Happy birthday dear Jenny I hope you are having a lovely time.
Ali One pound is good do not worry about it I have done thast so often better to loose one than put one on. I have als put on 5LBs in my week stay in Belgium in spite of my walking fast for 13 km on Sunday.Grrr they all think I do not eat well ! me think so have to work hard this month at gym to get to where I was. BORING !!!!.
Took my lap top with me but forgot to take all my passwrds.Not the most bright thing I am.
Pauline I do hope your alarm is now stopped it must be absolutely horendous.
will be back on here later if not tomorrow lots of catching up on blog. XXXX

Love that ad Pauline. The YT is a longer version than the one I've seen.

Been out with Dog. The swans on the big river have 5 tiny cygnets. Dog had a meeting with a couple of friends. One of them looks like a great Dane cross. The owners said he'd had him DNA tested. The dog is chihuahua, greyhound, German Shepherd, Italian greyhound, Doberman (and I forget the 2 others) cross. No Great Dane at all. To me it looks like a greyhound/Great Dane cross with something else as the head is wrong. It's a lovely dog. (Re DNA test cost, the family live in quite a big house right on the river.)

Ali, well done to scollop. Not an easy game.

Pauline when the neighbours come back, you'll have to suggest that a neighbour has a set of keys and the code number. That's what I did for my neighbours.

I've seen a very strange thing. Boys playing football in the goal at one end of the pitch, the ball was kicked into the centre of the pitch. A boy got on his bike to collect the ball and bring it back to the goal mouth.

'a whole bunch of times more better'

How can we expect youngsters to speak properly if the above is what can be heard on early Saturday night TV? The only good thing is I'm not sure the demographic of the TV audience include those youngsters.

Am I being a cranky 27 year old? Probably.

OK, tonight I am one of the grumpy old women........
so here goes another
Who told Holly that her dress suited her?

Jo you may be grumpy but then so am I as I totally agree, and that dress is not Holly's finest moment.

That's Ok then, I thought it was just me was a dire dress from all aspects!! Just popping on to share good news - eldest niece Victoria (Ann's daughter) just rang to say she is expecting in November!

Not sure what you are all talking about re Holly etc. I am watching the football and supporting Lee's beloved Chelsea.

West Ham got promoted to the Premiership today HOORAY. I am sure you are all fascinated NOT.

What are you watching, with Holly in it? Is it the V*ice? We have the same program going here at the moment, but I'm not following it.
The telly here tonight is just cr*p, so I'm watching a DVD. There has been a TV series made from the books of Unni Lundell, crimewriter par excellence:
She's one of the best.

Jo,- you're allowed to be grumpy when you hear the language used like that!

Pauline,- have they turned off the alarm yet or do you have to complain again and them someone will come from far, far away to turn the bleeding thing off?

Huge congratulations to Twin's niece. Lovely to have some happy news and brilliant for Ann. She must be very happy.

Eva yes it is Ths Vxice.

Alarm part 3. I have just rung the council and there is now an Envxromxntal Hxalth Officer around and they will try to do something about it. If they can't it could be Monday before it goes off if the people are away till then. Help!

Jan,- I wouldn't expect Holly to run after a football!

Carol,- what great news for the family to have now. I'm sure everyone's thrilled.

Pauline,- do you want to come and stay the night?

Certainly not in those heels.

Not sure things can be going too well at the moment!

Oh yes please Eva, I'll pack a bag now and get the Tardis.

Good evening everyone.

I don’t know where the time goes. W*rk has, at last, eased off a little but lots to do at home instead. The bathroom is finally finished – the towels & mats we originally bought clashed with the carpet (a sort of tan) and went back; the next lot looked fine with the carpet but were a bit dull against the tiles & bath so I’ve comprised by getting one patterned mat. If only the carpet we had previously was still made, I’d have been very happy to get it again and it would have saved so much hassle. Now it’s our bedroom’s turn. We have wanted a new mattress for a couple of years and have been to J*hn L*wis a couple of times this year to test beds. Thought we’d decided on the type until we found you can’t use electric blankets or hot water bottles with them and as our bedroom is above the garage and at the end of the house, it can get very cold and I hate getting into a cold bed; so had to continue looking and finally ordered one in the week. Of course I want new bedding to go with the mattress, our sheets are getting rather thin anyway, so have also been looking for that and after buying several “samples” in various colours and designs, think I’ve decided on the sheets and duvet cover. Good thing it’s easy to return stuff to M*S! I looked at pillows this morning – there is so much choice but will have to decide soon as I want to get everything before the mattress is delivered in ten days.

We’ve had a health & wellbeing week at w*rk. There were a number of comments in the last staff survey about workloads, long hours, stress, etc. so the company are trying to improve life for staff including having healthy breakfasts on Mondays, baskets of fruit, annual contribution towards gym membership/massages and similar, tighter monitoring of long hours. I joined the walk on Monday, typically the worst day of the week weatherwise – my arm got plenty of exercise holding a heavy umbrella over two of us; other days there was badminton, run by the canal, zumba class.

Ploppy’s shoulder is still causing him some pain. I’m sure playing golf can’t help! We haven’t heard yet whether the car is worth repairing. At first the insurance company were very helpful but are now going back somewhat on what they said grrrrrr. They did give us a temporary car otherwise Ploppy would have been going to golf by taxi as his club is several miles away.

Lot of ohhmmmms sadly needed so a large deposit made.

Auds, how exciting. Hope you don’t have to reschedule again – it’s not long. Hopefully see you sometime in Knysna, Cape Town or somewhere in between.

Oooh lovely picture, thanks Ro.

Happy birthday, Jenny.

I can’t believe that alarm’s been going for so long, Pauline, hope it has finally been turned off. I think I’d have had a splitting headache by now. Fingers crossed you can make the concert.

Keep at it, Ali. When I’m on a diet I find the first week or two I loose several pounds but may not loose anything the next couple; after that the pounds usually come off steadily.

I was going to turn off the PC after dinner and join Ploppy in the lounge but he’s watching the footie so I am not rushing. I guess someone else will also be watching the footie. I think I’ll do some pillow research online.

Pauline,- I take it that C*elsea isn't doing too well at the moment?
Your bed in the SLs bedroom is made up for you.

Awww thanks Eva. It may not be required as a lovely lady has just rung and she is coming to see what can be done. Fingers and toes crossed.

Diana I hope the insurance company cough up. I really wonder what we pay premiums for.

Hello all
Happy Birthday to JENNY ….27yrs young!!
Dad is doing very well in his new home. So far so good - he is eating well and he is spending time out in the lounge with the other residents.
We’ve sorted out his old flat and given lots of items to Jean, who lives next door.

Loved the TV ad - I’ve not seen it before
KK …you make me laugh, you and your family should write a TV sit com
Ali,well done on the weight loss
Eva ,lovely photos
Such a lot of sad news of late
Big OOOHHHMMMMSSS To all in need
Ooh just refreshed before posting. Lovely to hear the good news…. a new baby on the way
The football score so far is 0-0

That's wonderful news, Carol. So pleased for you and the family, especially Ann.

Score is 1 1 and extra time being played.

The GO is tweeting like mad, very excited. He says he has pulled his hair out. He better not have done so!!

Maggie, lovely to see you again. So pleased your Dad has settled in well. Hope things continue to be good and we can see more of you.

WELL DONE CHELSEA - Lee must be a very very happy man.

Well alarm still going but I am so shattered will have to tgry sleeping and just hope it will stop soon. I feel the couple who live there will not be the most popular people around. Apparantly it is a car alarm!!!! I can't believe it has kept going for 30 hours (and counting) and not flattened the battery.

Night night sleep tight.

Good news Carol.

Diana, the destressing sounds like hard work.

SIT DOWN- I've been cl**ning. I'd forgotten my sink was a silver colour. I even resorted to wearing latex gloves!!
Nightlee night

Another grey day but I think it is forecast to be dry. It was actually quite warm yesterday when we were out and I sat in the conservatory in the afternoon to do my sewing and it was lovely. MM watched the footie and got quite excited too! I saw the final penalty. Do hope Twin's managed to get a good night's sleep - you would think the car battery would go flat and turn the wretched thing off wouldn't you?? Off to church of course this morning then rehearsal this afternoon, so it is bound to be a nice day. Lovely to see a few MiAs! Jo!! Clxxning? It's just not good for you!! See Diana has been having a quiet and peaceful time as usual. Hope Ploppy's shoulder doesn't get harmed further by the golf playing! Typical insurance company! MM currently looking for i cover for the car - there's a £200 difference in the quotes he has received. Maggie good to know your Dad is settling in. Must be a real relief for you. Just watching the trees in the garden - it looks quite blowy out there!! Hello BHB, I see you have decorated the Bistro in bright blue! Is it someone's birthday?? No? You are celebrating?? OK, well let's take the champers coctails and paninis to the staff room and we can have a nice snuffle while you tell me all about it. Think the DCM may be a little late if she has managed to get some sleep!

Morning all, a grey day here and a noisy one! Yes the wretched alarm is still going! I can't believe it. So much for the EH people saying they would shift it. However I did sleep as I went on a rummage and found some earplugs I had from work days. They were still ok so used those and thankfully it worked. Still feel so sorry for the people living next door. Wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall when the owners come home. I do hope that happens today or I think someone might take a sledge hammer to the car. As Twin says you would think the battery would have gone flat by now. I have the pleasures of the i word today, then a bit more wxshing, however I want it all done as I have no intention of doing it tomorrow!

Jo, now just be careful with all this clxxnxxg. You don't want it to become a habit now do you.

Morning BHB, you look so happy, ooh and a lovely hug. If this is the result I hope your footie team does well all the time. It does? Oh right, well anyway I think we'll get more Champagne cocktails and join the CM.


Hello again …I’m sure this time I’m back for good (I now don’t have to be at Dads for most of the week and my work is Monday to Friday)
Just lots of h/w*rk to catch up on …..I see Jo is in the mood! I’ll leave the key under the blue dustbin for her)
Jo – this story was on our local news
Pauline – thank goodness, peace is restored (until the neighbours return!!)

Hello all. We've had a very late night, celebrating our friend's 50th birthday. Naughty ploppy was still drinking at 4am this morning.

Welcome home Chantale. Of course you are glad to be back with your lovely Ploppy.

Jo - your mention of the cygnets reminded me about the ducks at work (yes we have ducks in our courtyards). We had eight ducklings, and then a sparrowhawk came visiting. Now there are just four ducklings.

Carol - nice to have some good news! Will this be Ann's first grandchild?

Hi Diana - it's almost funny that the one thing work isn't doing is trying to lighten the load. Methinks that would be better for everyone's well being than fruit.

Hello Maggie! Pleased to hear your dad is settling in.

Phew Pauline! Thank goodness the alarm has stopped!

Gosh - what tweets last night! I'm having very pleasent mental images of the GO running around his garden. And now I see he's heading back to the USA soon.

Jane, I have been having images of the GO running around his garden as well. Especially in the light of one of his tweets last evening!

Ploppy has just taken his daughter up the pub for a farewell pint because she popped in to say that she is off to Canada on Saturday for a month's backpacking and calling in for a couple of days to see her brother who is in Prince George with the black bears. This is a spur of the moment decision taken yesterday. We never seem to have all our children in the UK at the same time. I think my own son is off to the States very soon, perhaps he will bump into Lee.

So glad you managed to get some sleep Pauline, earplugs are wonderful things aren't they? Wouldn't be without them myself.

Meant to say I loved the photos Eva. Sometimes I wish that we had a National Day when we could all dress as Beefeaters - except the vegetarians amongst us, not quite sure what they would dress in.

Lovely to see Maggie and Chantale back with us, you have been missed.

Thanks for the link Ro.

Jo, I’d probably miss a male stripper to see almost anyone!! Have heard of BW though.

Eva, Bon Voyage to your parents for Tuesday, sounds just perfect.

KK, good on your dad for getting a treadmill, sounds like he has a very independent streak though. Listening to some of your exploits, I see where you get it from!

Ali, well done to your little ‘un, even if he was a bit disappointed, he did good.

Pauline, I’m appalled by your alarm saga, I think if I was living next door I’d have been tempted to break in myself just to sabotage the bl**dy thing.
Not seen the ad before, LOVE that dog!

Jo, I was trying to figure out which dog mated with which, bit of a size difference there!

Oh Carol, that’s lovely news, congratulations to Victoria, I bet Ann’s delighted.

Jan, Lee’s tweets were lovely last night, I was in trouble for looking at them on my phone, we were out for a meal, but I couldn’t resist. When they won a cheer went up from a table of eight blokes, so they were checking their phones as well. I’m not a fan but I was so pleased for him. Someone said on Tw*tter that he’d have to take off his (Chelsea) shirt over his head for a photo if they won, Lee said he’d do it naked!!!! Oooops.

Diana, it’s lovely to have new things but can be such hard work. What sort of mattress can’t you have hot water bottles or an electric blanket with. Would be no good for me!
Sounds like a good idea for fitness at work. Won’t help much though if they still expect you to work such long hours!

Good to see you Maggie. Good news about your dad as well. Amazing story about the cat!

A final note on the alarm saga. Had a visit from the owner of the car. I know I first said house alarm, but apparantly it was a car. An Astxa. Impressive battery life! The poor man, I felt so sorry for him. He said it was his partners car and she was too mortified to show her face. He went to every house to apologise. I did say to him although it had driven me mad, they shouldn't be too upset as I for one realised they didn't do it on purpose. The thing was obviously faulty as it should only sound for a few minutes then cut out. It didn't flash the lights either. Just one of those things. Not sure if their next door neighbour will be so forgiving though!

Bed for me so night night and sleep tight all.

Pauline, that is some fault. And as you said, an excellent battery. I know I was mortified when my car alarm kept going off. (I've never had a car with an alarm before this one, so it was a new reason for embarrassment.) Luckily I was home and just left the car unlocked.
I have been here all evening, but I've been emailing and TK Taxis are on the go again this week, so had to do some route planning. Also Dog has managed to rip her new bed I made the other week, so I did some repairs. To be fair to Dog, I think the off cut of material had a weakness near the edge, so not 100% her fault.
Nightlee night

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Twin
Happy Birthday to you!

Have a lovely day! The BHB has been in very early and the Bistro is decorated in shades of Teal - it looks lovely! We have little posies of rosies (couldn't resist that!) on the tables and the place smells heavenly. We have teal and silver ballons everywhere and of course the lovely birthday cakes. Needless to say champers is on ice and ready for the DCM!

Bit grey here - but I see we might actually get some summery weather the rest of the week!! We are off to see Ann (Grandma) today and yes it is her first grandchild, so fingers crossed she stays with us long enough to see the baby. Need to take Sloppy shopping first so it will be a bit manic this morning. Had rehearsal yesterday and we have a young lady who has been missing most of the rehearsals so I sent an email on Friday saying if she didn't attend the four remaining ones, she was out. An hour before yesterday afternoon's rehearsal she sent a text saying she had to work (her boss is the mother in law elect of George, who is the son of Phil, who is in the show, and Phil said she did NOT have to work yesterday). Another text pinged off to her saying please be here by 4pm or you are out of the show, followed by one from her saying she couldn't get there before 5.30 (when we finish). So now I am redoing some of the routines to accommodate one less! What larks! Not!

Watched Vxra last night....all a bit dour - much prefer M Murder or Lxwis - much easier to view! Ah TK has the atlas out does she Jo??? Hope Eva is ok - she was MiA yesterday!

Morning, just popping in to wish Pauline a Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day
Off to work soon …bye for now

Happy birthday Pauline. Have a lovely day! It's middle scollops birthday tomorrow so I'm off to pick up his pressie later, better get moving!

Morning all

Flying visit just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Morning all, and first of all thank you so much for all the beautiful cards and ecards. You are all lovely to think of me. Sadly it is a rather grey day at the moment though we may get some sun later. Still in my head the sun is shining. I am out to dinner tonight with two of my friends. We are going to try a new restaurant that Jxxmie Olxver has opened, so hopefully will be good.

On a sad note, I was sorry to see Rxbin Gxbb has died. Sorry, but not surprised as I saw him a few months ago and he looked so ill then.

Hope Twin has a lovely day with Ann. I think she is well shot of the young lady in question.

Hope all is well Eva. Ohhhmmmms just in case you are having a bad go of it.

Morning BHB, oh lovely a hug and a kiss. The Bistro looks gorgeous, thankyou. I love the roses too, one of my favourite flowers. I think it time to get celebrating so grab some champers and we'll join the CM. Do I get a special snuffle today? I do? Woohoo!

Pauline - Happy Birthday. It is meant not to rain today, so I hope the sun shines on your birthday.

I've had my first phone call from w*rk. Chap started off by saying that he could see I was out of office, SO WHY did you phone? But of course I didn't say that.

First load is ready from wmachine, so better get going

Morning all. First and most important:

Then to say sorry I was MIA yesterday. I haven't been well for a couple of days and still feeling poorly. I have made an appointmevt with my GP for Thursday, so I hope he can help. I may have to change some of my meds.

Pauline, Happy Birthday, have a wonderful day, all best wishes.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR PAULINE. Your card is on the way, Ploppy forgot to post it on Saturday so it went yesterday morning. Goodness knows when it will get to you. Have a good evening with your friends.

Eva dear, sorry you are poorly and I do hope your doctor can sort your meds out for you. Lots of ohms.

I don't know what is the matter with the gulls this morning, they are zooming by the living room window and appear so large they look quite prehistoric. Their cries and shrieks are ear splitting. They are stamping about on the roof and making so much noise I am beginning to wonder if they have got into the attic. If so, that is my worst nightmare, I have a "thing" about birds in confined spaces.

Off to the physio shortly to have my back treated. More money as I will have to take a taxi because at the moment I can't even walk to the bus stop. Oh the joys of being 27.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE, I hope you have a lovely dinner with your friends.

Carol, wonderful news of Victoria expecting Ann's first grandchild.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE!! Don't worry I won't sing!

Eva - I hope you get well soon.

Sorry I'm on a flying visit like KK (Jo - I'm not in a spitfire though!)

Eva, I hope the doc manages to sort you out.

Jane-Mw3Ds, said the noise of the Merlin engine of the Spitfire is very distinctive, so I should have recognised it. That was in reply to me saying 'I've never seen one flying before'. He just doesn't listen. Then he said I still should have recognised the sound. HOW?????? (Others- this is a continuation of my Tw*t*er conversation yesterday.)

Felf has been around to ask me if I'm ill. Not surprising. 1) I was h**vering. 2) I forgot to tell her I was on hols.

Dog has been very good, so I'd better take her out

A very happy birthday, Pauline. Enjoy your meal tonight.

Sorry you've been feeling poorly, Eva, hope you're feeling a bit better now.

You hit the nail on the head, Jane. The new health & wellbeing stuff has actually increased my workload slightly!

Sue, the Temp*r type mattresses - they have been quite heavily advertised on TV recently. JL do their own version which are still v expensive but cheaper than Temp*r. The mattress we settled on in the end was a much more reasonable £600 including taking the old one away.

Just been to see my new friend, saw him yesterday too. He works at the local tip!
Dog is going nuts. Before I went we'd been out for an hour and had a picnic next to the big river. She had some slices of cheap ham and I had a cheese and tomato sandwich.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pauline - hope you're having a fabulous day.

This hw*rk lark is not all it's cracked up to be. It'd be much easier without the 'assistance' of Whitey. She is deaf, so the h**ver hold no fear for her. Don't think I'm removing all the dust, after all it will only come back!!

At least I can get the washing out in the garden

Happy Birthday Pauline> I do hope you are enjoying yourself> sending you loads of
Oh Eva get well soon lots of oooohhhmmmsss for you and all that need it.
Poor mum is having a rotten birthday today she is coughing like nobody's business she got a cold at her sister. Not a happy bunny.

Chantale, hope you mum feels a bit better soon. So tiring when you cough a lot.

Good news, found my casual black Per Una trousers. Bad news, somehow they ended up in Whitey's bed. Just realised that TK hotels will get a bad review on Trip Advs*r as breakfast supplies mirror those in the Manchester Trav L . And you all thought I was cl**ning because I felt like it;) Better get to the local supermarket on our evening walk.

Thankyou yet again for all your good wishes and lovely cards. You have made my day. Jan not to worry, I quite like the odd card a bit late, makes the birthday last longer! Just pleased to be thought of.

Chantale I hope your Mum is better soon. Rotten for her. I hate coughs. Happy Birthday to her and ohhhmmmms for the cough.

Jo I have always known hxxswk is not all it is cracked up to be. No way to spend a day off really.

Eva hope you can get your meds sorted and feel better soon. Have some more ohhmmms.

Diana I have slept on a one of those mattresses. Very comfortable, but I found it a bit warm, so you should be fine!

Off in a minute, so I will see you all tomorrow.

Just got back from the Grandchildren but I thought I must pop in and wish Pauline
Hope you have had a great day Pauline

A quiz for you. How many times have I emptied the Dy**n today?

Morning all - think it is going to be a lovely day later (it's a bit windy out there at the moment), which is good as we are off to CFS this afternoon (you may recall the wife of ex-colleague of MM is Deputy Mxtron there) for supper, drinkies and walk round the show sans pxlic, so really looking forward to that. Ann was in fine form yesterday, really excited about the baby (what we didn't know was Victoria lost a baby at the end of last year - she hadn't reached the 12 weeks so hadn't said anything). Her new room is lovely and bright and airy - it has a velux window which lets in lots of light. It is painted in her favourite colour - yellow. Unforunately her right hand is starting to develop symptoms, which means she can't inject her liquid food into the glass peg - hence the need for someone to go in every day to do it for her. So now I am Nurse Carol on Mondays. Had a rehearsal last night and the company worked really hard on the changed routines - so fingers crossed all will be well by the end of the week! Hello BHB, yes it will be nice if the sun shine later - do you think we should risk putting the outside tables and chairs up just in case? Before we do that let's have a lovely snuffle - you bring the Vanillita and I'll get the paninis, and when the DCM arrives she can tell us all about her birthday yesterday.

Carol, nurse and Carol in the same sentence, not something I'd thought of before. The baby is great news for the whole family. Reminds me a of a man I saw yesterday. He was pushing a kiddie transporter and holding tightly to a 2 year old's reins. His progress was about as fast as mine with Dog. As we passed I said 'I don't know who has the better deal'. Man had an wry smile on his face as he said, 'You have, like a swap?'. btw the man looked about 80.
OK TK hotels all set (well as much as it's going to be). TK taxis almost ready to go.

Dog booked for the vets, she needs more meds for her dodgy hip.
Abs has loaded this on YT
Not my fav song, but good to see again

forgot to say, that was from Abs too

Grrrr just typed a nice3 long post and it suddenly just disappeared. No idea what happened. So here goes again. It is very cloudy here but it is supposed to be lovely later. I think Twin is in for a real treat. I am not at all jealous, this shade of green is quite normal!

Had a lovely meal last night great food washed down by a couple of bottles of PGB. Loved the restaurant, the only slight downside was it was quite noisy, but it was heaving. If it is like that on a Monday night I think it must be doing quite well.

Thanks for the links Jo, love them both, will watch properly later. Have a good taxi sevice day.

I am back down to earth today doing mundane things like hxxsewk and shxpping...for food!

Morning BHB, yes I am back to normal, well I would have been a bit earlier, but had to redo this post! Never mind, we'll get more Vanillita and join the CM.

Afternoon, just stopped for lunch. I did a zumba session on the wii this morning. I was in my pink pyjamas and just prayed nobody knocked at the door! Then I noticed the neighbour opposite was tidying his garden and could probably see me so I tilted the blinds. I've potted some lavender and put 2 loads of washing out and then had a coffee on the deck. I didn't realise quite how warm it was out there and my arms are looking a little pink, oops!
Glad you had a good meal Pauline, they must be doing well if they're busy on a Monday.
Carol, have a lovely time at CFS, I'm rather envious.
Lets hope this glorious weather continues, it makes such a difference.

Hello all,

Working hard here! Mind you at least I'm not having to do any necessary well being work, Diana.

Oh Jo - don't you know the sound of a merlin engine? Really! (Don't ask me, I've no clue!) I'm sure TK hotels are 5 star accomodation.

Chantale - I hope mum is feeling better.

Eva - How are you doing? I hope you're better too.

Carol - Ann really is such an upbeat lady. I'm sure she appreciates you being her Monday nurse.

Pauline - glad you had a nice evening.

OOHHMMS for needies

Not wonderful weather here. Started off grey and cold, now it is sunny but chilly and very windy, not at all suitable for putting out plants yet.

Went to the physio yesterday, not sure what he did but I can hardly move. I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

The news on our young friend is not very good. One of his lungs has collapsed and he seems to be "locked in", i.e. being aware of things but not being able to communicate. The very worst situation in my opinion.

Carol, what is CFS to make Ali envious? I am not very good at deciphering initials I'm afraid. Glad you were firm with the young girl who didn't attend rehearsals, it spoils things for everyone when that happens.

Now going to watch 56 UP which I recorded. I had intended to make a huge bolognaise sauce for the freezer but got back from shopping and realised I had forgotten a vital ingredient. Ploppy will have to get it tomorrow.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday meal Pauline.

Eva, how are you feeling today?

Jan, CFS Che*sea Fl*wer S*ow. Carol is having a behind the scenes tour!
Can't believe how lovely it is here today, the forecast said the east coast would be cooler and cloudier. Glad they got it wrong!

Great day today. 4 more lots of washing.
Had a great lunch at a pub which had been a pub for 900years. I had fish and chips, really good. Not as good as Liverpool. And no mushy peas!! Or peas of any sort.
Did you know that some of the SS fans go to more than one concert in a week. How mad is that, no not going to a SS concert, but going to the same concert more than once;)

Ooooh, CFS, now I really am envious. Thanks Ali. Now all I have to do is work out what/who SS is and I am up to speed!!

I Hate Capchas.

Blogging outside. Birds singing. Cooling breeze as I sit on the step to the shed in the shade. BB at my side, as it is his step. Dog barking and prowling, seems it is time for a walk. She can't be asking for tea as it is already served. Better get on as TKTs are booked for 5.30

What a lovely day. So pleased for Twin, she will see the flower show at it's best. I spent most of the afternoon in my own garden, I had lunch out there and then paid a quick visit to a local garden centre and bough more plants. I still have lots of space. I like gardens stuffed full of plants. I will plant them tomorrow which looks like another good one.

Your day sounds lovely Jo, certainly beats hxxsxwk. Enjoy the show. Jan I assume SS is Shxking Stxvxns as Jo has been known to go and see him.

Lots of ohhhmmms for Eva. Fingers crossed she can get her meds sorted.

SS = Street Sweeper = AB= Alf** B**. I only called him SS as there is a SS in a village close to me who has a beard the same and dresses like AB did in large poster we saw at the Cliffs P in Southend. (and it slightly winds Sue1 up).

Felf saw the CFS on TV last night she said it looked lovely and did I see it? I heard an interview on Woman's Hour today when they were interviewing the designer of a garden which looked like a QR (Quick Response) code for a smart phone.

So I was confused as well Jo! Not unusual. I'd forgotte that AB had that nickname.

I saw the QR garden on the tv. The link isn't working at the moment, but I know the code works and takes you to more info about it. Watching the show now. It really is quite humbling to me when I see the dedication of these people. Puts me to shame!

Yes P2, the link was very slow when I found it. Maybe I broke it!!

Hope the AB concert is going well. Apparently there have been some messages saying some of the fans are not too keen on the style/content not exactly sure of these concerts.

When we went to see AB there was a couple of men in front of us that left at half time. We thought that they were unhappy at the lack of opera. Either that or they had a thumping great row!

I'm for bed, so night night and sleep tight.

Just popped in to say a quick hello, not got time to catch up, but will do on the train home tomorrow.
Enjoyed the AB concert, and now at a very comfortable BnB and just off to bed, nite nite Loppies x

TK Taxis back safe and sound.
Busy day.
Nightlee night

Morning all - well we had the most glorious weather and lovely time yesterday. Lots of wild flowers used this year in the show gardens - my favourite gardens were the Arthrixs Resxarch garden which reminded me of the Al Hxmbra in Grxnada (it won a silver gilt), and the L'Occitxnx Gxrden in the show gardens and I liked the Brxnte one in the Artisxian Gardens - it was like a little piece of Yxrkshire! Lovely. In the marquxx the Thxi Garden was just stunning, full of carpets of colour and we both loved an arbour full of clxmatis. We started off our trip with canapes and Pxmms on the lawn looking down to the show, then had a lovely supper and into the show after that at about 7.30pm so we were arriving as the pxblic (well RHS members) were leaving - absolutely wonderful to be able to see the gardens with nobody in front of them (except for two where the medal winners were doing a champers reception). Afterwards back to flat of Rick's colleage (these are the grxce and favxur flats) for drinks and then got home at midnight - somewhat footsore! If you saw the photo of the txwer at CFS with the CPs on it - Laura (Mxtron) our hostess can be seen - she has her white traditional Mxtron's hat on so is a flash of white amongst the red. They were telling us that there were far more corporate events happening this year, which might be why the tickets were sold out so early. Today my weary little feet are back up in Txwn as going to the office for lunch. Really pleased the Met Line now seems to have only the Aircon trains! Hello BHB, yes definitely a day for sitting outside I think! You have made Pxmms?? Wonderful. I'll get the pastries and you get the drink and we can have a nice long snuffle until the DCM arrives!

...mean to say I also loved Joe Swxft's garden - which used wood and water to stunning effect, and won a gold medal. If you use the excellent link Jo put up you can view my favourites on there (much better photos than I took!). Also forgot to deposit oooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmsss for poorlies and needies!

Morning all, a grey day here but hopefully the sun will appear later. Mind as it could get to 28c in town today, I don't envy Twin. Glad she had a lovely day. Looking at it on tv is fine but there is nothing that can reproduce the wonderful smells, especially in the marquee. Just fabulous. I'm all fired up now. Think I will go again next year myself, it has been a while.

At the moment I am being stalked by a daddy longlegs. I hate them, even worse than Weepies I think. It is just too high for me to be able to bat it with newspaper, but I will get it.

Morning BHB, yes it is another warm one isn't it. We're on the patio and the CM has her feet soaking in a foot bath? Aww poor thing. We better go and see her, I'll get more Pimms and off we go.

Morning all. Yes, I'm slowly returning to the land of the living. It's been a tough few days, and in addition to my debilitating tiredness, I think my ulcer is playing up again. Looking forwards to seeing my GP tomorrow.

Hello sweetehart. You've missed me? Bless you. You want me to sit down and put my feet up and you'll get me an iced tea and a newspaper? Double bless!

The summer has arrived in Norway! For the last 2 days we've had temps above + 20 degrees, and today is the same. At the moment it's + 22 in the shade. I really can't believe it, it happened so fast. The weather forecast is that it's going to last at least another week.

The parents and youngest sister and husband left for their cruise yesterday. I had a text from sister late last night saying that they'd arrived safely at the hotel not far from G*twick and are joining the ship in S'hampton today.

Pauline,- I'm with you re daddy long legs. They are my pet hate insects. I just can't bear them. Good hunting!

Carol,- I've only been to the CFS once, but I've never forgotten how great it was. We even saw A*an T*tmarsh, and got a lovely smile from him!

Jo,- when did Sue1 join TK Taxis?

Hello all,

And it's a lovely afternoon op north. I hope good weather lasts as I'm on holiday next week with Ploppy. I'm going to see Chic*rgo (the show not the city) while Ploppy is at the rugby, then we have 5 days in Sal*sbury. Don't worry if I don't appear on the blog next week.

Hello Eva! Nice to have you back. I hope you're feeling better.

Jan - I have the same problem when I go to the physio. How terrible for your poor young friend. Keep praying for that miracle.

My my Jo - doesn't the Street Sweeper have weird fans?! Fancing going to see the same person in concert more than once. I'm sure none of us would ever do that!

He! He! Sorry Sue - I am glad you enjoyed the concert.

Thank you Ali for explaining CFS - and Carol I'm glad you enjoyed CFS. Not my thing but I can see why you'd love it!

Pauline - watch out for long-leggy-weepy.


Eva! How lovely to see you again. Sorry you are under the weather and the ulcer thing sounds grim. I have fingers and toes crossed your doctor can help. Daddy long legs is now ex! Ha!! Grappled it to the floor and stamped on it. I was very brave.

I have been and had the car washed to celebrate the sun, so did have of the county! Still nice and clean now. Also planted stuff from yesterday, so am now on watering can duty for a while. Loving the sun though. It is now glorious here.

Hmmm somehow last night even though I used the code I came out as Sue1 as I was using her netbook.

Eva. glad you are feeling a little better, hope the doc has some good ideas for you.

It is really hot outside. It must be as I'm just in a Tee shirt (and jeans of course). Only last Sunday I had 3 layers on.

Carol, sounds amazing to be able to go around the CFS with so few people about. It always looks so crowded on the tv. Not my thing, I'd rather be lying in a wood than walking around looking at peoples plants etc, the guilt is too great!!

Dog was sooo good last night after the concert. No barking when I was in the bath, no 'I'm going to bed' barking. It was amazing.

OK, you know some say they aren't very techie. Well, I bet none of you would think that a tv recording box would record when it was turned off. Just caught felf setting up for a recording and then turning the box off.

Sorry I’ve not been here for a while, had two AB concerts to go to, and just haven’t got round to catching up, bad Loppy!

Hope you had a lovely birthday Pauline, I did remember, and pretty sure I posted your card, although nothing would surprise me the way my memory is at the moment.
Ah, I see you did have a lovely day.

Eva, hope you’re feeling better now.

Jo, how many time DID you empty the Dys*n??

Carol, everything that can be crossed is crossed that Ann gets to see her first grandchild.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the CFS.

Well I have caught up as far as Pauline’s post this morning, and now the dongle has given up the ghost. I’ll have to post when I get home.

Had a lovely couple of days, Enjoyed the AB concerts, although I can see why some others may not have done. Alfie is indulging himself at the moment, his inner rocker is coming out, I’m loving what he does, even if I do really prefer the classical Alfie, he has said though that he is having a break from that for a while, but he will go back to it.
TK hotels was very comfortable, it was lovely to meet the menagerie. Dog was such a good girl, Jo was flabbergasted. I even got Gethin?? for company all night which I understand was quite an achievement.
TK Taxis, and tour guide was excellent also. Oh and I met the man with three dogs, have to spell it out ‘cos I can never remember where the capital letters go.

Home safe and sound, got back to the dreaded FLIES!!! The hot weather has woken them up.
Will try to pop back later, depends on Ploppy, I figure I owe him a bit of time and attention.

Glad Sue got back safely. It didn't start 100% as the first train was 2 mins late into the station, but that was OK as the train Sue had to catch was nearly 10 mins late.
I have almost got my black trousers back from their white cat fur state. I got some more lint roller from a pound shop and some fabric softener (reduces static, I never use it normally.) They just have to normal level of cat hair now, so I reckon another go with the roller when they are dry should make them as good as new. Or as good as when I got them from the charity shop, at least.
This afternoon I have cut the grass, trimmed the hedge, put shopping away and hopefully fixed felf's recorder (fingers crossed). Very lazy. All that is booked in now is a trip to the vets with Dog, to get some more medicine for her hip (and BB, but we won't talk about that or they'll want to see him too).

Afternoon all. I've had an Eva on the terrace (in the shade, or I'd have been boiling.) Lovely it was too.

Sue,- glad you enjoyed Alfie. So he's hidden a rocker inside, eh? I hope that the concert at RAH next year will be mostly opera/mucical stuff. When Sir Cliffy did his last concert at RAH 2 (?) years ago, the whole 2nd half was given over to him singing mostly jazz/big band stuff, and I remember being disappointed. Not because it wasn't good, but because when I go to see and hear Sir, I want to wallow in the well known stuff from yesteryear. Yes, I know I'm an old fashioned git!

Jo,- I'm really impressed with all the work you are doing. I almost fainted when I read about your h*****g and cl*****g.
I think felf must be an eternal optimist, hoping that the recorder will wok when it's turned off!

PHEW! It's hot here!

WOOOHOOO! It's L*wis tonight!


Bro has come to see why felf had a short when she cut through a 'disconnected' electrical supply to a greenhouse. Bro DID NOT put the electrics in. He has been trying to make them safe for the last 2 years. Since the 'electrician' (melf) was too ill to do any more wiring. Agricultural workers do not make good electricians, unless they have extra training, which he didn't.

Dog has had a clean bill of health for a 14 year old, no problems with her teeth (she doesn't have any), heart is fine, breathing is good. Cataracts are growing nicely, hip is wobbly and she has a limp from her foot (luckily on the same leg as the dodgy hip). Vet asked if we needed to do blood test for kidney function. To which I replied, I thought she'd die of something else before her kidneys gave out, so no. Successful mission as we came away with a big bottle of medicine for Dog, BB (and me from time to time).

Evening all. How lovely the weather is, can't believe it is the same place as last week. Wonder how long it will last, be lovely if it could be like this for the Jubxlee weekend.

Glad you enjoyed the concert Sue. I like a bit of rock myself, but hopefully he does some slower stuff too. It shows his voice off so much better, and that is what gives me goosebumps.

I hate to say this but my ~Sxy+ machine does record when switched off, as long as it is plugged in. As it switches itself off if not used after a few hours, it has to! Clever thing.

Looking forward to Lxwis. Not caught up with last week so hope I can follow it all!

Pauline,- I think H*thaway fell in love in the last episode. It will be interesting to see if anything developes there. He could do with the company of a good woman!

Jo,- glad to hear that evrything in Shannon's body is in working order, except for the teeth, of course!

I don't think felf's box is that clever esp as the instruction manual says make sure the box is on. Maybe felf is remembering the way she used the Sxy box.

Bro is sweating a bit, really dripping. He's found the problem and turned off the one which should be off, but unfortunately the one which is meant to be on is still off. I've left them to it.

Teas all put out, but no one seems to be bothered, except Gefn. She charged up.

SUE SUE Gefn is calling for you.

Bro has sorted the electrics and has gone. His parting words were 'it's expensive to fly to Jersey'. How sweet he is concerned for my sanity. Just before that he just said 'concert?' and rolled his eyes.

I'm not watching L*wis tonight because ITV is misbehaving. I have to play catch-up another day. I'm sulking and watching an old episode of Insp. F*ost instead.

Well Lewis very good, but it seems to have caught the "ads every 10 mins" disease! Drives me round the bend. Maybe watching it later is a good idea Eva, if you can skip them. Oh and not sure about the new policeman.

I was watching L*w*s, but got side tracked in fighting with an airline website. I'm really not used to flying low cost airlines. Never flown with one before. Questions on bags, seat allocation I had to keep going to find out what it meant and then I was timed out by the time I got back to the site. Done it now. Also had a couple of Dog induced breaks to my concentration.

Thanks for the link Jo. The joys of cheap flights eh?

My bed time, so night night sleep tight.

Morning and it's another bright sunny one! Thanks for the link Jo, think it very remiss of AB to come so close to us the week we can't get there! Had a nice catch up at the office yesterday - can't say morale is improving much though! Really glad of the aircon trains I have to confess. I managed to hobble from the station to the office, from the office to the pub and then back to the station without too much agony, and of course MM ran me to the local station and back. Have large plaster on my foot at the moment - very fetching. Have to confess it's not ideal for dancing on for the next three nights! Last evening had a rehearsal with the ladies from the church for their item in the show being put on whilst we are away - it was at least lovely and cool inside! Today I am pressing costumes, finishing off the sewing and generally getting things ready. Poor MM was watching Lxwis last night and friend arrived during the last fifteen minutes so he missed the crucial part, although did see the very end! I still have to watch it, so he can catch up on that bit!! Jo, I have done cheap flight bookings in the office when Baby B was going skiixg - they can be a nightmare and quite often by the time you have added all the extras it would have been cheaper to go with a "proper" airline. Also we found when we went to Dxblin that lovely RAir had smaller size cabin luggage regulatons and we had to go out and buy a couple of small cabin bags as our standard ones were too big!! Right better get on with the day. Lady J, fingers crossed this weather holds for you! Hello BHB, definitely a sit outside day I feel. You bring the Champers cocktails and I'll get the Cinnamon Buns and we can have a lovely time snuffling until the DCM arrives.

Morning all. And the summer continues to warm our bodies. Today is going to be at leasr as hot as yesterday, when we had 26.7 degrees which is a new record for May!

Hello sweetheart. Sit outside? Of course we can and I have time for a small coffee and a large snuggle before I'm off to see my GP. It'll be interesting to see what he can do for me. I need to sleep properly,- last night I only had 3 hours, so I do feel a tad frazzled.

Carol,- some people, eh? Everybody should check TV-schedules before going visiting and stay away on days when quality series like L*wis are on!

I've heard from the cruisers. This morning they're going into Antwerp, the weather is boooootuful and the ship gorgeous. I think they are enjoying themselves!

Morning all, it is cloudy here at the moment, but they say it will burn off and we will have another lovely day. Now I can hardly believe this, but there is another bxxxxxy alarm going as I type! They are doing some drilling and I think this is a car parked next to it and it is setting the wretched thing off all the time. So far it has stopped after about a couple of minutes, but then starts again! I am just going looking for a sledge hammer..... I have to go to the bank so will go out for a while and see if they have finished when I get back. Grrr! Ahhh peace again, for a few minutes!

Hope all goes well for Twin, I am seeing the huge production on Saturday, can't wait.

Should have said before, Jane have a lovely time next week and fingers crossed for the weather.

Morning BHB, we are outside? Of course. I'll get the champagne cocktails and we'll find the CM and snuffle.

Carol, even with an extra for a small bag it did not come to the same as larger airline, so I think I did it OK. It was just rather confusing for a beginner like me.
Anyway all booked now. Just got to sort a day of hols from w*rk and Dog.

Warm already. Must get on, loads to do.

Oh Eva hope the doc can sort you

Exciting, I've just been to a very local jumble sale and all the items are free. The back of my wardrobe!! Lots of things in there which were put away as they were too small. Not been right back there since, must be mid 90s. (I don't have any fur coats in the back of the wardrobe, so not exciting land of snow and ice was found. If Geri gets here, that is as far as my literary references go.) Due to my fashion sense being stuck for many years there are several things I would wear now. (Leggings have gone out of fashion and come back in again while the stuff has been sitting.) OK some things have to be chucked as the elastic has perished, but others are fine. Found a nearly new pair of jods too!! Just need a wash to get rid of the layer of dust. Most of the dust is very fine clay, from the years of cat visits and the resultant requirement for cat litter. I do have lots of bags which are to go to ragman too.

Sorted the double payment to s*xy vet that my bank made last month, got£15 from bank for cost of calls. I am now in credit with s*xy vet. And I've told bank and Fiona (vet's office) I'm going back to using cheques.
Dog wants to go out. Then I'm off to tip.

I like the idea of a free jumble sale Jo, I think I may be able to fit into a couple of things soon that are hidden in my wardrobe. It's weighing night so fingers crossed I've dropped a couple of pounds! I've done a fair bit of exercise this week, although some of that was to make up for the slice of birthday cake I had from middle scollop!
Eva, hope you feel better once the doc sorts you out.
Carol, try and put your feet up before the show if you can. Hope it goes well.
Has that alarm stopped yet Pauline?
I think I may take a stroll up to town with nephew later and enjoy the sunshine, I won't get much chance tomorrow as I'm taking Sloppy to the hospital for her first appointment re: cataract.
Adding some oohhmms to the bank for poorlies, needies and anyone else

Fingers crossed here to Ali. One piece of cake shouldn't make too much difference.
I've just been out and it is really warm, so take care in the sun. We are not used to it!!

Afternoon ladies.
The weather is still gorgeous here and at the moment it's too hot to sit out on the terrace in the sun. I'm waiting for Mrs. Scrooge to come here, 'cause I need to download some photos from her camera to my pooter. At the same time I'll teach her how to do it.
You remember that the parents invited the whole tribe to hotel Ullensvang in February for a weekend? I have proposed to the others that we make a photo album from that weekend and give it to the parents for their birthdays in June. It's always difficult to think of something to give them and they're always saying they don't want anything. We never listen, of course. I'm collecting the photos from the others, will have them printed and put into a nice album with greetings from everyone.

I had a good visit with my GP today. He changed 2 of my meds and took some blood tests which won't be back for a week or so.

There is someone at the door. Mrs. Scrooge I presume.

Afternoon girls. Hey Ali try to go to Belgium for a week !!! bl.... pounds so hard to get them off still 2 to go grrr.Hope Your sloppy eye will be ok. Mum is definately been a great success does not need glasses any longer apart for reading.
Jo where are you going? as if I did not know.!!! We are still restricted here but getting slowly better.
Sue glad you enjoyed your concerts.
How do you get ITV in Norway Eva In Belgium I was not successful with any english programs.
Nice and sunny now after a very misty morning.
Oh heck got to go to circuit training tonight,ah well no peace for the wicked.
See you all later XXXX

It is very 'warm' out. Went to a village nearby to call in at building soc. It didn't take long, so phoned Gefn's owner's daughter and we had a couple of coffees in a cafe. A long chat. She still hasn't found a job, it's been a year. Got caught up on the doings of her family. It would make a good soap opera. Wayward son, turned good, but will still fight for his extended family. Daughter, well, Holloway (on remand), cheque fraud, drugs and more. I've said it more than once, how she came from that family I'll never know. I've known them all for over 25 years and forgotten more tales than I could tell.
I've done some more charity shops, one pair of trousers. As after my free jumble sale this morning realise I have enough tops. Unless, of course, I see a nice purple one. I did, but it was a touch tight.
Re the jumble sale, was I really that size? Since none of you saw me before autumn 2007, you won't know. I have found a Tee shirt I remember wearing, so it'll be interesting to try it on when it's dry.

Hi all

Gosh it's hot!! Shouldn't complain, I know, and I do enjoy the sun but not when I have to w*rk!!

Anyway, it's nearly the end of a manic week, and the good news (for me) is that I have got my year end work finalised and submitted ahead of the deadline so I have next week off, which means that I have three days to relax before my op on Thursday! Really looking forward to it (the three days off not the op, obviously!!), think I might even manage a bit of retail therapy!

I don't know if you remember me mentioning that we had a stray cat in the area, well, he disappeared for a while but now he's back, still bullying the other cats. He's very vocal as well. For the last three nights he's stood right outside our conservatory "howling" into the early hours of the morning. I've tried to coax him in to see if that's what he wants but he refuses (although I'm not sure I'd like to leave him alone with my little scrap of a cat, he'd eat her for breakfast!!). That said, Ploppy says he must have taken a liking to our cat and he's calling to her! Aw, sweet, just wish he'd do it quietly and not in the middle of the night!!

I have a pain in my jaw and I'm finding it difficult to eat. I can still drink incohol though!! Funny that!

Not had chance to catch up so hope all is well with everyone.

Ohmmmmmmmmsssss to anyone who needs them.

had a little sleep, better walk Dog

What a glorious day. Just enough breeze to stop it being unbearable. Went to the bank this morning, took some stuff back then bought some more! Not too bad though. Got a pair of sunglasses reduced from £30 to £14, then at the till they were £8.50. Result I think. Spent the rest of the day ooutside. At long last the patio furniture has come into it's own.

Jo I usually find things at the back of my wardrobe shrink. Maybe I need a different wardrobe.

Hope the new meds help Eva and you feel better.

KK I don't think coaxing would be what I would do to a yowling cat. I like cats very much, but there are limits!

Ohhhmmmms to Twin tonight, hope it all goes well.

Mrs. Scrooge has been and gone and I now have about 120 photos in the folder. There are still more to come, then the process of selection starts.

Pauline,- Jo has some strange cupboards and wardrobes,- her kitchen cupboards are self cleaning (!) and her wardrobe makes clothes larger! I want both of those.
Well done on the sunglasses. How are you going to spend the savings?

I think Jo could make a fortune from a wardrobe like that! Well I think the savings will be spent very easily. Maybe a ticket for something?

Thanks for the tweet Ro! This is nice and near to me, all I need are the tickets!

Eva, I'm sure some of the T shirts would fit bro. I think I must have worn them loose.
KK some days off, good for you. A relax time is needed.
My new TV in the kitchen is brill. I can read the subtitles for the Eurovision songs from my table in the dining room. Malta must get through it was a good bouncy song.
This is a link to the official vid as the performances in the Maltese contest weren't as good as the one I've just seen on tv.
Pauline, I'll need to save more than a few T shirts and leggings to make up the money I've spent over the last 2 days. Well done on your bargain sun glasses.
Right better log in to w*rk

P2 got in while I was typing, oh well twice is better than none

Just logged in to post here but I see you're on the ball tonight LOL

I'm impressed that the news actually broke on LM's official website ... I think that's a first!

Hi Ro, thanks, your a star. I must admit that staggered me too! It sounds as though it will be fab.

I think somebody hates me! That date I'm still on my way to Blighty, arriving in Hamburg. So I'll be in England between the Friday Night is... and the other show which will happen when I'm on the ferry from Denmark heading for Bergen!

That should be you are of course, sorry!

It was a fluke I saw it, got a Google Alert re the Jersey gig entry on his website, clicked back to the 'Live' index and thought 'hang on a sec, that looks a bit different'" LOL

Might have to check the site each day then.
Well done for the spot Ro

Norway - not bad
a little easier on the eye than Humph
I know must w*rk

Jo,- I agree with you. EH has a few more wrinkles, I think.
Apparently Touji is a very nice guy. He's a social worker, working with children, especially immigrant children in trouble.
I know it's the 2nd semi-final tonight, but I haven't been watching.
I'll have an early night and see if the new meds will help me to have a proper sleep. I could certainly do with one.

Well I must say I prefer that to ours Jo, but been wracking my brains to think what it reminded me of. Got it. Lxdy Gxgx and Bxrn Thxs Wxy.

Sleep well Eva.

Good point Pauline. I thought I recognised it, but modern pop is not my thing, just sounded familiar.
Have a good sleep Eva

ahh Norwegian fiddle sweetie is on.
Eva if there is one of his concerts, I'm there

I am logging on w*rks pooter Honest

Malta and Norway through, hooray

Feel it is bedtime for me. Night night and sleep tight.

W*rk finished, as much as I'm doing. I have to login during tomorrow to send some stuff to a customer, when my questions sent this pm have been answered. I have also passed (and got 2 certificates) 2 training sessions on email etiquette and, more appropriately, blogging and your responsibilities to your employer. So I must not use my employers name in a derogatory way, give out company secrets or be rude about other employees, the example given was in reference to a manager. The blogger in the example was OK as he had changed the names, as I do. I never use peoples' or animals' usually known by names on the blog or other social network sites.
Nightlee night

eeek forgot to book hols when I was logged in
Nightlee night

Morning all - DR went ok but it was very HOT - trying to do quick changes was a nightmare. When we came out at about 10.30 the car told us it was 22C - the aircon in the car was bliss! Oh Eva - that's such a shame! Watford not a million miles from here (in fact where MM comes from - on the subject of MM he's just got up to make the coffee and I have just heard an ominious crockery sound coming form the kitchen....think he opened a cupboard and the mugs fell out...will wait his tale with interest). Thanks for the links Twin/Ro/Jo (I quite like that it rolls off the tongue nicely!). We will miss the ESC as we will be on stage...not holding out a lot of hope for EH, although I quite like the song, it sticks in your mind. However as he is on first that's not a good position to sing in (MM rather naughtily said that's because he wouldn't be awake if they put him on later!!). Looks another glorious day out there - we had lunch on the lawn yesterday. Ah we are minus a mug (fortunately an old one) it did indeed fall out of the cupboard and smashed! My Soton sister is being nurse today (I quite agreed with your comments on Monday Jo, I never wanted to be a nurse, though ironically Ann did at one point!). Which reminds me must sort out a ramp! Have some sewing to do (frills on my bloomers and taking up cape for one of the guys) today. Ali I did indeed put my feet up for about thirty minutes yesterday and have popped the blister on my foot and now it is much more comfy to walk on (and yes being a nurse I sterilised the needle, put anitisceptic cream on and have a large padded plaster on it). Looks like Lady J will be lucky with the weather - have a lovely time Lady J! KK, I think the cat was serenading you.....maybe it needs singing lessons?? Right, better drink the cup of tea - meant to say the day Twin faced a D L Legs, I had one in the lounge that afternoon - it met a similar fate - I hate them! One is on the outside of the window at the moment, so I am not opening it in case the wretched thing comes in. They are early this year!! Hello BHB, yes definitely a day for sitting outside I think. Iced Bellinis would be just the thing. You fetch those, I'll get the pastries and there should be time for a lovely snuffle before the DCM arrives.

Morning all. We're having another summery day here. Sun shining and + 18 degrees already.

Hello sweetheart. Of course we'll sit outside. Do you think I can put away my winter clothes now? It's only about 2 weeks since we had snow!

Pauline,- thank you for the link. At least I can listen to Himself on the radio. It's broadcast the week before I go to Sardinia. I'm not sure whether I've told you, but we're going back to Sardinia in September, but this time to the southern part of the island. Quite a few of those going last year are coming again, so it's no doubt it was a fabulous holiday. I might even bump in to Diana!

I've had a good night's sleep,- almost 7 hours, so I'm feeling like a human being again. Long may it last!

Jo,- you will have to vote for Norway on Satiurday night. I can't do it, of course. I don't know if I'll vote for EH,- he's not really my cup of tea. I'll see.
Your violin playing toy-boy is living in Sweden at the moment, studying music and writing music, but if he comes to Bergen to give a concert, I'll let you know.

I need to go to the chemist, as I forgot some items yesterday I need. I was so tired , I couldn't think straight.

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my OpenId is not working so I've signed in with G-Jo4

Major panic, not my sign in. Gefn is not upstairs. She must have gone out when the back door was open last night. I've been down the garden calling her. I'll have to wait until it is dark tonight.

Break a leg for tonight Carol.

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Now that does look weird. I'll try for the proper log in later

Morning all. Didn't get time to come back last night after weighing as we went to a quiz and supper which finished rather later than expected. I lost 3lbs this week which means 1 stone lost in total in 4 weeks!! Rather pleased with my efforts and now for the next stone...
Jo, need some pet advice please. One of my cats (7 years old) is limping a bit and we think she jarred her leg or hip jumping down from somewhere. Is there anything I can do or does it mean another trip to vet?
Glad the dr went ok Carol, hope you've got fans for the changing rooms tonight!
Twins I'm with you on the dll's, hate the things yuk!
Eva, hope the change in meds makes you feel better.
Slight change of plan today: eldest nephew isn't well so I'm having both of them for a couple of hours, then my sister will leave work early to have them back. Fortunately she doesn't teach all afternoon on a Friday! That mneans I can take Sloppy to hospital without any children which should be a lot easier.
Better go and do my session on the wii and have a shower before thay all get here. Bye for now

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Hi Ali. When I have had that happen I keep them shut in a room for a day. If it is just a pull in the muscle (providing they don't have any other medical problem with that limb) after a day they are usually fine. Once the cat wasn't, so I took it to the vet and was told to keep it in for a week and they gave me some anti-inflammatories for it.

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sorry that was me Jo4

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Ali a stone in 4 weeks, well done. You may slow up a little now, but that is fine. Jo4

Morning all, it is absolutely beautiful here today. I think there is a slightly cooler breeze so it may be a bit fresher than yesterday. I had the fan on last night, so slept well. I think I will risk it and change the Wardrobe over today. Let's hope that doesn't bring winter back!

Sorry to anyone who had a funny email from me. I hope it doesn't affect anyone too much. I'm mortified.

Eva so pleased you had a better night's sleep. Amazing the difference it makes to how you feel. Having spent a large part of my working life sleep deprived I know it is dreadful.

Glad I'm not alone in hating DLL. As far as I can see they have no real purpose, though I suppose they provide a meal for spiders!

Ali hope all goes well for your Sloppy. Ohhhmmms for her.

Love the new name Jo. A tad complicated though.

Hi BHB. Iced Bellinis? Delish. I'll get another jug and we'll join the CM.

Ah," who's that" I thought. "We have an interloper", but reading on, I realised that it must be our Jo. Noone else has a cat called Gefn!, isn't that right?

Been to chemist, now I'm going to sit on the terrace, in the shade, and read the paper.

Ali,- 1 stone in 4 weeks is very, very good. Congrats.

I received my Louise D's album in the post today and has been playing it now. I enjoy it very much,- some beautiful songs there, and her voice is wonderful and rich.

Have mown the lawn and have turned out my winter stuff and dragged in the summer clothes, so now the weather will change! Had to be done though as I need to review things for my holiday.

Oh you reminded me Eva. Must download that. Love Louise.

Just want to say break a leg to Twin and MM on theu=ir opening night of the show of the year. Of course the most important audience will be tomorrow!

Carol,- is there still time to wish you and MM good luck for tonight (or is it bad luck to wish good luck?)

Phew,- it's hot out there. I've been sitting in the sun on the terrace, and because there was a little breeze, it wasn't too bad. Now I have a red nose and I'm boiling, so I thought it best to come indoors.

Btw. I think Norway is playing v. England in footie sometimes this weekend. We can leave it to Jan to keep an eye out and tell us the outcome.

Well done Ali, a stone in 4 weeks is fantastic.

Thanks for the info re Fri. Night is MN concert. Must look at public transport links to Watfford and back.

Jane seems as though you've chosen the perfect time for a holiday as has Jo.

So glad you're feeling better Eva, hope med.s sorted out now.

All the best Carol and MM for the show tomorrow, hope the foot now fully recovered.

I've never had Hay Fever before but was struck down on Weds. couldn't stop sneezing for 24 hours and nose running the whole time, got through a box of tissues! Much better today just the odd sneeze, will have to stock up on anti-hists.

I'll miss the fun and games at the EVSngCntst too, up to dollop's for w/e for gdollops 18th birthday celebrations and will be out for dinner on Sat. looking forward to enjoying her garden in this wonderful weather.

Jo you do look odd, hope you'll be back to your familiar self soon.

Oooohhhmmms for all those who need them.

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Jo4 here
my pooter is still blocking openid and I've reregistered with the pencil, as to login with the previous one never worked for me. Now the blog is throwing me out and not recognising it. I suppose it may take time to register. So back to G.

I have been busy today. I had a financial review meeting at 10.30 with the Nwide. It went on until 2!! I had a break in the middle when I had to get another carpark ticket. It was a little more wide ranging than I had prepared for. But good info. I think we only finished then as the car park time was running out again. I'd had no food,-and-now-my-space-bar-isn't-working.Best-walk-Dog

The BBBT is being contrary again. I had to do the signing-out, signing-in dance even though I was signed in. At least I've kept my identity.

Jo,- I'll call you that, because you alias is too complicated.
What fun to spend the day in a bank! At least I hope it was fun.

Maeve,- have a fun weekend. I can of course not understand why you'd prefer being with your family instead of watching ESC. Here in Vikingland we are much grander and call it Melody Grand Prix!

Well, what an afternoon! Took Sloppy to hospital and after all the tests she only spent about 3 minutes with the consultant who said he'd do the cataract op on one eye on Monday and the other one 2 weeks later. She was rather shocked as she was expecting a wait of several months. I'll be taxi-ing her around, ploppy and scollops are on dog walking duty and we just hope she'll be ok for our holiday (consultant said she would)
I got home and joined Ploppy on the decking for a beer. Before a drop passed my lips I felt the chair fall backwards and I landed on my hip on the arm of the chair on the grass about 2 feet from where I started! I'm going to have a huge bruise and I feel really sore. I'm supposed to be maypole dancing tomorrow with the Brownies, I think I'm going to ache!
Break a leg Carol and MM.
Enjoy the birthday celebrations Maeve.

Sorry Jo, thanks for the advice. Cat is walking a bit easier this evening but she seems to stiffen up overnight. Will keep an eye on her.

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Jo4 here
see my spaces!!! The bar on the key board of laptop is not trapped, it must be the contact. I was in the park and thought, I know someone who might have a spare keyboard. And he did. Although can you hear the American twang. Some of the keys are in different places but it's fine. And even better free! He doesn't want it back, so thank you global contracting firm. I'll put it to good use. I'll have another go at the space bar, but not for a while or I'll get cross with it.

After my mammoth lot of financial advice I went to the local dog rescue to drop off some bedding. So not a totally wasted day. I found out they wanted dog toys and they will use children's soft toys, so am washing some to take next time I go. As some toys only last a couple of hours they need lots.

Time for tea. No sign of Gefn, so when it is dark I'll go out calling.

Maeve have a good weekend. I'm sure you will.

Should have said earlier, congratulations on the weight loss Ali, you are an inspiration. Twin's Sloppy has had the op done Ali and I don't think she found it too traumatic. Twin will tell you more I'm sure.

BBBT often decides to throw me out, but I persevere and eventually get back, hah! Thinks he can get rid of me that easily does he. I now have a link in the top left hand corner to the new cookie policy, which I went and read. Not really any wiser!

Pauline,- I have that same cookie link, but haven't clicked on it as I wasn't sure if I should. There are so many sneaky things popping up that I tend to avoid them.

Ali,- sorry about your sore bum.

I felt that way Eva, but was brave, well actually I refreshewd and opened other sites and it was only on here. It took me to a Stage page (a terrific fake if it is one) and it really is just about cookies.

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Ali have you been talking gymnastic lessons from KK? Sounds like you just need to perfect the landing.
I've just watered the pots in the garden. Haven't done it all week, they were a bit dry.

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Jo4, just got a message from Open ID, paraphrase -not their problem. I said no probs for me I'll just use something else.

Jo,- so I can expect open id to throw me out too?

I'm off to bed hoping for another good night's sleep. C U 2morrow!

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Eva, I'm not sure. They are saying it's the blog's problem, but I suspect their certificate for a safe site has run out and my system has seen an out of date cert and is warning me. So I suppose it depends on your security system.

Not quite sure how I did this, but I've used another sign in system to sign in via Twitter. It seemed not to be working and when I came back to the blog I was signed in. Weird.
I've been down the garden calling Gefn. Not helped the first time by Dog panting next to me. Or the 2nd time by BG at my feet yelling. The 3rd time I heard a little squeak, couldn't locate its source then saw a flash of white. It was TK. I'll let them all settle and try again. I'll have to leave the back door open.

Oh Jo is that a table tennis bat or a lily pad? Very nice and different. Hope it stays as I think I prefer it to the google thingy! Hope you manage to get Gefn back in soon.

Off to bed as well so night night and sleep tight.

Morning all and another sunny day (we could get used to this!). Well done Ali! that's a fantastic result. Maeve, have a lovely time at the 18th birthday celebrations. Think Lady Jo off on her hols today, so hope she continues to get this weather. I can see Jo has been having fun with signing in - have to say I am with Twin, new sign in could be either a table t bad, a lily pad OR a stick fan! Thank you for the good wishes for last night, pleased to report it all went well. It was hot, but thanks to the breeze nothing like the heat we endured on Thursday! Of course we will miss the EV tonight too. Twin coming over late morning so we are meeting her at the wine bar (where else??). Unlike Twin I've not had time to do my summer/winter change so am scrabbling around for summery clothes at the moment! Had lunch in the garden again yesterday - could learn to like this! Think my little bistro garden set was a stroke of genius as it is so quick to put up ready for use for the two of us (actually it could fit three quite easily) on those up to now rare flashes of sun! Hello BHB, yes I think another morning on the patio is in order. Oh that's clever, you have decorated the Bistro with all the flags of the EV nations - it looks lovely! If you'll bring the Blushing Bubbles, I will get the paninis and we can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

...phew took ages for that to post, but meant to say Ali, yes my Sloppy has had both eyes done and my aunt has had one done and the other one on Monday. They were both fine!

Morning. Feeling rather sore still after my KK style tumble! I'm sporting a nice bruise on my right thigh and an even more impressive one on my left hip.
Carol, thanks for the reassurance. Sloppy seems rather excited by it all although it will be strange to see her without glasses as she has worn them since she was 11 years old.
Awaiting a delivery from T*sc* so will get on with the ironing in the meantime.

I tied the cat flap up last night, so it was just a hole in the door, but no Gefn this morning. Tonight when I get back I'll have to get the torch and go through all the back gardens calling. Then it'll be posters all around again. At least this time she should know where she lives.
I had my first, and only, lie in of my holiday today. Tomorrow I have to get up normal time to take a ride out.
Dogs toys look very odd sitting on the top of the rotary dryer in the garden.
Better go now.

Morning all. It's another beauty of a day here, and I think it'll be a scorcher! It's already + 20 degrees in the shade.

Hello sweetheart. Of course we'll sit on the patio. Where else? Some iced tea will be perfick, thank you. Are you going to watch the footie today? When Norway beats England, of course. No reason to laugh. It's happened before!

Jo,- I hope you don't have to have a big search party out for Gefn. As you say, she knows where she lives by now.
Btw. I like the new sign in. I might join you if open id throws me out.

I'd better start with the h****w**k before it hots up even more. I've been for a quick visit to the local supermarket to buy potatoes, milk and strawberries as we have a long weekend coming up. When it's Whitsun we have the Monday as an extra day off with everything closed, as it's a church holiday.

Morning all, and it is another fantastic day here as well. I am off to join Twin and MM shortly so will be MIA until tomorrow at least. It seems a shame that it is all this glorious weather this weekend. It would be so lovely if it could have been next weekend for all the Jxbilee stuff. I see it looks as if it may be back to rain and cold then. Typical. Let's hope it stays nice for at least the majority of Lady Jane's holiday.

Fingers crossed that Gefn comes home soon. I remember my cat going AWOL for 2 days once. Never did find out where he disappeared to.

I now understand the cookie sign. They is a new law that we have to be given the opportunity to opt out, so that what it's all about. Not bothered here as not sure if it helps our landlord or not.

Morning BHB, of course I have time for you. You look a bit sleepy. You have just got in from a long flight? Oh right. (Not going to ask where he has been). Well a drink will help I'm sure so I'll get more Blushing Bubbles and we'll join the CM.

Morning all

Another beautiful day here too! Hope this lasts. I'm another one who's changed from my winter to summer wardrobe, even though I usually live by the saying "never cast a clout till May is out". Hope it's not tempting fate. Had no choice really because the office is just unbearable in summer and, I think I may have told you last year, due to some bonkers elf and safety rule we're not allowed fans!! God knows what they think is healthy about working in baking heat amongst lots of sweaty bodies (sorry, too much info!).

Anyway, during the course of changing over my wardrobe I discovered that when I cleared out my shoe collection last year, after finally giving in to not wearing heels any more due to my dodgy foot, I must have thrown ALL my summer shoes out (well. I still have some flat ballerina pumps but no sandals (I think they all had heels). So, you know what that means don't you!! Yep, SHOE SHOPPING, YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!

Ali - EXCELLENT news on the weight loss. Well done you. I'm very impressed. Not so good news on the tumble, hope the bruises aren't too sore!

Jo - oh dear, hope Gefn turns up soon.

Carol - hope everything goes well tonight and that you and your VIP guest have a lovely time.

Hmm, EV or NvE on TV tonight, decisions, decisions. Think it will be EV, I just love GN's commentary, with the occasional flick over to the footie, for me.

I've been up since 7am, done some h'work, the first load of w*shing is on the line so the rest of the day is mine........think the garden is calling me!

Hope it's sunny where you are. Have a lovely day all.

There is a big strike on in the public sector here, so a lot of schools, nurseries, hospital admins, police, firemen and the BINMEN are out. May/June are the usual season for strikes here in Viking-land, because that's when the negotiations between the employers and employees goes on.
I'll let you know when it's time to hold your noses!

KK,- don't you want to see England being beaten by the Norwegian hordes?

I've enough h****w''k for now. I've been h******g and du****g, washing a couple of floors, so everything smells nice. Now I'll sit down again for 5 minutes before I start lunch.

Twins and MM,- have a lovely weekend together.

Phew, it's hot out there but if there is one thing I hate about summer it's WASPS!! I hate the flippin things and I have been stalked and terrorised by them all day! Ploppy always tells me that I should just stay still and they'll go away but I can't, I panic and start wildly flapping my arms around like some kind of demented windmill. The neighbours must think I'm practicing my body popping moves in the garden!

Eva - defeated by the Norwegian hordes, eh? Hmm, we'll see!!

It's hot here too, at the moment + 41.3 (!!) degrees on my terrace, so I had to come in. I've been sitting there for 45 minutes, but had to give in and remove myself.

KK,- we haven't had the pleasure of wasps visiting yet, but I'm sure they'll be along. I have killed 4 daddy long legs though, so I fel good!

Highlights as got to go out
no gefn
dog is tired
i'm in a rush

Oh dear, poor poor DLLs - don't you just love them. NOT.

I installed our new digital TV today but sorry to say that I am not impressed. The picture quality is not as good as our old analogue set and the picture keeps breaking up. Apparently we are not in a good reception area but on switch over day (13th June) we are promised an improved and strengthened signal. Hmmm, we shall wait and see.

Nevertheless, I shall be watching the footie later on, England again Norway. Those old Vikings are difficult to beat and it has been a long time since we were victorious.

Very sunny here but temperature kept down by chilly wind, I'm sure you know what I mean Eva.

Jan,- not surprised your reception is a bit iffy. I remember a few years back, my telly reception in Deal was disturbed by the French! I couldn't watch Channel 5 until I joined S*y.
It's been a looooooong time since England beat us!

This strike of ours are getting ridiculous. Amongst those striking are the weather forecasters for the Western part of Norway, so when they're doing the weather after the news, western Norway is blanked out!
For the time being we don't care, because as far as we know this tropical weather is going to last at least until Tuesday.

I have decided to have the Norwegian telly on for the picture and listen to our Graham on the pooter!

We're halfway through the competition and so far I've liked Italy, Iceland, Norway, UK (sort of) and Estonia. I have finished the newspaper too, so my attention has been divided.
Our Graham has been a bit subdued tonight I think.

So England won 1-0 tonight. Congrats,- it was time you did! Who's a bad looser?

HEEEEELP! The terrible Twins from Ireland are "singing" now. I have to turn my back,- can't bear to watch 'em.

I seem to be alone here tonight. I wonder if Jo is out looking for Gefn.

Thanks for the congrats Eva. I didn't watch the whole match but given that the score was the same when I looked after 10 mins it doesn't seem like it was a brilliant game. I know the scores don't always reflect the game so I'm sure Jan will put me right if I'm wrong!

I think that may be the only victory we have tonight, I don't think we'll be winning EV!!!!!!!!

I don't think we'll be winning the EV either. We haven't got a single point yet, so I'm going to bed. I don't want to watch Sweden win!

This new bl**dy TV is driving me mad. Started watching the footie and saw the goal. Not an inspiring game so channel hopped and found Lewis which was fine until three quarters of the way through when the screen went blank and a message popped up to say there was no digital signal. Same on all channels. Ploppy went to bed in disgust. I am now reinstalling it in the hope that something might work. If so, then tomorrow I have to instal the DVD recorder - somehow. Have no idea about Eurovision but suspect we did quite badly.

Fed up big time.

Night night.

Just thought I'd pop in in case you all thought I'd vanished off the face of the earth.............. you didn't notice I was gone?? :(

I've just glanced at a few posts and realised Gefn's missing, oh no!!

Back tomorrow
Nite nite Loppies x

I've been out with the Twins and MM. MM and Twin were excellent (as always), if a little sweaty. Rather hot on stage, other Twin and I were not too bad.
I missed EV, so the only ones I saw were those in the 2nd semi final. Personally I was that struck on Sweden, my favourite was Malta. And how Norway came below the UK I have no idea. Norway's entry, to me, was much better than many others. Perhaps the performance on the night was not too good or Norway has offended other countries, can't think how.
When I got back I cleared up Dogs wee, on the paper by the back door and then changed and went out calling Gefn. I did check upstairs before doing that. No sign of her, so its back to the posters.
I can really do without the extra stress, as the old horse has lost more weight, so it's the end for him next week. Another horse is going to be put to sleep next week too. He has been lame for 6 months and he is getting worse. I can't remember what is the problem, but the only hope was to turn him into the field and see what happened.
Must do lunches

Morning all and another bright sunny one. Eva apologies about the footie! Lovely to see Jo last night but so sorry for the missing one and the old one - big virtual hugs being sent (well was able to deliver real one last night). Last night our stand in young lady was hit by the sickness we were back to one lady down - company did really well covering in the routines, but sadly the audience missed her monologue and song (which she was already down to do before she had to come into the routines), and she is excellent. Ah well as they say....the show must go on. On honour of Jo of course I sang song from her fav show! It was indeed HOT!! Today we are off to church, then sorting costumes and props before eating in the garden with Twin and Sloppy. Yesterday during the day Twin joined us at our wine bar for lunch - must say the breeze was helping a lot yesterday. Got home from clearing the hall in time to see the last few votes come in and find that a young lady from Swwden won, doing very odd movements and singing a fairl unmemorable song, and that the Rxssian Grannies had come 2nd......thus showing how weird the whole thing is! Feel sorry for EH - didn't of course hear the other songs but not sure he deserved to be second from last. Really the whole thing is a total farce!! KK that's you and me both - think Twin mentioned that I was the waspinator on holiday last year? Do you want me to come up with my trusty fly squatter and help you out?? Jan hope you have more luck with the tv today - when we first went digi we had to put a booster axrial up - would that work? Looks like Lady J (and Maeve) are really lucky and the weather is set to continue for some days yet. Just want a nice day next Sunday when have family over for Jxblee party. So much easier if we can go outside! Right better get going as three ladies to get through the bathroom before we go off. Think we are visiting garden centre after church too now I think about it - MM mentioned something yesterday! Hello BHB, definitely a day for the patio. Iced Pimms? Perfect! You bring that, Ill get the Cinnamon Buns and I think the DCM will join us straight away.

Morning all. The sun is shining and I'm still sulking over the EV results last night. That Sweden won, always goes down badly with the Norwegians, but that Albania could end up as no 5, is plainly disbelievable. If you didn't watch it, here is the link: (Warning,- wear earplugs)
Poor Tojii,- he deserved better than this, coming last.

Never mind, that was yesterday. Today I plan a completely lazy day, sitting on the terrace which is still in the shade, reading my book. I've cleaned the bathroom, so no more h***w**k.

Twins and Jo,-Glad you had a good show last night, both in the audience and on stage. I can well believe it was hot, as I suppose the hall didn't have air-con?

Jo,- I hope Gefn uses the brain she was born with and gets herself home,- sharpish! She won't find anywhere better, I'm sure of that.

Had a text from the cruisers. They are blessed with the same weather as we are, so are well pleased. Today they are in Stavanger, south of Bergen, and tomorrow they are going into one of the fjords, not sure which one, and will be home on Tuesday.

I think I did too much yesterday. Too much stress. Phone calls to the old ones friends, very draining. Phoned my fried this morning to tell her Gefn is missing. (Dog really quiet, weird) I felt so sick I cancelled riding, so probably caused a problem there.
I have a difficult meeting at 5pm with the girl who loaned the old one. She was in tears on the phone this morning.
Off to print posters for Gefn

...oh Jo, sorry to hear that. Another big hug coming your way. Eva - what's Aircon??? Thank you for the link (I think) - the Twinjury have given it -Nil points! Never heard, or seen, anything quite like it!!! Just shows what a farce the whole thing is!! Off to laze in the garden.....

Carol,- air-con = air condition! Simples.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking Albania's contribution was horrendous.

obviously I don't have a 'fried', missed the 'n' out.
Just having some English strawberries (my first of the season) before I go out to put up more posters.
Also I forgot felf's birthday today:( Melf used to remind me, so I blamed him for not being here. Took a card around when I'd checked last year's calendar. I had a clue when both her children's' cars were outside. I always think her birthday is in June. To top it all I've used nearly what was left of her black printer ink, so I'll get her another.

Eva, I hope you’re not disappointed by Alfie, he still is truly remarkable, even when he’s rockin’ the first half of the show is more familiar songs, a stunning Whe*ls of a Dre*m! The second half opens with some lovely classical Spanish (?) stuff, and then he rocks it up. I’ve loved it, he does R*nk Str*nger, and an exhausting version of Ang*ls from M*ntgomery for an encore.
Knowing Alfie though, this will probably change for the arena tour. He has a fabulous 4 piece band now, but I imagine it will be an orchestra next year.

Good to hear Dog has an (almost) clean bill of health Jo.

Pauline, we always record stuff, not to skip the ads but because it’s all on when Ploppy’s gone to bed, and then of course we do skip the ads. There seems to be a lot of the pesky things on every programme.
Need to ask a general question about car alarms, does anyone actually do anything about them when they go off?? As near as I can see they just annoy the folks close to them, and don’t actually achieve a lot!!

Lovely little vid, from Abs, looked for her but didn’t spot her, saw Trudy(?) on Tuesday though.

Carol, I reckon I’ve missed what was the problem with your foot.
Ah, a blister I see. Sorry I missed saying break a leg for the show, break it tonight instead, though maybe that’s not a good idea, to add to your blister.

Eva, photo album sounds a great idea, I had one when my Home closed, all the staff wrote a message under their photo, and some bright spark wrote messages from the cats and the goldfish. I treasure it.

Hi KK, have you managed to get that cat in yet? Sounds to me like he needs a little op, could be wrong of course, but people who won’t have animals neutered make me cross unless of course they want to breed. If more folks did there would be fewer unwanted pups and kits. Ploppy had a friend who said he wouldn’t neuter his cat, ‘cos he wouldn’t like it done to him!!!! Where do these people get their ideas from? Sorry rant over, just one of my pet hates.
I read your post quickly and thought you said the pain in your jaw was preventing you from drinking alcohol, phew, what a relief when I read it again.
Pain in jaw worries me a bit, you haven’t got pain anywhere else have you?

Thanks for the link FNIMN eh, unfortunately can’t do it, no cover for the old lady, my helpers are away. I thought I needed cover for an SS concert, till I realised this was on the Wednesday.
I cover her Thurs to Sun, but have others to help out if I can’t be there.
Eva, I wonder if he’ll do something while you’re actually here, would be nice!

Ro, you mean the man’s website actually give news before we already know it, usually thanks to you!

Eva, SS is off to Sardinia today to play some private corporate gig, I’d love to know how much he costs. Ploppy and me are going to a concert in August, (yep, you did get that right, PLOPPY and me) a bit like Kilw*rth H*use I think, near M*ccl*sfield. I was chatting to the owner when I booked and she said she hoped he was good because they’d had to jump through hoops to get him. I said he’s worth it, she said I hope so because it cost a fortune to book him, I was itching to ask how much, she was very nice but I hadn’t quite got the cheek!

Ali, well done you, losing that stone. Wish I had your will power. Ohhhmmmssss for your hip.

Pauline, got the email, just deleted it. Just realised your theory on DLL being a meal for spiders, does that mean if we leave the DLLs alone the spiders will starve?? Sounds a good plan to me.
Oh I forgot spiders eat flies,............ they don’t eat my bl**dy flies!

I’m really sad about Gefn and the old one, but especially about the cat, she’s a lovely girl, hope she comes home.

Well I appear to have caught up, let’s see what BBBT will do with this long post.
Hope this works, Alf*e B*e.......... but not as we know him!
What d'you think Eva??

Sue,- a different Alfie, eh? Made me smile. I wonder if he's been studying old Elvis movies to get those hips moving?
Gotta go and get some sun on the terrace. I probably wont last more than 30 minutes in the heat, helped by coffee (decaf) and a cinnamon bun.

...been a beautiful day here. Ate out in the garden - had some lovely English strawbs for dessert, they were really lovely (M&S). Feeling a little tired after last few days - Twin is on her way home. Eva that was my little joke way of saying no, there certainly wasn't any aircon in the hall! Got a fairly hectic week coming up, just when we could do with a rest.....then we have family party for the jublee next weekend and then....four days until we go on hols! Can't wait!!

New computer failed after only 2 days! Not impressed but it has been rebuilt and fingers crossed all is now well. Essential programmes have been found and the new machine has 2 DVD drives....might just come in handy! I hope someone has Sk* TV I just opened a couple of e-cards from March! that is how far behind I am in computer terms off to the timeline now to see if I have missed anything. I am getting up at 5am on Tuesday to see Arthur carry the torch.........probably won't go to bed til later. Hope all is well with everyone. Waves.

My, that's a surprise visit. Hi Carys,- hope you catch up soon.

Carol,- I thought you were having a blonde moment! (Ducks to avoid flying strawberries.)

I've been watching last Wednesday's L*wis. Good as usual, but no sight of the girl I thuoght Hathaway fell in love with. Can't they let the poor man have some fun? Some kissing and cuddling would do him the world of good. Maybe the Twins could show him how to snuffle?

I have a pile of i*****g which I took in from the bathroom, but I don't feel like doing it, so I took it back to the bathroom again. At least then I don't have to look at it all the time!

What beautiful weather we’re having. I’ve been trying to tidy up the garden this week, it’s looking tidier now (the neighbours will be pleased!!)
There was some dodgy dancing going on at the E/V last night as well as the voting.
Jo,sending Big OOHHMMSS that Gfen comes home. An old lady a few doors away one year was asking if we’d seen her cat. A few days later I found out that the cat had gone to sleep in the spare room’s wardrobe and someone had closed the door
Ali well done on the weight loss
Jan, have you accidentally touch a button on the remote control as you were channel hopping and gone to Analogue or HDMI(dad often done that )or has a lead come loose at the back of the TV.
Hello Carys well done on the rebuild

Hi Carys, hope all goes well with the revised pooter.
I'm just going to have a lie down, before I go out Gefn hunting. I'll have to go through thick undergrowth to get to the back of the gardens up the road.

Evening all

It's been another scorcher of a day here, in fact I still have all the conservatory doors open and it's lovely. I got myself in a bit of a pickle earlier in the garden when I got stuck in a sun lounger!! No, I don't mean I got my big, fat b*ttom stuck in it!! As I sat down, one of the arms of the lounger went into the pocket of my trousers (no, I'm not making it up, it's true) and got caught so I had to wrestle myself out of it! What a berk!! Thankfully though, I wasn't plagued with wasps today, but Carol, I just love the name Waspinator!! I will definitely call on you next time the little b*ggers make an appearance!

EV was, as always, a joke. I have to be honest, I didn't like our song and I didn't think Hump sang it particularly well. N*rway was loads better and some of the others were just dire! Still, no doubt I'll watch again next year!!

Carys - lovely to see you. Enjoy watching the flame.

Sue - I never thought of that about the cat but you might be right. I'm sure he's a stray so he quite possibly hasn't been "done". Poor thing. I wish I could help him. Re the pain in my jaw, I also have a pain in the neck (no, not Ploppy) but it's on the opposite side so I don't think they're related. Other than that, no, no pain elsewhere. Although I do have a kind of crackling sound in my ear when I move my jaw. Very odd. Someone at w*rk said it might be n*uralgia, but I have no idea what that is, so don't know. Then again, some bright spark said it might be an earwig, and of that, I would rather not think!! Ugh! Love the Alf*e link.

Jo - I do hope Gefn turns up soon. I agree with Eva, she won't find a better home. And I'm so very sorry to hear about the horses. So sad. Please take care of yourself, all this stress isn't good for you.

Hi all. I got back earlier. Had a lovely time as usual and the show was fab, especially the two stars. They had to struggle valiantly against a lot of set backs this show, but really did cover it all so well. As said the hall was a bit hot, did not envy those on stage at all. Lovely to see Jo, but such sad news for her. Jo I have everything crossed you find Gefn soon. At least it will be one less worry for you. Big hugs from me too.

Eva that song was dire! I didn't like ours at all, but really I think it was wonderful compared to that noise. Don't think we can let Hathaway Snuffle. It is for BHB only!

KK it is weird you have wasps this early, even in this weather. Maybe they are bees in disguise? Fab image of you stuck to a sun lounger!

Hi Carys. Welcome back.

I'm for my bed, so night night and sleep tight.

OK back in the land of the living. I better get the undergrowth protection on and get looking. I'll come back and say if I find her. Otherwise
Nightlee night

Morning all, and another lovely day - it was slightly cooler last night I think. Of course everything is going to cool down by the end of the week - hoping that Sunday will be nice so we can get outdoors (it will also make things easier for Ann if she can have the wheelchair on the patio). Today should of course by my "nurse" day but she has had an appointment through for the hospital, so I will be Nurse Carol tomorrow instead. So today we will be taking Sloppy food shopping, and then sorting out the mess following the show - including MM doing the balance sheet. Sometime this week I must sort out my summer clothes - looks like today is out, tomorrow is out, Wednesday we have a meeting in the morning and I am having my hair cut (hurray!) in the afternoon, Thursday was clear but now I am taking my aunt to hopsital for insultant consultation about her knee and Friday morning I have a m'gram.......ah well, it will happen sometime I guess!! KK loved the picture of you wrestling with the sun lounger! Lxwis was good wasn't it Eva. Still need to watch the first one before it runs out on i-player. No evenings in this week either.....ah well! Sue I imagine SS comes with a very high price tag! Hi Carys! Bye Carys! Maggie, lovely to see you more often these days - hope you are still enjoying the new job (well not so new now!). No TK back last night so I guess G is still missing. Do hope she comes back soon, or that the posters provide a clue to her whereabouts. Morning BHB, yes it is still lovely enough to go onto the patio I think.....I'll get the pastries if you bring the Woo Woo. We can have a lovely snuffle and talk about the weekend.

Morning all

Another beautiful day but it may be the last one for now, according to the weather forecast!

Guess there was no sign of Gefn last night. Fingers crossed she's home soon.

Pauline - I'm not sure I know the difference between wasps and bees, other than honeybees, which I love. I always tend to think of honeybees as bees and everything else as wasps, so you may be right, they might be bees.

Carol - I'm exhausted just reading about your busy week.

Just taken the bedding off to wash, not looking forward to wrestling with the duvet to put the clean cover on, it's too hot!!

Morning all, and it is beautiful here again, but from what I can see this will be our last day like this for a while. Of coursze it will break for the weekend, typical! Poor Twin will just have got her summer clothes out and it will be cold again!

I have a sort ofbusy week but looking at Twin's itinery I am lazing about doing nothing by comparison! Amazing they ever managed to fit work in. Anyway today is the food shop first and foremost, then hopefully enjoy the day.

Obviously still no sign of Gefn. Fingers and toes crossed.

Morning BHB, ooh nice hug to start the week. So what's for today? Woo Woo? Yummy, I'll get another jug and we'll find the CM.

Morning all. Another sunny day, but cooler than it has been. There is also a very brisk wind, so that'll take away the hottest bits.

Hello sweetheart. WHAT? You're crossed with me? Why? 'cause I want to introduce Hathaway to snuffling and that is for you only? Besides, we can't introduce something to an imaginary person like Hathaway? I should know better?
(I'd better leave him before I say something stupid!)

I've had a very lazy morning, with a looooong lay-in, drinking coffee and reading. It's nice to have one of those now and again.

Since it's a church holiday today, everything is still closed, the strike is still going on, so it's May as usual.

I, like you, guess that Gefn wasn't found last night. I hope she's back home soon. Jo has enough to think about with the old horse being put to sleep later this week.

Carol,- I thought I had busy weeks, but it's nothing compared to yours.

I'd better start today's work,- doing my nails!

Morning. Phew it's hot out there! I've just iced some cakes for Brownies tonight (Jubilee party) so I hope they don't melt. I'd have left them till the last minute but I've got to take Sloppy to hospital this afternoon for her eye op. Fortunately, Ben's other Godmother came to the rescue and said she'd have him this afternoon so we don't have to take him with us.
Had a hectic weekend: Brownie event on Saturday where we spent all afternoon maypole dancing, then off to work while Ploppy took youngest to his football presentation. He won the trophy for most improved player so is chuffed to bits. Church yesterday followed by work again and I cam home to a house full of eldest scollop's friends (one with her baby daughter and one with her baby brother so it was like a creche!)
I finally managed a bath and watched some tv.
Carol, you have a hectic week ahead, hope you get time to sort your wardrobe.
KK, daft as it sounds I've seen someone get their pocket stuck like that on a chair too. I often get my sleeves stuck on door handles, can be rather embarrassing!
Jo, lots of oohhmms for you and your animals this week. Hope Gefn comes back soon.
Better go and put Ben down for a nap so he's not grumpy for my friend later. Bye for now

...quite humid out! Today is the day my aunt has her second cataract op Ali! I am another who is always catching sleeves on door handles - not so funny if you are carrying food or liquid!! Hope the cakes don't melt! Eva I think you have probably got the breeze we had for the last couple of days, which made things quite pleasant - it's missing today so that's why I am guessing it has gone over to you! Even though it is 4 degrees cooler today, it feels a lot hotter, so when you have finished with it could you please send it back again?? Right, clearing up here I come!

In case you haven't caught it on Twitter, tickets are now on sale for the FNIMN concert being recorded on 28 June at W*tford C*losseum:


NB For this event, Stalls Row J is the front row - the orchestra take up the rest of the front Stalls. I am also advised to avoid Stalls Row T - it looks like the first row of the rear Stalls on the plan but is apparently the last row of the front Stalls with no rake.

Ro thankyou for looking after us. Maybe see you there?;)

It is very sticky here now as well. I think our little summer may end with a bang!

Ali ohhhmmmms for your Sloppy, though it is probably done and dusted by now.

I didn't know you had strikes in Nxrway as well Eva! There is a bit of a storm in a teacup here with a lot of people saying it is time to pull out of EV and spend the money on something else. I see the point, but I do think we got what the song deserved this year.

Thanks for the heads up Ro, my Boking Agent Extraordinaire has done the business! Eva there was this description of the Albxnian song in the DM today "the woman with a shrieky voice, bad skin, a loaf of bread on her head and a hairy snake around her neck" ....did you want to add anything to that description? Had a lovely surprise when we came home from the food shop - a lovely bouquet with a thank you balloon from my goddaughter for singing at her wedding. Had a bouquet on Saturday as well, so flowers aplenty chez nous! The humidity has lifted a little but we could still do with that breeze back please!!

I think you very well might Pauline ;)

...I appear to have a boking agent!! Don't ask!!!

Hi, Sloppy is back home and all went well. She will have the 2nd one done in a couple of weeks. Just waiting for food to cook so I can shovel it in and get to Brownies on time!! Can't believe how hot it is outside still, please blow the breeze back this way Eva.

All right, stop your moaning,- blowing the wind back! It was too chilly here to sit outside this afternoon as the clouds are coming in.

Pauline,- I could add " bl**dy awful " to that descroption, and to think that "song" came in as no 5, eh?

The slightly green colour coming through, is me when I see you're starting to book tickets again. SOB SOB

Ali,- I hope your mother will be fine and that the 2nd op will go well too.

Well the breeze did come back eva, but seems to have gone again! Thanks for the effort anyway.

So I am a Boking Agent? Wonder what that entails? Getting gigs for Boks maybe? Trouble is I don't know any Boks.

Good news about your Sloppy Ali.

Oh Eva it isn't fair is it? He really needs to organise himself better and do concerts when you are in the country.

Hello everyone. Sorry I wasn’t on here over the weekend but the weather was just so lovely, I wanted to keep online time to an absolutely minimum. The weather really has been fantastic the past week, hope we’re going to get plenty more days over the next 3 to 4 months – but with some rain in between so no drought issues.

Big thank you to wonderful Sue.

So sorry about the old one, Jo. Hope you find Gefn tonight assuming she’s not turned up yet. Big hug on it’s way to you.

Well done, Ali, that’s brilliant. Glad your Sloppy’s op went well.

Lovely to see you, Maggie.

Jan, we’ve had poor reception on the bedroom TV the past few days with the picture breaking up on some channels. In fact, I couldn’t even pick up BBC1 and 2 last night on Freev*ew. I think it’s to do with the hot weather. Downstairs has been fine, it’s only upstairs – weird.

Hope Jane’s enjoying her holiday.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we did bump into each other in Sardinia, Eva. Unfortunately unlikely as we’re going to the north only.

Glad the show went well, Carol, despite the heat and being one person down.

I often get pockets caught on door handles. One dressing gown in particular is a pain for doing that, I’m surprised it’s not been badly ripped.

Ploppy and I are dining out at our local pub tomorrow evening. We haven’t been there for ages (used to be a Harv*ster) but was sold and refurbished a while back and we’ve been meaning to give it a try. Looking forward to the evening as the two of us don’t eat out together very often in this country.

And talking of dinner, I’m giving up waiting for Ploppy to get home and going to have mine.

Just call me Indianna Jo. It was a jungle out the back. In the winter it'd all died down. Last night in the dark it was crazy. Brambles, stinging nettles. I got sort of lost on the way back, hard to believe but somehow I was 90 deg out. So I ended up in someone's back garden. A wall of green behind me, so I turned off my torch and tried to get out their side gate. The b*gg*rs had locked it so people could get in (or out!!). So I had to get back into the undergrowth. No sign of Gefn. I did get home. After catching both feet under a concealed branch and going down on both my knees. No real damage done, left knee a bit sore today. I'm not doing that again.
Thanks to Sue for ticket!!
Ali your weekend sounds really busy, Carol you had more rest when you were at work.
On my return this morning found out that one of our team has been seconded to another plant for 3 months. So a team of 6, with too much work is now a team of 4. One of the team has been told by @@@@ that her already approved summer holiday (paid for) may be cancelled!!!!
I pulling the emotional blackmail card to my team to get cover for this Thursday afternoon as 1pm is the time set for the old one. @@@@ wasn't around today, so couldn't get him, so idea if I'll be able to go.

Jo,- I hope it wasn't your holiday that can be cancelled.
I think you're much too polite calling @@@@ only that. I would certainly add a couple of **** and an x or two. I hope Scott dear won't see it, 'cause then he'll strike me dead!

Bedtime in Vikingland. The cruisers are back tomorrow, so my holiday is over!

Carol the job is going really well. On Friday the boss went to Asd*(it’s a 5min walk) and came back with ice lollies for all of us
Carol - do you have time to take a breath?
Karen …no fans aloud???
Diane, hope your meal will be good .There is a lovely pub just a short distant from us and it has new owners if you read this link
The review that reads “Felt like we were in an episode of Eastenders” is ours.
Emma wrote it (and it was me who had the rolls)
Indiana Jo – that sounds like an adventure. Oh dear work sound fun (not)
We’ve just had a cat come in the patio doors; they were open as it’s a warm night.
Martin just looked down and this cat was sitting with its head looking up at him
I wonder who was the most surprised Martin or the cat

Oops not aloud….should read allowed

I have bought a mini recorder, it is tiny.
Dog has helped me test it
Yes I know the date code is wrong, the instructions are written in Japanese English, so I was glad I could actually switch it on. It could fit in a match box if you cut it up.
Somehow Maggie I don't think I'll be going to that pub.
This is where Sue1 and I went for lunch last week

Ouch Jo, that sounds very painful. So no sign of the wanderer. Still fingers crossed she comes home soon. Well the poor lady with cancelled leave. They should compensate her, though sure they won't. You can't possibly work Thursday, tell @@@@ I said so. That should do it.

Hope the restaurant is really good Diana, you may get taken there more then!

Maggie it really is good to have you back more often.

I'll be off to bed shortly, so night night and sleep tight.

Hi Carys, long time no see.

KK pain in the jaw can be heart related, usually get pain elsewhere though. There was an email going round a while ago about the difference between women and men when it comes to heart attacks. I can’t remember all of it, but for women it often starts as a pain in the back. My friend who is a paramedic verified this. Doesn’t hurt to be aware.
The bees I like best are the great big bumble bees, prefer them not on me though.

Ro, thanks for that timely warning, I looked at the seat plan before I realised Row J was front row. Front row tickets secured.......what would we do without you!

Eva, I cant go either!!

Ali good to see your mum’s op went well, and well done to your youngest.

Oh dear Jo, no good news at all, you must be dreading Thursday. I’m not surprised you got lost in your garden!!

Maggie, thought it was a new choir for a minute, we’ve had Only M*n Al*ud, Only B*ys Al*ud, and now it’s No Fans Al*ud. Made me smile anyway, little things and all that!

Ohhhhhmmmmmmsssss that Gefn is found soon.

Nite nite Loppies x

OK thanks to a YT vid I should have changed the time.
Time for cat hunt
Nightlee night

Whoo Hooo the cat's back!!!!

and SHE IS GROUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Jo that's fantastic - you'd better butter her paws!!!! I feel if @@@@ tries to make someone cancel holiday that is booked and paid for then she has a case to argue with HR. Don't think this can be done arbitarily........ Ah the RSoE, have been there many times - it was always our favourite place to take visitors on foreign exchange visits! In fact we have taken Twin there! Agree with Twin Thursday is non-negotiable! Off to see Ann today - yes wearing my Nurse's uniform! Taking Sloppy today, which is always a little traumatic on all sides! This evening we are meeting up for a post show gathering at the pub opposite the church, so at least a fairly restful evening. Eva that breeze hasn't arried yet and I still haven't managed to swop my clothes! Now Twin has told me it isn't going to last I am in two minds, but of course I do need to get my holiday clothes sorted! Had rehearsal in Chxrch last night as due to all the internal reordering the piano we use has been moved into the choir vestry which is way to small for us. As it was we had to contend with the bells, which was no easy task. We are decamping on a short term basis to another church in Uxbridge and once everything has happened at our church we will try again - although we will still have to use the main church, but will be able to sit near the piano, which should help! Glad the op went ok for your Mum Ali, will ring my aunt later and see how her's went - this being her second one. Maggie, there was obviously a huge problem there......are the same new people still running it??? Jo, did Dog demand a performance fee? Thanks for the info in HA Sue, although I often get backache (attributed to years of sitting typing!). Diana one of my dressing gowns is now completely minus a pocket for the same reason. It started off as a little tear, then by the time it had caught on the handle about a dozen times it was just hanging by a thread, so I cut it off! Actually think the DG is now ready to be thrown that will go in the next clear out! Hello BHB, yes another beautiful day so some chilled Pimms on the Patio would be wonderful. You bring the jug and I'll get the pastries. We can have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Morning all

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! The wanderer returns. That's brilliant news Jo. Your Indiana adventure sounds a bit scary though!! Hope you're okay. Of course you need Thursday afternoon off, @@@@ should understand that, although he doesn't sound like the most compassionate person on earth!

Talking of cats, the stray was out again last night, howling his head off again and I could hear him attacking another cat but I couldn't find them. It really upset me, cats fighting is a horrible sound and I hate to think of one getting hurt. I think I might ring the RSPCA and ask for advice. I'm worried for him but also for all the other cats in the area, especially mine!

Sue - I didn't know that about jaw pain. Thanks for the warning.

Ali - glad your Mum's op went well and congratulations to scollop.

Diana - have a lovely evening at the pub, you deserve to spend some quality time together.

Carol - hope the visit with Ann goes well.

A new choir - No Fans Aloud! Love it

It's a day of retail therapy for me today, I hope it's not as hot out there, don't fancy trekking round town in the heat of the last few days. The forecast says it should be a bit cooler, so hope they've got it right for once!

Hurray, that's great, Jo.

Morning all, it is dull and cloudy and much cooler here. I think it may get a bit better, but feel our mini summer has gone.

WOOOHOOO! Gefn is home. What a relief, naughty girl, no wonder you have grounded her.

KK I think the sound of cat's fighting is awful as well. Obviously Sue is right and the stray needs adjusting. I'm with you about that Sue. Totally irresponsible and in fact I think unkind to leave animals au naturale if you don't intend breeding.

Loved the RSoE. Fab place but very busy the day we went there.

With the door handle thing, my main problem is banging my arm on them and it hurts. I can often be seen sporting a bruised arm.

Morning BHB, Pimms on the patio? Oh if you insist. You do? It's a hard life, I'll get another jug and we'll join the CM

Think we may have chosen the wrong place for a holiday this year!

Morning all. Still loads of sunshine here, but cooler. Only +12 at the moment, but the wind is gone so I'm sure it's on it's way to you.

Hello sweetheart. Sorry I'm late. I've been busy downloading photos and sorting them for the album I'm going to make. I have time now, so when we've had our snuggle, I'll sit down with the newspaper which is finally back here. Closing Norway down also means no newspapers, so today's is the first since Friday! You can imagine what that does to a newspapercoholic like me! The withdrawal symptoms are awful.

Jo,- I'm soooooooooo pleased the wayward girl is home again and you're quite right to ground her. Has she said anything about where she's been? Had a romantic adventure perchance? Naughty girl!

Re doorhandles,- I have an open door policy in my house. All doors except the bathroom one, are always open. I always have, so my sleeves and pockets are safe.

Tonight I'm off out to the theatre with Iselin and Viljar's mum. We're seeing A M*dsummer N*ght's Dream. It's had good reveiws, but I'm withholding my judgement. They have "modernised" it. (Why do they keep doing that?), and it's supposed to be today, and the actors are only wearing masks, not the full costumes, and they've made it to be " a play within a play." Hmmmmmm.
We're meeting up for a meal beforehand as usual.

Diana,- have a nice meal out tonight.

Oh, I would love to go back to G*ernsey,- especially with Himself there. It's such a beautiful place.

Then there is this

Thanks to Angel onthe forum for the info.

Morning. Just done my nurse duties and been to put Sloppy's eye drops in. SHe feels a bit disorientated this morning so I've told her to rest and we'll consult the optician tomorrow to see if there's anything they can do with her current glasses to make things easier till the 2nd op. I've just taxed her car online and now I'm having a relax too!
Last night youngest scollop passed his jitsu grading and is now a green belt, I'd better watch out!
Jo, great news that the wanderer has returned, why are our pets always such a worry!
It's certainly cooler here today, I'd actually welcome a good storm to clear the air and then maybe some brighter weather for next week if possible.
Enjoy your play tonight Eva.
Ben is looking a bit tired so I think I'd better put him down for a nap, he's been playing with Sloppy's dog, although I'm not sure the dog enjoyed it to be honest!

Not sure if that last link mentions that headlining the concert is a certain LM, but I think you might have guessed that!

More info!

"As part of Sparks will Fly: Essex Finale & Chelmsford welcomes the London 2012 Olympic Torch relay Chelmsford Council have commissioned Pinpoint Create to choreograph an energetic ten minute show celebrating the immense talent of local people.
Actor and Musical star Lee Mead will be headlining this specially created Chelmsford section of the Olympic Torch Relay evening celebration stage show which will open the celebrations on Friday 6th July in Hylands Park as the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay arrives in the city.
Lee has just returned from a sell out tour of Japan and a successful tour of the UK based on his new album Love Songs. He made one of his early career performances appearing on stage at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford in the ballet Pineapple Poll whilst training locally at college. This time he will be performing a new song called ‘Gold’ composed especially for this event.
His performance will be part of a spectacular choreographed section featuring local athletes Dance & Cheer 49, Radical Bikes, Kinetix and Chelmsford’s Sports Ambassadors – potential Olympians of the future. Audiences will be thrilled by a fast moving display of basketball moves, cheerleading, extreme biking and free gymnastics performed to a throbbing new soundtrack. There may even be an appearance from Chelmsford’s hero Marconi!
Lee Mead and all the local performers are delighted to support their home county of Essex and proud to be part of the amazing London 2012 Olympic celebrations in the UK.
Friday 6 July Gates Open at 3.30pm Show at 5 pm.
Hylands Park, Chelmsford.
First allocation of tickets sold out. A very limited number of returned tickets will be made available to the public via a ballot open Friday 18 May until midnight on Tuesday 19 June."

Lovely pics of the Me*d family - click on the photos on the right

Aww they are gorgeous. Thanks Diana.

Fab new website for the West End Men...

with the promise of more concerts to be announced soon :D

Thanks Ro. That is a rather scrummy picture and glad to see him centre stage!

I have been here, lots of things to look at tonight, exciting

Hello me lovelies.
Back from the theatre which I enjoyed, but I think old William turned in his grave a couple of times, especially when some of the nymphs did pole dancing! He would have had a problem recognising a large part of the play, but it was very funny, so well worth seeing.

I see there might be more concerts to come. Maybe something that I can go to too, hopefully.

I'm rather tired and have to be up early as it's the weekly shop with mother tomorrow. As I said earlier,- my holiday is over!

Feel I have been here too much today and you will all be sick of me, so I am off to bed. NIght night and sleep tight.

G**gled heart attacks in women and found this, it’s a bit long winded but it says more or less what that email said.

If the first allocation of tickets for the ‘Sparks’ thingy have sold out how come this is the first we’ve heard about it?? Or am I being thick? Applied for three anyway.

Photos are lovely Diana.

Pauline, sick of you ........never!

I’ve got a day of housew*rk planned for tomorrow, I hope you’re all suitably envious.

Nite nite Loppies x

Tired, Nightlee night

Sue - I believe it was publicised locally, but very much as an Olympic event (which is what it is) and the first allocation of tickets apparently were snapped up in about 10 minutes. None of the early publicity mentioned LM as far as I can see, his involvement only emerged yesterday.

Morning all, another hot humid night last night. Woke quite early (could have been the birds or the bin men....think it was the birds!). Went to see Ann yesterday and Roger was still there. He thinks they may have to get a carer in for midday (the slot I do) as with holidays coming up his team of family/friends to give Ann her midday medication and "feed" is starting to dwindle. We shall see what happens when we get back from holiday. We will, of course, still be able to visit her weekly but I may lose my Nurse's badge. Took Sloppy and she finds it all very difficult to comprehend. Have to say Ann's movement is deteriorating every time we go - her right hand now does hardly anything. Breaks my heart but she is still smiling and laughing - well that may have been cos I was tickling her toes of course. Today off to venue for our Silver Wedding celebration to pay the bill (gulp), then I am having my hair cut - hooray - in time for the holiday. This afternoon Twin is coming over and this evening my little cupcake group are out for a celebration meal for Twin's birthday last week and my friend Lindy, who had a significant birthday last week. MM is being chauffeur so we may let him eat with us! Glad you enjoyed MSND Eva, one of my favourite of the WS plays. Ro thanks for all the linky things! Hello BHB, yes another hot day, but I think it is due to change so let's make the most of it and take a jug of rum punch out onto the patio. I'll bring the pastries and we can snuffle until the DCM arrives.

Morning all

It was a busy news day here yesterday. Thanks for all the links. Love the new website and great to hear that there are more dates to be announced. Fingers crossed, Eva, that one is whilst you're over here.

I had a reasonably successful shopping day yesterday but I'm off to do some more today (gotta get it all in before I go back to the mania of w*rk next week!!). Bargain of the day yesterday was some cookware (two casserole dishes and a stockpot) that I have ordered online. I saw it ages ago but never got round to ordering it and I'm glad I didn't because yesterday there were three special offers on - everything was half price, order three items and get an extra 10% off and spend over £50 and get free delivery, so what should have cost me £120, actually cost me only £54. Bargain!! So, by my reckoning, and using Eva's logic, that leaves some left for me to spend today!

I was chatting to our friend and neighbour yesterday, the one whose wife's funeral we went to last week. He was telling me he's doing okay but that the worse time is first thing in the morning when he first wakes up and, for a split second, he forgets and he reaches out to her side of the bed, and she's not there and then he remembers and the grief comes over him again!! I really struggled to hold back the tears as he was telling me.

I've had to re-arrange my plans for getting to the hospital tomorrow. Dad was going to take me and Ploppy pick me up. However, poor Dad is suffering really badly with vertigo attacks (due to his M*nieres D*sease) at the moment and can't take the risk of driving me there. It's no problem, I'm fine getting there on the bus (as long as Ploppy picks me up after), it's just very worrying that the frequency of the attacks seems to be increasing. He's even talking about cancelling his holiday to St Iv*s later in the year!

Shouldn't grumble though, as he's otherwise okay and when I read about Ann, Carol, it really puts things into perspective. I get a lump in my throat every time I read about her. And the fact that she's always smiling and laughing shows what an amazing woman she is.

Thanks for the link Sue. Interesting reading!

Have a lovely birthday celebration Twins.

Sun's still shining at the moment so better get out there whilst it's still there!!

Morning all, and it is a beautiful day here today, though they are saying it could go cloudy and rain about lunchtime. Actually (whispers) wouldn't mind some rain as it would save me trailing the watering can around. It really is a feast or a famine. As Twin says I am off there today for a meal out tonight. Should be lovely.

Aww Sue thankyou! I just looked back at the blog yesterday and it all seemed to be me! Never forgetting the visits by our link ladies.

I have tried to enlist for the newsletter but the link doesn't seem to work at the moment, or is that just me?

KK I hope your Dad recovers enough to go on his holidays. Ohhhhmmmms for him and lots for you tomorrow. Hope it all goes well and helps. I know have a very big lump in my throat. How sad about your friend, and thinking of Ann's bravery always makes me feel very humble and fillup. Life can be very hard at times. On a lighter note, well done on the savings. Maybe there will be a concert for you to spend the savings on.

Morning BHB, what's for today? Rum punch? A flavour of the caribbean! Lovely, I'll get another jug and we'll join the CM.

It seems ytube now has a channel for the GO. Fab.

Makes finding things nice and easy!

Afternoon all. Sorry I'm late, but mother wanted new shoes as well as the food shopping, so it all took it's time. We went to 4 shoe shops, but she didn't find what she was looking for.

KK,- what a great saver you are. Now remember to spend your savings wisely,- tickets are always a good thing.
Good luck with the hospital tomorrow. Is that for the actual op, or for a pre-op examination?

Carol,- I'm glad you're going to pay the bill now for the Silver Wedding celebrations. I didn't fancy having to do the washing up afterwards.

Twins,- have a nice meal and save a cupcake for me, please.

Pauline,- I did take a peek at the Les Mis link. Do you think Jo'll mind? That's another DVD on my list when it's released.

Afternoon. Busy morning and it's turned out warmer than expected. I went to do Sloppy's eye drops and took her into town. She felt a bit disorientated so we consulted the optician who recommended some non-prescription wrap around sunglasses which seem to be helping. We then did a quick trip to T*sc* where I picked up a new handbag (just a cheap, small one as my little one has split) Finally home to hang the washing out and put Ben down for a nap and make some lunch.
KK, good luck for tomorrow and well done on your bargains.
Twins, enjoy your meal this evening.
Eva, have a rest now!
Oohhmms for all who need them

Ooh brave Eva. I feel brave posting it! Actually not so brave as I am now disappearing until tomorrow!

Glad Sloppy has got a bit of help Ali. The joys we have to look forward to!

Back tomorrow all being well, Jo as I will miss you I will be thinking of you. Sanding lots of ohhhmmms.

I've spent my savings!! But that means I've saved what I would have spent today so I still have money left for tickets - come on Mr M!!

Bought the most beautiful looking strawberries in M&S so I'm looking forward to them later.

I'm liking the look of the L*s M*s film. H*gh J*ckman is one of my faves, although not a big fan of R*ssell Cr*we.

Eva - it's the op itself tomorrow. Bit nervous, even though it's only a minor one so I'm expecting to be home just after lunch time!!

Jo - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Big hug to you.

So glad to hear of the return of Gefri, Jo, I remember well searching for missing cats and very distressing it is, also will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Thanks Ro for the info re Watfd tkts, as I can't make the concerts (so far) that will be a treat.

Glad the show went off well Carol and MM despite the problems.

Good luck tomrrow KK, good that you'll be home and don't have to spend a night in hospital.

Great to see more of you Maggie, new job and boss sound very nice.

I had a lovely weekend , the weather was of course beautiful, we had a family dinner on Saturday, sadly missed EV, shame! On Sunday friends came round and we were in the garden all day, eating and drinking. On Monday, the actual birthday, we went to the pub for lunch and the birthday girl bought her first round and had her first 'legal' drink ; in the evening seven girl friends went clubbing in a Limo paid by her father as part of her birthday present.
So not much revision done this weekend!

My poor dollop is having quite drastic dental work done at the moment, she has a mouthful of metal, they're re-aligning her top jaw and altering the shape of her mouth, she has a horrible metal bar across the roof of her mouth to widen her palette which has to be adjusted with a little spanner thing twice a day, though hopefully that should be finished this week. I just hope she'll feel it's all been worth it in the end.

Maeve,- just reading about your dollop's dental work sent shivers down my spine. As you say, hopefully she'll think it has been worth it.
Aaaaaawww,- you missed the EV. Poor you!

KK,- I thought it would be the big op you were talking about earlier. Have you got a date for that one? Anyway,- good luck tomorrow.

Jo,- I'll be thinking of you and the old one tomorrow too.

L*wis tonight,- WOOOPEYYYYYY

There is chaos in Oslo tonight. J*stin B*eber is giving a consert, and it's absolutely mayhem. Glad I'm not 14 any more.

Maeve - your poor dollop. That sounds horrendous. Ohmmmmms for the end result and that it proves to be worth it.

Eva - no, they decided to do this minor op because they think it will help the problem without needing to do the big one. Personally, I think they're just delaying the inevitable, which, given that three years ago they told me I would need to have the big one "imminently" seems a bit ridiculous to me but what do I know!! Anyway, if it reduces the pain to a manageable level, even if it doesn't take it completely away, I'll be happy(ish!).

I don't think J*stin whatsisface would have been my cup of tea even when I was 14. Each to their own though! Now, if it was a GO concert, I could understand the mayhem (although it wouldn't be screaming 14 year olds, it would be screaming middle-aged, er, I mean 27 year old highly intelligent women!!).

Eek, the weatherman has just forecast frost in these parts for Saturday night!!! Frost! In June! What is going on with our weather!

KK,- are you getting snow too? Now you know what it's like to live in Vikingland!
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Even if it's a "small" op, it is an invasion. Hope it goes well.

I've decided not to watch L*wis tonight, as there are so many adverts on the "live" broadcast that it drives me crazy. On the iplayer they are fewer and shorter, so I'll catch up with them another day.

J*strin B's concert is so secret that nobody seems to know when it's supposed to start, not even the ploice who are trying to keep the young " madams " in check. I think we're fairly sofisticated compared to that lot!

KK One thing you wrote really struck a chord with me. Thinking of Ann and all her family and friends really puts everything into perspective.
And KK hope all goes well for you tomorrow, and afterwards.
Great link P2, LM in 1min 37secs, I can cope with that.
Re YT autogenerated channel, surprised there is only just over 800 vids, just seemed more when I was looking through a couple of months ago, but I didn't count them.
I put Lewis on, but not really watching as I was trying to get the final info for my NWide lady who is coming around to finish (me) off tomorrow night.
I must get some w*rk stuff done tonight, as I only have half a day tomorrow. Thanks for your thoughts, not looking forward to seeing s*xy vet tomorrow.
Re screaming fans. Yesterday I caught a bit of Peter Andre prog, he did a show at a Potters site. The fans were really screaming. We are much more controlled, and 'slightly' older!

Thanks for the info Ro.

Carol, I know it’s expected but nevertheless heart breaking to see Ann deteriorate so much.
So, you’re partying for your silver! We just thought we’d disappear to Cornwall for ours.

KK how very sad for your friend, these things really do make you count your blessings. Good luck for tomorrow.

Thanks for the links Pauline, I though it looked quite good too, and I’ve had my reservations about it. Not one for Jo though!

Maeve, your weekend sounds blissful, Dollop’s dental work on the other hand sounds horrific.

Jo, ohhhmmmsssss by the bucketful, tomorrow will be awful, I’ll be thinking of you all day.

Nite nite Loppies x

Jo and KK,- good luck tomorrow, both of you. I'll be thinking of you.

I'm off to my bed and my book. See you tomorrow.

2hrs w*rk done
Nightlee night

Morning. Quick visit to wish Jo & KK all the best for today, will be thinking of you both.

Hi Diana, bye Diana - hope you had a lovely meal with Ploppy. Iterating what Diana said and wishing KK and Jo all the best - holding you both in our hearts. Sue, yes we debated going away or having a celebration and in fact decided on a celebration so that Ann could be part of it, not sure how long she will be with us so thought we would make the most of it. Hotel is wheelchair friendly so she will be accommodated quite easily and can see cousins and aunts etc. that haven't seen her for a while. Sadly one bridesmaid (her youngest daughter) can't be with us as she is on a conference in Glasgow that weekend (she's a speaker so can't get out of it). Still have my other two bridesmaids (now of course one a mummy and one about to be) and pageboy - I did say it would be nice if they wore their outfits from the actual wedding.....strangely this hasn't gone down well. Paul (Dylan's daddy) and now a strapping almost 6 footer, was a page in a blue and cream striped blazer and a boater - he hated it and kept muttering "If I got to wear hat don't want to be page..." throughout the ceremony and photos - so in the pictures he is always holding the boater and I think there might be just one with it on his head! KK I always like bargain shopping and as you say you can spend the saved money as you wish (oddly MM never quite views it the same as me!). I see Ali has bought a handbag - now that's my short of shopping (perhaps not when Eva is watching though). Eva - the breeze has arrived now! We are signing this evening at a Musical Soiree organised by a local school as part of the Jxbilee celebrations - they think we might be singing outside if it is nice, so we are rather hoping for a shower or two as it is easier for us if we are indoors! That was a good idea about the sunglasses Ali - my Sloppy had similar problems and her sglasses were prescription ones so didin't help - didn't think of doing that! Maeve sounds like you had a lovely time - not so sure about the dentistry though! Your poor Dollop! Eva- Jxstn who??? I had to buy my Mum some shoes at the weekend - nice little summer ones for her. She had some birthday money from my uncle so we have used some of that. Jo are you sure that was long enough for you? We will take you to the full version when if comes out if you like? (Ducks rapidly). It's looking good though isn't it! (Jo you don't need to answer this!) and like KK I am an HJ fan. Right better get on and rouse Twin (well she is awake but watching the tv in bed). We had a lovely meal last night - little pub/restaurant at Chxlfont - I used to go reguarly in my yoof! Very quite there last night as most people drinking outdoors. We had a lovely waitress and the food was very tasty. MM did the driving (well we allowed him one glass of wine with his lamb) - so it was four ladies and MM, which I think are the odds he likes! This morning the husband of Lindy (one of the birthday girls) is coming to help MM make a ramp so we can hopefully get Ann's wheelchair into the conservatory on Sunday when we have the "at home". It's a sort of birthday event for her as her birthday is the 8th when we go on holiday. It is also the Dixmond wedding of my aunt and uncle next week, so they are celebrating too. Taking my other aunt to the hosptial later about her hip's a busy day!! Hello BHB, yes a little cooler today but I think we can still go onto the patio. I'll get thepaninis if you fetch the Blushing Bubbles. We can have a lovely snuffle before the DCM gets here.

Morning all. It's a bit cloudy here today and quite chilly, only + 11.8 ate the moment.

Hello sweetheart. Yes, I know I was very late reporting in yesterday so you had closed the Bistro. Sorry. (Hangs head.) I'm forgiven? You're a diamond. ( He nods in agreement.)

Re the film of LM,- I agree with you,- HJ is gorgeous and RC I can well do without. I'm sure it will be a spectacular film.

Today I'll try to put together the album for my parents online. I like doing things like that,- makes me feel very clever! It will take most of the morning, I know.

Carol,- sounds as if a good night was had by all, including MM with the all-women company!

Thinking about our two needies today, Jo and KK.

Tried to pop in earlier to wish KK and Jo best wishes for today. Unfortuantely I kept getting kicked out.
I did my nurse duties for Sloppy then took her dog for his stay at the kennels, it's like a health farm as he comes back looking much trimmer! Had to stop and buy middle scollop some more undies and socks as when we started packing last night he seemed to have very few. We're off oop north tomorrow but now I have my new phone I should be able to pop in if I have time.
Just put some washing out on the line so fingers crossed the rain stays away a bit longer.

Hi all I am back home now. In fact I am later than I might have been, but Twin and I decided to hit the shops in Uxbrxdge for a bit of holiday shopping and we were very successful on the whole. Think it will do now, for me anyway. ( No handbags were bought Eva). We did indeed have a lovely time last night and were well looked after by MM. He is a superstar.

Been thinking about Jo and KK. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes to them both.

Re LM. I agree about RC, but think as he is the villian in this I can cope with that! Love HJ too, surprise!

Afternoon all.
It took a long time to put the album together, but I got there in the end. With 60 photos and some cheeky text, it looks really good. I hope the parents will be pleased.
I was surprised how reasonable the price is, as long as I can pick it up in the photo shop myself. With so many of us to share the expence, it will be a doodle, and I think a couple of bottles of good red will be added.

Pauline,- so you had a good time then? And go shopping? Why am I not surprised? No handbags, eh? It seems as if my admonitions have gone home,- hehehe!

Ali,- have a great time ooop north.

Not read back, but in a rush a Nwide lady due soon. I do hope it's not another 3.5hrs.
The old one seemed quite spritely today, as it was cooler. He'd been in the filed all morning with M. He wanted to go back to the field but we just wandered about he was eating grass and I was feeding him Polos. He isn't usually allowed them as too much sugar gave him colic. It was much better to be done before he got too ill. It all went well and it was quick.
The old one's other rider for years is on the phone, so got to go

Aww Jo that is not a bad end is it. Lots of things he liked best. Very sad though. Big hugs.

The albumn sounds so lovely, great gift Eva. I'm sure your parents will be thrilled and it is lovely for all your family to look at. Oh we daren't look at handbags. We would be too scared.

Hi all

Thank you for all your good wishes. I'm home, a bit sore and rather tired but the op went okay. Eventually!! What happened beforehand was somewhat traumatic (come on, this is me, you wouldn't expect things to go smoothly would you!!?). You may recall that when my original appointment came through I had to change the date as I couldn't take the time off w*rk and was fortunate enough to get a cancellation a couple of weeks later. When the second appointment letter came through, I noticed that it was at a different hospital to the original appointment, so I rang up to check and asked them to confirm which hospital I was to go to. They confirmed that it was the one in the second letter and explained that this procedure is carried out at various hospitals and clinics in the area. So, I turned up at Hospital No2 only for the receptionist to tell me that they weren't doing this procedure, in this clinic, at this hospital, on this day!!!!!! Alarm bells in my head! Trying to keep calm, I was telling myself that it was just a misunderstanding and that I should probably be in a different part of the hospital (even though I'd gone exactly where the letter told me to). The receptionist rang round various departments within the hospital, to no avail, and I was getting more and more agitated (as if I wasn't worked up enough just with the prospect of the op itself) so she finally rang Hospital No1. Guess what? They'd sent me to the wrong hospital, I should have been at hospital No1, ten miles away!!! Bear in mind I'm on public transport, can't ring my Dad to come for me because of his vertigo problems, Ploppy was on his way over to Dad's (in the opposite direction) to pick the car up (because I didn't fancy having to climb into the van given the delicate nature of the op) in order to come pick me up after the op! The receptionist at Hospital No2 put me on the phone to the receptionist at Hospital No1 who said that she could cancel my op and re-arrange it, "if I'd like"!! IF I'D LIKE!!! No, I bl**dy wouldn't like. You know what it's like, you build yourself up for these things and then just want to get it over with. I just wasn't prepared to accept that and have to wait for another appointment and that's exactly what I told the receptionist. So she asked me how soon I could get to Hospital No1 to which I told her I had no idea as I didn't know it's exact location or how to get there but that I'd ring a taxi and get there as soon as I could, would they still do they op? She said she didn't know and she'd couldn't ask Professor J*nes because she was already down in theatre, at which point I almost exploded. So she told me to get there as soon as I could and they'd see what they could do! I rang Ploppy and he said that he could do a u-turn and be at Hospital No2 in 15 mins. He arrived 25mins later, screeched to a halt outside the entrance, I almost flung myself in the van through the window yelling Go Go Go, like in the movies, and off we shot arriving at Hospital No1 20 mins later and nearly an hour after my allocated appointment time! Ploppy pulled up outside the entrance and I jumped out before he'd even stopped the van, flew through the doors (it's a good job they weren't revolving doors, I hit them with such speed I could have been stuck in there for hours going round and round) like a woman possessed (I think they thought the local nutter had arrived!). Anyway, for once something went in my favour and the patient scheduled after me had turned up early so they switched our appointments and did her first and me second!! From that point on everything went fine (apart from when they took my blood pressure which was through the roof - is it any wonder - so they had to wait until it settled down), the staff, the nurse and even Prof J*nes herself could not have been more lovely and really calmed me down and looked after me.

I left the house this morning, freshly showered, calm(ish) and composed(ish) and I arrived at the hospital hot, flustered and looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards, several times! Anyway, all that remains now is to wait and see if it has actually worked. I bl**dy hope so after all that!

Jo - believe it or not, I have been thinking of you today (in and amongst my drama!!). Glad it all went well, it sounded peaceful. Big hug to you.

Oh KK,- you never disappoints! I think that if you'd written that everything went exactly according to plan without any mishaps, we would have been convinced it was an imposter speaking!
Let's hope it was worth the hassle.

Jo,- it sounds as if the old one had his perfect last day, even got to play with Megan. I have been thinking about you today.

Oh KK only you! You make it sound so funny, but you must have been really traumatised. Thank goodness you got it done anyway, now fingers crossed it has the desired effect.

Jo, very glad to hear that this afternoon wasn't too traumatic for you or Oldie, it all sounds as though it went as well as it could.

Oh KK you poor thing, what a horrible muddle, but at least it's done and lets hope over with now.

Glad things went as well as expected Jo.
KK, what a carry on, glad it's over for you.
Lost 1/2 lb this week, better off than on!

I read Carol has been doing a 'signing', did you have a long queue like GO? I have 'filed' a horse. Both made me smile.
But KK, it could only happen to you. It must have been very very annoying, but as has already been said, you make your mishaps read so well and they are really amusing. Just what I needed. After an hour (yes, just an hour) with the Nwide lady. She has me all sorted I just (ha) have to read through and agree/change/decline her financial plan for me. She did say our pension is very good. That's what everyone who understands pensions says when they read the conditions. She left covered in BG hair, she said it was fine as she gets lots of hair off her cats.
Today I have used a whole normal month's worth of Pay as You Go on my phone. So many texts and calls. Thank you all for the thoughts on this blog, emails etc. I Tw**t*d some photos of the old one while we were walking and Lady J made a comment, to which I replied 'now dead'. She didn't know what was going to happen as she has been away, I feel a bit bad for replying how I did. Tw**ting is the easiest way for me to get the photos off the phone, as I'm missing the required wire to download to pooter.

Sit down all, I'm so tired I'm going to bed. And it's not dark yet

Oh Jo,- you scared me for a moment when you asked us to sit down. I thought you were going to start cleaning! Going to bed early is OK. It must really have taken it out of you today, so no wonder you're knackered. Have a good night's sleep.

I've been watching L*wis from yesterday. Poor Hathaway,- no romance for him then. The plot (or it's solution) was a bit iffy, for once, but as it's L*wis, I'll accept it.

Ali,- 1/2 pound off is 1/2 pound off. Good on you.

KK - only you!! Can you believe them asking if you wanted to postpone?? !! Sometimes you wonder what planet people are on. Fingers crossed it has been worth it though! Spent all afternoon at the hxspital with my aunt sorting out whether or not they were going to give her a replacement hip or not........we sat there watching people amble around with pieces of idea where the pieces of paper were going or why they had to be hand carried, but you couldn't help but feel that if they actually left the pieces of paper somewhere for central collection we might all have been seen a lot quicker! Did our singing (Or signing) outside, fortunately although it look as if it was going to pour with rain, it didn't (even though one of our numbers was Sxnging in the Rxin!". Jo that sounds a lovely last day for the O One, think that was a lovely way to go, but must have been hard for you. Eva the album sounds lovely. I am sure they will love it. Also watched Lxwis, but the one from two weeks ago which I suddenly realised we hadn't seen....thought that was going to be the start of something lovely for Hxthaway, but obviously not! Ali, as Eva says it is still a loss! Had a lovely retxil therapy time with Twin this morning - bought a new cossie, and a top and a lovely new nighty, oh and some linen crops. Think I am all ok now - just have to get everything assembled and packed next week. Oh and I bought two union jxck windmills to put in the front tubs ready for the weekend! Just off to bed so Sweet Meads all.

Jo I know you have gone to bed, but hope you sleep well and feel a bit better tomorrow.

Ali well done, keep going and don't get disheartened. Any loss is good.

The blog has been playing silly tricks on me, grrrr! Taking my opportunity and will post before it starts again. Night night and sleep tight.

Morning all - well it's not raining but we haven't got the sunshine, a little grey, which looks strange after all the recent blue skies. Today I have the delights of a mgram (one of my favourite things!), and we are picking up the food for Sunday, and getting our holiday money changed into Exros. Might fit in a visit to our wine bar too (well if would be rude not to!). We also need to clxan the house - any volunteers? Tonight I am taking the girls for a final rehearsal before we go away - so they are considering it a dress rehearsal (the are the Hxxlingdon Vxllage Pexople, so you can guess their outfits!). I have asked someone to video it for me when they actually perform! Must put my Jxbilee bunting etc up tomorrow. The ramp for Ann is now constructed and fingers crossed it works (she hs to come down the side of the house and the ramp will get her into the conservatory) as then if Roger feels like a break at the weekends they can pop her and the wheelchair into the car and come down to us for a change of scene, as it is only about 40 minutes drive. Ali my aunt was asking how your Sloppy's eyes were. Her second op seems to have gone well and when she went to the chemist for drops they suggested large sunglasses that virtually wrap around too! Hello BHB, well I think we could still brave the patio if we put the heater on. We can have a nice snuffle while you let me know what you have been up to. I will get the pastries if you bring the Itxlian Job. I expect the DCM wil be along soon and then the staff meeting can start!

Morning all, it is very cloudy here but the sun is struggling to shine. I think it will lose the battle. The forecast looks very poor for Sunday which is a shame for a very important event, Twin's garden party! Oh and I think there is some boats going down the Thames. Still we are Brxtish and will perserves and we will have fun!

I am being a lady wot lunches today. Feel it has to be done. I am seeing Ari's Mum and we need a good catch up. They are finally finishing off the road here, I think the builders will be leaving altogether any day now. Anyway the road is blocked so I am being picked up. Great excuse not to drive!

Twin has a fun day ahead. I think they will deserve a very long visit to the wine bar.

Ohhhmmmms for all our sick, sad and needy. I feel we still have a long list.

Morning BHB, we are still on the patio?? Oh the heater is on. Right I'll get more Itxlian Jxb and we'll join the CM.

Afternoon all.
Sorry I'm late again, but when I was having breakfast this morning, father rang. My old auntie ( his sister ) is dying and he and mother wanted to go and see her and say their final goodbye. Guess who would be driving? Anyway, we spent a couple of hours with her. She knew we were there, but didn't speak. She would press our hand in answer to questions. She's so thin it's scary to watch her. She has pneumonia which they don't treat any more ( It's her 6th one in the last 4 months), so they are just giving her pain relief. We had a long chat with a male nurse, and he said she could slip away anytime, in the next few hours or it could take a week. He said she was a very strong lady. One funny thing happened,- he heard me call her Auntie Miska, which we've always called her. Her name is Else Marie. He (the nurse) thought it was a lovely name, and when he went up to her bed to ask if she wanted a drink, he called her Miska. She looked at him and smiled, so it was obvious she liked it.

I'm back home now to have something to eat and an Eva and then I'll be going out to the island again to pick up mother. We're going to a concert tonight:
Iselin is coming with us as well. So this turned out to be a very busy day, -again!

Carol,- you don't stop having fun! A mammogram, eh? My least favourite procedure. If they were doing this to men's private parts, a gentler gizmo to do it, would be invented pronto!

I am back home too after a very nice lunch and good chat with Ari's Mum. I asked about Ari, who is doing well, but still has a bit of the street dog in him that is a terrible scrounger and thief of food. Given his bouncing capacity tis can make it awkward to keep things from him Apparantly he has had his comeuppance. Last night he sneaked a lick of his Mum's plate (she had finished eating). She had a meal with chilly in it, and he got some of it on his nose. He was not happy and bounced around the room trying to lick his own nose. She said he looked very funny. He is lucky his Mum doesn't like very hot food! He is fine by the way, so don't worry.

Eva I am sorry about your Aunt, but she sounds to be in good hands. Hope you all enjoy the concert. I have said that about mammograms. Hideous things, though neccessary I know.

Hello girls.Have had trouble with internet connection and computer hence the long silence ,worked on this until I was blue in the face.
Eva sorry to hear about your aunt.
Jo so glad your pussy is back.
Hello Carys fun isn't it these bl.... things.
How I wish I could ask our dear agent to book fopr us but still tricky here although it is picking up nicely,do not want to upset the apple cart, but very frustrating mostly as it seems as you said it is going to be a droughty year, but Bed....m is starting next week so we will see him soon.
Wish he was not so picky with his stage roles though.
KK I have not forgotten the support for your run just have not been able to concentrate too much.
Ali I know it is frustrating but do not give up. I have been trying to loose what I have put on in Belgium and not done it completely yet,gggrrrr, I want to have my 10 showing instead of that 11 , cannot do mopre exercises though nor eat less, so have to be patient. Pauline loved to hear about the dog made me smile.
oh dear better get on with something. See you later if this thing allows me.

Hi all

Been very tired today so not done much at all. My parents called to see me with flowers and cakes "to help the recovery process". Bless them. My Dad was feeling really guilty because he wasn't able to take me to the hospital yesterday and because of what happened but, as I pointed out to him, the plan was that he was just going to drop me at the door so he would have already left by the time I found out what was happening and, as he never carries his mobile with him (or even if he does he only switches it on when he wants to use it - he hasn't quite grasped the concept of mobile phones yet) I wouldn't have been able to call him back so it wouldn't have made any difference. I think (hope) that made him feel a bit better. As they came by bus (Dad is still not driving) I strolled back to the bus stop with them to get some fresh air and it seemed rather chilly!

Jo - hope you had a good night's sleep. Tough day for you yesterday. xx

Carol - hope the ramp proves to be a success. I'm sure it will. Hope the squashy b**b thingy went okay. Don't have them myself yet, but not looking forward to when I do, much as I know they are necessary.

Eva - so sorry to hear about your Auntie (love the name Miska).

The name reminded me a bit of the name Maeve used to use when we first began this L*ppy journey (I won't mention the actual name, Maeve in case you'd rather I didn't) which I absolutely loved!

Pauline - aw, poor Ari. I have to say though, you did make me chuckle at the image of him bouncing around the room trying to lick chilli off his nose!

Chantale - nice to see you. I think you may have got me mixed up with someone else, I'm not running anywhere.

Me running? That would result in black eyes and bruised knees!! The last time I tried jogging Ploppy offered to run behind me to support, erm, a couple of things!

I'm just watching a documentary for the D*mond J*bilee and I'm really enjoying the footage, particularly the home movies, of the Q*een as a young woman and especially as a young mum, the thing that stands out to me is that she seems to have such a good sense of fun.

Glad you are feeling ok KK. I think flowers and cakes are bound to help lots.

I have watched P Chxrlxs tribute to the Quxxn too. It was fascinating and very moving in places. Agree, she seems to have a fab sense of humour. Now watching the one on the other side so having a right royal wallow!

Evening all.
I'm back after the most wonderful evening at the Grieg Hall, listening to Grieg's a-moll concherto, played by L*if O*ve A*dsnes. Here he is playing the same piece at the Proms in 2002:
A Norwegian star playing another Norwegian star!
The 2nd half was a combination of Grieg and Ibsen,- the wonderful Peer Gynt in words and music. It doesn't come more beautiful than that. Carol's favourite, Solveig's song was of course performed.
We enjoyed every second of it.

Chantale,- I think it was K2 who is doing a run.

KK,- well, Ploppy did offer assistance, didn't he? Hehehe.

There has been a very enjoyable series about your Queenie here on Norwegian telly as well. It was narrated by A*drew M*rr. It finished yesterday.

I've just come back from MrT's big house. Had a little panic as I realised this evening that the place where I leave the bags of cat litter was empty. I also bought 2 printer cartridges for felf as I finished her black one doing the posters for Gefn.
Re good night's sleep. Dog did her normal barking session at 11pm, 1am and just for me did an extra one at 3am. So I did feel rested in the morning as I had more sleep, just in bits.
Ali 1/2 pound off is much better than 1/2 pound on.

A good end for the old one then Jo, I never met him, but nevertheless had a lump in my throat at one o’clock yesterday. A very up and down week, Gefn found, and the old one gone.

KK, your escapade amazed me, it could only happen to you!! Glad you’re okay though.
You’ll have to email me Maeve’s early Loppy name, don’t think I ever knew it.

Pauline, good to hear your builders are finally done, should be peaceful now.
Your tale of Ari made me laugh, my two spaniels are exactly like that, but fortunately not as tall as Ari.

Eva, I hope your old aunt slips peacefully away.
I love the name Miska, I had three Siamese cats years ago, two of them came with names already, but I christened the kitten Mishka, (not of course comparing your aunt to my cat!)

I’ve been having a right Royal wallow tonight as well, I am a royalist at heart. Not always got a lot of time for the ones I consider to be hangers on, but I admire the Qu**n so much, her whole life has been dedicated to duty, and whatever his gaffes the D*ke has supported her through it all. Loved their speeches on their wedding anniversary. Some of the old footage was wonderful to watch.

I’m in for an exciting J*bilee, I’m at the old lady’s all weekend!!

Bedtime for a tired Loppy, nite nite Lopies x

...the mgram was probably the most painful yet. Two questions - Why do the technicians always seem to be from Oz, and secondly why do they like inflicting pain on fellow females??? Still had a nice lunch afterwards with MM - and a glass of ~PGB! Glad you enjoyed the concert Eva, sounds lovely! Love the name for our aunt too. KK liking the idea of flowers and cakes - sure it made you feel much better! Jo - you need to train Dog a little better!! It is certainly cooler tonight and when I went off to rehearsal it was starting to drizzle a little. I want it dry for Sunday!! Sadly I think that is unlikely. Off to bed now, so Sweet Meads.

The concert sounds lovely Eva. Gorgeous music.

Sue sadly as it turns out they haven't finished yet! They have done more of the road , but not all of it, so we'll have another day of not being able to get in or out! I'll miss them when they are gone.

I would like Sunday to be dry as well as I am off to Twin for the weekend tomorrow. Lots of Jxbxlee stuff.

Jo you have the patience of a saint!

Bed time so night night and sleep tight.

Moring all....where has the summer gone??? Just when everyone wants nice weather, it decides to change! Today we are taking Sloppy to the shops this morning, meeting up with Twin in wine bar, singing at a Wedding and then joining in the village Jxbilee Gxrden Pxrty at the Vicarage. Tomorrow of course is when I need it nice for Ann! Monday is going to be a w&i day and getting things ready for the holiday, Tuesday we are invited to a bbq at the hotel where we are having our SW youc an see nice weather would be just the thing! We are hoping to set up a tv (the one in Twin's room) in the conservatory so Ann can watch the Thxmes Pageant. Meanwhile yesterday I got some summer skirts out (probably why the weather has changed!). They were all washed before they were put away but now need ixoning of course! Will do that in a minute!! Hope you all enjoy whatever you are doing this weekend....Jxbilee or not! Hello BHB, yes sadly I think the patio is out today. Let's grab the Vanillita and some pastries and we can have a nice snuffle on the pink sofa and wait for the DCM.

K2 sponsored run page

Bit chilly today. Not looking forward to going to the stables. First time in 22 years he won't be at the stables. Apart form the month after we moved stables and left him behind before I bought him. 22 years is, longer than I lived at home, longer than I was with ex, longer than I've known people I regularly see now (except felf and bro, not that I see him that regularly).

Morning all, and it is a bank holiday weekend. I can tell cos it has obviously been chucking it down here. I feel so sorry for the people organising our little development's Jxbilee lunch. They have already switched it from tomorrow to today. Fingers crossed it is better later. As Twin says I am off there today and we have parties to attend so hoping things will be ok for us too. Thaty goes double for tomorrow. Just hoping it is a bit better than they say.

Jo, big hugs. I can really understand that.

Morning BHB, oh nice hug. It was for the Jxbilee? Well I wish we had them more often then. I'll get mor4e Vanillita and we'll join the CM.

Have a lovely weekend all. I should be back Monday.

Morning all. The sun is shining and the northerly wind is blowing, so it's chilly here too. At the moment only + 10.4 degrees. It's nice weather for drying the washing, so my bed clothes are pegged out on the terrace and blowing in the wind.

Hello sweetheart. Not too bad this morning, am I? I've changed my bed and had my breakfast, so I thought I'd pop in and say good morning before I start h******g. You are quite right,- it's to cold to sit outside, so a nice leaded and a snuggle on the sofa is the perfect start to the day.

Carol,- I see you have the work cut out for you before you go away on holiday. I'm sure I can include you in what Iselin said the other day: "We have to go abroad to be able to relax properly!"

Jo,- it will be a huge, empty place both in the stables and in your heart when you go today. Hope it isn't too bad and that Megan can cheer you up.

Glad to hear that you're being spoiled KK, after your difficult day.
There's no secret about my old posting name, it was Mabs, my nickname from school days. It's very old fashioned and En*d Bl*ton ish! Once I got to know you all it seemed more natural to use my real name.

I'm sure it will feel strange at the stables today Jo,hope you have a busy day.

I watched the Prince C's film yesterday and was surprised how natural he was, laughing away at the old family snaps, delightful.

I'm having a quiet weekend, probably be watching some telly, had thought about going down to the river on Sunday but decided the crowds would be so bad and the likliehood of getting a good spot on the riverbank, slim.
I'm going to theatre at Hampstead this afternoon to see the stage version of Char. of F*re which I hear is fantastically well staged with actors sprinting around the theatre really fast having been trained by the Military Fitness people, also has quite a bit of G&S which I love.

Hope the weather is kind and the forecast wrong and that everyone has a lovely Jub. weekend.

Afternoon all.
It's been a rather quiet day on the blog. Are you all busy with the jubilee?

I've done a lot of h***w**k today, especially du***g. There is so much pollen in the air, and 10 minutes after I had du***d, there was a fine layer of yellow dust over everything, so I had to do it again, but this time I closed the terrace door. It's no wonder I keep sneezing like mad!

It'll be a quiet evening for me. I need to gather some energy as next week will be a very busy one.

No Eva, I've been shattered. I came back from taking a lady out in the park, for her first ever horse ride at the age of 50. She was very chatty and we compared foot operations and the spread of arthritis as you get to '27'. I had to walk Dog and then I had a sleep.
It was very weird not seeing the old one. Habits are hard to break, when I got there I put my hand in my bag of carrots to get some out for the little horse I ride and M. Without thinking I was choosing the small carrots suitable for the old one's teeth.
The pollen has started her as well Eva, I'm on tablets morning and evening now to keep the sneezing at bay.
Better go back to bed
Nightlee night

TK has just come in and she is all wet, must be raining

...Jo it was a deluge last night!! This morning it was dry when I got up to make the tomato salads, but is now mizzling with rain. Think we will all be indoors, although MM contemplating putting gazebo up on patio next to the conservatory. Suspect that will happen quite a few times until you get used to being without the OO. Big hug. Depositing ooooohhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmsss for the bank as have been remiss lately! Fortunately yesterday's rain came after the wedding (bride wore lovely dress with crysals and Lady J's favourite colour trim and the bridesmaids were in two shades of said same colour. Very pretty. Afterwards we had the garden party on the Vicxrage lawns and it reminded me of days gone by when we used to have Sxnday School parties - there were three legged races, obstacles races, egg and spoon races for the children (and some of the big children, although we were very decorous and didn't participate but cheered from the sidelines), a tug or war, a jazz band and some community singing. The pub opposite the church provided loads of sandwiches and scones (although we didn't manage to get any scones as the ravenous hordes had descended early!). Got home just before 7pm so watched The V final, still not sure this programme floated my boat to be honest, but there you go! Still the person the GO was supporting won, so that was good. Right better get going as plenty to do before everyone comes (including putting the bunting up in the back garden!). Hello BHB, yes, the weather does seem to have changed so I think we will stay indoors. Let's grab some champers (in honour of the Rxver Pageant) and some pastries and have a lovely snuffle until the DCM arrives. Enjoy the day everyone.

Morning all. I wish I could send you some sunshine for your big celebrations, because we have plenty here, although the northerly wind is still up and blowing, so it's chilly,- only + 10.8 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart. I see you have been busy, putting up all the jubilee bunting and you have the champers on ice too! (No, I won't quote a certain person!) I think I'll stick with the leaded, thank you.

The winner of the V final was just played on the BB* news on Radio 2. To me she sounds like a L*ona L*wis sound-alike. Hard to tell the difference, but then I haven't followed the competition.

Carol,- it sounds like a fun wedding, what with the egg and spoon race, three legged race etc. I hope your party goes well today and that your lovely Ann and all the family have a brilliant day together.

Jo,- no wonder you were crackered yesterday. The last week's stress had to catch up with you sooner or later. I hope Dog didn't demand too much during the night so that you felt refreshed when you woke up this morning.

I'm taking Hazel to be filled up with diesel and to have her washed. She is soooooo dusty, even though it's only about a week since she was last cleaned. Poppy would have been screaming blue murder, but Hazel is much more of a lady, so she only gently hints!

E*tha K*tt is singing Mad about the Boy on Radio 2 at the moment. Do you remember one of GO's first fan vids with that song?

Not sure about Dog being good last night, but she was quiet as a mouse after 6am, so I slept in until 10am, therefore running late. Slight panic with Gefn this morning as she didn't come when I called her and she wasn't in any of her normal sleeping places. She'd found a new place, phew. All safe in her room now, so the back door is open.
Dog is rearranging her beds in the dining room, as I did my normal tidy and straighten when I got up.
Better go now.
Have a festive day everyone.

Hmmm - where's my post gone?

I posted yesterday to say I got home after a lovely holiday in glorious sunshine.

And now that post is missing!

I can't remember what I wrote, other than wishing KK well, and commiserating with Jo over the horse.

Jo thanks for all the links - there seem to be so many to look at!

Carol - I'm glad the weather stayed good for the wedding. I love your description of the dress.

Mabs - (he he!) Enjoy the theatre.

Eva - please send us some nice weather. I have a show in Derbyshire tomorrow and it looks like being another soggy one.

I best go and pack.


Good evening, I came home from stables hours ago. Thought I'd have a little eva, and now look at the time. Time for Dog's walk

They've been showing glimpses of the Queen's river tour, or maybe pageant is the right word?, on the news here tonight. You British know how to do it! It looked so splendid.

Jane,- welcome home. So you'll be having a sodden re-enactment tomorrow? Doesn't sound like too much fun, but you're used to it!

Looks like it will be a soggy time for LadyJ tomorrow. Eva, I haven't seen anything of the boats up the Thames today. I did hear about 5 mins of the commentary but I think it would have been better to see it. Somehow Richard Bacon did not really convey a good description, to me anyway.
Dog was very good at the stables today. She wasn't impressed when I went to get M from the field. She had to be shut in the stable. There was lots of clean straw for her to sit on. I did warn that she would bark, but somehow it didn't seem as loud as it does in the house. She was very keen to jump back in the car to come home.
How come some of the Military Wives choir are dressed so they look like they work for BA?

I'm off to my bed. Hope you have another good night's sleep, Jo. Tell Dog from me to be quiet.
See you tomorrow.

lots of fireworks tonight

Twenty two years is a long long time Jo, Eva summed it up. Watching All The Qu**n’s H*rses tonight, thought of you.
Btw, I reckon that cat is looking for me!

Carol I read your post twice and still didn’t know if the egg and spoon races etc were at the wedding or your Sunday school parties, I figured it was the wedding, sounds brilliant.

Eva, I think that fan vid was the first one I saved to favourites, love the song.

I’ve had a lovely day, at the old lady’s so nothing to do much except watch TV, so I’ve wallowed in all things Royal. Such a shame about the weather, but it didn’t stop everyone from celebrating. Have to agree with Eva, we certainly know how to do it. Then watched All The Qu**n’s H*rses tonight, some fabulous horses. Loved the W*r H*rse tribute part of the river pageant.

Tomorrow the wonderful Alfie will be singing from THE balcony, a duet with an Am*Rican soprano! Also singing another song, presumably solo and from the regular stage.

Hope tomorrow is a better day, I’m not holding my breath though, it’s still pibbing down here!
Where in D*rbyshire are you Jane?

Gotta go, nite nite Loppies x

2004 photo shoot
other photos
yes I am going to bed
just had to do this

Well summer still hasn't reached us Eva! It poured with rain again yesterday evening but at the moment just looks grey and very windy - I know I asked you to send us the breeze but this wasn't what I had in mind! Felt so sorry for the LPO Chorus on the boats yesterday - they were absolutely drowned! Sadly we didn't have Ann, Roger rang in the morning to say her new meds didn't agree with her and she hadn't slept all night. She was trying to get a sleep and then he would see how she was. He rang a couple of hours later to say she still wasn't right, so they didn't come. As you know the weather was dire so we stayed indoors (good job the bunting I bought and MM put up in the garden was plasticised!). Twin and I had made some red, white and blue chains yesterday morning so we were quite festive. I am intrigued as to how the paperboy managed to get our paper through the door .....I had bought a big plastic union jxck which we taped to the front of the front door. Suddenly thought yesterday morning that I had covered the letter box. MM said something had come through and yes it was the paper, so the paperboy must have unpeeled the sticky tape, put the paper through then stuck the sticky back down again! Sorry for the confusion about Saturday - we sang at a wedding at church, and then it was followed by a Jublee Garden party which was held in the Vxcarage grounds, with food provided by the Rxd Lxon (where KK stayed when she was on her way to see some show or other in Lunnen), coffees and teas by the local undertxkers, washing up staff by the local estxte agents, and the Vxcarage grounds and games provided by our church. Thought yesterday's pxgeant was spectacular and loved seeing Jxey from Wxr Horse on top of the Nxtional. Magic moment. Can't believe the Rxyal party stood the entire way, bless them! Today back down to earth, need to put everything away from yesterday, and rearrange the furniture again. Then it is sort out the holiday wardrobe and get it washing and ironed ready for the off at the end of the week! Hello BHB, did you enjoy the celebrations yesterday? I think we should leave the bunting up until Wednesday? Good. Champers cocktails I think and we have some cupcxkes from yesterday so I'll bring those. Definitely not a day for outside, so we'll get the pink blanket and have a nice snuffle!

...sorry Jo, meant to say what lovely photos (of you both!).

Morning all. It's a bit grey here too, but with glimpses of the sun in between. Still fairly chilly,- only + 11.9 at the moment.

Hello sweetheart You look a tad tired? The jubilee celebrations went on late? Well,- you're allowed that every 60 years, you know!

Carol,- so sorry to hear that Ann and Roger couldn't make it yesterday. I hope they can sort out her meds sharpish. I'm sure you had a splendid party anyway.

Jo,- thank you for the photo links. He's looking so lovely, and so do you! I have saved a couple of them on my own pooter, so now you'll pop up every now and then on my screen.

Signal is very flaky so not had a chance to read the blog! Hope all are well. We've taken a trip across the border to Gretna, beautiful sunshine. Tonight we're watching the Jubileee beacon being lit near the village we're staying in.

I had to get the photos loaded last night as I'd promised the the girl who used to loan the old one for years that I'd get them to her. She has lost her photos of him.
There are people marking out the park for the village picnic tomorrow. I'm not sure the weather will be up to it after 12 tomorrow. I said I'd do a poo check in the morning. I also helped with the risk assessment of the river. I think they will have to have someone patrolling it all the time. I'm not very trusting of parents of youngsters to keep their eyes on their children.
The weather wasn't bad when we were out, but I could see black clouds.
Carol, I home Ann adjusts to the new meds or the doc does a review. Not good if you can't sleep, even if you are well.

Just got back from our walk by the river. Some people out walking, but it wasn't really busy. Started to spit on our way home. Tell me, if we've just been out for an hour, why is Dog barking now?

Evening all, I'm home again. We had such a lovely time yesterday. Twin and MM worked their little socks off for us. Such a shame Ann couldn't make it. She was much missed by everyone. The lovely Auds did make it and I managed to have a nice chat. She is still up to her eyes with work, now trying to get things in order to leave! The weather did it's very best to ruin the day for everyone but not a chance! The pageant was quite fantastic I thought. Loved all the boats and colour. I should think being there must have been very memorable. Looks like the concert tonight will be something as well. Sadl I have just seen the Dxke Of E has been taken to hospital with a bladder infection. I'm not surprised after standing for all that time in the cold yesterday.

I got home and have put on two loads of washing. I managed to weed the garden and mow the lawn in a break in the showers. Had to be done if I am not to return from holiday to a hayfield!

Ali nice to see you and glad you have sunshine. We could do with a bit of that!

Love the pictures Jo. Lovely girl. You look alrught too! Umm, I feel Dog needs no excuse to bark. Just letting you know she still can.

Jane I bet you are glad you were away last week!

I hope D of E gets the antiBs in quickly. Nasty things bladder infections in the elderly.
Dog did quieten down quite quickly. She will start very soon as it is nearly time for the evening walk.
I need to do the grass, but I haven't.

Got home with Dog, just in time to see the beginning of the concert.
I have finally found out they do have THE pop star for all the decades of her reign. I'd not heard his name being mentioned before today. I suppose everyone else thought 'of course he'd be there'.

I'm watching the concert too, but I'm not impressed so far. Who's that singing with G B*rlow? She's awful,- when I switched over to here, she still hadn't found the right note!
I hope it won't be too long until Sir or Alfie get there.

I think I knew Jo. I'm sure GB mentioned him when he was interviewed about it a while back. Not so sure about the pink suit and sparkly tie!

The Young Ones
Devil Woman ooh- off notes a few times, never heard his voice do that before, must be the stress
We don't talk any more
Wired for sound
Millennium prayer
Congratulations (of course he had to do that)

Jo,- behave!
And there he was,- I don't think he was in his best voice tonight. (Stop hitting me, Jo. You know I love him!)
Now just waiting for Alfie, then I'll watch something else.

you think he'd have dressed up for tonight, but I suppose SSs don't get paid much money. I think something just whizzed passed my ear from Derbyshire. Perhaps he could get an advert like the insurance ones that have that singing chap on, then he could aford a suit. Or maybe he's going for the new Corneto ad?

...that was Cheryl C, Eva, proving that she cannot sing and it is all enhancement and gizmos to produce her record sound. Actually AB best so far - he's lifted the whole thing for me! Been doing the w&i and just stopped!

Oooohhhh,- Alfie was great! If that was his "rocking mode", I don't mind at all, Sue.
Now I need something to eat before I faint.

Carol,- thank you for clearing that up. I really thought she was bad. I was cringing.

Right now I can get back to w*rk, seen Cliffy and made comments about AB. My job is done;)

So agree about CC, not good. Loved Ylaxng Ylxng as well. Fantastic. AB was as lovely as always. Just ignore Jo, Sue. She is just feeling peeved as Sir C wasn't on good form!

Rolf is on..................GREAT

It's raining here now, for the first time in almost 2 weeks. We could do with it, and it means I can let my watering can rest.

Jo,- just admit it,- you like Alfie. It's impossible not to.

oh shame no song from him

Alfie and Renee on the balcony. Wonderful.

I'm off to my bed. See you tomorrow.

The concert looked quite beautiful with all the lights after dark. Loved the images on the palace. The Quexn looked quite emotional at the end when the crowd cheered for Philip. Nice speech from Charles.

Bed time now. Another day of celebration tomorrow!

Night night and sleep tight.

The projections on the Palace were amazing. And we did have a song from Rolf as they had time to fill in before S Wonder. Did you see C Cole get into the last shots of the concert?
Oh and nice to see SS does have a suit.
I did loads of w*rk. Amazing what you can do when the pressure is on.
Nightlee night

Carol, Joey was the highlight for me, wonderful. Sorry to hear that Ann didn’t make it, hope she’s okay now.

Now then Jo, I hope you appreciated the best voice of the night getting dressed up in a suit and tie, I was dumbstruck, he don’t do ties unless the occasion is very special.
I loved the whole thing even if some of the performers were crap, (won’t mention names) Alfie was the best of the night, Rolf made me cry, Tw* L*ttle B*ys always has that effect on me, and I must admit All My L*vin’ always lifts my heart, memories of a misspent youth you see.
I loved it all because it was such an EVENT, and like yesterday, don’t we do ‘em well.

Oh my goodness, pumpkin time!! Nite nite Loppies x

I'm new to this digital lark. ITV+1, OK I get it, what was on ITV an hour ago EXCEPT, when it is something I want to watch and then they can't show it for 'local reasons'. Which I think means we've only paid America to show it once so we can't let you see it again. grrrrrr
Really going now

Morning all - well the projections on the Pxlace last night were just amazing I think - as were the fireworks (sadly the Beeb ran the titles over the final ones!). Agree Sue it was a fantastic event and don't we Brits do them well. Must have been amazing to be there (although I wouldn't have fancied trying to get home on p transport afterwards!). Thought both AB moments were the best of the evening, and RF was amazing too, but also loved the opening with the S Gxards and RW. Sadly thought some of the older participants weren't in their best voices, but then CC was the worst one there! The Jublee song makes me cry - so pleased they fetched the S Drums over from K'ya for it, as well as the blind guitarist from Oz. Loved M on top of the roof and the duet from the balcony (my didn't he scrub up well!). SW was amazing - presenters had a tough job and not sure they actually shone. Thought C's speech at the end was lovely and fingers crossed DoE is ok. Wish they had let RH sing all of 2 L Bxys as second verse is my favourite! Jo we have found the +1 brilliant for when we come home from rehearsals! Supposed to be gong to BBQ lunchtime at hotel where we have SW, but the forecast is dire and we want, if we can, to go and see Ann and take her cards and pressie (I have bought her a new vase for the flowers everyone takes her, and then we have joined forces with younger Sister and are having canvases made of four of her favourite photos to go on the walls of her new room - she knows about that as we asked her to choose them). Will ring Roger shortly to see if she is ok for visitors. Younger Sis did say to me on Sunday that she thought it wouldn't be long before Ann said she wanted to go back to the SR to take the strain off Roger. Do hope she will be ok for the end of June. Spent a frantic time yesterday trying to locate my s costumes for the holiday (had bought a new one but always take at least three) - finally remembered I had reorganised things I don't wear that often and found them in the bottom drawer of chest of drawers in the room Twin uses when she comes. Now have to weed out some clothes from the huge pile I have selected - don't want to have to pay excess weight! Hello BHB - wasn't the concert fabulous? You bring the Vanillita, I'll get the pastries and we can have a lovely discussion about it whilst we snuffle and wait for the DCM.

Yes I agree, Cliffy (worst I've ever heard him sing btw), Elton and Macca were very hoarse. The only oldie who sounded OK was TomJ. I saw OK as I wasn't really listening, but I didn't wince.
I do hope Ann is OK for visitors as that means she's feeling better.
I better go and do my poo picking before the big picnic. I expect they'll get really damp and have to leave to go to the hall. I was talking to one of the mum's yesterday who has offered to help and 'couldn't organise a pibb up in a brewery' was the tone of her thoughts. She didn't actually say that as she is a colonial, I don't think they have that expression.

or maybe they do and she was just being polite

Morning all, so all grey and rain later. Well it might as well complete the Bank Holiday in style. Poor Quxen will get wet in her open carriage. Another day of Jxbilee tv. I will have to try and work round it as I do have lots to do, ixxnxing and another wash, dxsting, hxxvering, lovely. Still has to be done. This going on holiday lark is busy, busy.

Fingers and toes crossed Ann is ok Twin. I think visiting her could be the drier option, apart from the one you really want.

I won't say have a nice time Jo, not exactly a lovely job! Still it has to be done.

Morning BHB, the Bistro looks so lovely, you have been clever. I think more Vanillita and we'll join the CM.

Back from the rubbish/poo pick. I was putting it in the bin and said to one of the ladies setting up, that I'd got all the rubbish I could see. She said this park doesn't get too bad. I replied that was because, we pick it up. ggggggrrrrrrr.
Back to do some w*rk

Morning (maybe) all. Late again, I lnow, but have had a busy morning. It's overcast with a few drops of rain.
I've been at the parents' doing the cleaning. They keep the flat far too hot for me, so even if I just have a T-shirt on when I'm h*****g, du****g and wa***g, I'm sweating like a p*g ( sorry, ladies " glow ", don't they?) when I'm finished. I needed a quick wash, because I was going shopping afterwards. I have a very posh Silver Wedding to go to at the end of this month, you know, so I can't come dressed like a washing woman! The top is OK, the trousers I got today and I bought new shoes to go with the colour of the top. Did I remember to take the top with me? No, of course I didn't, so I got the shade of colour wrong so I have to go back.

I see you're all still in a celebration mode. Is today another Bank Holiday?

I have to start lunch soon. It's bangers and mash today. My mash I make with creme fraiche (light) and a clove of garlic, so it's quite a delicatessen. Bangers are bangers,- mine are of the smoked variation.

Tonight Iselin and I are off out again,- this time to the opera, wathcing Br*n T*rfel in The Damnation of Faust:
I have been looking forward to this for a long time, and it's also the end of this year's Bergen Festival. We've done 3 events this year, and if I could afford it, I would have done many more.
We have very good tickets, Row 6, so it'll be nearly in the DNA zone. Not the right person's zone, unfortunately.

Hi there, this weekend is nice in favor of me, for the reason that this time
i am reading this impressive educational paragraph here at my residence.

Who on earth?? Not local I feel.

Eva it is another Bank Holiday today. First it has been a service at St Pxxl's Cathedral, then a reception at the Mxnsion House, now lunch at Wxst mxnster Hxll, then a procession in carriages through Lxndon, when of course it will rain!! Then the balcony at Bxck Pxlace. I think that is it then!! Bless her she really is phenominal.

Carol, sorry to hear Ann and Rodger were unable to make it to the party. Hope Ann’s meds will be sorted out soon
Carol, we had two canvases made for the newlyweds at Christmas and we were very pleased with the quality of them, this is the company we used
KK …What a mix up!! but as always you are able to have a laugh about your dilemma (and make others laugh) Hope you are feeling better and getting plenty of rest.
We were out last night, so we had the concert on sky pl*s (good job!! we were able to fast forward past the dire singers!)
Sue …I thought Alfie was great too. Also R/Harris with two little boys (they were singing along in the royal box)
Whoever wrote the scripts/jokes for some of the presenters at the concert should have been sent to the tower (off with their heads!!!)
Jo thanks for all the links
Sending BIG OOOHHHMMMSSS to all in need

Hello all,

Well, we're back from our show. We did get soggy on Sunday but the sun shone for us yesterday, which was a relief, especially as the organisation was....not very good.
We were left without toilets or fresh water over night, and as for the show itself - I will not be going to any pibb ups they arrange, whether held in a brewery or not.

And I missed the concert! I should have been clever and recorded it like Maggie did. (Sensible girl).

Jo & Eva - sorry to hear that Sir was not as good as normal - but I'm pleased to hear that SS was on form, and looking posh.
Sue - I think the concert has to class as a special occaision!

Carol - I'm very sorry to hear that Ann wasn't up to celebrating. OOHHMMS that her meds get sorted and that she's feeling better soon.

But it sounds like you had a lot of fun with Pauline and Auds!

Jo - I hope that pic-nic is better organised that our show. At least you were on hand for the poo-hunt. You're a saint! (thanks for the lovely horsey photosBTW).

Is Ali on holiday? I hope she's having a lovely time.

Yes Pauline - we were really lucky with the weather for our week away.

Eva - have a great time at the Opera. Let us know how it is.

I see our squatter is still there.

TTFN all!

Eva I hope you have a great time tonight, a given I feel with BT singing.

Thanks for the links Maggie. I think it was thought that she wore them at the golden concert. Not her sort of thing I'm sure. With some of the acts last night I feel she had the right idea!

Sorry about the weekend Jane. Sounds a nightmare.

I've worn those ear plugs and you can still hear what is going on, just at a more acceptable volume.
Thanks for the photo link Maggie.
I'm not sure how the picnic went on. I thought I'd get stuck into w*rk and go a little later. Dog was unusually quiet, so when I put my head up from my w*rk it was just after 4 and the rain had started, so I think the picnic ended early. No idea how many people went. I'll have to wait for reports.
Jane, sorry your organisers weren't up to scratch. Made your evening a little difficult I expect. It gave you the chance to go back in time in the evening too ;) At least if you were in the park near us you could have got water from the river!!
I've put the heating on!!

Carol, yep the boy does scrub up well, must admit though I love him best in tee shirt and waistcoat. I’d love to see OUR boy in more casual gear, but it doesn’t seem to be the image he wants to project. I don’t mean I want him scruffy, but just out of a blessed suit sometimes!
Do wish Ann a Happy Birthday for Friday, ‘cos you won’t be here to pick up a message.

Hoping for reports from Eva, I wouldn't have heard of BT if it hadn't been for AB.

Just been to see felf about BT, not the singer, but the telecom company. She had to change her account after melf died, we had to find out what the bill was.
Back to w*rk now

Oh no Sue. I love him in suits. Scrumptious. Well he is all the time. We see pics of him casual.

I have my heating on too Jo. Fed up being cold.

Ah ha, for once I don't agree with Pauline,...... unusual. :)
Just popped in to say nite nite Loppies x

Evening all. I'm back home again, with my head filled with the most wonderful music. BT was magnificent,- absoblumenlutely fantastic! So was the orchestra and the huuuuuuge choir, and the 3 other soloists, of course.
In the program they had the whole text printed, in French ( the language of the opera ), in Norwegian and in English, so we could follow the whole thing. What a difference it made, even if one knows the story's outline, it makes so much sense if you can actually follow the partiture. I sped read the Norwegian text and then followed the Frendh text as it was sung.
We were sitting even closer than I thought we would, because Row 6 turned out to be the second row, so I could have touched BT!
His voice gives me goosebumps, and the audience loved him. They had a standing ovation for almost 10 (!) minutes!

Pauline,- I'm with you,- love the GO and his suits.
Btw. I had a giggle when BT entered the stage, because he was wearing new, black shoes. They looked just like GO's,- the ones he was so proud of . Was it G*uchi? I wanted to hold my hand up and ask BT if his was!

Jane,- sorry to hear that the last show was a fuddle. At least the sun shone on you.

It's bedtime here, even if it's almost daylight outside. I'm glad i have dark blinds in the bedroom.
See you tomorrow.

Eva, sounds like a wonderful time.
Here TK seems to be trying to do lots of searches on Google and Dog is trying to gas us out of the room.
I have finally managed to translate a note I left for myself in Outlook a few weeks ago. Luckily I did the translation today, as it was to make some slides to give at a meeting tomorrow. It would have been a touch embarrassing if I'd not worked out what it meant and was sat in the meeting with big boss looking at me, waiting for the slides to be presented.
I was sitting working away and Dog was digging her beds. I heard a ripping sound, she has all but destroyed one of the cushion covers I made a couple of weeks ago. The fabric wasn't as thick as really wanted. I have confiscated the cushion and I will recover it another day. I've given her the big cushion I made for the mastiff (it wasn't quite big enough). It has really thick material. Dog is not as keen as she can't roll it up.
Not looking forward to tomorrow. My calendar has gone into triple and quadruple bookings. Hopefully some will cancel. When's the next holiday?
Nightlee night

Eva the concert sounds fantastic. I am going green!

Sue, a very minor quibble really. The man is just gorgeous whatever he wears!

My bedtime too so night night all sleep tight.

My phone has just gone mad with loads of text messages, someone's auto sending system has gone crazy. I've had to turn my phone off.

Morning all, and we have blue sky at the moment - still looks windy though. Sadly when I rang Roger he told me Ann was no better and he had called in the D Nxrse, so didn't think Ann was up to seeing us. We watched the ceremony on TV instead, and zipped out lunchtime for the bbq - which they had been sensible enough to do inside (poor chefs were outside cooking the meat!). It was to raise funds for Hxart Fxundation, so a worthy cause. Spent last evening doing the txble plan for the 25th, as MM's brother is going to print and enlarge it - and he goes away on holiday while we are away and only returns the day before our celebration, so no panic! Still at least it is now done and out the way so one thing less for when we come home! Today need to go to the shops and take back a cossie to M&S (their cossie sizes were very odd this year - BXS did much better!). MM has the dentist this afternoon, and I need to charge up various appliances, feed my ebxxk etc. etc. Eva sounds like a lovely evening - BT is excellent. I take it it was the Bxrlioz and not the Gxunod? Jo, don't you just love some people!! Obviously Dog doesn't like your new cushions! Oh Lady J, that doesn't sound good! Have to say one of our favourite signs in the Mxll yesterday read "Drought? This reign has lasted sixty years!". Have checked the temperature in Mxnorca and it is around the 27/28C mark at the moment....that will do nicely! Hello BHB, yes it is a relief the rain has stopped, still looks chilly though so I don't think we will brave outdoors. You fetch the Blushing Bubbles and I'll get the pastries and we can have a nice snufffle until the DCM arrives!

Morning all.

The long weekend went so fast and even with four days I still didn’t get everything done including the weeding. Hope everyone had a good time despite the weather. Sorry to see Ann couldn’t make it, Carol. I also turned the heating on last night as it was so cold.

Didn’t watch much of the celebrations on TV as we were away part of the weekend staying with my parents and also visited my in laws yesterday. I did see a bit of the concert – as others have said, I wasn’t impressed with C C*le; but the Thames pageant looked fantastic from the replays.

Jo & Sue, we had lunch at the Littleh*ampton branch of the fish restaurant we went to in Worth*ng. Very large portions again and yummy crispy batter.

We haven’t had 100% confirmation but it’s almost certain the car is a write off so we looked in a few dealerships over the weekend and Ploppy’s narrowed down the replacement to a choice of two cars. He’d really like to get the same as he had before but there aren’t many available and none in exactly the same spec – a few that are have a horrible pinky red interior! The car we’ve had on loan has to go back this week so we’re going to be carless for a few weeks.

The concert sounds wonderful, Eva.

Hope your meeting goes well, Jo. I’m forever jotting down cryptic reminders to myself and either can’t read what I’ve written or what it means – or both.

Just seen the time - better get on with w*rk, really didn't want to come in today.